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World Championships - CM

Verona, Italy, September 27-October 3, 2004

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Race 6 - Friday October 1: Road Race - Junior Women, 73.75km

Commentary by Hedwig Kr÷ner

Complete live report

Live coverage starts: 09:30 CEST
Estimated finish time: 11:45 CEST

09:29 CEST   
Welcome back to the World Championships, moved from Bardolino from the time trials to Verona, where the road races take place. On roughly the same course as in 1999, the Junior Women start off the competition and have to complete five laps to cover the 73.75 km parcours. Defending Champion Loes Markerink (Netherlands) is now 19 and too old for the Junior race, and there will be a fresh slate of 66 women lining up this year.

09:37 CEST    1km/72.75km to go
And the race has hit it off under a cloudy sky, with the start/finish at the Piazza BrÓ in Verona. The bunch heads north for three kilometres of flat before the 3.1 kilometre-long Torricelle climb that begins from the Viale dei Colli. The final part of the Torricelle is the hardest, where the Viale dei Colli turns to the Via Santa Giuliana 700 metres from the top.

Marianne Vos (Netherlands) attacked right away, but is caught now, as the peloton controls itself.

09:42 CEST    3km/70.75km to go
The girls are at the bottom of the climb now, with Caroline Ibele (Germ any) in front. Maria Auxiliadora Martin Morales (Spain) is at the back, struggling already as the tempo is high.

09:46 CEST    5km/68.75km to go
The American Rebecca Much, starting all alone without a team, is heading the bunch now with a couple of Polish riders. The bunch is still together, as many are waiting for it to reduce in size in order to attack.

09:49 CEST    7km/66.75km to go
On top of the climb, there are quite some spectators present, as the bunch hits the winding descent with about 70 km/h.

09:53 CEST   
Ekaterina Tretiakova (Russia) is in front, and anther rider has crashed in one of theses twisty curves. Didn't look too bad, as she could brake enough right before falling into a grassy ditch.

09:55 CEST    10km/63.75km to go
The weather is a little humid, a bit foggy. The Canadian girls are up front, with the Lithuanians.

10:00 CEST    15km/58.75km to go
The race is back in the streets of Verona now, passing through the finish for the first time - 4 laps yet to go.

The first lap has been fast: 26'05, and an handful of riders have not been able to bridge the gap to the peloton yet.

10:05 CEST    18km/55.75km to go
The bunch is headed toward the Torricelle climb again, and the pace is still high. One Italian rider threw away her wind stopper.

10:08 CEST   
The first few hundred metres of the climb have seen attacks: one Polish rider wanted to get away, but was caught with Amanda Spratt (Australia) chasing her too. It's getting nervous, and more and more riders have difficulties in following the leaders.

10:14 CEST    20km/53.75km to go
Sandrine Allais (France) put on the wrong gear at the back and nearly stopped - the climb is steep. The road looks O.K., and it's painted with flags and rainbow coloured peace signs.

Rebecca Much is leading the bunch again. The Lithuanians are still there, too.

10:16 CEST    21km/52.75km to go
About 40 riders are left at the front and have past the highest point now, with a small group still climbing.

10:18 CEST    23km/50.75km to go
Catrine Josefsson (Sweden) has punctured her rear wheel, getting it changed now.

Stefanie Wiedner (Austria) has abandoned.

10:22 CEST    27km/46.75km to go
Two Lithuanians are leading the pack even during the descent - they do look strong and must be confident.

The riders have passed the feeding zone, and some of them have grabbed a quick energy boost.

10:25 CEST   
Second abandon of the day: Maria De Lourdes Garcia-Navas Llaneras from Spain has stepped off her bike.

The peloton led by Poland and Lithuania passed the 1000 m "flamme rouge" - but there are still three laps to go.

10:28 CEST    30km/43.75km to go
The second round has been completed, 53'20 after the start. Average speed until now is 33,5 km/h.

10:31 CEST    32km/41.75km to go
There's been a crash inside the bunch: Amanda Spratt (Australia) got up quickly again and has made her way back to the peloton, not hurt.

10:36 CEST    34km/39.75km to go
Virginia Hennig (Germany) is up front with a Ukranian rider. And Spratt attacks in the climb! But she is caught again by an Italian.

The young women look at each other.

10:39 CEST   
Next to attack is Francesca Andina (Italy). But the others followed he up - break caught again.

Another Italian, Savrina Bernardi, tries from the left hand side. She has now created a 200 metres gap, with a Ukranian rider leading the chase behind.

10:42 CEST    36km/37.75km to go
Savrina Bernardi is caught at the top of the climb.

10:48 CEST    39km/34.75km to go
Francesca Andina from Italy has crashed in a curve during the descent, but nothing serious. She's back on her bike.

The peloton has diminished in number, with a small group chasing it behind.

10:51 CEST    40km/33.75km to go
Amanda Spratt (Australia) has attacked again! She has 6 seconds on the bunch, with Barbara Gromaszek (Poland) going after her.

10:54 CEST    44km/29.75km to go
A 30 rider bunch is chasing Spratt. She is caught at the start/finish line, and the peloton seems pretty groupÚ now.

10:57 CEST    45km/28.75km to go
The field is stretched out now, with Rebecca Much again leading on the flat part before the climb.

The Italians at the front are talking to each other, as well as the Germans.

11:01 CEST    47km/26.75km to go
Just before the hill, some riders grab a drink from their assistants. A new face is at he front: Mayuko Hagiwara from Japan is setting the pace now. Caroline Ibele (Germany) is still there too.

11:02 CEST   
There are some small groups left at he back: the last riders have just passed the finish line now, 8'35 behind the bunch.

11:06 CEST    48km/25.75km to go
The Japanese rider exploded as the climb got steeper - she is now at the back.

An Italian rider, Savrina Bernardi, has set a faster pace, and the others follow. She has 5 seconds now.

11:08 CEST    49km/24.75km to go
Amanda Spratt has caught up with Bernardi, and the chase group - pretty small now - is right behind at the top of the climb. After the descent, they should be together again.

11:11 CEST    51km/22.75km to go
Ekaterina Tretiakova (Russia) has joined the two front girls for the race downhill, with about 14 riders going after them.

11:16 CEST    57km/16.75km to go
In the streets of Verona, the tempo is high. The front group includes Amanda Spratt, three Ukranians, Rebecca Much (USA), Roxane Knetemann (Netherlands) with two teammates, three Italians, Caroline Ibele (Germany)... about 16 riders.

11:20 CEST    59km/14.75km to go
The second chase group of about 15 gets back to the front riders just at the final passage of the finish line, so there are about 30 riders headed back toward the last climb. One lap left to go.

11:23 CEST    60km/13.75km to go
Sabine Fischer (Germany) has also made it back into this front group, leading the pack now. And we have an attack: Barbara Gromaszek (Poland) is trying hard, but cannot get away on this flat bit before the climb.

11:26 CEST    61km/12.75km to go
The girls are taking it easy now, preparing for this last hill which might be decisive. Two Italians are talking at the front.

11:29 CEST    63km/10.75km to go
Rebecca Much is always in front, with the first attacks coming round: Roxane Knetemann (Netherlands) tries, but is caught immediately. Tempo is very high.

Federica Balestri (Italy) is cramped.

11:32 CEST    64km/9.75km to go
An Italian rider is leading the pack, and Spratt is still there too. Now there's a real attack going: Marianne Vos (Netherlands) decided to get away, quickly leading by 60 metres...

11:34 CEST   
This could be decisive as Vos already has about 15 sec's - she's pushing hard, with Much chasing inside a small group behind her.

11:37 CEST    67km/6.75km to go
There are 4 Dutch riders in the chase group too, composed of about 12 riders. They are now on the descent, and Vos is giving it everything. She is leading by 24 sec., Much still in front at chasing.

11:41 CEST    70km/3.75km to go
Rebecca Much now has three Dutch riders on her rear wheel - that doesn't look good.

Marianne Vos (Netherlands) is speeding on the flat part, she has a lead of 0.24 now.

11:43 CEST    72km/1.75km to go
And Vos is headed toward the finish with 31 seconds under the flamme rouge!

11:45 CEST   
Tactics begin within the chase group, with the Dutch girls even in front. As Marianne Vos wins, the sprint is preparing...

11:46 CEST    73km/0.75km to go
Marta Bastianelli (Italy) wins the sprint of the chase group.


1 Marianne Vos (Netherlands)	                02.11.44
2 Marta Bastianelli (Italy)                         0.29    		

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