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Mont Ventoux
Photo ©: Sirotti

 UCI codes explained

Tim Hortons (Canadian) National Road Championships - CN

Quebec and Levis, Canada, June 29-July 2, 2006

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Day 2 - June 30: Elite/U23 W/Junior M/Masters road race


1 Alexandra Wrubleski (Team H&R Block SK)                    2.51.13
2 Anne Samplonius (Team Biovail QC)                             0.02
3 Leigh Hobson (Victory Brewing Cycling Team ON)                0.07
4 Erinne Willock (Webcor-Platinum Cycling Team CA)              0.50
5 Merrill Collins (ON)                                          5.50
6 Gina Grain (Colavita / Cooking Light BC)                      6.38
7 Lisa Sweeney (Colorado Premier Training - Colnago B)              
8 Laura Yoisten (Team Alberta AB)                                   
9 Amy Moore (T-Mobile ON)                                           
10 Jessica Spence (Wheels of Bloor Cycling Team ON)                 
11 Felicia Greer-Gomez (Webcor-Platinum Cycling Team CA)            
12 Alison Testroete (Cyclemeisters / Bow Cycle AB)                  
13 Heather Lamson (Radical Edge NB)                                 
14 Jennifer Stephenson (Team Biovail ON)                            
15 Maria Lee (Symetrics Professional Cycling Team B)                
16 Émilie Roy (Équipe du Québec QC)                                 
17 Amanda Shaw (Team Biovail ON)                                    
18 Tara Ross (Victory Brewing ON)                                   
19 Julie Marceau (Marinoni Cadence QC)                              
20 Leah Goloien (Team Sugoi BC)                                     
21 Kirsten Robbins (Victory Brewing ON)                         6.41
22 Betina Hold (Webcor-Platinum Cycling Team CA)                6.51
23 Moriah MacGregor (Dizzy Chicks BC)                           7.03
24 Joëlle Numainville (Équipe du Québec QC)                         
25 Krystal Jeffs (Team Ontario ON)                              7.25
26 Audrey Lemieux (Équipe du Québec QC)                             
27 Susan Smith (A.C. Lyon Vaise BC)                                 
28 Jean Mckirdy (Ann Rocky Mountain Business Objects BC)            
29 Véronique Labonté (Cascades QC)                              8.09
30 Anna Tratnyek (Terry Precision ON)                          12.57
31 Joanie Caron (Équipe du Québec QC)                          13.43
32 Laura Brown (Team Alberta AB)                               13.48
33 Amanda Sin (3 Rox Racing ON)                                13.55
34 Mathil Hupin Debeurne (Sportif Bromont QC)                  14.47
35 Marie-Pier Bédard (Marinoni Cadence QC)                     15.26
36 Amy Woodward (CmC / Bow Cycle AB)                           17.04
37 Pepper Harlton (DirtGirls AB)                               19.43
38 Michelle Gauthier ( / Kompressor Canada ON)    23.48
39 Anna Garnett (Team Biovail ON)                                   
40 Beth Bissell (Aquila Racing ON)                             24.41
DNF Naomi Cermak (Team Ontario ON)                                  
DNF Johanne Cyr (Équipe du Québec QC)                               
DNF Carmen Diges (ON)                                               
DNF Elisa Gagnon (Advil-Chapstick QC)                               
DNF Anne Guzman (Tery Precision Cycling Team ON)                    
DNF Jeanne Ju (Atlantic Canada NE)                                  
DNF Mandy Poitras (Symetrics Professional Cycling Team B)           
DNF Jenny Trew (Team Kenda Tire AB)                                 
DNF Jodi Bilek-Deville (Équipe Cascades QC)                         
DNF Wendy Blagdon (Fresh Air Experience Racing ON)                  
DNF Julia Farell (Wheels of Bloor Cycling Team ON)                  
DNF Mylene Fortier (QC)                                             
DNF Marni Hambelton (Symetrics Professional Cycling Team B)         
DNF Amanda Lee Cocks (Team Cenda Tires QC)                          
DNF Rebecca Nelson (Aquila Racing / Racer Sportif ON)               
DNF Marie Racicot (Eve La Cabosse d'or QC)                          
DNF Sarah Coney (Team Ontario ON)                                   
DNF Isabelle Riedl (St Foy Québec metro QC)                         
Junior men
1 Mark Hinnen (Ontario ON)                                   2.40.14
2 Alexander Korten (J.V.R Betauwers MB)                         1.14
3 Vincent Blouin (Équipe du Québec QC)                          1.24
4 SimonAndré Lambert Lemay (Cycles / IdCad QC)                      
5 Jean-Félix Perreault (Espoirs Laval QC)                           
6 William Goodfellow (Équipe du Québec QC)                          
7 Paul Benson (Alter Ego / Trek / Manitoba MB)                      
8 Geoff O'Toole (Cyclesmith / Atlantic Cycling Cent)                
9 Andrew Thomas (BC Blind Sports SK)                                
10 Thomas Devisscher (Vélo Sommet QC)                               
11 Frédéric Boivin (André Cycles / IdCad QC)                        
12 François Chabot (CIBC Wood Gundy QC)                             
13 David Nadeau (CIBC Wood Gundy QC)                                
14 Pier-Alexan Marquette (CIBC Wood Gundy QC)                       
15 Mike Bidniak (Team Alberta AB)                                   
16 Garett Mcleod (Atlantic Cycling Centre N-E)                      
17 Graeme Bant (Rocky Mountain / Different Bikes)                   
18 SimoAcidose Gagnon-Brassard (Lactique QC)                        
19 Olivier Maltais (Atlantic Cycling Centre N-B)                    
20 Antoine Matteau (CIBC Wood Gundy QC)                             
21 Cédric Bourgeois (André Cycles / IdCad QC)                       
22 Arnaud Papillon (Vélo Club Longueuil QC)                         
23 Philippe Boisvert (Les Rouleurs de l'Outaouais QC)               
24 Christophe Cornellier (CIBC Wood-Gundy QC)                       
25 Dale Beaton (Team Ontario ON)                                    
26 Nathan MacDonald (Team BC BC)                                    
27 Timothy Crosby ( velikonja ON)                  
28 Louis Mazerolle (Vélo Club Longueuil FR)                         
29 Charles Bryer (Team Ontario ON)                              1.57
30 Spencer Smitheman (Team Alberta AB)                          1.59
31 Matthew Potma (Lactic Acid Racing BC)                        2.12
32 André Tremblay (Équipe du Québec QC)                         2.54
33 Tim Clarke (Atlantic Cycling Centre N-B)                     2.59
34 Guillaume Boivin (Équipe du Québec QC)                       4.36
35 Mitchell Jay (Atlantic Cycling Centre N-B)                   6.13
36 Tommy Barriault (André Cycles / IdCad QC)                    7.07
37 Michael Flavell (Team Ontario ON)                            7.49
38 Matthew Mccartney (J & J Cycle / Tabasco ON)                 8.00
39 Thomas Hums (Team Ontario ON)                                9.09
40 Dave Tower (Atlantic Cycling Centre N-B)                    11.28
41 Guillaum Blais Dufour (Équipe cycliste Volkswagen Trek)     12.35
42 Andrew Nichol (Manitoba / Olympia MB)                       12.48
43 Jonathan Daigle (Atlantic Cycling Centre N-B)               13.43
44 Andrew Hunt (Team Ontario ON)                               14.32
45 Charles B Thibault (Acidose Lactique QC)                         
46 David Barry (Vélo Club Longueuil QC)                        14.34
47 Ryan MacDonald (Atlantic Cycling Centre N-E)                14.36
48 Françoics- Malo (CharleDynamiks de Contrecoeur QC)          14.37
49 Keir Plaice (Ottawa Bicycle Club ON)                        14.50
50 Jamie Riggs (Ottawa Bicycle Club ON)                             
51 Cody Campbell (Team BC BC)                                  14.53
52 Jefferey Castenmiller (Lactic acid racing BC)               16.12
53 Mitchell Armstrong (Atlantic Cycling Centre N-B)            19.10
54 Matthew Martyniuk (Moose Jaw Pavers SK)                     20.16
DNF Eric Smith (Team Alberta AB)                                    
DNF David Bergeron (Élicycle Sports-Experts QC)                     
DNF Mike Bolton (Atlantic Cycling Centre N-B)                       
DNF Dominic Cantin (Vélo Club de Longueuil QC)                      
DNF Stéphane Cossette (Équipe cycliste Volkswagen Trek)             
DNF Christian Deshaies (André Cycles / IdCad QC)                    
DNF Jason Doverspike (Team Manitoba / Woodcock cycle)               
DNF Marc Dugas (Vélo Club de Longueuil QC)                          
DNF Etienne Gagnier (Espoirs Laval QC)                              
DNF Kyle Gendron (Alterego Sports / Manitoba MB)                    
DNF CharlVélo Gervais LaPierre (Club Longueuil QC)                  
DNF Neal Gregory (Team Alberta AB)                                  
DNF Dominic Guiver (Serono Cyclelogik ON)                           
DNF Kevin Hazzard (Team Ontario ON)                                 
DNF Jean-François Helms (Espoirs Laval QC)                          
DNF Michael Hruska (Brant Cycle ON)                                 
DNF Adrian Huemmer (Manitoba / Olympia MB)                          
DNF Michael Joanisse (Élicycle Sports-Experts QC)                   
DNF Maurie Kowalski (Lactic Acid Racing BC)                         
DNF Stéphan Lambert (André Cycles / IdCad QC)                       
DNF Ryan MacDonald (Atlantic Cycling Centre N-B)                    
DNF Zach Morris (ON)                                                
DNF Evan Mundy (Cyclissimo Cycling Club ON)                         
DNF Daniel Peters (Team Manitoba MB)                                
DNF Michael Rothengatter (BC Team BC)                               
DNF Marco Sabatino (Team British Columbia BC)                       
DNF Olivier Savaria (André Cycles / IdCad QC)                       
DNF Anthony Stadnyk (Team Alberta AB)                               
DNF Jesse VanOene (Élicycle BC)                                     
DNF Marshall Verbrugge (Team Manitoba MB)                           
DNF Alexandre Morin (QC)                                            
DNF Marc Allard (Volkswagen Trek QC)                                
Junior women
1 Karol-Ann Canuel (Équipe du Québec QC)                     2.14.52
2 Kenny Danielle (Team Alberta AB)                              5.39
3 Shanie Bergeron (Espoirs de Laval QC)                             
4 Denise Ramsden (Team Ontario ON)                              5.42
5 Julie Beveridge (Bicisport AB)                                    
6 Emily Batty (Team R.A.C.E ON)                                 5.53
7 Chelsea Bilsbarrow (Gigabike / la-z-boy BC)                       
8 Leah Kirchmann (Team Manitoba MB)                             6.02
9 Mikaela Kofman (Coach Chris ON)                               6.46
10 Arianne Levasseur (Dynamiks de Contrecoeur QC)               9.20
11 Jessica Kissel (Amanda AB)                                  10.07
12 Janie Fortin (Équipe du Québec QC)                          12.00
13 Lindsay Argue (Manitoba Provincial Team MB)                 12.01
14 Kylie Morin (SK)                                            13.06
15 Raphaelle Chrétien (Équipe du Québec QC)                    13.30
16 Kelly Foster (Atlantic Cycling Centre NB)                   15.55
17 Lysanne Fratelli (Élicycle Sports-Experts QC)               16.20
18 Chloé Saint-Arnaud-Watt (Team Ontario ON)                   16.21
19 Émile Ainsley-Perron (Équipe du Québec QC)                  23.41
20 Catherine Couture (Lapraicycle QC)                          25.48
21 Rachel Canning (DEVO / Powerbar / Ryders / Escape Ve)            
22 Kim Lambert Gosselin (Lapraicycle QC)                       29.47
DNF Celeste Jones-Baumgardt (Aquila Racing / Racer Sportif ON)      
DNF Meghan Read (Atalntic Cycling Centre / Valley Stove)            
Masters D
1 Peter Kerklaan (BC)                                        1.46.12
2 John Parkinson (Waterloo Cycling Club / The Flyin)            0.55
3 Claudel Desroches (QC)                                            
4 Jean-Claude Leclerc (CIBC Wood-Gundy QC)                      4.14
5 Peter Hein (Hamilton Cycling Club ON)                         4.19
6 Bob Lindsay (Vancouver Vélo Vets BC)                          4.23
7 Gaetan Boulanger (Velo Sommet QC)                                 
8 Lev Krivitsky (Terrascape Racing AB)                              
9 Gary Romkey (Ride with Rendall ON)                           11.49
10 Tim Porter (Midweek Cycling Club ON)                        16.36
HD Patrick Lesbats (Cycle Patrick QC)                               
Masters F
1 Barb Zimich (Team Costal BC)                               1.53.17
2 Allison Mckay (Les Rouleurs de L'outaouais QC)                    
3 Joanne Breau (Bicisport AB)                                       
4 France Bordeleau (Ste-Foy Québec Métro QC)                    0.03
5 Danielle Plante (Espoirs Laval QC)                            3.56
6 Lori Kofman (Coach Chris ON)                                      
7 Gail Wozny (Juventus AB)                                      9.00
8 Andrea Mckay (Les Rouleurs de L'outaouais QC)                10.16
9 Carolyn Soules (Calgary Crankmasters AB)                     12.09
10 Samera Fares (ON)                                           16.19
11 Louise Lacelle (Espoirs de Laval QC)                        21.16
DNF Jenny Lower (Club cycliste Sainte-Foy Québec Métro)             
Masters E
1 Heidi King (Radical Edge NB)                               1.53.17
2 Annick Dufour (Martin Swiss Cycle QC)                             
3 Silvana Ferrara (Vélo Club Sud-Ouest QC)                          
4 Anna Healy (Radical Edge NB)                                      
5 Jane Mckeown (Radical Edge NB)                                0.05
6 Kelly Murray (Radical Edge Fredericton NB)                    1.51
7 Lisa Dorian (Dizzy Chicks BC)                                 2.52
8 Antonietta Lembo (La Cabosse d'or QC)                         3.13
9 Anita Mackinnon (Les Rouleurs de l'outaouais ON)              3.55
10 Michelle Paiement (VCOM QC)                                 10.16
DNF Vicki Thomas (Ride with Rendall ON)                             
Masters C
1 Olav Stana (BC)                                            1.58.51
2 Dave Viney (Team Hardwood ON)                                 0.44
3 Robert Desforges (Cyclones Granby QC)                         0.52
4 James Laird (H. TI Cycle Racing ON)                           1.00
5 Nels Guloien (Team Sugoi BC)                                      
6  Squires,Charlie ()                                           1.50
7 Gerry Van Gaans (Burnaby Velodrome Club BC)                   2.58
8 Doug Corner (Bikerace Ottawa ON)                                  
9 Chris Cameron (BC)                                                
10 Peter Kofman (Coach Chris ON)                                    
11 Pierre L'Écuyer (cibc Wood-Gundy QC)                         3.00
12 Willem Vandenberg ( / Ted Velikonja ON)             
13 Rainier Speth (Brunet La Vie Sportive QC)                        
14 Guy Marcotte (C.C. Sherbrooke QC)                            3.44
15 Alain Deschênes (QC)                                         4.46
16 Tony Routley (Team Whistler/Natures Path BC)                 4.55
17 Robert Brehn (Jet Fuel Coffee ON)                                
18 Roger Lessard (Élicycle QC)                                  4.56
19 Daniel Gilbert (Vélo Club Sud-Ouest QC)                      5.02
20 Claude Breau (Bicisport AB)                                  5.04
21 John Hawranik (Olympia MB)                                   5.24
22 Jacques Belzile (Espoirs Laval QC)                               
23 Alain Goulet (QC)                                                
24 Réjean Fournier (Club Record QC)                                 
25 Gervais Bernier (CVM-Cycles Régis QC)                            
26 Marcel Levaque (Sherbrooke QC)                                   
27 Gilles Charette (Bernard Hinault QC)                         5.26
28 Rick Sudac (Ride With Rendall ON)                            5.28
29 Yves Raymond (Yéti QC)                                       5.55
30 Julien Rioux (Club Cycliste de Sherbrooke QC)                6.00
31 Rob Cheskey (Espoirs de Laval ON)                            7.04
32 Richard Vincent (Cycles Performance - Cinelune QC)          10.37
33 Paul-Aimé Lacroix (Ste-Foy Québec-Métro QC)                 13.05
34 Don Fox (Juventus AB)                                            
35 Denys Mantha (VCOM QC)                                      15.53
36 Francois Beauchemin (VCOM QC)                                    
37 Leonard Lighter (Martin Swiss QC)                           18.39
38 Ron Baines (Waterloo Cycling Club / The Flying D)           19.50
39 Jacques Caron (Vélo2max QC)                                 24.55
40 Jean-Victor Flingou (Genpharm QC)                           31.54
DNF Pierre Blanchette (Ste-Foy Québec-Métro QC)                     
DNF Charlie Squires (Wethaven Homes Cycling Team ON)                
DNF Allan Consky (Team R.A.C.E ON)                                  
DNF Garry Garbarino (QC)                                            
DNF Taras Kowalczyszyn (Cornwall Cycling Club ON)                   
DNF Paul Wolfe (none BC)                                            
DNF Greg Christie (Ride with Rendall QC)                            
DNF Gilbert Bessin (Cycle Bernard Hinault QC)                       
DNF Jean-Pierre Gagnon (Brunet La Vie Sportive QC)                  
Masters B
1 Stéphane Le Beau (OPUS QC)                                 1.59.49
2 William Ralph (FOG Cycling Team / Bikes & Beyo)                   
3 Greg Cavanagh (Cyclepath Road Team ON)                            
4 Alain Poisson (Vélo2Max QC)                                       
5 Miguel Sanchez (Sport Bazar Sillery QC)                           
6 Carmine Caravaggio (Pavan Cycling Team ON)                    0.06
7 Kevin Rokosh (Edmonton Road & Track Club / red)               0.08
8 Garnett Abbey (D'Ornellas/Delta Graphics ON)                      
9 Robert Sule (Chain Reaction ON)                                   
10 Ian Dalling (The Cyclery ON)                                     
11 John Tolkamp (Escape Velocity BC)                                
12 Scott McFarlane (VCOM QC)                                        
13 Charles Dupras (QC)                                              
14 Robert Dugay (La Cabosse d'or QC)                                
15 Blair Scott (Mighty Riders BC)                                   
16 Bert Candela (Jet Fuel Coffee ON)                                
17 Michel Cyr (Les Rouleurs de l'Outaouais QC)                      
18 André Legault (Périgny QC)                                       
19 François Billette (Marinoni Cadente QC)                          
20 Claude Durocher (C.C Ste-Foy Québec Métro QC)                    
21 Geoff Banner (Jet Fuel Coffee ON)                                
22 Alain Major (QC)                                                 
23 Richard Pelletier (OPUS QC)                                      
24 Jon Gee (TI Cycle Racing ON)                                     
25 Sylvain Thibeault (Gagnon Freres QC)                             
26 David Landry (Sports Experts Martin Swiss QC)                    
27 Sylvan Adams (Martin Swiss / Sports Experts QC)              0.48
28 Pierre Grégoire (Étienn Centre du bicycle Ste-Foy QC)        0.50
29 Fernand Rooseboom (Cycle Patrick QC)                         1.11
30 Nicholas Rossman (VCOM QC)                                   1.17
31 Jonathan Boocock (Serono Cycle Logik Racing ON)              1.56
32 Robert Orange (Ride With Rendall QC)                         2.11
33 Tim Woodcock (Woodcock Cycle Works MB)                       2.17
34 Brad Nockorick (Jet Fuel Coffee ON)                          2.49
35 Luc Major (VCOM QC)                                          3.16
36 Mauro Martini (Pavan Cycling team ON)                        4.01
37 Provost Éric (OPUS QC)                                           
38 Marc Lapointe (Bernard Hinault QC)                           8.10
39 Jim Davis (Jet Fuel Coffee ON)                                   
40 Pierre Pigeon (Pl. Montrusco Bolton QC)                          
41 Gregory Wellman (Project Freeride ON)                            
42 Mario Paquin (Cycling Performance QC)                        8.12
43 Serge St-Germain (QC)                                            
44 Paul Goobie (Mike's Bike Shop N-B)                               
45 Bernard Larivière (Rocky Mountain / Pro Cycle QC)                
46 Harold Dugay (La Cabosse d'or QC)                                
47 Michel Gauvin (Club Cycliste de l'Académie QC)                   
48 Tommy Mak (Eurotech Cycle AB)                                    
49 Jacques Migner (CIBC Wood Gundy QC)                              
50 Paul O'blenes (The Cyclery ON)                                   
51 James Ferguson (Ottawa Bicycle Club QC)                      8.15
52 Norman Siebrasse (Radical Edge Fredericton N-B)                  
53 John Wiman (Project Freeride ON)                             8.26
54 François Faust (Jet Fuel Coffe ON)                           8.39
55 Malcolm Eade (D'Ornellas / Delta Graphics Racing)            8.57
56 Réjean Carignan (Club cycliste genpharm inc QC)              9.24
57 Andrew Arsenault (Radical Edge N-B)                         14.38
58 Jean-Françoi Soulières (Espoirs Laval QC)                   15.47
59 Bryan Spiegel (Silent Sports ON)                            18.00
60 Robert Faltus (Ride with Rendall QC)                        20.43
61 Miroslaw Gacek (QC)                                         25.22
DNF David Dunnison (Team Coastal BC)                                
DNF Michel Larose (La Cabosse d'or QC)                              
DNF Robert Morin (Rocky Mountain Procycle QC)                       
DNF Mark Roundell (Serono Cycle Logic Racing ON)                    
DNF Robert Brisson (Sud Ouest QC)                                   
DNF Chris Chambers (Team RACE ON)                                   
DNF Terence Dahms (Pedalhead Roadworks AB)                          
DNF Ronald Faltus (Ride with Rendall QC)                            
DNF Gilbert Mallette (CIBC Wood Gundy QC)                           
Masters A
1 François Brunelle (Sleeman Clear / Energie QC)             2.35.13
2 Michel Detry (VCM Cycles Régis QC)                                
3 Daniel Belleville (Sleeman Clear Energie QC)                      
4 Jeff Bolstad (H&R Block AB)                                       
5 Luc Blain (Ciné-cum Cycle Performance QC)                         
6 Craig Hawkes (The Cyclery ON)                                     
7 Daniel Martin (Safeway / G.A. Communications CA)                  
8 David Gazsi (Serono Cycle Logik Racing ON)                        
9 Tim Blackwell (Aztech / Cyclepath ON)                             
10 Jean-Sébastien Zahra (Périgny QC)                                
11 Françcois Doyon (La Cabosse d'or QC)                             
12 Sean Wakefield (Ride with Rendall ON)                            
13 Pascal Bussières (Biogen Idec / auberge la Goéliche QC)          
14 Rhys Spencer (La Bicicletta / J Lindeberg ON)                0.08
15 Robert Fletcher (Biogen Idec ON)                             0.11
16 Brian Mckeown (Radical Edge N-B)                             0.20
17 Michel Brazeau (VCOM QC)                                         
18 John Malois (CIBC Wood Gundy QC)                                 
19 Marc Boudreau (Ride with Rendall ON)                             
20 Pierre Boibro (Bioqen Idec QC)                                   
21 Joel Samson (Brunet La Vie Sportive QC)                          
22 Sébastien Pilotte (Energie Sleeman QC)                           
23 Marc Flayeole (La Cabosse d'or QC)                               
24 Luc Langevin (Biogen Idec QC)                                    
25 Antoine Richer (VCM Cycles-Régis QC)                             
26 Daniel Coldrey (Serono Cycle Logik Racing ON)                    
27 Vincent Caron (Ski Vélo Vincent Renaud QC)                       
28 Warren Mac Donald (Ride with Rendall ON)                         
29 Cary Moretti (ON)                                                
30 Wayne Tomkins (Hooters ON)                                   1.08
31 Christian Fillion (Endurance Nutrition QC)                   1.28
32 Marc Lapointe (Ride with Rendall QC)                         2.44
33 Cristian Orellana (VCOM QC)                                  3.05
34 Eric Vani (VCOM Racing Team QC)                                  
35 Mark Grimmett (Dalvay / Taylor's PEI)                        3.11
36 Paul Migner (CIBC Wood Gundy QC)                             5.01
37 Joe Wessel (Fresh Air Experience BC)                             
38 Paolo Eugeni (Hooters Cycling Team ON)                       5.24
39 Sylvain Tremblay (Proco (Tourcom) QC)                        6.48
40 Dominic Raby (Bicycles Record QC)                            6.55
41 Eric Moody (Périgny QC)                                      7.21
42 Ka-Yu Law (Aztech / Cyclepath ON)                            7.55
43 Geoff Macdonald (Dalvay / Taylor's PEI)                          
44 Martin Boulay (Les Rouleurs de l'Outaouais QC)                   
45 Tim Bulger (ertc / redbike AB)                                   
46 Sebastien Gadbois (Club cycliste Sainte-Foy Québec Métr)         
47 Ka-Hung Law (Aztech / Cyclepath ON)                          8.00
48 David May (VCOM QC)                                          8.48
49 Em Fromet De Rosnay (ON)                                    11.33
50 Roberto Vani (Hooters Cycling Team ON)                      13.49
51 Martin Vinet (CVM Cycles Regis QC)                          14.02
52 Sylvain Bourque (La Cabosse d'or QC)                             
53 Mathieu Duchesne (Brunet-Lavie Sportive QC)                 14.11
54 Caron Patrick (Biogen Idec QC)                              14.48
55 Patrick Reglain (QC)                                        15.43
56 Jean-François Gagna (Rack Ultra QC)                         20.45
57 Martin Prud'homme (Espoirs de Laval QC)                     21.16
58 Éric Desjardins (Périgny QC)                                     
59 Dominic Chalifoux (Rackultra QC)                            21.48
60 Richard Guimond (Espoirs de Laval QC)                       22.13
61 Macx-Wane Addison (Espoirs Laval QC)                             
62 Mario Beauregard (Sport Bazar QC)                           22.15
63 Sébastien Beaudoin (Élicycle QC)                            22.27
64 Patrick Allaire (Rocky Mountain QC)                         24.34
DNF Lorne Anderson (ON)                                             
DNF David Albert (Martin Swiss Cycles QC)                           
DNF Mark Davies (Project Freeride ON)                               
DNF Dominique Faure (QC)                                            
DNF Martin Gauthier (Club Cycliste Amos QC)                         
DNF Sylvain Lagrange (Rocky Mountain / Pro-Cycle QC)                
DNF Stéphane Tremblay (Équipe Périgny QC)                           
DNF Stéphane Chaine (Sleeman Clear Énergie QC)                      
DNF Paul Chedore (Serono Cycle Logik Racing ON)                     
DNF Francis Clark (Cornwall Cycle Club ON)                          
DNF René Fortin (La Bicicletta / J Linderberg QC)                   
DNF Frederic Francoeur (Endurance Nutrition QC)                     
DNF Sébastien Laflamme (Sports Bazar QC)                            
DNF Eric Lehoux (Pl. Montrusco Bolton QC)                           
DNF Andrew MacDonald (Pavan Cycling team ON)                        
DNF Casey Macleod (Aztech / Cyclepath ON)                           
DNF Juan Marco (Périgny QC)                                         
DNF Karl-Harold Mercier (Club Cycles Bernard Hineault QC)           
DNF Alexandre Meunier (Endurance nutrition QC)                      
DNF Fred Perez (Cycle Cambridge ON)                                 
DNF Claude Samson (Sainte-Foy Québec Métro QC)                      
DNF Patrick Seguin (Ride with Rendall QC)                           
DNF Michael West (Aztech / Cyclepath ON)