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Race Across America - NE

USA, June 10-22, 2007

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Day 3 - June 12

Robic holds on as women's lead changes again

By Danny Chew

Despite losing one time station to Fasching because Robic slept sooner, Robic continues to lead the solo race into Colorado – riding 434 miles his first 24 hours and 391 miles his 2nd day for an 825 mile 48 hour total. In all three of Robic's previous RAAMs, this is the least he has ridden the first day, but the most he has ridden the 2nd day – giving him his biggest first 2 day total. Moreover, he is 5 miles ahead of Pete Penseyres' legendary pace back in 1986 (15.4 mph at end of race), and needs to ride at least 385 miles his 3rd day to keep even with Pete.

By TS#7 in Prescott, Canadian Caroline van den Bulk passed Kerry White to take the lead in the women's division. White and third placed Lauren Fithian are poised to clear the stop before the deadline, but Hannah Ebertova and Patty Riddle are facing disqualification as they are still under the required average speed.

At TS#12 in Mexican Hat, Utah 687 miles into the race, 50+ leader John Jurczynski who was stopped with his crew. Forgetting he had a rear disk wheel on, he almost crashed his Titan Flex on the steep descent into Mexican Hat. His Achilles tendon is still bothering him, so he had to back off his pace and take Advil. John has never dropped out of an ultracycling event, but this is his first RAAM. He has two sets of sew-up wheels, but he has been riding his clinchers more often.

Team Donate Life diary

Team Donate Life is actually a group of six teams, totaling 32 cyclists, which are participating in the 26th RAAM. Their mission is to use cycling as a platform to promote organ donation education and outreach. Jason Weckworth of El Dorado Hills, CA is the founder of this non-profit foundation, having donated one of his kidneys to his father in 2003. This is TDL's third year of participation in RAAM and Jason's second year. He is team captain of TDL's four man team 'Race 4 Life'.

Pre-race start

TDL Race 4 Life left Sacramento bright and early on Sunday, June 10 to caravan down to the RAAM start line in Oceanside, CA. We have four riders: Lorenzo Rossaro MD (transplant hepatologist), Dave Stoker (computer analyst), Chris Strutz (Agricultural Pest Control Advisor and triathlete) and me, Jason Weckworth, owner of an electrical contracting firm.

Our crew numbers eight, with "real job" titles that range from massage therapist to pharmaceutical rep to med student. What a great start! We have some terrific chemistry within our team already (we'll need that in about 3 days!). For me, the most amazing sight was Sunday evening at our TDL reception with about 200 people… a sea of TDL jerseys and windbreakers. This reception was held in Oceanside (the start line location of RAAM) and its purpose was to recruit interested riders for future TDL teams, as our goal is to have multiple teams nationwide.

Dr. Max Testa, Director of the Intermountain Health Science Sports Performance Program, flew in from Salt Lake City to give a great presentation about cycling performance and endurance in RAAM. With 32 riders and 40-something crew members, TDL has become a giant of its own… well beyond that first naïve team and crew from 2005 when we had no expectations or idea what we were getting into. So many of our team members and crew that are just meeting for the first time… I almost laugh out loud when people ask me if I am part of Team Donate Life! I tell them, "Yes, I got involved in 2003 when I gave a kidney to my dad!"

Now we are well-organized and full of strategy ideas… we are giving the other teams tips and ideas. The RAAM officials are extremely kind to us… like it's one big family of bike enthusiasts. Everyone is so excited be here.

RAAM is all about the challenges and solving problems… our first two challenges: 1) too much stuff to cram in our three SUVs, and 2) all our signage started coming off the light kits in the wind – I think we've already used 10 rolls of duct tape! Oh, well… nothing too serious.

10am - Day 2 TimeStation 6 - Congress, AZ

The start of the race went well. Taking care of last minute packing (and eating!) we made it to the start line just five minutes before our intro! All four of us rotated and rode together for the first eight hours to get some good speed and distance starting out. Although it was over 100 degrees in the desert yesterday, we went through in the evening so it was comfortable in the 70s-80s. Our strategy is to transition riders in 12 hour shifts: riding four hours, resting four, riding four. We have three vehicles with three crew members in each. Everyone is working well together and feeling rested - at least for now!



Men's Solo
1 Jure Robic                             1173.1  3.01.05 (16.05mph)
2 Wolfgang Fasching                      1173.1  3.03.27 (15.55mph)
3 Daniel Wyss                            1101.9  3.01.08 (15.07mph)
4 Gerhard Gulewicz                       1101.9  3.01.35 (14.97mph)
5 Fabio Biasiolo                         1037.1  3.00.07 (14.38mph)
6 Richard Vollebregt                     977.0  3.02.41 (13.08mph)
7 Peter Oyler                            885.5  3.00.10 (12.27mph)
8 Attila Kaldy                           885.5  3.00.23 (12.23mph)
9 Jeff Oatley                            885.5  3.00.28 (12.22mph)
10 Julio Paterlini                       885.5  3.02.43 (11.85mph)
11 Jean Marc Velez                       885.5  3.03.27 (11.74mph)
12 Brett Walker                          815.3  2.21.03 (11.81mph)
13 Larry Optis                           815.3  2.23.00 (11.48mph)
14 Patrick Autissier                     815.3  2.23.28 (11.41mph)
15 David Jones                           815.3  2.23.31 (11.40mph)
16 Claudio Clarindo de (Oliviera)        815.3  2.23.32 (11.40mph)
17 John Spurgeon                         815.3  2.23.37 (11.38mph)
18 Alfiero Tassinari                     815.3  2.23.53 (11.34mph)
19 John Jurczynski                       815.3  3.01.21 (11.12mph)
20 Tom Seabourne                         771.2  2.23.19 (10.81mph)
21 Jim Rees                              771.2  2.23.24 (10.80mph)
22 Walter Blaettler                      771.2  3.00.05 (10.70mph)
23 Philip Baker                          771.2  3.01.13 (10.53mph)
24 Lou Lamoureux                         681.6  3.00.13 (9.44mph)
Women's Solo
1 Caroline van den Bulk                  771.2  2.23.43 (10.75mph)
2 Kerry White                            771.2  3.00.13 (10.68mph)
3 Lauren Fithian                         771.2  3.02.12 (10.39mph)
4 Hana Ebertova                          565.1  2.11.15 (9.54mph)
5 Patty Riddle                           488.9  2.14.09 (7.87mph)
Men's Solo - Enduro
1 Alessandro Colo                        771.2  3.02.09 (10.40mph)
Two Person Male
1 Team BodyXchange / Garden Pathways     452.8  0.22.04 (20.52mph)
2 Team IWC Schaffhausen                  452.8  0.22.19 (20.29mph)
3 Virag / Stoklas Team                   341.6  0.19.20 (17.67mph)
4 Team R.A.C.E. / BMO Fountain of Hope   341.6  0.19.30 (17.52mph)
5 Team Donate Life - TexOz (50+)         341.6  0.19.56 (17.14mph)
6 Team Beat Cancer                       341.6  0.20.56 (16.32mph)
7 S.K.R.A.A.M                            281.7  0.19.13 (14.66mph)
8 Team Murphy                            281.7  0.20.13 (13.93mph)
Two Person Female
1 Team Phoenix                           341.6  0.19.43 (17.33mph)
Two Person Mixed
1 Team Donate Life - Beauty & the Beast  341.6  0.20.05 (17.01mph)
2 Team Kitten                            341.6  0.21.52 (15.62mph)
Two Person Recumbent
1 Bacchetta B Team                       389.9  0.20.40 (18.87mph)
2 Team Velokraft                         389.9  0.22.05 (17.66mph)
Four Person Male
1 Beaver Creek - Catlin Team             488.9  0.22.00 (22.22mph)
2 Team Psycho                            488.9  0.22.27 (21.78mph)
3 Team VMG Cycling                       389.9  0.20.09 (19.35mph)
4 Team Strong Heart                      389.9  0.20.16 (19.24mph)
5 Team Gs - Logistik Austria             389.9  0.20.41 (18.85mph)
6 Team N.U.B.S.                          389.9  0.20.52 (18.69mph)
7 Team Endeavor                          389.9  0.20.53 (18.67mph)
8 Hoosiers                               389.9  0.21.39 (18.01mph)
9 Team Sixty Going Hard                  389.9  0.21.55 (17.79mph)
10 Team Donate Life - Race 4 Life        389.9  0.22.27 (17.37mph)
11 Shannon's Soldiers                    389.9  0.22.40 (17.20mph)
12 Team Burns & Trauma                   341.6  0.19.17 (17.71mph)
13 Vencendo Desafios Team Brazil         341.6  0.19.49 (17.24mph)
14 Team 2 Cure Huntingtons Disease       341.6  0.20.01 (17.07mph)
15 Team Blazing Saddles                  341.6  0.20.05 (17.01mph)
16 Ari's Angels Team                     341.6  0.21.59 (15.54mph)
Four Person Female
1 Kalyra Women's Race Team               389.9  0.21.06 (18.48mph)
Four Person Mixed
1 Team JDRF                              389.9  0.21.43 (17.95mph)
Corporate Challenge
1 Team Type I - monitored by: Freestyle  488.9  0.21.31 (22.72mph)
2 Team Donate Life - Grace Valley        452.8  0.21.34 (21.00mph)
3 North Coast Cycling Team               389.9  0.19.31 (19.98mph)
4 Cheniere's Making Cancer History Team  389.9  0.19.37 (19.88mph)
5 Team ViaSat                            389.9  0.19.48 (19.69mph)
6 Team Donate Life - Primo               389.9  0.21.51 (17.84mph)
7 Team Santa Barbara Bank & Trust        389.9  0.22.18 (17.48mph)
8 Team Donate Life - Heels on Wheels     341.6  0.19.46 (17.28mph)
24 Hour Corporate Challenge
1 Team Clif Bar                          488.9  0.23.29 (20.82mph)
2 American Specialty Health Riders       488.9  1.01.16 (19.35mph)
3 Swami's                    488.9  1.01.41 (19.04mph)
4 Denver Paramedic Cycling Team          488.9  1.04.03 (17.43mph)