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USA Cycling Pro championships - CN

USA, September 1-3, 2006

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Race 1 - September 1: USA professional time trial championships, 32.4 km

Complete live report

Live Commentary by Steve Medcroft and Mark Zalewski

Live coverage starts: 10:00 EST
Estimated finish: 13:10 EST

09:58 EDT   
Welcome to Cyclingnews.com's live coverage of the USA Cycling Professional Championships. We kick off this two-race weekend with an individual time trial. There are 54 riders on the start list including top European-based pros - like Levi Leipheimer (Gerolsteiner) and Dave Zabriskie (CSC) - racing alongside domestic stars like defending time-trial champion Chris Baldwin (Toyota-United) and former USPro Champion Mark McCormack (Colavita Olive Oil - Sutter Home) among others.

The first rider off will be the product of Discovery Channel's public relations spectacle, A.J. Smith. Smith, a former professional with the AEG-Toshiba-JetNetwork team, won an honorary spot on the Discovery team last month. Smith is fully kitted in Dscovery team kit and Trek TT bike but, the promoter says, his time will not be counted towards the championship scoring.

10:05 EDT   
Smith is off, sent away five minutes before the first officially-scored rider of the day (Phillip Gamon of VMG).

10:08 EDT   
The skies are overcast. Temperatures in Greenville, South Carolina are 22-degrees Cent. (72F). North American Editor Mark Zalewski is at the start/finish and says the air feels muggy and humid.

Defending champion Chris Baldwin of Toyota United says he was concerned about South Carolina's notoriuosly humid and hot late summer weather so he arrived in town two days ago to get acclimated. He says he's happy about the conditions this morning though; that cooler, overcast skies suit him just fine.

10:32 EDT   
George Hincapie is not on the start list for the time trial. His brother Rich says that George is stull a little banged up after his crash in the final stage of the Eneco Tour and wants to save himself for Sunday's road race. Which, by the way, we will also be bringing to you live starting at noon.

10:46 EDT   
We've had one non-starter this morning so far. Mariano Friedick (Toyota United. Friedick crashed at the U.S. Criterium National Championships in Downer's Grove, Illinois last month and hasn't recovered enough to participate in the time trial. No word on whether he'll be in the road race to support teammate Chris Wherry's attempt to defend the jersey he earned at last year's USPRO Championships in Philadelphia.

11:02 EDT   
All riders are now on course. We have seen almost ten finishishers and will update the standing as soon as we hear the times.

11:05 EDT   
Jason McCartney just turned around at the halfway point with the new fastest split by 38 seconds. The second-fasted turn-around was posted by Danny Pate of the TIAA Cref team. Both riders are still on course.

11:16 EDT   
Zak Grabowski (Coilavita) just finished with the second-best time so far; seven second behind Mike Creed of TIAA Cref.

11:18 EDT   
Jake Rubelt, a neo-pro based out of Arizona, missed his start gat and started 1:15 behind his scheduled time.

11:21 EDT   
Zabriskie just made the turn at the split and is 12 seconds ahead of Jason McCartney.

11:22 EDT   
Pate just finished in first place with a time of 43:18.

11:30 EDT   
McCartney just posted the new best time. We are scrambilig to get it for you.

11:34 EDT   
The top three with ten riders left to finish is:

1 Jason McCartney
2 Michael Friedman
3 Danny Pate

11:38 EDT   
McCartney says he felt good during the race. It was a tough course. He wishes he was feeling a little better physically; he's been racing a travelling alot this season. He says he expects Zabrieskie to post the fastest time of the day.

11:39 EDT   
Wherry just finished with a 43:38.

11:39 EDT   
A lot of riders had been saying the last five-kilometers was very technical but Pate says it was nothing like a European race. He says there was plenty of chances to recover on downhills.

11:40 EDT   
Zabriskie is 1km from the finish.

11:40 EDT   
Zabriskie just finished with 41:59, blowing away the fastest time by almost a full minite.

11:42 EDT   
There are three riders left to finish. Chris Baldwin (Toyota United), Jeff Louder (Health Net) and Bernard Vanulden (Priority Health)

11:46 EDT   
Badwin missed a hard right with two-kilometers to go and crashed.

11:46 EDT   
At the time, he was on pace to challenge Zabriskie but now he has to re-start on an uphill and his chances are all but shot.

11:47 EDT   
He finishes with 42:21 and change for second place.

11:49 EDT   
Baldwin's upsetting crash in the closing kilometers likely cost him the opportunity to defend but that takes nothing away from Zabriskie's amazing ride. Zabriskie will now wear the US National Championship jersey in domestic and international time trial competitions for the 2007 season.

12:07 EDT   
Zabriskie is on the podium at the moment; receiving his Stars and Stripes jersey and a check for $2,500.

12:08 EDT   
Asked if he knew that Baldwin had come through the turn-around eight seconds faster than himself, Zabrisekie says he didn't have any communication but his team car was honking and driving and he knew he had to give it everything. "So I just did," he says.

12:09 EDT   
Thanks for tuning in. Check out the full results and race reports we'll post over the next couple of hours. Photographer Jon Devich is on site and will be sending images along as well.

And come back Sunday beginning at noon for full, live coverage of the USA Cycling Professional National Championships road race.


1 Dave Zabriskie (CSC)                                   41.49.69 (46.48kph)
2 Chris Baldwin (Toyota United)                           0.31.87
3 Jason Mccartney (Discovery Channel)                     0.52.30
4 Mike Friedman (TIAA Cref)                               1.08.46
5 Bernard Vanulden (Navigators Insurance)                 1.25.37
6 Danny Pate (TIAA Cref)                                  1.29.07
7 Tom Abb Zirbel (Priority Health)                        1.29.58
8 Jeff Louder (Health Net / Maxxis)                       1.37.62
9 Chris Wherry (Toyota United)                            1.47.98
10 Mike Creed (TIAA Cref)                                 2.12.87
11 Daniel Ramsey (Sucessfullliving)                       2.13.13
12 Phil Zajicek (Navigators Insurance)                    2.17.34
13 Zak Grabowski (Colavita Olive Oil - Sutter Home)       2.20.19
14 Scott Moninger (Health Net / Maxxis)                   2.24.39
15 Ben Jacques-Maynes (Kodakgallery.com/Sierra Nevada)    2.29.71
16 Todd Herriott (Colavita Olive Oil - Sutter Home)       2.33.86
17 Craig Lewis (TIAA Cref)                                2.38.58
18 Thornton (Toyota United)                               2.41.03
19 Thad Dulin (Nerac/Outdoorlights.com)                   2.44.21
20 Blake Caldwell (TIAA Cref)                             2.48.96
21 Nick Reistad (Jelly Belly)                             2.49.64
22 Bryan Smith (TIAA Cref)                                2.53.34
23 Tim Johnson (Health Net / Maxxis)                      2.54.25
24 Justin England (Toyota United)                         2.59.63
25 Curtis Gunn (Sucessfullliving)                         3.04.33
26 Will Frischkorn (TIAA Cref)                            3.06.52
27 Tony Cruz (Toyota United)                              3.07.38
28 Doug Ollerenshaw (Health Net / Maxxis)                 3.08.74
29 Brad Huff (TIAA Cref)                                  3.11.13
30 Steven Cozza (TIAA Cref)                               3.11.44
31 Brian Sheedy (Priority Health)                         3.15.31
32 Justin Spinelli (Nerac/Outdoorlights.com)              3.18.54
33 Scott Zwizanski (Kodakgallery.com/Sierra Nevada)       3.21.60
34 Clayton Barrows (PVC)                                  3.22.79
35 Jackson Stewart (Kodakgallery.com/Sierra Nevada)       3.31.27
36 Roman Kilun (Health Net / Maxxis)                      3.41.98
37 Chris Stockburger (Toyota United)                      3.51.75
38 Edward King (Priority Health)                          4.07.53
39 Mike Norton (Nerac/Outdoorlights.com)                  4.12.45
40 Michael Dietrich (Kodakgallery.com/Sierra Nevada)      4.21.68
41 Gaimon Phillip (VMG Racing)                            4.22.18
42 Jake Rytlewski (Priority Health)                       4.34.35
43 Austin King (Jittery Joe's)                            5.20.59
44 Ryan Barnett (CAICO)                                   5.37.26
45 Tony Wells (TIAA Cref)                                 5.38.08
46 Peter Penzell (Rite Aid)                               5.43.15
47 Peter Stetina (TIAA Cref)                              5.43.86
48 Marc Anderson (Jittery Joe's)                          6.12.84
49 Daniel Holt (Nerac/Outdoorlights.com)                  6.24.55
50 Sterling Magnell (Toyota United)                       6.30.09
51 Eric Keim (AEG-TOSHIBA-JetNetwork)                     6.44.22
52 Jake Rubelt (AEG-TOSHIBA-JetNetwork)                   7.23.58
53 Tyson Apostol (Vorarlberg-Volksbank)                   8.02.31
DNS Mariano Friedick (Toyota United)                             
DNS Mike Rap Beers (Rite Aid)     

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