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World championships - CM

Madrid, Spain, September 21-25, 2005

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Race 2 - September 21: Under 23 men's individual time trial, 37.9km

Commentary by Jeff Jones, with additional reporting from Hernan Alvarez and Shane Stokes

Live report

Live coverage starts: 13:00 CEST
Estimated finish: 17:10 CEST

13:04 CEST   
Welcome back to Cyclingnews after a short break in the Casa de Campo, where we're ready once again for some time trialing action. This afternoon will see the U23 men in action, with 59 riders at 1'30 intervals contesting the 37.9 km course. The U23s will go off in four 'waves' of approximately 15 riders each, with Yong Li Ng (Malaysia) the first off at 13:00, followed by Ruslan Sambris (Republic of Moldova) and Panagiotis Potsakis (Greece). In the last wave, starting at 16:00, we'll see the top favourites like Kai Reus (Netherlands), Dominique Cornu (Belgium), Dmytro Grabovskyy (Ukraine), Mark Jamieson (Australia) and Tyler Farrar (United States Of America).

13:11 CEST   
The waves have been timed so that the last rider in each wave will finish approximately 12 minutes after the first rider from the next wave sets off. Hopefully that will minimise confusion!

13:23 CEST   
Ryan Roth (Canada) is now under way, powering along the first part of the parcours. He's the last of the first wave to start.

13:28 CEST   
At the 7.4 km check, it's Li Yong Ng with a time of 11'30, one that should be bettered by the others later on.

13:29 CEST   
Ng's time is not good enough to better Johan Lindgren's, who has come through in 10'30.

13:34 CEST   
Ryan Roth (Canada) comes through 7.4 km just slower than Lindgren.

13:46 CEST   
Sweden's Lindgren is now past the 26 km check in 36'02, the fastest to date.

13:49 CEST   
Gediminas Bagdonas nears the end of his first lap, but nearly overcooks it as he hits a witch's hat (traffic cone). Oops!

13:55 CEST   
Henry Mendez Raabe (Costa Rica) has bettered Lindgren's time by 2 seconds at the 26 km mark with a 36'00 dead. Not bad going!

14:04 CEST   
The third wave is starting now, just as the last riders from wave 1 finish.

Alfonso Roldan Ortiz (Colombia) is third fastest, behind Mendez and Lindgren at the moment.

14:07 CEST   
Steven Cozza (USA) leads out the second wave, followed by Mikhail Ignatiev (Russian Federation), who is very handy against the clock, having won the junior event in 2003.

14:11 CEST   
Peter Latham (New Zealand) is now under way, riding strongly over the first part of the parcours.

14:16 CEST   
Mexican Ignacio Sarabia Diaz finishes in a time of 49'40, the best so far. He's trailed by Costa Rican Henry Mendez Raabe at 3 seconds.

Belgium's Bart VanHeule has set off. He was second in the Belgian championships and is one to watch of the early wave.

14:23 CEST   
The top three at the finish at the moment:

1 Ignacio Sarabia Diaz (Mexico) 49.40
2 Henry Mendez Raabe (Costa Rica) 0.03
3 Johan Lindgren (Sweden) 0.16

14:26 CEST   
Viktor Renäng (Sweden) and Paul Martens (Germany) leave the start ramp, as the last riders of the second wave to tackle the course.

14:34 CEST   
As expected, Ignatiev is one of the best riders, and at the halfway point he's already a minute quicker than Mendez. Vanheule is also quick at that point, but not quite as fast as the Russian.

14:38 CEST   
Andrei Kunitski (Belarus) goes through the halfway check in 23.47.97, second best behind Ignatiev.

14:45 CEST   
Viktor Renäng (Sweden) goes through half way in 24:31.91, for 11th place so far.

14:48 CEST   
Janis Ozols (Latvia) has reached the third check at km 26 in a time of 37:51.52, which will put him in 16th place at the moment.

14:50 CEST   
We have a new best time at the finish, as Mikhail Ignatiev (Russian Federation) comes home in 47:24.28, well better than anyone else so far.

14:53 CEST   
Now it's Peter Latham driving it home to the finish, with a time of 48:01.51, good enough for second.

14:55 CEST   
Latham is followed by Vanheule, who was caught by the Kiwi. The Belgian finishes in 49'37 for third. Top five to date:

1 Mikhail Ignatiev (Russian Federation) 47.24
2 Peter Latham (New Zealand) 0.37
3 Bart Vanheule (Belgium) 2.13
4 Ignacio Sarabia Diaz (Mexico) 2.16
5 Henry Mendez Raabe (Costa Rica) 2.19

14:56 CEST   
Edward Clancy (Great Britain) goes through the 26 km check in 37'24, well off the pace for 16th.

14:56 CEST   
Jerome Coppel (France) finishes his ride off in 49:48.28 for sixth.

15:00 CEST   
Andrei Kunitski (Belarus) has a good ride to finish in 49'02 for third.

15:01 CEST   
William Aranzazo Escobar (Colombia) has started, the first rider from Wave 3.

15:05 CEST   
Simon Spilak (Slovenia) is better than Vanheule at the finish as he crosses the line in 48:36.46 for third place, provisionally.

Volodymyr Dyudya (Ukraine) is not so good, clocking 52:25.01 at the end for 17th.

15:09 CEST   
Australian Will Walker finishes his ride in 49:46 for sixth place at the moment.

15:12 CEST   
Edward Clancy (Great Britain) and Viktor Renäng (Sweden) finish together. Clancy's time is 51:46.61 (16th), while Renäng's is 50:13.10 (11th).

Paul Martens (Germany), the last of wave 2, comes home in 49:43.75 for seventh.

15:16 CEST   
At the end of the second wave, Russian Mikhail Ignatiev has the best time of 47.24, ahead of Peter Latham (New Zealand) at 37 seconds and Simon Spilak (Slovenia) at 1.12.

Maciej Bodnar (Poland) is now departing. He was 9th last year.

15:18 CEST   
Spain's Eladio Sanchez Prado is at the first check (km 7.4) in 10:29, which is seventh quickest to that point.

15:20 CEST   
Michael Schär (Switzerland) has just left the start ramp. He's a pretty decent rider against the clock, and will try to emulate his compatriot Karin Thürig, who won the gold in the women's event earlier today.

15:25 CEST   
Maciej Bodnar (Poland) comes up past km 7.4 in 10'31 for ninth best. Francesco Rivera (Italy) is on the course too, looking smooth.

15:28 CEST   
Sergey Danniker (Kazakhstan) catches William Aranzazo Escobar (Colombia) at the end of the first lap, rubbing shoulders with him as he goes past. Danniker's time at km 18.8 is 24:22.22.

15:30 CEST   
Eladio Sanchez Prado (Spain) is quicker at halfway, crossing in 24:03 for fifth best.

15:32 CEST   
Ignatas Konovalovas (Lithuania) is powering along the course at the moment, in a nice big gear at a nice rhythm.

15:34 CEST   
Rafaâ Chtioui (Tunisia) is at the halfway in 25'22, out of the top 30. He's chased by last year's junior world champ Roman Kreuziger (Czech Republic), who is through in 24'55, good for the top 20. Then Danish rider Martin Mortensen (Denmark), whose 23'51 will put him in fifth.

15:37 CEST   
Michael Schär (Switzerland) is pedaling his way up the climb, cutting a lean figure through the air.

Maciej Bodnar (Poland) comes to the halfway check, passing the devil, in 24'04 for seventh.

15:44 CEST   
Michael Schär (Switzerland) comes to halfway in 24'13, ninth quickest so far.

15:47 CEST   
Konovalovas goes through the halfway check next, but is not in top 10 contention. He's over 1'30 down on Ignatiev.

15:49 CEST   
Michael Schär is catching Riviera in front of him. He passes the Italian on the climb on lap 2.

15:51 CEST   
Sergey Danniker (Kazakhstan) finishes in 49'40 for sixth, not a bad ride at all.

15:53 CEST   
Christian Meier (Canada) is at the third check in 37'22, just in the top 20.

Meanwhile, Eladio Sanchez Prado (Spain) is at the finish. He stops the clock at 49'13 for fifth.

William Aranzazo Escobar (Colombia) finishes in 53'19.

15:56 CEST   
Schär is at the third time check in 35'51, as José Mendes (Portugal) finishes his ride in 52'37. New Zealander Timothy Gudsell is better, in 50'06. Not good enough for a top 10.

Speaking of which, here they are:

1 Mikhail Ignatiev (Russian Federation) 47.24
2 Peter Latham (New Zealand) 0.37
3 Simon Spilak (Slovenia) 1.12
4 Andrei Kunitski (Belarus) 1.38
5 Eladio Sanchez Prado (Spain) 1.49
6 Bart Vanheule (Belgium) 2.13
7 Sergey Danniker (Kazakhstan) 2.16
8 Ignacio Sarabia Diaz (Mexico)
9 Paul Martens (Germany) 2.19
10 Henry Mendez Raabe (Costa Rica)

15:59 CEST   
Mortensen charges up the line in 48'14, knocking Spilak out of the third placed hotseat.

16:00 CEST   
Kreuziger and Chtioui are both over the 50 minute mark, as Tyler Farrar (USA) sets off as the first rider of the last wave. The American is under way. He's better known as a sprinter though.

16:03 CEST   
Florian Morizot (France) starts after Farrar, and he is chased by José Luis Ruiz Cubillo (Spain), who gets a big cheer as he rolls off the ramp. He hits his gears and changes into a bigger ratio.

16:04 CEST   
Slovenia's Miha Svab is next off, and he nearly falls off the side of the ramp as he speeds away. He is one of the favoured riders though.

16:06 CEST   
Lasse Bochman (Denmark) is next to go, followed by Maxim Belkov (Russian Federation). Eight riders to come after these two.

16:07 CEST   
Canada's Christian Meier finishes in 52'04 for 28th so far.

16:09 CEST   
Australian U23 champ Mark Jamieson is next to go. He'll have a hard time beating Ignatiev.

Schär finishes in 49'40, for ninth.

16:12 CEST   
Frantisek Rabon (Czech Republic) takes off at top speed, really attacking the first part of the course. Then Branislau Samoilau (Belarus) goes. He's one of the strongest riders here, and has won a lot of races this year.

Meanwhile, Ignatas Konovalovas finishes his ride in 50'13 for a top 20. Francesco Rivera is after him, which is not good for the Italian - he's lost more than three minutes to the Lithuanian. That'll be one of the slowest times today.

16:14 CEST   
Tony Martin (Germany) is next off, a powerful looking rider.

Jamieson is on the first climb, pedaling well.

16:15 CEST   
Probably the biggest favourite for this race is setting off now: Kai Reus (Netherlands). He's a product of the Rabobank squad, and is a very good time trialist, and a pretty handy road racer.

16:17 CEST   
Tiziano Dall'Antonia (Italy) leaves next, just two more riders to follow him.

16:19 CEST   
Belgian Dominique Cornu gets ready to go in the start house. He can ride time trials, with his skinny 1.96m frame cutting a nice profile through the air.

16:19 CEST   
The last rider is ready: Dmytro Grabovskyy (Ukraine). He won the European Championships in this discipline this year, and is one to watch.

16:21 CEST   
Branislau Samoilau (Belarus) navigates the first part of the course, looking pretty comfy as he gets into his rhythm.

Rabon is at the first check (7.6 km) in 10'41, a fair way off the pace of the best.

16:24 CEST   
Mark Jamieson drives it to the halfway point, working hard with the bike as he crests the small hill.

16:26 CEST   
Kai Reus is surprisingly slow at the 7.6 km check in 10'53, 37th place! He'll have to pull out a huge ride to save this, although the headwind isn't helping. Most of the last wave of riders have been quite slow to this first check.

16:27 CEST   
Dall'Antonia is better, clocking 10'26 for seventh. He's one of the best of the last wave at that point.

16:28 CEST   
José Luis Ruiz Cubillo (Spain) is at halfway now, in a time of 25'11 for 30th.

16:28 CEST   
Cornu comes up to the 7.6 km check in 10'26, also for seventh place.

16:30 CEST   
Svab is also at halfway, doing 25'03 for 27th.

Grabovskyy is at 7.6 km in 10'14, second place behind the still impressive Ignatiev, who clocked 10'07.

Bochman is at halfway in 9th place, 24'something.

16:32 CEST   
Grabovskyy is motoring now on the descent, keeping a great position as he picks up a lot of speed. He could be the only one to challenge Ignatiev.

16:35 CEST   
Cornu keeps his pace up as he crests another small climb. This course is continually up and down - only steep in one spot, but still tough.

16:36 CEST   
Grabovskyy puts it in the biggest gear and tries to keep his cadence up. He's flying, but it's hurting.

Ignatiev, Latham, and Mortensen are the top three at the finish, all sitting in their respective hotseats.

16:38 CEST   
Grabovskyy picks up enough speed to get himself over another small hill without having to change down. Tiziano Dall'Antonia (Italy) is also riding well.

16:40 CEST   
Cornu flies down through the trees in the park, as does Mr Grabovskyy.

Dall'Antonia nears the halfway point...He crosses in 24'00 (7th), just slower than Jamieson.

16:41 CEST   
Dominique Cornu (Belgium) is now at halfway, having ridden very well but not quite quick enough to beat Ignatiev. His time is 23'48 for fourth.

16:43 CEST   
Grabovskyy comes through halfway, the last rider to do so. His time is fantastic: 23'22, second best, just four seconds slower than Ignatiev. He's picked up some time on the Russian.

16:45 CEST   
Grabovskyy is on his second lap, trying to keep his rhythm going as he goes in search of Ignatiev's time.

16:48 CEST   
Jamieson is well into his second lap, and still looking smooth and fast. He should be able to finish with a top 10 today, possibly a top 5.

16:49 CEST   
Tyler Farrar (USA) finishes in 49'08 with the sixth best time so far.

16:51 CEST   
Cornu rocks a bit as he tackles the first climb of the second lap, but he's kept the speed up nicely.

16:52 CEST   
Florian Morizot (France) suffers as he gets to the finish in 50'13, for a top 20.

Tiziano Dall'antonia (Italy) is at 28.5 km in 35'31 for seventh.

16:54 CEST   
Reus is a long way off the pace at the second time check - out of the top 30. It's not his day today.

Cornu is really motoring as he reaches that point. His time is 35'29, just a second quicker than Jamieson for sixth.

Grabovskyy can't do it either: 34'35 puts him in second behind Ignatiev, who is looking good for gold.

16:56 CEST   
Bochman finishes with 49'06 for sixth place. Not bad at all. Svab follows him in 51'56, well off the pace.

16:57 CEST   
Jamieson powers to the finish, having caught Belkov en route. His final time is 48'50 for fifth.

16:59 CEST   
Cornu reaches the second, steeper climb, and is out of the saddle in the small gear. He's over the top now. Grabovskyy is not too far behind him. He's over the top too, also out of the saddle, but in the big ring.

17:00 CEST   
Reus has been caught by Dall'Antonia. Never good for the morale.

Rabon finishes in 49'50 for 18th.

17:01 CEST   
Reus does his best to hold the Italian's wheel risking a time penalty.

17:01 CEST   
Grabovskyy is back on the fast section of the course, but it looks as though he won't make up the time on Ignatiev, who looks good for another gold medal in this discipline after his junior title in 2003. He's also handy on the track, winning a world championship points race.

17:03 CEST   
Branislau Samoilau (Belarus) finishes well out of the placings in 50'57 for 29th. Not a great ride.

17:04 CEST   
Tony Martin is across the line in 50'14 for 25th.

Reus is losing ground to his Italian rival, who has passed him properly now.

17:06 CEST   
Tiziano Dall'antonia (Italy) is flying home, and will do a good time. He stops the clock in 49'06 for eighth. Maybe not as good as he'd hoped. Reus is 31st in 50'44.

17:07 CEST   
Well, Peter Latham certainly has a medal, we just don't know what colour it is. Silver or Bronze.

Cornu's time at the finish is 49'10, just top 10.

17:08 CEST   
Grabovskyy is better, but not good enough in 47'58. The silver is his, Latham takes third, but Mikhail Ignatiev wins the gold medal! Brilliant ride by the Russian who averaged nearly 48 km/h on this tough parcours to win his third world title in this discipline (he also won the junior TT in 2002).

17:12 CEST   
Ignatiev is definitely a rider to watch for the future in the pro ranks, although he's concentrating on the track at the moment. Three world titles on the road plus a points title on the track is nothing to sneeze at.

That's all folks from the live team in Madrid. We'll be back with full results, reports and photos in a bit, and of course tomorrow at 13:00 we'll cover the Elite Men's TT live. Until then!

Intermediate timing

km 7.6 (all riders through)
1 Mikhail Ignatiev (Russian Federation)    10.07
2 Dmytro Grabovskyy (Ukraine)               0.07
3 Simon Spilak (Slovenia)                       
4 Andrei Kunitski (Belarus)                     
5 Peter Latham (New Zealand)                    
km 18.8 (all riders through)
1 Mikhail Ignatiev (Russian Federation)    23.18
2 Dmytro Grabovskyy (Ukraine)               0.04
3 Peter Latham (New Zealand)                0.28
4 Andrei Kunitski (Belarus)                 0.30
5 Dominique Cornu (Belgium)                     
6 Simon Spilak (Slovenia)                   0.32
7 Martin Mortensen (Denmark)                0.33
8 Mark Jamieson (Australia)                 0.42
9 Tiziano Dall'antonia (Italy)                  
km 28.5 (all riders through)
1 Mikhail Ignatiev (Russian Federation)    34.12
2 Dmytro Grabovskyy (Ukraine)               0.23
3 Peter Latham (New Zealand)                0.35
4 Simon Spilak (Slovenia)                   0.42
5 Martin Mortensen (Denmark)                0.43
6 Andrei Kunitski (Belarus)                 0.52
7 Dominique Cornu (Belgium)                 1.17
8 Mark Jamieson (Australia)                 1.18
Finish - km 37.9
1 Mikhail Ignatiev (Russian Federation)    47.24
2 Dmytro Grabovskyy (Ukraine)               0.34
3 Peter Latham (New Zealand)                0.37
4 Martin Mortensen (Denmark)                0.50
5 Simon Spilak (Slovenia)                   1.12
6 Mark Jamieson (Australia)                 1.26
7 Andrei Kunitski (Belarus)                 1.38
8 Lasse Bochman (Denmark)                   1.42
9 Tiziano Dall'antonia (Italy)                  
10 Tyler Farrar (USA)                       1.44


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