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Commerce Bank Triple Crown

USA, June 3-10, 2007

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Stage 3 - June 10: Philadelphia International Championship, 156 miles

Complete live report

By Sue George

Our live coverage of the 2007 Philadelphia International Classic began Sunday, June 10 at 9am EST (US).

08:31 EDT    Good morning, everyone. We'll be starting our live coverage of the men's and women's events shortly. The races begin in about 30 minutes.

08:59 EDT    The men will start at 9:00 AM. They'll race three circuits near the start before heading out to Manayunk for the first time today. Then the women will start. Everyone is warming up, but there are recreational riders everywhere, too. The national anthem is playing.

09:01 EDT    After the men completely their three parade laps around Logan circle and the Art Museum, they'll had out for 10 laps on the big circuit. At the end, they do three finishing laps including trips up Lemon Hill.

09:03 EDT    The race is off! There is no neutral. The racing starts from the gun on the three short, one-mile laps.

09:08 EDT    The weather this morning is overcast and calm. A high of 80 degrees (Farenheit) is expected. It's almost the perfect bike racing temperature. It's now 72 and dry - not humid like it usually is in Pennsylvania this time of year.

09:11 EDT    The pro men have completed the first lap and a half of the short, starting laps. Here in Philly, it's quite common for a break to emerge early in the race and stay away for much of the race. The teams will be trying to position their break riders near the front so they won't miss a break if one does go.

09:12 EDT    Navigators team director, Vassili Davidenko told Cyclingnews' Mark Zalewski, "Everyone who's not Oleg Grishkin on his team should sit at the front of the race and be ready to go in a break away."

09:12 EDT    Looks like the men are really doing 2.5 laps, not three. They are about to head out onto the main circuit. The women are starting in two minutes.

09:17 EDT    One man who didn't start this morning was Kyle Gritters (Heatlh Net). Gritters was hit by a car while training yesterday. He was coming down the back side of the Wall when a car pulled out in front of him. His exit strategy was to go around the car, but the car stopped. Gritters crashed and tore his ACL and messed up his wrist. He'll be out of competition for a long time.

09:19 EDT    The attacks are starting. A group of five goes including riders from Rock Racing, BMC, Calyon-Litespeed, and Colavita/Sutter Home.

09:19 EDT    A Priority Health rider attempt to bridge, but he is caught.

09:21 EDT    Our five leaders, with a 200m gap are: Anthony Colby (USA) Colavita/Sutter Home P/B Cooking Light, Michael Norton (USA) Rite Aid Pro Cycling, Jackson Stewart (USA) BMC Racing Team, Jeriemiah Wiscovitch (USA) Rock Racing, and Brooke Boocock (Can) Calyon - Litespeed Pro Cycling Team

09:22 EDT    A Tecos Rider tries to bridge, but is also caught.

09:23 EDT    The women are underway. They are spread out across the entire road and Webcor is on the front.

09:24 EDT    Riders will earn KOM points every time up Manayunk Wall and Lemon Hill. Double points are offered on Lemon Hill on the finishing laps.

09:26 EDT    The lead men's break is changing a bit with some riders coming and going, bridging and getting dropped. Now we have Alejandro Acton (Colavita/Sutter Home P/B Cooking Light), Kasper Klostergaard (Team CSC), Anthony Colby (Colavita/Sutter Home), and Chris Wherry (Toyota-United) off the front at 150m. They are approaching the Wall for the first time.

09:27 EDT    They're altogether at the bottom of the Wall. Team Slipstream is setting the pace. It's getting steep.

09:28 EDT    Two Slipstream riders crested the Wall for the first time today with a slight gap, but the peloton has quickly regrouped on the fast, furious descent off the wall.

09:30 EDT    The men are in one long line, streaming downhill at 40 miles per hour - on the descent where Gritters was injured yesterday.

09:32 EDT    The top three for the first KOM, on the wall were: 1. Lu Macias Hernandez (Tecos de la Universidad) 2. John Freddy Para (Tecos de la Universidad) 3. Daniel Bowman (Kelly Benefit Strategies/Medifast). The men's pack is all back together again, tightly bunched.

09:34 EDT    22.5km/228.5km to go An attack of four riders attempts to get away, but it's not going to work.

09:36 EDT    The pro women are racing the same big loop as the men today, but they will complete four laps for a total of 57.6 miles. Ina Teutenbuerg and Laura Van Gilder are battling it out for the overall Triple Crown, but both told Cyclingnews' Laura Weislo before the race that what's most important is a victory for their teams today.

09:37 EDT    A group of six gets off in the men's race. A second group is forming behind. The two groups may merge into a group of 15 or so. They don't have much of an advantage yet. Less than 15 seconds.

09:38 EDT    The men are all back together now and approaching Lemon Hill for the first time today.

09:43 EDT    Going into the Manayunk Wall for the first time, Kirsten Armstrong led from bottom to top. She was set up well by her team, who strung out the field by going to the front and hammering to the base of the wall. Over the top, a break split off including Armstrong, 2 Webcor riders, a T-mobile rider, a New Zealand national team rider, an Aaron's rider, and a Nuernberger rider. They have 15 seconds.

09:44 EDT    The men's race is all together. Jeremey Powers (Jelly Belly) flatted. Davide Frattini (Colavita) tried an attack, but sat up.

09:45 EDT    Kelly Benefit Strategies, Colavita, and BMC are on the front of the men's race, driving the pace fast as they turn back onto Kelly Drive. They've passed through the start finish to end their first big lap.

09:49 EDT    Women's KOM results for the first time up the Wall were: 1. Kristin Armstrong for (Lipton) 2. Mara Abbot (Webcor) 3. Oneone Wood (T-Mobile) The break in the women's race was caught. Then Lauren Franges flatted, and now she is working hard to catch back onto the field. We probably won't see too much more action in the women's race until the next time up the Wall.

09:53 EDT    37km/214km to go The men's pack is all together. Various teams are "patrolling" the front of the group as they try to keep breaks that don't include their riders from going away and while also trying to get their riders into breaks. They're racing at 27 mph (43.45 kph).

09:54 EDT    We have the results of second KOM near end of first lap: 1 Alejandro Borrajo (Rite Aid Pro Cycling) 2 Jorge Martinez (Caico Cycling Team) 3 Gustavo Artacho (Colavita/Sutter Home)

09:56 EDT    The men are on Main Street in Manayunk again. Two riders went down: Keith Norris (Aeg-Toshiba-Jetnetwork Pro Cycling Team) and Michael Norton (Rite Aid Pro Cycling).

09:58 EDT    The men are going up the Wall for the second time. Five Slipstream riders started near the front. Three Slipstream riders and a T-Mobile rider are leading on the wall.

09:58 EDT    Now it's a Navigators rider leading the Slipstream riders, and he will go over the top first.

09:59 EDT    Results of second women's KOM (Lemon Hill on first lap) are: 1. Kristin Armstrong (Lipton) 2. Heather LaBance (Advil Chapstick) 3. Leigh Hobson (Cheerwine) The women's race seems relatively unagressive through the end of this first lap.

10:01 EDT    A group of eight is off the front in the men's race over the top of the wall. Men's KOM for the Wall on Lap 2 results: 1 Kyle Wamsley (Navigators Insurance Cycling Team) 2 Jose Carlos Valdez (Tecos de la Universidad) 3 Luke Roberts (Team CSC)

10:02 EDT    Brice Jones (USA) Jelly Belly has flatted.

10:04 EDT    In the men's race, the group stayed off and grew slightly on the descent. We now have a break of 16 riders who have a 20 second gap. Several riders are trying to bridge. They are at different stages of their respective solo bridge attempts.

10:05 EDT    Both riders who crashed earlier Keith Norris and Michael Norton are reportedly fine and back in the race.

10:17 EDT    Our large lead group in the men's race includes has a 53 second gap. We'll get you names shortly.

10:20 EDT    Our lead group is Ciaran Powers (Navigators), Scott Nydam (BMC), Graham Howard (Priority Health), Alessandro Bazzana (Sucessful Living), Keith Norris (AEG - Toshiba), Mariano Frederick (Rock Racing), Chris Wherry (Toyota United), Martin Pederson (CSC), Ian MacGregor (Slipstream), Fracois Parisien (Slipstream), Neil Shirley (Jittery Joes), Roger Hammond (T-Mobile), Tim Johnson (Health Net), and Jesse Anthony (Kodak)

10:20 EDT    Tyler Wren was originally with the group but flatted and was reabsorbed by the main pack.

10:20 EDT    The men are on lap 3 now.

10:21 EDT    The break in the men's race is rotating well together.

10:25 EDT    There was a crash in the women's race. Laura Bowles (Advil/Chapstick) and Brooke Miller hit the curb and went off into the grass. We don't know their post-crash status yet. The second KOM up the Wall went similarly for the women's race. Kirsten Armstrong led from the bottom again and took the points. She was followed by a Webcor rider Mara Abbot, who took second at the recent World Cup race in Montreal. Third place was an Equipe Nuernberger rider. The women are nearing the end of their second lap - about to go up Lemon Hill.

10:28 EDT    Results from the KOM 2 (Lemon Hill) on the second lap of the men's race were 1 Neil Shirley (Jittery Joes) 2 Fracois Parisien (Slipstream) 3 Scott Nydam (BMC) The men are about to begin trip #3 up the wall.

10:32 EDT    The women are passing the start/finish to begin lap 3 of 4. We have official results of both KOMs on lap 2 for the women. KOM 1 (Wall) 1. Kristin Armstrong (Lipton) 2. Katherine Curry (Webcor) 3. Andrea Graus (Nuernberger) KOM 2 (Lemon Hill) 1. Kristin Armstrong 2. Heather LaBance 3. Mara Abbot Armstrong is clearly leading the KOM competition and her team Lipton is now controlling the front of the pack in the women's field.

10:33 EDT    On the third trip up the Wall for the men's race, Ciaran Power (Navigators) started out leading the bunch. Then Scott Nydam (BMC) took over until Neil Shirley (Jittery Joes) assumed the lead.

10:35 EDT    Men's KOM 1 (the Wall) for Lap #3 was: 1. Neil Shirley (Jittery Joes) 2. Scott Nydam (BMC) 3. Tim Johnson (Health Net) The men are back on Kelly Drive after the Fall from the Wall. The lead group has 35 seconds advantage on the main pack.

10:38 EDT    70.8km/180.2km to go The break in the men's race has 55 seconds 44 miles into the race. They are on lap 3, having just gone past Strawberry Meadows.

10:40 EDT    The men have been averaging 27.6 mph (44.4 kph) thus far in the race. Relative to other years, the pace so far seems to be about average.

10:41 EDT    How do you know you are having a rough morning? You could be Jake Rytlewski (Rite Aid). After working hard to catch back onto the peloton following a rear flat, now he needs a new front wheel! I guess he will have to chase back on again.

10:42 EDT    Here in the men's race, T-Mobile and CSC are leading up the second KOM on this third Lap, up Lemon Hill. The gap between the leaders and the peloton is now up to 1:15, so it's still growing.

10:43 EDT    Results for the men's KOM #2 (Lemon Hill) on Lap 3 are 1. Martin Pederson (CSC) 2. Roger Hammond (T-Mobile) 3. Alessandro Bazzana (Sucessful Living)

10:46 EDT    Mark Zalewski spoke with Roger Hammond (T-Mobile) before the start today. Now one of the break riders, Hammond was really enthusiastic about today's race. He said he knows the course because he raced here two years ago with Team Discovery. He also said this course is more his cup of tea than some of the races he's done recently in Europe.

10:48 EDT    For Navigators riders are driving the main peloton as the men come through the finish loop at the end of Lap 3. The gap is down somewhat to 57 seconds. Jackson Stewart (BMC) has abandoned the race.

10:50 EDT    The women's field is full of national champions today. They've got the German national champion (Claudia Haussler of Team Nuremberger), the American National Champion (Kristin Armstrong of Team Lipton) and the Australian National Champion (Katie Mactier of Value Added Capital).

10:50 EDT    And the Canandian National Champion, too.

10:53 EDT    The Canadian National Champion is Alex Rubleski (Canada) by the way. The women are on the Fall from the Wall now after climbing the Wall for the third time. Again, Kristin Armstrong (Team Lipton) was showing who's the climbing boss. KOM results were: 1. Kristin Armstrong 2. Mara Abbot 3. A T-Mobile rider yet to be determined Going over the wall, we have a split in the women's field. There are three T-Mobile riders, 3 Colavita riders, 1 Lipton rider (Armstrong), and 2 Webcor riders. They've got a good 15 seconds, and T-Mobile is on the front absolutely drilling it right now.

10:56 EDT    The women's break was caught, but now we have new action. Allison Powers (Colavita) has attacked and is off solo. She's riding strong and is up to a 12 second gap. Andrea Graus was the third-placed woman in the last KOM for which we'd listed an unidentified T-Mobile rider.

10:57 EDT    80.46km/170.54km to go Seven Navigators riders are on the front trying to drive down the gap. It's at 45 seconds, but looks like it's coming down.

10:57 EDT    The gap is down to 35 seconds for the men's race. Now it's 25 seconds. T-Mobile is among those driving the pace.

11:00 EDT    Laura Bowles is not having a good day either. She crashed earlier in the race, managed to catch back on, then crashed again. In trying to get in the team car to abandon, her mechanic shut the door on her leg. Too bad for her...it was her first time doing the race and she told Cyclingnews' Laura Weislo before the race how excited she was going into it.

11:01 EDT    Allison Powers (Colavita) has a 45 second gap in the women's race. She's off the front solo. The pack is letting her get away.

11:02 EDT    The men's break is in sight on Main Street of Manayunk. They will get caught it seems. In the midst of the chase, the men's pack is catching stragglers from the women's race.

11:03 EDT    Neil Shirley (Jittery Joes) and Scott Nydam (BMC) lead over the top. There are small splits in the newly regrouped pack, but those will like all disappear as the pack will get all compact after the Fall from the Wall.

11:05 EDT    Men's results KOM #1 (The Wall) on Lap 4: 1. Neil Shirley (Jittery Joes) 2. Scott Nydam (BMC) 3. Tim Johnson (Health Net). There are counterattacks here at the bottom of the hill. Ciaran Power (Navigators) and Matthew Goss (Team CSC) give it a go, but they are caught.

11:06 EDT    Allison Powers (Colavita) is up to a one minute gap going over Lemon Hill in the women's race.

11:10 EDT    Allison Powers still has a minute on the field. She is coming under the start finish with one lap to go. Katherine Powers is chasing for the Aaron's Team. They both have the same last name, but we don't think they are related. 110 women started today. That's almost half what it's been, but it's meant the race has been far less dangerous than in recent years. So far, there have been no big crashes, only little ones. It's a big change from past years when sometimes a huge portion of the field would go down in a crash.

11:12 EDT    94.9km/156.1km to go The men are 55 miles into the race (95 km). They're on Kelly Drive on the latter part of their fourth lap (of 10) near Strawberry Mansion. The field's been together since the Fall from the Wall. One rider is off the front - we can't see who yet.

11:16 EDT    The men were all together going over the top of Lemon hill, and now they're heading en masse into Logan Circle.

11:21 EDT    T-Mobile came to front of the women's race and brought Allison Powers back to a 30 second gap within a five mile stretch. The women are going all out, working to reel her in. We think she'll get caught going into Manayunk for the final time. The crowds are getting bigger as the morning passes. There are lots of women riding on bike path next to the Schuylkill (pronounced "School kill" River) as we pass by. We just saw a woman riding a fixed gear and wearing a bright pink BMX helmet. Fixys are clearly the rage here. And there are plenty of mountain bikers too.

11:23 EDT    101.7km/149.3km to go Going into the feedzone, the men are all together here on Lap 5. Three riders, plus another two, plus another one are attacking...but they get caught.

11:28 EDT    The women just finished climbing the Wall for the fourth and final time today. As expected, Allison Powers was caught shortly after the start of the climb. Kristin Armstrong led over the top again and she was followed by Nuernberger and T-Mobile riders in second and third. A group is going slightly away over the top.

11:29 EDT    Looks like the women are coming all back together. It's been a bunch sprint almost every year. In 14 editions of the race, we've never had an American winner. The only time in recent memory we didn't have a bunch sprint was when Lynn Bessette soloed to victory. It's probably shaping up to be another bunch sprint finish for the women.

11:32 EDT    The men are going up the Wall for the fifth time. T-Mobile and Slipstream start out leading, but Jelly Belly comes to the front, too.

11:33 EDT    Over the top of the Wall, it's a CSC rider, a Tecos rider, and Kelly Benefits Strategies rider for the men's race.

11:34 EDT    The men may catch the women before the end of their race. When the men were entering the bottom of the Wall on their fifth trip up, the women were going over the top of the Wall on their fourth and final lap. It could get interesting if they have to do a pass during the last half of the final lap of the women's race.

11:36 EDT    Results from KOM #1 (The Wall) on lap 5 for the men: 1. Juan Pablo Magallanes (Tecos de la Universidad) 2. Dominique Perras (Kelly Benefit Strategies/Medifast) 3. Neil Shirley (Jittery Joes)

11:39 EDT    The Women just crested Lemon Hill. Kristin Armstrong took it again. Two T-Mobile riders took 2nd and 3rd in KOM and are forming leadout train for Ina Teutenberg. Disorganization is everywhere as people look around marking each other. 2 km to go in the women's race.

11:40 EDT    Herberth Gutierrez (Tecos de la Universidad) and Alessandro Bazzana (Successful Living.com) attacked in the men's race, but the rest of the pack was stopping for a natural break, so it looks like the men won't catch the women.

11:41 EDT    There has been a crash. One of the Lipton riders went down. Multiple riders went down. The crash was near the front of the group. They crashed into a curve.

11:41 EDT    Nuernberger is leading. Tina Pic and Katier Mactier are near the front.

11:41 EDT    200 m to go

11:42 EDT    Two T-mobiles are on the front leading out Ina Teutenberg.

11:43 EDT    Teutenberg takes the women's win convincingly.

11:43 EDT    Regina Schleicher (Equipe Nuernberger) and Joanne Kiesanowski (New Zealand) are a provisional second and third.

11:47 EDT    Health Net Maxxis' Kirk O'Bee breaks off the front and joins the two leaders in the men's race. Now the three are waiting for another group of 15 to join them.

11:49 EDT    The men are all back together now after Lemon Hill.

11:51 EDT    Results from KOM #2 (Lemon Hill) on lap five were: 1 Eric Baumann (T-Mobile) 2 Eric Wohlberg (Symmetrics) 3 Aaron Olson (T-Mobile). We weren't able to get the KOM #2 results for Lemon Hill on lap 4 earlier, but now we have them: 1 Neil Shirley (Jittery Joes) 2 Alexander Gonzales (Caico) 3 Eduardo Colon (Caico) Coming out of the feed, all the riders are together.

11:54 EDT    Bernardo Colex (Tecos de la Universidad) launches an attack after the feed zone, but he is caught.

11:58 EDT    Scott Nydam (BMC), who's been very active today so far, is off the front, this time by himself. Nydam was in an earlier break. Others are trying to bridge.

12:03 EDT    Nydam now has company as several riders have bridged. They are in this order at the turn going into the Wall: Gregorio Ladino (Tecos de la Universidad), Ian MacGregor (Slipstream), Alec Donahue (Nerac), Scott Nydam (BMC), Alejandro Acton (Colavita/Sutter Home), and Tim Johnson (Health Net).

12:04 EDT    Now they're all together on the wall with Slipstream leading and T-Mobile and Navigators following.

12:05 EDT    Slipstream attacks, but that rider is countered by Gregorio Ladino (Tecos) who has 10 seconds at the KOM. He sits up over the top.

12:06 EDT    We have updated top three results for the women's race. Note that it is actually Gina Grain who finished third. 1. Ina Teutenberg (T-Mobile) 2. Regina Schleicher (Equipe Nuernberger) 3. Gina Grain (Can) Team Expresscopy

12:07 EDT    Josh Thornton (Kodak Gallery) crashed at the top of the Wall.

12:09 EDT    He is rolling again. Results for Lap 6 KOM #1 (the Wall) 1. Gregorio Ladino (Tecos de la Universidad) 2. Kayle Leogrande (Rock Racing) 3. Martin Pedersen (Team CSC). The peloton has regrouped by the bottom of the Fall from the Wall.

12:14 EDT    The men are nearing Strawberry meadows all together. Two riders attack, but can't stick away.

12:15 EDT    140km/111km to go The Priority Health team car has a flat. Unfortunately, Mavic doesn't have those wheels.

12:16 EDT    CSC and Jittery Joes are setting the pace up Lemon Hill.

12:19 EDT    Results of KOM #2 (Lemon Hill) on lap 6: 1. Neil Shirley (Jittery Joes) 2. Ciaran Power (Navigators) 3. Viktor Rapinski (Navigators) Shirley has been very active today and playing a role in the action on climbs and breaks.

12:20 EDT    Following the KOM, the two Navigators riders, Ciaran Power and Viktor Rapinski, have 10 seconds on the bunch.

12:23 EDT    The two Navigators have 55 seconds now. In between, at 30 seconds is Fausto Esparza (Tecos) chasing solo.

12:28 EDT    Correction: Along with Ciaran Powers, our second Navigators rider is David O'Laughlin. Two Irishmen are together off the front. Esparza is about to get caught.

12:30 EDT    154.5km/96.5km to go Three riders counter, but they, too, are caught, so now we just have the two Navigators riders off the front with a gap of 1:15.

12:35 EDT    Ben Raby (Kodak Gallery) was chasing with John Murphy (Health Net Maxxis) going into the Wall for lap 7.

12:36 EDT    Our two leaders are side by side on the climb. Ciaran Power (Navigators) is hurting, coming off his teammate a bit. He's coming back a bit as we near the top. CSC is chasing hard back in the field. The other chasers are caught.

12:40 EDT    Our two leaders have 40 seconds at the top of the wall. An AEG rider is down at the top. Looks like another one, too.

12:41 EDT    Predrag Prokic is the downed AEG rider. He's back up but Graham Howard (Priority Health) hit the AEG team car when he fell.

12:44 EDT    Results from KOM #1 (The Wall) on Lap 7 are 1 David O'Laughlin (Navigators) 2 Ciaran Power (Navigators) 3 Martin Pederson (CSC). O'Laughlin is leading up Strawberry Meadows. Power has done a lot of work already today.

12:52 EDT    164km/87km to go Jake Rytlewski (Rite Aide) is trying to bridge up. He is solo at 43 seconds behind the two leaders.

12:53 EDT    Behind him, at 1:15 is Hector Hugo Rangel (Tecos de la Unversidad). The pack is at 2:10.

12:55 EDT    Alexander Gonzalez (Caico) and Jonathan Sundt (Kelly Benefit Strategies/Medifast) are also trying to bridge up. T-Mobile and Toyota United are leading the pack's chase.

13:03 EDT    Rytlewski is with Power and O'Laughlin now. Behind them is a group of two, Rangel and Gonzalez (Caico), at 1:35. Then the pack is about 2.5 minutes back. Jelly Belly is leading the chase.

13:08 EDT    Correction: Jake Rytlewski (Rite Aide) did not join the two leaders. He remains behind them at 1:05.

13:11 EDT    We're going up the wall for the 8th time now. Ciaran Power (Navigators) sat up a little bit and dumped some water on his head. Fortunately, it's not too hot and humid today. It's still overcast, with temperatures in the 70's. It's not much warmer than it was at the start this morning.

13:11 EDT    Meanwhile, break companion David O'Laughlin (Navigators) is still looking really good. The gap to the field is 2:35, and we still have some chasers in between.

13:21 EDT    Power dropped off O'Laughlin, who is now riding solo off the front. Power has dropped back to Jake Rytlewski (Rite Aide) and the two are together.

13:27 EDT    Several of the small chase efforts have come together along with two riders from a more recent bridging effort. So we now have O'Laughlin off the front solo being chased by Ciaran Power (Navigators), Jake Rytlewski (Rite Aide), Hector Hugo Rangel (Tecos de la Unversidad), Alexander Gonzalez (Caico), Jonathan Sundt (Kelly Benefit Strategies/Medifast), Ryder Hesjedal (Health Net Maxxis), and Martin Pederson (CSC).

13:32 EDT    David O'Laughlin (Navigators) takes the KOM, then soft pedals and sits up to be reunited with his chasers. The men are starting their ninth (of 10) lap. That means 2 more times up the Wall.

13:37 EDT    A counter attack by T-Mobile and Health Net produces a new lead group of 11 riders. One is bridging up to make 12 total riders off the front with a 20 second advantage. At the front of the break, T-mobile and Slipstream are working together.

13:43 EDT    It's getting a bit warmer now. We're at the bottom of the Wall on the 9th lap. Our lead group has a 15 second gap. It has 12 riders, some of whom are: Cesar Grajales (Jittery Joes), Christian Meier (Symmetrics), Oleg Grishkin (Navigators), Michael Sayers (BMC), Ryder Hesjedal (Health Net Maxxis), Michael Blaudzun (Team CSC), Francois Parisien (Slipstream), Hilton Clarke (Navigators), Cameron Evans (Symmetrics), Roger Hammond (T-Mobile), and Ivan Stevic (Toyota United).

13:44 EDT    This trip of the wall is mixing up the race situation and we have a new break with 20 seconds gap.

13:47 EDT    This trip up is taking its toll. Alexander Gonzalez (Caico) has broken his chain while Cesar Grajales (Jittery Joes) flatted.

13:51 EDT    212.4km/38.6km to go Our revised lead group, after climbing Manayunk is Hilton Clarke (Navigators), Oleg Grishkin (Navigators), Michael Sayers (BMC), Ryder Hesjedal (Health Net Maxxis), Christian Meier (Symmetrics), Cameron Evans (Symmetrics), Roger Hammond (T-Mobile), Michael Blaudzun (Team CSC), Caleb Manion (Toyota United), and Ivan Stevic (Toyota United). They have 40 seconds on the pack. Overcast skies are gone. It's sunny now.

13:57 EDT    27.4 mph is the men's average speed for the day so far. Lemon hill is next up. The break has 1:10 gap.

14:01 EDT    Christian Meier (Symmetrics) and Hilton Clarke (Navigators) were the first two up and over Lemon Hill for the KOM. The break has 1 minute. When the leaders come through the start finish this time, they'll get one to go. We'll have to see if the break can stay away, but it seems like a long way to go to the end with a small gap. Slipstream is driving the chase.

14:04 EDT    218km/33km to go The gap has dropped to 40 seconds.

14:07 EDT    Four Tecos and five Slipstream riders are driving the chase. It's down to 30 seconds. We're on the last of the ten big laps, headed toward the wall for its final ascent, and the race is setting up for another shake-up when we get there. When the men finish this lap, they will have three shorter finishing circuits.

14:08 EDT    The gap is still shrinking...down to 25 seconds now. We're leaving Kelly drive and heading onto Main Street in Manayunk.

14:11 EDT    The gap is 20 seconds now. The sprinters' teams will be working to keep the race all together while others will be going for it on the climb - one of the last big chances to launch a break.

14:11 EDT    The break is in sight. Kelly Benefit Strategies and Priority Health are leading the chase now. Let the climb begin.

14:13 EDT    The break is caught on the Wall!

14:17 EDT    Three riders are off the front: Rory Sutherland (Health Net Maaxis), Bernhard Eisel (T-Mobile), and Ryder Hesjedal (Health Net Maxxis). Others are bridging.

14:19 EDT    The lead group of five is now: Rory Sutherland (Health Net Maaxis), Bernhard Eisel (T-Mobile), Ryder Hesjedal (Health Net Maxxis), Martin Pederson (CSC), and David Vitoria (BMC)

14:20 EDT    Ryder Hesjedal (Health Net Maxxis) attacks the lead group. Everyone else is caught.

14:21 EDT    233km/18km to go Ryder Hesjedal (Health Net Maxxis) has 10 seconds. Two bridgers are trying to catch him.

14:23 EDT    The pack is back together now as it turns back onto Kelly Drive after doing the Strawberry Meadows section.

14:25 EDT    Trent Wilson (Jittery Joes) and Jorge Martinez (Caico) attack, but then sit up.

14:27 EDT    Going into Lemon Hill, two riders attack. This is the last time up Lemon Hill as part of the big circuit, but they will see it again on the finishing circuit. Svein Tuft (Symmetrics) is off the front.

14:30 EDT    Lemon Hill KOM for lap 10: 1 Dominique Rollin (Kodak) 2 Svein Tuft (Symmetrics) 3 Emile Abraham (Priority Health). They're almost altogether now, with T-Mobile driving the pace.

14:31 EDT    Roger Hammond (T-Mobile) and Cesar Grajales (Jittery Joes) are briefly off the front, but are caught.

14:32 EDT    Now we have an attack by Marco Pinotti (T-Mobile), who recently wore the maglia rosa in the Giro d'Italia.

14:34 EDT    241km/10km to go Only 10km to go. They're getting double points on the Lemon Hill KOM the last few laps, which are the short finishing circuits.

14:35 EDT    They're through the first of the finishing Lemon Hill climbs. And the group is all together now.

14:35 EDT    The riders are seeing two more small laps to go.

14:36 EDT    A Navigator and T-Mobile are dangling off the front, but it's pretty much together. The pace is high, it's all strung out, single-file.

14:37 EDT    We're headed back toward Lemon Hill.

14:38 EDT    Team T-Mobile is setting up on the front with three riders. There will be one more trip up Lemon Hill after this.

14:39 EDT    We're up and over Lemon Hill. The pack is still strung out, single-file. Team AEG is at the front. There are 50 riders total in the leading peloton now.

14:41 EDT    Michael Grabinger takes the Lemon hill KOM ahead of Ryder Hesjedal (Health Net).

14:41 EDT    Svein Tuft (Symmetrics) is off the front, wearing his white Pan Am championship jersey.

14:42 EDT    Tuft is caught. Toyota United makes a counter attack with Caleb Manion going off the front.

14:43 EDT    A group of six is now off the front: A Health Net, a T-Mobile or two, and Tecos. They have about 50 meters. No wait, it's a group of 7. Pinotti and O'Bee are in there.

14:44 EDT    Now it's coming back together. Health Net and BMC are setting pace on the front. We're just past the start finish with one lap to go. We're heading to Lemon Hill.

14:44 EDT    Allan Johansen (CSC) is leading the front group followed by a CSC rider.

14:44 EDT    A Symmetrics rider is leading up the final KOM up Lemon Hill, but a Health Net rider comes around him to take it.

14:45 EDT    248km/3km to go We're descending Lemon Hill. Kirk O'Bee (Health Net) took the KOM points.

14:45 EDT    The pack is all together back on Kelly Drive.

14:46 EDT    Adian Charles (Nerac) is at the front before BMC and T-Mobile move to the front.

14:46 EDT    249km/2km to go Team CSC is leading. Navigators is starting to move up. I see two Jelly Belly riders near the front of the peloton. They're picking up speed.

14:47 EDT    T-Mobile is moving up and patrolling. The CSC rider picks up and it's all T-Mobile followed by Jelly Belly.

14:47 EDT    250km/1km to go There are 5 T-Mobile riders at the front going into the circle.

14:47 EDT    We're rounding the round about. We're making the final left turn. Still 4 T-Mobile riders on the front.

14:48 EDT    600 m to go. Six riders have a small gap. 4 T-mobile riders in there. One peels off.

14:48 EDT    They're sprinting.

14:49 EDT    Juan Jose Haedo (CSC) is at the front now.

14:49 EDT    Haedo take the win!

14:52 EDT    Juan Jose Haedo (Team CSC) wins in front of Lars Bak (Team CSC). A T-Mobile rider is in third.

14:52 EDT    It might be Bernhard Eisel who took third.

14:55 EDT    Correction: Looks like it was Matthew Goss of Team CSC in second. It was announced incorrectly.

14:56 EDT    Eisel was indeed third for T-Mobile with Alejandro Borrajo (Rite Aid) in fourth and Dominique Rollin (Kodak Gallery) in fifth.

15:07 EDT    That wraps up our coverage for today live from Philadelphia. Thanks for joining us, and we hope you'll be back for coverage of the Dauphiné Libéré later this week.

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