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Stazio crit series #1 - NE

Boulder, CO, USA, March 5, 2006


Moninger shows he's still got it

By Robert Hicken

The lead group
Photo ©: Matt Benassi
(Click for larger image)

The racing kicked into gear this past weekend with a premier turnout for the first race of the Stazio crit series. Saturday's race was the first in a series of eight races being put on in conjunction with the Tyler Hamilton Foundation and the Denver-Boulder Couriers. The star studded field included many of the top Colorado riders fresh from the Tour of California. From the first few laps it looked like it was going to be a suffer-fest. This 60 minute criterium was single file from the gun. There was a break in the first 15 minutes that contained about 20 riders who had decided to show the difference between the wheel suckers and the leg breakers. This course is a 1 mile loop with a short steep climb at the end of each lap which tends to separate out the pretenders. The early break of 20 included such notable riders as Scott Moninger, Will Frischkorn and, wait for it, Tyler Hamilton (sure enough Tyler was there in the race, despite his ban for blood doping). The pack still had a few powerhouse riders who had missed the break and were intent on bringing it back. One rider who was inconspicuously riding in last place on the field was Michael Carter and it was unlikely that he was going to stay there. After the first 20 minutes the break was reeled in only to see a second split happen. This time all of the favorites had made the junction and were gunning for the finish. With only 40 minutes left to race there was now a reformed group of 15 riders off the front with a tenuous lead of 20 seconds and the field was stringing it out in hopes of bringing it back.

Excel Sports
Photo ©: Matt Benassi
(Click for larger image)

A number of riders were trying to jump the gap and make the junction but the 20 second gap remained. Another 10 minutes in and some of the powerhouse riders from the break decided that they would prefer to not let any of the sprinters sit in. So with riders known less for their sprint and more for their solo adventures a second split from the front group occurred. A group of five powered off the front to make this a rabbit chase. The front five were known to be able to hold the high end right to the finish so there was some panic from the 2 chase groups. The front five of Scott Moninger (Health Net), Chris Baldwin (United Pro), Tom Ziebel (Priority Health), Jon Baker (Vitamin Cottage) and Michael Carter (CO Velo) were riding like horses to the barn and they were not looking back. The front five held on to a 15 second gap to the chase group, being driven by Tyler Hamilton, with the field at another 20 seconds.

Tyler Hamilton patrols
Photo ©: Matt Benassi
(Click for larger image)

With only 20 minutes left it looked like they might just keep the gap going, the race see-sawed for the next 10 minutes before the shredding started to happen. The intensity had been on for a full throttle for 50 minutes and the steam started to come out of the heads of the riders in the chase groups and riders started to pop right and left. This secured the break's advantage and while the other riders in the break started to figure out when to make their move, Scott Moninger decided it for them as he shot up the climb solo with three laps to go. Scott had decided that the rewards come to those who keep attacking. With the gauntlet thrown down the other four worked well together to bring him back and even though they did get him close enough to catch his draft he still retained enough power to shoot over the last climb and take the victory, an excellent performance for the 39 year old. Who says you need to retire once you turn 35? Chris Baldwin (United Pro) took second, with Tom Ziebel (Priority Health), Jon Baker (Vitamin Cottage), and Michael Carter (Co Velo), who is in his 40's, rounding out the top five.


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Images by Matt Benassi


Mens Pro Cat 1 & 2
1 Scott Moninger (Healthnet Maxxix)             
2 Chris Baldwin (Toyota United Pro)             
3 Tom Ziebel (Priority Health)                  
4 Jonathon Baker (Vitamin Cottage)              
5 Michael Carter (Colorado Velo)                
6 Scott Nydam (Rio/SG)                          
7 Dirk Friez (Vitamin Cottage)                  
8 Ryan Hamity (MOB Cyclery)                     
9 Jason donald (Rio Grande/Sports Garage)       
10 Tyler Hamilton (THF)                         
11 Jacob Rosen Barger (Sports Garage)           
12 Ryan Hamilton (Colavita)                     
13 Tomas Roba (MET-RX Alliance)                 
14 Kevin Nicol (Toykyo Joes)                    
15 Michael Schiling (Vitamin Cottage)           
16 Will Frischorn (TIAA CREF)                   
17 Tejay Van Gardenen (5280)                    
18 Brian Hutchison (Haul'n Ass)                 
19 Eddy Gragos (Trek VW)                        
20 Blake Caldwell (TIAA CREF)                   
21 Steve Sonheim (South Central Racing)         
22 Grayson Pointer (Schwab)                     
23 Jason Predick (Rams Cycling)                 
24 Brian Ellis (HART)                           
25 Matthew Allen (Rocky Mtn Spine & Sport)      
26 Andy Phillips (Subway/Peerless)              
27 Josh Barnett (Wild Oats/Als)                 
28 Nick Traggis (Wild Oats/Als)                 
29 Jeff Hartman (Big Shark Racing)              
30 Joel Charles (Rio Grande)                    
31 randy reinhardt (Haul'n Ass)                 
32 Mark Copeland (Excel)                        
33 Sean Madsen (Rio Grande)                     
34 Mike Newsome (Subway/Peerless)               
35 Courtney Guck (Trek VW)                      
36 Robert Dahl (Team Rio Grande)                
37 Joseph Pinkerton (Vitamin Cottage)           
38 Jack Seehafer (MOB/ETC)                      
39 Steven Stewart (Excel Sports)                
40 Steve Porter (Rio Grande)                    
41 Peter Steting (TIAA CREF)                    
42 Jeffrey Dickinson (Schwab)                   
43 Ben Delaney (Bike-n-Sport)                   
44 Chad Moore (Wild Oats/Als)                   
45 Mark Schwab (Excel Sports)                   
46 Van Der Laan (UNAT)                          
47 Joe Taddescli (Vitamin Cottage)              
48 Ewam Defrevtas (Haul'n Ass)                  
49 Michael Everett (G.S. Caio/Wild Oats)        
50 Patrick Gallegos (Valdora Mtn Lodge)         
51 Jon Heinmann (MOB Cyclery)                   
52 Eric Fostredt (Excel Sports)                 
53 Max Clausan (Wild Oats/Als)                  
54 Clark Sheehan (UNAT)                         
55 Pat Brown (THF)                              
56 Brian Bruggeman (Optic Nerve)                
57 Bryan Smith (TIAA CREF)                      
DNF Alan McCormack (Vitamin Cottage)            
DNF Keith Harper (Boulder Denver Couriers)      
DNF Brent Dickinson (Schwab Cycles)             
DNF Alex Robles (Trek VW)                       
DNF Carlos Casali (Haul'n Ass)                  
DNF Walker Ferguson (Scott/Spinner)             
DNF Lew Perna (Schwab)                          
DNF James Englert (Campus/MOB)                  
DNF Tyler Johnson (Ideal Tile)                  
DNF Dan DePaemelaere (Team Einsteins Racing)    
DNF Craig Belville (Haul'n Ass)                 
Womens Open Cat 1 - 3
1 Catherine Powers                              
2 Kendra Keeley                                 
3 SyRae Weifle                                  
4 Maatje Benassi                                
5 Sharon Allpress                               
6 Patricia Palmer                               
7 Cari Higgins                                  
8 Aimee Vasse                                   
9 Mary Schuette                                 
10 Tracey Jacobs-Olbright (Argon-Vitessse)      
11 Danielle Haulman (Hot Tubes)                 
12 Tiffany Pezzulo                              
13 Patricia Lanfranchi                          
14 Kim Wens                                     
15 Alexandra Kendall                            
16 Megan Melamed                                
17 Catherine Johnson                            
18 Ellen hall                                   
19 Megan Monroe                                 
Cat 3 Men
1 Daba Nisnab (Wild Oats/Als)                   
2 Joe Brenner (RRU)                             
3 Emil Marinor (UNAT)                           
4 Julian Kyper (UNAT)                           
5 Michael Larsen                                
6 Seth Rubin (Haul'n Ass)                       
7 Walker Savidge (5280)                         
8 James Peterman (CPT)                          
9 Elias Bachmann (GS Gaio)                      
10 Mateo Moling (MOB)                           
11 Brent Ertz (Vitamin Cottage)                 
12 Alex Howes (5280)                            
13 Brad Thomas (Echelon Sports & Slopes)        
14 Ryan McDermitt (UNAT)                        
15 Moreno Robbins (Moreno               
16 Ryan Muncy (SEAR)                            
17 Bill Campie (Colavita)                       
18 Nick Watterson (Echelon Sports & Slopes)     
19 Graeme Galyer (Denver Boulder Couriers)      
20 Craig Walker (HART)                          
21 Charlie Knoll (Valdoro)                      
23 Todd Johnson (Optic Nerve)                   
24 Derek Hortton (UNAT)                         
25 Will Flanagen (FRCC)                         
26 Kevin Crawley (Bldr Performance Network)     
27 Diran Ayandele (Feedback Sports Racing)      
28 Jared Roy (Vitamin Cottage)                  
29 Greg Proctor (Echelon Sports & Slopes)       
30 Robert Hicken (Lone Wolf Cycling)            
31 Doug Johnson (Excel)                         
32 Scott Wenzel (Rocky Mts/IZZE)                
33 Jordan Logan (Wild Oats/Als)                 
34 Justin Cantrell (HART)                       
35 Neal Henderson (Trek/WRC)                    
36 Derek Hoyes (Wild Oats/Als)                  
DNF Michael Pastore (Mountain Peddler)          
DNF Steve Dunn (Echelon Sports & Slopes)        
DNF Jeremy Vigil (Rio Grande)                   
DNF Mark Ageaoili (Colavita)                    
DNF Alex Lieber (Colavita)                      
DNF Shane Armando (Wild Oats/Als)               
DNF Ryan Cole (Colavita)                        
DNF Ryan Parker (Colavita)                      
DNF Carlos Casali (Haul'n Ass)                  
DNF Eric Jones (Colavita)                       
DNF James Hersey (Bike Source)                  
DNF Bryce Lawson (North Metro)                  
Cat 4 Men
1 Brian Kendall (Haul'n Ass)                    
2 Jim Lennon                                    
3 Tim Lucking                                   
4 Aaron Doctor                                  
5 David Bergman                                 
6 Alen Simms (Bike Source)                      
7 Kevin Nordstrom                               
8 Steve Young (Simple Green/Volvo)              
9 Brian Huggins                                 
10 Mike Ray                                     
11 Ryan Hughs                                   
12 Garret Stockton (Team Rio Grand)             
13 Chris Busacca                                
14 Aaron Jettrey                                
15 Miguel Flores Leon (BPN)                     
16 Todd Robertson                               
17 Chris Boyah (Rocky Mtn Spine/Spot)           
18 Kevin Mullervy                               
19 Michael Noonan                               
20 Ben Tyson                                    
21 Mikael Olson (Bike Source)                   
22 Peter Hibl (Colavita)                        
23 Mark Bishop                                  
24 Nate Johnson                                 
25 Conor Mullervy                               
26 Steve Wegner                                 
27 Aaron Stockton (North Metro)                 
28 Cory Sova                                    
29 Nicholas Howe                                
30 Nick Martinez                                
DNF Mark Marigold                               
DNF John Grano                                  
DNF Bo Richardson                               
DNF Dustin Folger                               
DNF Brad With                                   
DNF Eric Maxfield (VNA Hachad)                  
DNF Sean Watson                                 
DNF Matt Byers (Twin Peaks)                     
DNF Bruce Rachmig                               
DNF Alan Herring (Full Tilt Cycling)            
DNF Morgan Adams                                
DNF Andrew Zahd                                 
DNF Garrett Ellwood                             
DNF Jason Kartz-Scanavy                         
DNF Dan Bischaff                                
DNF Doug Smith                                  
DNF Eric Peltier (Rocky Mts/IZZE)               
DNF Terence Lucus (Eschelm Spokes)              
DNF Dan Gabalski                                
DNF Aaron Bouplon                               
DNF Alin Dan Indrea                             
DNF Kris Thompson                               
DNF Kris Shumway                                
DNF David Jones                                 
DNF Steve Capstick (Full Tilt Cycling)          
DNF Todd Shuster (Full Tilt Cycling)            
DNF Richard Light (Valdoro)                     
DNF Brandon Cornejo                             
DNF Eric Brandt                                 
DNF Greg Itarris                                
DNF Blair Simpson                               
DNF Jeff Hoobler                                
DNF Gregg Rosenthal                             
DNF Thomas Monor                                
DNF James Stevens                               
DNF James Berry                                 
DNF Nat Cox                                     
DNF Scott Mullins                               
DNF Carl Boni                                   
Cat 4 Women
1 Katie Monahan                                 
2 Amanda Harris                                 
3 Heather Pasterio (Title 9)                    
4 Kristal Boni (Twin Peaks)                     
5 Haley Beann                                   
6 Sasha Milhous                                 
Masters 40+ Men
1 Richard Rodrigues (Campus/MOB)                
2 Robert Pinkerton (Vitamin Cottage)            
3 Bill Herwig (Chippers)                        
4 Bruce Hodgkins (Excel)                        
5 Steven Worley (Subway)                        
6 Michael Kingery (                 
7 Peter Ismert (Sear)                           
8 Christopher Stout (Campus/MOB)                
9 Tim Dixon (Rocky Mtn. Sports)                 
10 Danny Suter (Boulder Performance)            
11 Chris Orton (Rio Grande)                     
12 Daniel Underkofler (Subway)                  
13 Matt Wawter (Rock Mts/IZZE)                  
14 George Mulken (Campu/MOB)                    
15 Chris Martel (Team Mack)                     
16 Brad Olwin (Sebaru/Peerless)                 
17 Tim Kalisch (Schutch Cycles)                 
18 John Luke (Amgen)                            
19 Glenn Sanders (Boulder Mawler)               
20 John Talley (Subaru/Peerless)                
DNF Eric Anderson (Subaru/Peerless)             
DNF Steve Burnbaum (Independent Fabrication)    
DNF Bruce Rabun                                 
DNF Terrance Femmer (UNAT)                      
DNF Anthony Moats (Sports Garage)               
DNF Doug Oates (Twin Peaks)                     
DNF Doug Squires (Red Rocks Velo)               
DNF Joe Paulson (Subway/Peerless)               
DNF Guy Coffey (Campus/MOB)                     
DNF Eckmann Juergen (UNAT)                      
DNF Roger Knight (UNAT)                         
DNF Randy Goffrey (Subway/Peerless)             
DNF Pieter Sohouten (Green Mtn Sports)          
DNF Robert Burgess (MOB Cyclery)                
DNF Alan Christie (Pro Peloton Racing)          
Citizen Men
1 Kevin Cooper                                  
2 Derek Kuhr                                    
3 Ken Whelpdavie                                
4 Ron Thomasson                                 
5 David Boynton (BPN)                           
6 Dave Hendrick                                 
7 Jesse Ketterman                               
8 Hugh Pixler                                   
9 Kevin O'Brien                                 
10 Brett Price                                  
11 Phillip Ball                                 
12 Rick Caldwell                                
13 Ken Heck                                     
Citizen Women
1 Sherl Thomasson                               
Boys & Girls 17 - 18
1 Taylor Phinney (5280)                         
2 Garret Stockton                               
3 Kevin Mullervy (North Metro)                  
4 Jen Tyson                                     
5 Aaron Stockton                                
6 Byrce Lawson (North Metro)                    
7 Conor Mullervy (North Metro)                  
8 Corey Riedel (North Metro)                    
9 Sean Kearns (RMCEF)                           
10 Robby Richman                                
Boys & Girls 15 - 16
1 Taylor Phinney (5280)                         
2 Jamie Sullivan                                
3 Brendan Burns (Free)                          
4 Nick Patrick                                  
DNF Orin Cloninger (Sibex)                      
DNF David Bodian                                
1 Rachel Newton (North Metro)                   
Boys & Girls 13 - 14
1 Yamnick Eckmann                               
2 Knight Laird (Front Rangers)                  
3 Davis Goodin                                  
4 Aidan Milliff (North Metro Cycling)           
DNF Luke Harding                                
DNF Max Arias                                   
DNF Brandon Stockton (North Metro Cycling)      
1 Amy Thomasson