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Giro finale
Photo ©: Bettini

Tour of Southland - 2.5

New Zealand, November 3-8, 2003

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Stage 1 - November 3: Invercargill Team Time Trial, 8.0 km

McCauley takes early lead in Tour of Southland

By Alan Messenger

Team Zookeeper's Cafe
Photo ©: Tom Balks

The Zookeepers Café team, the outfit that is everybody's pick to dominate the Tour of Southland, scorched over the circuit this morning to win the team time trial by eighteen seconds from the Winton Middle Pub team led by Greg Henderson and eight times tour winner Brian Fowler.

The Zookeepers team won the stage but at a cost. The fast pace saw Julian Dean out the back after three kilometres and with five still to ride. Dean has not raced for six weeks and found the windy conditions too hard.

First Zookeepers rider across the line, Gordon McCauley donned the yellow jersey while team mate Jeremy Yates wears the under 23 leader's jersey.


Images by Tom Balks/


1 Zookeepers Cafe                             29.51
2 Winton's Middle Pub                          0.54
3 The Southland Times                          1.12
4 Meadow Fresh                                 1.21
5 Wensleys Avanti                              1.45
6 Hot Cycles                                   1.48
7 Calder Stewart                               1.51
8 Team MGZT                                        
9 Creation Signs                               2.18
10 Cycle Surgery                                   
11 Rabobank                                        
12 Share The Road                              2.51
13 Sycamore Print                                  
14 Allied SouthRoads                           3.00
15 Ascot Park Hotel                            3.30
16 Team Embassy - PNP                          3.33
17 Hilo Decorating                             3.57
18 Southland Television                        4.06
1 Gordon McCauley (NZl) Zookeepers Café        9.57
1 Jeremy Yates (NZl) Zookeepers Café               
1 Heath Blackgrove (NZl) Zookeepers Café           
4 Matthew Yates (NZl) Zookeepers Café          0.05
5 Greg Henderson (NZl) Winton's Middle Pub     0.18
5 Hayden Roulston (NZl) Winton's Middle Pub        
5 Hayden Godfrey (NZl) Winton's Middle Pub         
5 Brian Fowler (NZl) Winton's Middle Pub           
9 Glen Mitchell (NZl) The Southland Times      0.24
9 Scott Guyton (NZl) The Southland Times           
9 Kirk Obee (USA) The Southland Times              
9 Tim Gudsell (NZl) The Southland Times            
9 Marc MacKay (NZl) The Southland Times            
14 Phillip Schneider (Swi) Meadow Fresh        0.27
14 Robin Reid (NZl) Meadow Fresh                   
14 Fraser McMaster (NZl) Meadow Fresh              
14 Kris Gemmell (NZl) Meadow Fresh                 
18 Peter Latham (NZl) Wensleys Avanti          0.35
18 Troy Klink (NZl) Wensleys Avanti                
18 Scott Allen (NZl) Wensleys Avanti               
18 Adam Curry (NZl) Wensleys Avanti                
22 Aaron Strong (NZl) Hot Cycles Auckland      0.36
22 Craig Pitt (NZl) Hot Cycles Auckland            
22 Paul Bishop (NZl) Hot Cycles Auckland           
22 Wayne Mason (NZl) Hot Cycles Auckland           
26 Robert Young (Aus) Team MGZT                0.37
26 Joel Pearson (Aus) Team MGZT                    
26 Andrew Graham (Aus) Team MGZT                   
26 Karl Murray (NZl) Calder Stewart                
26 Jeremy Vennell (NZl) Calder Stewart             
26 Matt Gilbert (NZl) Calder Stewart               
26 Andrew Small (NZl) Calder Stewart               
33 Aaron Rushden (NZl) Calder Stewart          0.40
34 Stephen Collins (NZl) Rabobank              0.46
34 Geoff Burndred (NZl) Rabobank                   
34 Ross Machejefski (NZl) Rabobank                 
34 Nicholas Kiralay (Aus) Rabobank                 
34 Logan Hutchings (NZl) Cycle Surgery             
34 Scott Lyttle (NZl) Cycle Surgery                
34 Danny Hillary (NZl) Cycle Surgery               
34 Paul Gough (NZl) Cycle Surgery                  
34 Anthony Chapman (NZl) Creation Signs            
34 Ben Lowe (NZl) Creation Signs                   
34 Ben Robson (NZl) Creation Signs                 
45 Adam Tully (Aus) Sycamore Print             0.57
45 Michael Tolhurst (Aus) Sycamore Print           
45 Ryan Hoogenberg (NZl) Sycamore Print            
45 Jack Swart (NZl) Share The Road                 
45 Lee Chapman (NZl) Share The Road                
45 John Alabaster (NZl) Share The Road             
45 Justin Kerr (NZl) Share The Road                
45 Corey Winder (NZl) Share The Road               
53 Ben Brears (NZl) Allied SouthRoads          1.00
53 Jordan Wood (NZl) Allied SouthRoads             
53 Dave Beadle (NZl) Allied SouthRoads             
53 Paul Whitley (NZl) Allied SouthRoads            
57 Jason Allen (NZl) Meadow Fresh              1.03
58 Matthew Randall (NZl) Ascot Park Hotel      1.10
58 Nicholas Atkinson (NZl) Ascot Park Hotel        
58 Stephen Wallis (NZl) Ascot Park Hotel           
61 Craig Lawn (NZl) Team Embassy PNP           1.11
61 Paul Davies (NZl) Team Embassy PNP              
61 Gerard O'Flynn (NZl) Team Embassy PNP           
64 Josh Horowitz (USA) Hilo Decorating         1.19
64 Jonny Rondash (USA) Hilo Decorating             
64 Ryan Yee (USA) Hilo Decorating                  
67 Graham Stone (NZl) Southland Television     1.22
67 Hayden Lawrence (NZl) Southland Television      
67 Michael Crowther (NZl) Southland Television     
67 Steven Hands (NZl) Southland Television         
71 Robert Coble (USA) Hilo Decorating          1.31
72 Stephen Elden (NZl) Hot Cycles Auckland     1.34
73 Matt King (NZl) Wensleys Avanti             1.39
74 Mikkeli Godfree (Aus) Team MGZT             1.50
75 Garth Gregory (NZl) Team Embassy PNP        1.52
76 Julian Dean (NZl) Zookeepers Café           1.54
76 Daryl Cleghorn (NZl) Southland Television       
78 Brendan Higgins (Aus) Rabobank              1.56
78 Travis Kane (NZl) Ascot Park Hotel              
80 Cameron Hughes (Aus) Winton's Middle Pub    1.59
81 Daniel Blain (NZl) Creation Signs           2.00
82 Craig Thomson (NZl) Cycle Surgery           2.18
82 Jamie Thynne (NZl) Team Embassy PNP             
84 Michael McGee (Aus) Sycamore Print          2.20
85 Andrew Jamieson (NZl) Allied SouthRoads     2.30
86 Eddie Monnier (USA) Hilo Decorating         2.40
87 Simon Morcom (Aus) Team MGZT                2.47
88 Aaron Phillips (Aus) Sycamore Print         3.00
89 Joseph Chapman (NZl) Creation Signs         3.51
90 Jerard Stock (NZl) Ascot Park Hotel         4.51