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2003 Road Worlds
Live coverage
2002 Worlds

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Giro finale
Photo ©: Bettini

2003 Road World Championships - CM

Hamilton, Canada, October 7-12, 2003

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Day 2 - October 8: Junior Men Time Trial, 20.8 km

Russian Ignatiev Repeats Junior TT Championship

By Mark Zalewski in Hamilton

Second bouquet for Ignatiev
Photo: © Sirotti
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It was another windy day on the "escarpment," what the locals here in Hamilton call the climbs that the World Championships course covers. This definitely played a part in deciding the winners, and it was the Russian Mikhail Ignatiev who cut through the wind to take the gold medal by more than 21 seconds. This is a repeat performance for the junior, who now makes the jump up to the Espoir category with the Division II Lokomotiv team. Ukraine's Dmytro Grabovsky took the silver, just a little more than one second ahead of Sweden's Viktor Renäng, who led for much of the day.

Mikhail Ignatiev didn't have many problems with the road conditions. "For me, [the road conditions] were alright. They were not new to me. [Having] so many spectators and press make it good for me. The wind on the first part was quite strong and I had a problem with it, but the second part was alright. Before the start, I thought the second climb would be a problem. But during the race, I felt better. I knew the second climb wouldn't give me problems for the finish because I decided [everything] on the first part."

Second place Dmytro Grabovsky liked the climbing the course dished out. "This [course] was perfect for me and I liked [it]. I thought the second climb was a bit easier for me because I saw the German rider and I went after him, so it was better."

In his first World Championships ever, Sweden's Viktor Renäng wasn't expecting much. "I am very happy. I was hoping a top twenty maybe, so third place is unbelievable," said the eventual bronze medalist. "The second climb was harder than the first, but I heard from the car behind that I was in the lead, so it went good."

The top American finisher, Steven Cozza, wasn't as happy with is top thirty placing. "It was a good course - perfect course for me. Mentally it wasn't there. It just didn't go my way. This whole year time trialing has been going my way, but of course the World Championships don't. The only thing you can do is keep going and wait till next year. You need everything in a world championship event, and if you don't you are f*cked...You know if you have it or not. It's just like playing pool - when you hit the cue ball you know if anything it's going to go in or not."

However, Cozza is still excited about the upcoming road race. "I'm glad I get another shot [in the road race]. [I got] my anger out now!" Cozza's teammate, Zach Taylor, finished just behind in 32nd place. "It was hard - pretty windy, and a hard course with the two hills. After the first hill there was a headwind section that was pretty winding - that section hurt pretty bad. I gave it my all, and at the end I was having trouble standing up. I didn't feel my best and I was trying to figure out why."

Ignatiev mastered the conditions
Photo: © Sirotti
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The combination of wind and climbing made many riders fear the course that lay before them. Warren McDonald, Australia's Junior Men's Coach spoke of the conditions before the race. "This morning the wind was up quite early. Yesterday it wasn't as much wind, but for these guys it's going to be quite tough on the top of the circuit. With the back section you have to push to that first sort of far corner - it's going to be all the way into a headwind and crosswinds. The majority of the time is going to be made early in the course and towards the end of the course."

McDonald didn't give very complicated instructions to his riders. "Just try to get to the far end to gain as much time as you can, and then not to go too much into the red because there is quite a long climb - if you have nothing left you are going to lose a lot of time."

Many of the junior riders could be seen talking to their elite women teammates in the team tents, giving them information about their upcoming ride." New Zealand's Kirsty Robb said, "I quizzed the juniors what they thought of it. Both of them came back pretty short of breath and red faced, so I assume it is pretty hard!"


Images by Fotoreporter Sirotti

Images by Jon Devich/www.epicimages.us


1 Mikhail Ignatiev (Russia)              27.01.88 (46.193 km/h)
2 Dmytro Grabovskyy (Ukraine)             0.21.27
3 Viktor Renäng (Sweden)                  0.22.50
4 Dominique Cornu (Belgium)               0.27.45
5 William Walker (Australia)              0.46.11
6 Roman Kreuziger (Czech Republic)        0.55.41
7 Alexey Esin (Russia)                    0.55.70
8 Tony Martin (Germany)                   0.56.69
9 Julien Loubet (France)                  1.01.28
10 Simon Spilak (Slovenia)                1.04.14
11 Tom Stamsnijder (Netherlands)          1.07.05
12 Rasmus Fjordside Lehrmann (Denmark)    1.12.88
13 Michael Schär (Switzerland)            1.13.27
14 Peter Velits (Slovakia)                1.13.42
15 Rémy Di Gregorio (France)              1.13.50
16 Fabio Sabatini (Italy)                 1.14.03
17 Andrius Buividas (Lithuania)           1.17.04
18 Anders Berendt Hansen (Denmark)        1.17.30
19 Thomas Frei (Switzerland)              1.18.65
20 Kai Reus (Netherlands)                 1.20.02
21 Zdenek Stybar (Czech Republic)         1.20.12
22 Maciej Bodnar (Poland)                 1.27.11
23 Jose Joaquin Rojas Gil (Spain)         1.28.93
24 Mauro Finetto (Italy)                  1.30.12
25 Johan Lindgren (Sweden)                1.30.60
26 Martin Velits (Slovakia)               1.31.01
27 Oleg Chuzhda (Ukraine)                 1.31.05
28 Alexander Gottfried (Germany)          1.31.43
29 Steven Cozza (USA)                     1.33.13
30 Maxim Belkov (Russia)                  1.33.98
31 Wilson Marentes (Colombia)             1.36.40
32 Zachary Taylor (USA)                   1.37.16
33 Bogdan Stoytchev (Bulgaria)            1.41.84
34 Andy Schleck (Luxembourg)              1.44.53
35 Ignatas Konovalovas (Lithuania)        1.45.77
36 Juan Pablo Suarez (Colombia)           1.51.21
37 Pawel Cieslik (Poland)                 1.55.74
38 Janis Ozols (Latvia)                   1.59.40
39 Rafâa Chtioui (Tunisia)                2.00.15
40 Pedro Palou Quetglás (Spain)           2.03.93
41 Ivo Vilumovs (Latvia)                  2.04.48
42 Stanislav Zverok (Kazachstan)          2.07.55
43 Matthew Brammeier (Great Britain)      2.09.35
44 Juha-Matti Alaluusua (Finland)         2.10.30
45 Leonard Snoeks (Norway)                2.14.79
46 Hakon Lilland (Norway)                 2.17.62
47 Claudio Apolo (Portugal)               2.19.39
48 Veaceslav Talasimov (Moldavia)         2.19.61
49 Ruslan Sambris (Moldavia)              2.24.25
50 Kevin Lacombe (Canada)                 2.25.33
51 Theo Hardwick (Ireland)                2.25.42
52 Samuel Lee (Australia)                 2.27.61
53 José Mendes (Portugal)                 2.33.41
54 Ervin Korts-Laur (Estonia)             2.36.77
55 Christian Meier (Canada)               2.47.38
56 Egan Tarr (South Africa)               2.48.89
57 Luke Mccarthy (New Zealand)            2.49.75
58 William Thompson (New Zealand)         3.07.33
59 Roderick Muscat (Malta)                3.27.24
60 Jumpei Murakami (Japan)                3.39.94
61 Barry Woods (Ireland)                  3.44.24
62 Gilber Kask (Estonia)                  4.40.02
Intermediate check - 8.2 km
1 Mikhail Ignatiev (Russia)              10.37.70
2 Dominique Cornu (Belgium)               0.12.03
3 Dmytro Grabovskyy (Ukraine)             0.14.65
4 Viktor Renäng (Sweden)                  0.23.48
5 Tony Martin (Germany)                   0.26.96
6 William Walker (Australia)              0.27.59
7 Maciej Bodnar (Poland)                  0.28.97
8 Roman Kreuziger (Czech Republic)        0.29.98
9 Simon Spilak (Slovenia)                 0.30.32
10 Alexey Esin (Russia)                   0.32.55
11 Jose Joaquin Rojas Gil (Spain)         0.32.58
12 Wilson Marentes (Colombia)             0.33.66
13 Tom Stamsnijder (Netherlands)          0.34.51
14 Peter Velits (Slovakia)                0.34.91
15 Rasmus Fjordside Lehrmann (Denmark)    0.35.43
16 Fabio Sabatini (Italy)                 0.35.44
17 Julien Loubet (France)                 0.35.45
18 Anders Berendt Hansen (Denmark)        0.37.91
19 Michael Schär (Switzerland)            0.37.94
20 Alexander Gottfried (Germany)          0.38.82
21 Andrius Buividas (Lithuania)           0.40.26
22 Rémy Di Gregorio (France)              0.41.32
23 Thomas Frei (Switzerland)              0.41.93
24 Zdenek Stybar (Czech Republic)         0.43.78
25 Bogdan Stoytchev (Bulgaria)            0.44.05
26 Maxim Belkov (Russia)                  0.44.80
27 Pawel Cieslik (Poland)                 0.45.91
28 Johan Lindgren (Sweden)                0.46.55
29 Stanislav Zverok (Kazachstan)          0.46.93
30 Kai Reus (Netherlands)                 0.47.70
31 Steven Cozza (USA)                     0.48.34
32 Ignatas Konovalovas (Lithuania)        0.48.96
33 Martin Velits (Slovakia)               0.50.28
34 Zachary Taylor (USA)                   0.50.57
35 Oleg Chuzhda (Ukraine)                 0.50.61
36 Juan Pablo Suarez (Colombia)           0.51.01
37 Mauro Finetto (Italy)                  0.51.26
38 Ivo Vilumovs (Latvia)                  0.51.52
39 Matthew Brammeier (Great Britain)      0.51.71
40 Andy Schleck (Luxembourg)              0.51.82
41 Janis Ozols (Latvia)                   0.58.64
42 Pedro Palou Quetglás (Spain)           0.58.79
43 Theo Hardwick (Ireland)                0.58.84
44 Rafâa Chtioui (Tunisia)                0.59.94
45 Juha-Matti Alaluusua (Finland)         1.00.68
46 Veaceslav Talasimov (Moldavia)         1.01.72
47 Claudio Apolo (Portugal)               1.03.47
48 Hakon Lilland (Norway)                 1.03.75
49 Samuel Lee (Australia)                 1.03.79
50 Kevin Lacombe (Canada)                 1.04.14
51 Leonard Snoeks (Norway)                1.07.45
52 José Mendes (Portugal)                 1.08.00
53 Ruslan Sambris (Moldavia)              1.09.54
54 Ervin Korts-Laur (Estonia)             1.12.10
55 Christian Meier (Canada)               1.12.35
56 Egan Tarr (South Africa)               1.20.28
57 Luke Mccarthy (New Zealand)            1.21.75
58 William Thompson (New Zealand)         1.27.47
59 Roderick Muscat (Malta)                1.40.17
60 Barry Woods (Ireland)                  1.43.37
61 Jumpei Murakami (Japan)                1.52.17
62 Gilber Kask (Estonia)                  1.59.91