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Photo ©: Sirotti

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3rd Tour de Leelanau - 1.2

USA, September 15, 2007

Results    Past winners


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Images by John L. Russell


Elite men - 177.4 km

1 Garrett Peltonen (Priority Health)           4.21.03 (40.77 km/h)
2 Ryan Roth (Kelly Benefit Strategies)            0.18
3 Scott Zwizanski (Priority Health)               1.28
4 Ted King (Priority Health)                      2.36
5 Dominique Perras (Kelly Benefit Strategies)     2.38
6 Daniel Bowman (Kelly Benefit Strategies)        2.59
7 Rich England (Priority Health)                      
8 Kirk Albers (Saurn of Toledo)                   3.05
9 Timothy Henry (Jittery Joe's)                   3.08
10 Tom Zirbel (Priority Health)                   3.14
11 Justin Spinelli (Kelly Benefit Strategies)     3.23
12 Dustin Macburnie (Team R.A.C.E.)               5.05
13 Stefano Barberi (Toyota United Pro Cycling)    5.09
14 Brad White (Jittery Joe's)                         
15 Tommy Nankervis (Jittery Joe's)                    
16 David Salomon (Mexico National Team)               
17 Mark Pozniak (Team R.A.C.E.)                       
18 Steven Howard (Bissell)                            
19 Rodolfo Fernandez (Mexico National Team)           
20 Reed Mumford (Kelly Benefit Strategies)            
21 Jonathon Sundt (Kelly Benefit Strategies)      5.30
HD Cody Stevenson (Jittery Joe's)                     
HD Kip Spaude (IS Corp)                               
HD Tom Burke (West Michigan Coast Riders)             
HD Eder Arenas (Mexico National Team)                 
HD Todd Hageman (Lathrup Industries/Giant)            
HD Joel Alamillo (Mexico National Team)               
HD Steve Clark (Saurn of Toledo)                      
HD Steve Scholzen (IS Corp)                           
HD Nathan Williams (West Michigan Coast Riders)       
HD Darko Ficko (Jet Fuel Coffee)                      
HD Brent Evans (Saurn of Toledo)                      
HD Ben Whitehead (Bissell)                            
HD Robert Herriman (Wolverine Sports Club)            
HD Jim Regan (Saurn of Toledo)                        
HD Kevin Hazzard (Jet Fuel Coffee)                    
HD Tim Finkel (Wolverine Sports Club)                 
HD Robert Dobbie (Wolverine Sports Club)              
HD Vince Roberge (South Lyon Cycle)                   
HD Tony Gwin (Saurn of Toledo)                        
HD Dan Hofstra (Hagerty)                              
HD Gary Deangelis (South Lyon Cycle)                  
HD Joey Schaard (South Lyon Cycle)                    
HD Bret Glembocki (IS Corp)                           
HD Rob Daksiewicz (Lathrup Industries/Giant)          
DNS Daniel Klein (Wolverine Sports Club)              
DNF Graham Howard (Priority Health)                   
DNF Ben Renkema (West Michigan Coast Riders)          
DNF Greg Christian (West Michigan Coast Riders)       
DNF Kyle Lake (West Michigan Coast Riders)            
DNF Scott Riddle (West Michigan Coast Riders)         
DNF Derek Prechtl (Hagerty)                           
DNF Tyler Jenema (Hagerty)                            
DNF Hal Bevier (Hagerty)                              
DNF Todd Vigland (Hagerty)                            
DNF Ty Schmidt (Hagerty)                              
DNF Terry Ritter (Team Giant - Michigan)              
DNF Jon Morgan (Team Giant - Michigan)                
DNF Justin Desilets (Team Giant - Michigan)           
DNF Robert Hockins (Team Giant - Michigan)            
DNF Randy Rusceak (Team Giant - Michigan)             
DNF Jeff Koch (Bissell)                               
DNF John Doyle (Bissell)                              
DNF Erik Forrester (Bissell)                          
DNF Jordan Roessignh (IS Corp)                        
DNF Kyle Jacobson (IS Corp)                           
DNF Erik Loberg (IS Corp)                             
DNF Andre Sottile (Wolverine Sports Club)             
DNF Brian Kozeliski (Wolverine Sports Club)           
DNF John Rigdon (South Lyon Cycle)                    
DNF Rob Iser (South Lyon Cycle)                       
DNF Mark Caswell (South Lyon Cycle)                   
DNF David Linden (Flying Rhino Cycling Club)          
DNF Mark Wolowiec (Flying Rhino Cycling Club)         
DNF Scott Claes (Flying Rhino Cycling Club)           
DNF Rob Selle (Flying Rhino Cycling Club)             
DNF Steve Sams (Saurn of Toledo)                      
DNF Brian Adams (Lathrup Industries/Giant)            
DNF Jeff Hamilton (Lathrup Industries/Giant)          
DNF Alvin Nordell (Lathrup Industries/Giant)          
DNF Bobby Lea (Toyota United Pro Cycling)             
DNF Ryan Miller (Toyota United Pro Cycling)           
DNF Henk Vogels (Toyota United Pro Cycling)           
DNF Daniele Defranceschi (Jet Fuel Coffee)            
DNF Scott Nagy (Jet Fuel Coffee)                      
DNF Dave Byer (Jet Fuel Coffee)                       
DNF Andrew Crater (Jet Fuel Coffee)                   
DNF Andrew Hunt (Team R.A.C.E.)                       
DNF Eric Robertson (Team R.A.C.E.)                                 

Elite women - 112.6km

1 Tina Pic (Priority Health)                       3.17.58 (34.127 km/h)
2 Laura Van Gilder (Cheerwine)                            
3 Julie Bellerose (Team Aberdeen)                     0.03
4 Felicia Gomez (Aaron's Corporate Furnishings)           
5 Iona Wynter-Parks (Priority Health)                      
6 Merrill Collins (Team Aberdeen)                         
7 Betina Hold (Cheerwine)                                 
8 Kelly Benjamin (Cheerwine)                          3.24
9 Jackie Cromwell (Aaron's Corporate Furnishings)     3.29
10 Nicki Wangsgard (Aaron's Corporate Furnishings)    3.42
11 Mackenzie Woodring (Priority Health)               5.52
12 Molly Van Houweling (Maumee Valley Wheelmen)       7.12
13 Sarah Maquire (Priority Health)                    9.21
14 Erica Weitzman (Hagerty)                               
15 Amy Stauffer (Priority Health)                         
16 Susan Schubel (Team Giant - Michigan)                  
17 Tara Tasma (Team Giant - Michigan)                     
18 Kristin Wentworth (Team Kenda Tire)                    
19 Karen Kckee (Maumee Valley Wheelmen)               9.31
20 Beth Skau (Bissell)                                    
21 Susan Vigland (Hagerty)                                
22 Karey Collins (Team Giant - Michigan)              9.35
23 Leslie Gaines (Bissell)                                
24 Jennifer Mitchell (Maumee Valley Wheelmen)             
25 Roberta Misko (Maumee Valley Wheelmen)             9.40
26 Julie Foertsch (Team Kenda Tire)                       
HD Heather Mitchell (Maumee Valley Wheelmen)              
HD Christy Keely (Aaron's Corporate Furnishings)          
HD Musto Danielle (Team Aberdeen)                         
HD Cheryl Olson (Bissell)                                 
HD Rachel Eichers (Team Kenda Tire)                       
HD Andrea Myers (Team Kenda Tire)                         
HD Jessica Cole (Team Kenda Tire)                         
HD Kathy Kirk (Bissell)                                   
HD Jessica Woodard-Roberts (Team Aberdeen)                
HD Callie Mcdowell (Team Giant - Michigan)                
HD Jennifer Rautiola (Hagerty)                            
HD Michelle Howard (Hagerty)                              
DNS Sarah Bamberger (Cheerwine)                           
DNF Robin Farina (Aaron's Corporate Furnishings)          
DNF Danielle Koch (Hagerty)                               
DNF Dawn Lovejoy (Team Aberdeen)                                              

Past winners


2006 Mackenzie Woodring (Advantage Benefits)
2005 Mackenzie Woodring (Advantage Benefits)