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USA Cycling Elite, U23 & Junior National Championships - NE

California, USA, August 6-10, 2008

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Day 4 - August 9: Elite/U23 women, Junior women road races, Elite/U23, 17-18 men heats, 129/83/55 km

Miller sprints to elite road national title

By USA Cycling

Manderfield best U23

The 2008 USA Cycling Junior, U23, and Elite Road National Championships continued on Saturday with the women's combined U23 and elite road race, as well as the women's junior 17-18 event. Brooke Miller (Team TIBCO) outsprinted Tina Pic (Colavita-Sutter Home p/b Cooking Light) and Katharine Carroll (Aaron's) at the line in the elite contest after 123 kilometers on a circuit course that included four laps. Miller was a USA Cycling Collegiate Road National Champion in 2005, but this marks her first elite title.

Beginning with the second lap, a variety of riders attempted attacks, but all were short-lived as the 94-woman field countered repeatedly to bring things back together. Miller said her team would have been happy with the right break.

"We had three good cards to play on this course," she explained, referring to her Team TIBCO team-mates. "Lauren [Franges] and Amber [Rais] would have been great on a break. We were really hoping to get the right combo of riders, but everyone was really looking at each other today. We were missing a few key riders. A lot of teams were a little thin today, so no one really wanted to burn too many matches."

In the final lap, just before the second of two 180-degree turns, defending champion Mara Abbott (Team Columbia) attacked, causing a large separation of the field when roughly 20 riders managed to stay with her, gapping the rest of the pack. The break stayed away and came together to the bottom of a final climb to the finish.

Miller said that when she realized it was going to come down to a sprint, she intended to "be really patient" and wait to jump until about 100 meters. "With a hill like that you really have to be patient," she said. "But Mara attacked the hill, and she's a great climber. She was going hard and it put me in a bad position. It forced me to jump early."

Miller jumped at the 250-meter mark and knew she had to commit herself to a long sprint. As the pack blew apart, she heard Pic, five-time national criterium champion, coming up on her side. "I thought she was going to get me," said Miller. "She's got such phenomenal speed, but fortunately I was able to hold her off."

As the highest-placed U23 rider in the elite race, Kacey Manderfield (Verducci-Breakaway) was crowned U23 National Champion.

Young takes young road crown

The junior women's 17-18 road race was contested on the same course with just 2.5 laps for a total of 75 kilometers. In another uphill sprint, 17-year-old Anna Young (America's Dairyland) took the win just ahead of Jacqueline Kurth (Team Kenda Tire) and Antonia Musto (Priority Health U23).

The field of 20 younger women - all but four of whom had no team-mates - stayed together the majority of the race without any significant breaks developing. "The laps were sort of slow, but we definitely had some good attacks coming," said Young. "People were just trying to position themselves and figure where everyone else sat. There were some really strong attacks that came on the hills, and I just tried to stay with them."

With just less than 10 kilometers to the finish, Young attacked and was off the front for a short time, but no one came with her. She sat up, returning to the pack, and then Musto attacked. "She was on the front a ton [during the race]," Young said. "She was really strong."

The group chased, keeping Musto from gaining anything more than a five-second gap, and coming into the turn to the final climb, Young knew she had to go. "She didn't have that much of a gap, but it was a little bit, and I thought it was now or never," she said. "I jumped on my own and I just kept going. I figured, why not?"

In just her second year racing on the road, Young took third in Thursday's criterium. She is also the reigning junior women's 17-18 cyclo-cross national champion, having earned that title in December at the end of her first year racing in that discipline.

The 2008 USA Cycling Junior, U23 and Elite Road National Championships concludes on Sunday with road races for the 17-18, U23, and elite men.


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Elite women
1 Brooke Miller (Team TIBCO)                         3.20.06
2 Tina Pic (Colavita/Sutter Home)                           
3 Katharine Carroll (Aaron's Professional Women)            
4 Jen Mcrae (Team Advil-ChapStick)                      0.01
5 Hilary Billington (Veloforma)                         0.02
7 Kristin Sanders (Aaron's Professional Women)          0.05
8 Debbie Milne (ProBike/ First Choice Medical)              
9 Stacy Marple (Cheerwine Cycling)                          
10 Ruth Clemence (Simple Green)                             
11 Morgan Kapp (SouthBay Wheelmen)                      0.06
12 Kristin Mcgrath (Colavita/Sutter Home)               0.13
13 Lauren Franges (TEAM TIBCO)                          0.17
14 Melissa Mcwhirter (Colavita Arizona)                 0.19
15 Mara Abbott (Team Columbia)                          0.20
16 Janel Holcomb (Webcor Builders)                      0.24
17 Megan Hottman (DFT-QA3 Financial)                    0.27
18 Kathleen Billington (Connecticut Coast Cycling)          
20 Rebecca Larson (Aaron's Professional Women)          0.29
22 Dotsie Buasch (Colavita/Sutter Home)                     
24 Martina Patella (ValueAct Capital Cycling Team)          
25 Marisa Russell (Procon/1st National Bank of AZ)          
27 Katheryn Curi (Webcor Builders)                      0.30
28 Christina Ruiter (ValueAct Capital Cycling Team)         
29 Megan Guarnier (PROMAN Racing)                           
31 Jennifer Weinbrecht (Unattached)                         
32 Anna Mcloon (Colavita New England)                       
34 Linda Schnepf (Simple Green)                         0.31
36 Sabrina Savage (White Mountain Road Club)            0.32
37 Marisa Asplund-Owens (Cheerwine Cycling)                 
38 Tiffany Pezzulo (DFT-QA3 Financial)                  0.33
39 Ashley Fouts (Team TIBCO)                                
40 Suz Weldon (Wines of Washington)                         
42 Jamie Hughins (Helen's/Orbea)                            
43 Jenn Halladay (                    0.34
44 Carmen Mcnellis (Aaron's Professional Women)             
47 Virginia Perkins (PROMAN Racing)                     0.35
48 Liz Cash (Colavita New England)                      0.36
49 Melodie Metzger (PROMAN Racing)                          
51 Erika Graves (Helens/Trek)                           0.37
52 Lorena Candrian (HPC powered by Altarum)                 
53 Amber Rais (TeAM TIBCO)                                  
54 Meredith Miller (Aaron's Professional Women)             
56 Amanda Eaken (Metromint Cycling)                     0.42
57 Emily Zell (ValueAct Capital Cycling Team)           0.43
58 Cheryl Roth (Helen's/Trek)                               
59 Alison Littlefield (Contender Bicycles)              0.46
60 Pam Schuster (Helen's/Trek)                          0.48
61 Jennifer Reither (SouthBay Wheelmen)                     
62 Anna Drakulich (Bicycle Johns Serious Cycling)       0.49
63 Lea Adams (Helen's/Trek)                                 
64 Christen King (SouthBay Wheelmen)                        
66 Betsy Galenti (SC Velo)                              0.50
67 Katharine Lundby (Helen's/Trek)                      0.55
68 Andrea Dvorak (Colavita/Sutter Home)                 1.09
69 Liza Rachetto (Team TIBCO)                           1.12
70 Kristina Seley (PROMAN Racing)                       1.14
71 Nichole Wangsgard (Colavita/Sutter Home)             1.18
72 Alison Powers (Colavita/Sutter Home)                 1.27
73 Dana Robertson Halter (Team Group Health)            1.44
75 Lara Kroepsch (ValueAct Capital Cycling Team)        2.04
76 Brenda Lyons (Team Advil-ChapStick)                  2.07
77 Molly Van Houweling (Metromint Cycling)              2.29
78 Amy Mcguire (Team Kenda Tire)                        3.18
79 Laura Hines (SC Velo)                                3.21
80 Bonnie Breeze (Helen's/Trek)                         3.30
81 Sharon Allpress (ValueAct Capital Cycling Team)      3.32
82 Tammy Lamb (Eclipse)                                 6.19
84 Deborah Durand (Helen's/Trek)                        8.41
86 Lana Atchley (Team Rock)                            14.35
87 Priscilla Calderon (Team Rock)                           
88 Stacy Sims (TeAM TIBCO)                                  
90 Kelli Jones (SouthBay Wheelmen)                     20.23
91 Elis Bradshaw (Metromint Cycling)                        
DNF Sarah Bamberger (Cheerwine Cycling)                     
DNF Laura Igoe (Tom's Pro Bike)                             
DNF Michelle Orem (Kahala La Grange)                        
DNS Laura Van Gilder (Cheerwine Cycling)                    
DNS Holly Borowski (US Armed Forces)                        
DNS Bonnie Bourque (Aqua Al 2/SDBC)                         
DNS Sarah Caravella (TeAM TIBCO)                            
DNS Ashley Dymond (Team Rock)                               
DNS Shontell Gauthier (Colavita/Sutter Home)                
DNS Jerika Hutchinson (Team TIBCO)                          
DNS Alison Rosenthal (TEAM TIBCO)                           
DNS Kori Seehafer (T-Mobile)                                
DNS Alison Starnes (Dolce Vita Cycling)                     
DNS Kelsey Withrow (PCIM)                                   
Under 23 women
1 Kacey Manderfield (Verducci/Breakaway)             3.20.10
2 Lindsay Myers (Dewar's Racing Team)                   0.24
3 Amy Dombroski (Webcor Builders)                       0.25
4 Ally Stacher (                          
5 Arielle Filiberti (Unattached)                        0.26
6 Kimberly Geist (Metro Volkswagen)                         
7 Kimberly Fong (Easton/SugarCRM/Specialized)               
8 Lauren Hecht (Webcor Alto Velo)                       0.27
9 Whitney Schultz (TxTough/Team Hotel San Jose)         0.29
10 Beatriz Rodriguez (SC Velo)                          0.31
11 Shannon Koch (Metro Volkswagen Cycling Team)             
12 Ashley Anderson (Metro Volkswagen Cycling Team)      0.33
13 Casey Gale (City of Forest Acres Cycling T)          0.37
14 Rebecca Much (Webcor Builders)                       0.45
15 Amy Chandos (Cal Aggie Cycling)                      1.52
16 Lauren Liscinski (University of California-Santa)    6.58
17 Kristin Jo Markham (BMW/Bianchi)                    14.31
18 Kimberley Turner (                20.19
DNF Samantha Rynas (Pfeiffer Cycling)                       
DNF Erika Hollingsworth (UNCW)                              
DNS Jacquelyn Crowell (University of Florida Cycling )      
Junior Female 17-18
1 Anna Young (Americas Dairyland)                    2.34.15
2 Jacqueline Kurth (Team Kenda Tire)                    0.01
3 Antonia Musto (Priority Health U23)                   0.04
4 Elspeth Huyett (Young Medalists/Team Dual Temp)       0.08
5 Jessie Yeaton (Kaladi-Subway)                             
6 Sinead Miller (UPMC Cycling Performance)                  
7 Bridgette Mclean (Hincapie/Coca-Cola p/b Barkley)     0.09
8 Jerika Hutchinson (Team TIBCO)                            
9 Mikayla Lyman (BYRDS)                                 0.15
10 Nina Santiago (High Gear/Watchung Wheelmen)          0.22
11 Hannah Summers (Kaladi-Subway)                       0.43
12 Christina Norwich (Oh Boy Oberto/Redline)            0.50
13 Missy Erickson (Bike And Fitness CO/Subway)          0.57
14 Cinthia Lehner (Hincapie/Coca-Cola p/b Barkley)      1.12
15 Danielle Haulman (5280 Magazine)                     2.06
16 Colleen Gulick (Colavita Racing)                     6.03
DNF Leah Oppenheimer (Colavita Racing)                      
DNF Jasmin Parsons (InfoVista)                              
DNF Silvia Fernandez (Newbond Cycling Team)                 
DNF Angela Bosco (SC Velo)                                  
DNS Beth Hammon (Alqua Al 2 / San Diego Bicycle)