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Amstel Curašao Race - NE

Curašao, Netherlands Antilles, November 5, 2006

2005 Results    Results    Past winners

Valverde wins as Dekker bids farewell to cycling

Once again Curašao was the host of the Amstel Curaçao Race. In the fifth edition Erik Dekker competed for the last time as a cyclist.

After the race Dekker looked emotionally untouched, but at night, during the party that race director Leo van Vliet held for his countryman, Erik showed his emotions. The NOS, the Dutch national TV station, had made a documentary about Dekker, that was shown to the audience. After that Mart Smeets, anchorman of the Dutch TV show Studio Sport, addressed the crowd, while Erik Dekker, with wife and son, was at the podium. An impressive firework display was the end of the official party and the beginning of the after party. A Caribbean party at the famous Mambo beach club.

The race was neutralised by UCI commissioner Martin Bruyn and race director Leo van Vliet for the first 20 kilometers. A local shower made the Caribbean asphalt so slippery that it was too dangerous to continue. Directly after the restart Alejandro Valverde took off. Erik Dekker reacted. The two got company from Frank Schleck and local hero Johan van den Berg. Van den Berg, a second year bicycle racer and medalist at the Caribbean championships, impressed again, but blew up his engine after doing turns with the pros.

At the finish line the break away group, just made it, before a second group, and Valverde won the sprint, ahead of Schleck and Dekker. The winner of the Pro Tour was too fast. If Schleck had won, he would have become the second rider to have won both Amstel races (Amstel Gold race and the Amstel Curaçao Race), and the first one to have done so in the same year. Valverde was exhausted in his second outing at the 87 kilometer race. "Everybody thinks that it is an easy short race, but we need to go to the limit, every time again, in this climate".

One of the competitors was Francesco Moser. Moser could keep up with the present pros for a long time and eventually finished 28th.

Dekker was not the only person to be honored during the after party. The initiator and race director was decorated by the Curaçao Tourism Board for bringing this race to the island for the fifth time. In the past five years Curaçao has become the cycling capital of the Caribbean. In this period, Curaçao hosted the Caribbean road race championship, a mountain bike world cup and five Amstel Curaçao Races.

The Amstel Curaçao Race is the only road race where pros compete with riders of all levels. Every year lots of recreational racers, especially from Holland and Belgium, travel to the Caribbean to enjoy this.


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Images by Leo van Vliet



1 Alejandro Valverde (Spa) Caisse d'Epargne                
2 Frank Schleck (Lux) CSC                                   
3 Erik Dekker (Ned) Rabobank                                
4 Michael Barry (Can) Discovery Channel                               
5 Bart Brentjens (Ned) Giant racing team                    
6 Michael Boogerd (Ned) Rabobank                             
7 George Hincapie (USA) Discovery Channel                   
8 Maarten den Bakker (Ned) Team Milram                      
9 Nico Eeckhout (Bel) Chocolade Jacques                     
10 Frank Nijssen (Ned) HSV de kampioen                      
11 Barry Bakker (AHo) Kooyman Techniek                      
12 Jaime Perestrelo (AHo) Pedal Pushers                     
13 Jerry Otten (AHo) Pedal Pushers                          
14 Marc Wauters (Bel) Rabobank                     
15 Thomas Dekker (Ned) Rabobank                          
16 Jan Boven (Ned) Rabobank                              
17 Kasper Klostergeard (Den) CSC                            
18 Andy Schleck (Lux) CSC                                   
19 Stefan Vreugdenhil (Ned) WWV                             
20 Jeroen Kampman (Ned) WV Meteoor                          
21 Thijs Quartel (AHo) Kooyman Techniek                     
22 Peter Reijmer (AHo) Kooyman Techniek                     
23 Johan Berg van den (AHo) TEC                             
24 Loek Smit (AHo) TEC                                      
25 Iwan Jonker (AHo) TEC                                    
26 Kees Barendregt (Ned) PRC Delta                          
27 Hein Zwinkels (Ned) WWV                                  
28 Francesco Moser (Ita) Vino Moser Norfresh                
29 Joey Bestebreurtje (Ned) MTS Europroduchts               
30 Luc Verbaeken (Bel) Passion & Pain Bikers                
31 Geert Ruiter de (Ned) BBB                                
32 Quinten Winkel (AHo) WV Meteoor                          
33 Willy Aladro (USA) Potomac Pedelers                      
34 Raymond Brummelhuis (AHo) Potomac Pedelers               
35 Laurens Keessen (AHo) Bellisima                          
36 Jean Paul Driessen (AHo) Bellisima                       
37 Mitja Toorenburg van (Aru) Tribike Aruba                 
38 Ronnie Gruppen (AHo) TEC                                 
39 Jan Piet Boven (Ned) Maasland                            
40 Jan Vollebregt (Ned) Team Pelikaan                       
41 Sjonny Kastelein (Ned)                                   
42 Justus Lubbe van der (AHo) TEC                           
43 Simon De Kerpel (AHo) TEC                                
44 Tonny Elsakker van (Ned) Bergen op Zoom                  
45 Gert Steegmans (Bel) Davitamon Lotto                     
46 Pedro Cano Spa Norfresh                                  
47 Jim Muir (USA) Duvel                                     
48 Alex Vries de (Ned) Verkade Westland                     
49 Ronald Kampman (Ned) WWV                                 
50 Jonathan Wilson (AHo) SSCC                               
51 Bas Tuijl van (AHo) Pedal Pushers                        
52 Alistair Monte (AHo) SSCC                                
53 Danny Karipawiro (AHo) TEC                               
54 Richard Kos (AHo) TEC                                    
55 Rene Scheper (AHo) SMS                                   
56 Wim Jansen (Ned) Bejan Rings                             
57 Robert Gottlieb (USA) Duvel                              
58 Erik Oort van (AHo) TEC                                  
59 Nico Boxhoorn (AHo) Saddle Boys                          
60 Henry Dorego (AHo) Saddle Boys                           
61 Wil Dijk van (AHo) Bellisima                             
62 Teague Swalm (USA) US Navy                               
63 Vergion Elisabeth (AHo) US Navy                          
64 Edwin Bonne (AHo) TEC                                    
65 Sandy Fluonia (AHo) Tec                                  
66 Arjan Siersma (AHo) TEC                                  
67 Tarcisio Persegona (Ita) Vino Moser Norfresh             
68 Vincent Cannister (AHo) Tec                              
69 Gino Hodge (Aru) Aruba                                   
70 Peter Horst van de (AHo) Tec                             
71 Johan Minkjan (Ned) WTCG Geesteren                       
72 Herman Last (Ned) TC Hattem                              
73 Dominic Messerschmidt (AHo) TC Hattem                    
74 Kimberly Messerschmidt (Bel) Lotto Olympia Tienen        
75 Ingemar Habat (AHo) SSCC                                 
76 Gert Jan Dam van (AHo) WTCG Geesteren                    
77 Marcel Duinkerken (AHo) TC Hattem                        
78 Andre Klinken van (AHo) Pedal Pushers                    
79 Richard Rosalina (AHo) Pedal Pushers                     
80 Rene Clarijns (AHo) Bellisima                            
81 Edilson Andrea (AHo) SSCC                                
82 Sander Hoorn van den (AHo) Team Meralda                  
83 Fred de Jonge (Ned) Ijzendijke                           
84 Roeland Taams (AHo) Bellisima                            
85 Mark Mosterd (Ned) Team Meralda                          
86 Hassan Zink (AHo) SSCC                                   
87 Gerda Fokker (AHo) Team Meralda                          
88 Paul Veerkamp (Ned)                                      
89 Agostin Coita Pita De (AHo) TC Hattem                    
90 Quinten Antonia (AHo) Triathlon ver. Breda               
91 Symon Sloot (AHo) Firgos                                 
92 Sergio Toscana (Ita) Vino Moser Norfresh                 
93 Dirk Praag van (Bel) Casino ploeg                        
94 Piet Dubbelman (Ned) Linie crossers                      
95 Pauline Nipius (AHo) Bellisima                           
96 Ivano Carrozzino (Ita) Vino Moser Norfresh               
97 Hans Verhagen (Ned) Sparta Rotterdam                     
98 Hainrew Wanga (AHo) Dasia                                
99 Eliane de Jonge (Ned) Ijzendijke                         
100 Dennis Kloos (Ned) Zwartewaal                           
101 Frank Meskers (AHo) De trots van Noordwijk              
102 Karel Keetels (AHo) Triathlon ver. Breda                
103 Arie Imhoff (AHo) Citco                                 
104 Gerard Karelse (AHo) Bellisima                          
105 Xavier Peters (Ned) Miami Vice                          
106 Jose Galmeijer (AHo) Pedal Pushers                      
107 Ric Burg van der (Ned) 2 ride 4roses                    
108 Martin Jacobs (AHo) Tec                                 
DNF Jan Heeswijk van (Ned) WVS Schijndel                    
DNF Christ Heeswijk van (Ned) WVS Schijndel                 
DNF Johan Tembuyser (Bel) WTC Welle                         
DNF Patrick Lyons (USA) Duvel                               
DNF Daan Rijntjes (Ned) Procomm van hemert                  
DNF Eric Brabander de (AHo) WVS Schijndel                   
DNF Rob Blaauw (AHo) Bellisima                              
DNF Danailyson Concepcion (AHo) SSCC                        
DNF Arie Buitenhuis (AHo) WVS Schijndel                     
DNF Leo Wolters (AHo) WVS Schijndel                         
DNF Theo Verouden (Ned) Middelbeers                         
DNF Luigi Gazzini (Ita) Vino Moser Norfresh                 
DNF Jose Martina (AHo) Dasia                                
DNF Peter Mosterd (Ned) WWV                                 
DNF Driekes Weert van der (Ned) Thriatlon ver. Hilversum    
DNF Gea Weert van der (Ned) Thriatlon ver. Hilversum        
DNF Erik Werps (Ned) 2 ride 4 roses                         
DNF Peter Koppen van (Ned) Alfa Accountants                 
DNF Timothy Kook (AHo) SSCC                                 
DNF Osvaldo Marchena (AHo) TEC                              
DNF Rik Lugtenburg (Ned) Maasland                           
DNF Santiago Gonsalez (AHo) Pedal Pushers                   
DNF Gerd Glaudemans (AHo) TEC                               
DNF Deniel Juliana (AHo) 2 ride 4roses                      
DNF Aichel Magdalena (AHo) SSCC                             
DNF Ryadh Monte (AHo) SSCC                                  
DNF Inroh Martina (AHo) SSCC                                
DNF Valere Menten (Bel) CSC                                 
DNF Jeroen Honing van der (Ned) TWC de kempen               
DNF Ed Ooms (AHo) Kooyman Techniek                          
DNF Dennis Laan van der (AHo) Citco                         
DNF Arnold Pagen (AHo) TEC                                  
DNS Pablo Gimenez (AHo) Miami Vice                          
DNS Victor Gimenez (AHo) Miami Vice  

Best Curašao rider

1 Barry Bakker (Aho) Kooyman Techniek            
2 Jaime Perestrelo (Aho) Pedal Pushers           
3 Jerry Otten (Aho) Pedal Pushers                
4 Thijs Quartel (Aho) Kooyman Techniek           
5 Peter Reijmer (Aho) Kooyman Techniek           
6 Johan Berg van den (Aho) TEC                   
7 Loek Smit (Aho) TEC                            
8 Iwan Jonker (Aho) TEC                          
9 Quinten Winkel (Aho) WV Meteoor                
10 Raymond Brummelhuis (Aho) Potomac Pedelers    
11 Laurens Keessen (Aho) Bellisima               
12 Jean Paul Driessen (Aho) Bellisima            
13 Ronnie Gruppen (Aho) TEC                      
14 Justus Lubbe van der (Aho) TEC                
15 Simon De Kerpel (Aho) TEC                     
16 Jonathan Wilson (Aho) SSCC                    
17 Bas Tuijl van (Aho) Pedal Pushers             
18 Alistair Monte (Aho) SSCC                     
19 Danny Karipawiro (Aho) TEC                    
20 Richard Kos (Aho) TEC                         
21 Rene Scheper (Aho) SMS                        
22 Erik Oort van (Aho) TEC                       
23 Nico Boxhoorn (Aho) Saddle Boys               
24 Henry Dorego (Aho) Saddle Boys                
25 Wil Dijk van (Aho) Bellisima                  
26 Vergion Elisabeth (Aho) US Navy               
27 Edwin Bonne (Aho) TEC                         
28 Sandy Fluonia (Aho) Tec                       
29 Arjan Siersma (Aho) TEC                       
30 Vincent Cannister (Aho) Tec                   
31 Peter Horst van de (Aho) Tec                  
32 Dominic Messerschmidt (Aho) TC Hattem         
33 Ingemar Habat (Aho) SSCC                      
34 Gert Jan Dam van (Aho) WTCG Geesteren         
35 Marcel Duinkerken (Aho) TC Hattem             
36 Andre Klinken van (Aho) Pedal Pushers         
37 Richard Rosalina (Aho) Pedal Pushers          
38 Rene Clarijns (Aho) Bellisima                 
39 Edilson Andrea (Aho) SSCC                     
40 Sander Hoorn van den (Aho) Team Meralda       
41 Roeland Taams (Aho) Bellisima                 
42 Hassan Zink (Aho) SSCC                        
43 Gerda Fokker (Aho) Team Meralda               
44 Agostin Coita Pita De (Aho) TC Hattem         
45 Quinten Antonia (Aho) Triathlon ver. Breda    
46 Symon Sloot (Aho) Firgos                      
47 Pauline Nipius (Aho) Bellisima                
48 Hainrew Wanga (Aho) Dasia                     
49 Frank Meskers (Aho) De trots van Noordwijk    
50 Karel Keetels (Aho) Triathlon ver. Breda      
51 Arie Imhoff (Aho) Citco                       
52 Gerard Karelse (Aho) Bellisima                
53 Jose Galmeijer (Aho) Pedal Pushers            
54 Martin Jacobs (Aho) Tec                       
55 Eric Brabander de (Aho) WVS Schijndel         
56 Rob Blaauw (Aho) Bellisima                    
57 Danailyson Concepcion (Aho) SSCC              
58 Arie Buitenhuis (Aho) WVS Schijndel           
59 Leo Wolters (Aho) WVS Schijndel               
60 Jose Martina (Aho) Dasia                      
61 Pablo Gimenez (Aho) Miami Vice                
62 Victor Gimenez (Aho) Miami Vice               
63 Timothy Kook (Aho) SSCC                       
64 Osvaldo Marchena (Aho) TEC                    
65 Santiago Gonsalez (Aho) Pedal Pushers         
66 Gerd Glaudemans (Aho) TEC                     
67 Deniel Juliana (Aho) 2 ride 4roses            
68 Aichel Magdalena (Aho) SSCC                   
69 Ryadh Monte (Aho) SSCC                        
70 Inroh Martina (Aho) SSCC                      
71 Ed Ooms (Aho) Kooyman Techniek                
72 Dennis Laan van der (Aho) Citco               
73 Arnold Pagen (Aho) TEC                                         

Past winners

2005 Tom Boonen (Bel) Quick Step
2004 Oscar Freire Gomez (Spa) Rabobank