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Mont Ventoux
Photo ©: Sirotti

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Classique Louis-Garneau- NE

Montreal-Quebec, August 13, 2006


Results - 228 km

1 Ryan Roth (Can) Jetfuel Coffee                                5.11.54
2 Hugh Moran (USA) Aeg-Toshiba-Jetnetwork                          1.51
3 Erik Lynan (Can) Calyon-Litespeed Pro Cycling Te                 2.01
4 Pierre-Olivier Boily (Can) Sleeman Clear Energie           
5 Trent Wilson (Aus) Jittery Joe's                           
6 Dave Richter (USA) Ital Pasta / Transport Blemire          
7 Jason Baer (USA) Kenda / Raleigh Racing                          2.07
8 Peter Hatton (Aus) Jittery Joe's                                 2.16
9 David Veilleux (Can) Garneau Optik                               2.32
10 Bruno Langlois (Can) Aeg-Toshiba-Jetnetwork                     2.39
11 Greg Reain (Can) Ride With Rendall                              2.41
12 Jean-François Laroche (Can) Sleeman Clear Energie               3.14
13 Peter Morse (Can) Jetfuel Coffee                                3.16
14 Clovis Auger (Can) Volkswagen-Trek                              3.20
15 Maxime Vives (Can) Calyon-Litespeed Pro Cycling Te              3.27
16 Derrick St-John (Can) Ride With Rendall                   
17 Eric Pearson (USA) Kenda / Raleigh Racing                       3.31
18 Martin Picard (Can) Espoirs Laval - Martin Swiss                3.42
19 Alexandre Nadeau (Can) Sleeman Clear Energie                    4.03
20 Alexandre Lavallée (Can) Garneau Optik                          4.13
21 Ryan Belliveau (Can) Espoirs Laval - Martin Swiss               4.16
22 Eric Keim (USA) Aeg-Toshiba-Jetnetwork                          4.26
23 Olivier Trempe (Can) Ste-Foy Québec Métro                       4.39
24 Jason Harpp (USA) Kenda / Raleigh Racing                  
25 David Degrandprés (Can) Premier Tech                      
26 Chris Frederick (USA) Aeg-Toshiba-Jetnetwork              
27 François Doyon (Can) Cinelume-Cycles Performance          
28 Alexi Richer (Can) Premier Tech                           
29 Jamie Lamb (Can) Garneau Optik                            
30 Robert Klinshaw (Can) Shickluna                           
31 Jean-François Fortin (Can) Cinelume-Cycles Performance          4.43
32 Hubert Zicat (Can) Demers Bicyclette                      
33 Matt Bonan (Can) Aquile Racing / Racer Sportif            
34 Dan Maggiacomo CDA Ital Pasta / Transport Blemire         
35 Glen Rendall (Can) Ride With Rendall                      
36 Sébastien Rousseau (Can) Premier Tech                     
37 Osmond Bakker (Can) Ride With Rendall                           4.47
38 Jean-Sébastien Maheu (Can) Sleeman Clear Energie                4.49
39 Joe Giuliano (Can) Jetfuel Coffee                               4.50
40 Eric Tremble (USA) Kenda / Raleigh Racing                 
41 Austin King (USA) Jittery Joe's                           
42 J-P Provost (Can) Premier Tech                                  5.51
43 Benjamin Martel (Can) Sleeman Clear Energie               
44 Marc Anderson (USA) Jittery Joe's                               5.53
45 Ian Carbonneau (Can) Cibc / Wood-Gundy                          6.41
46 Pierre-Maxime Branche (Fra) Cinelume-Cycles Performance         6.43
47 Éric Provost (Can) Cinelume-Cycles Performance                  6.51
48 Paul Migner (Can) Cibc / Wood-Gundy                             6.53
49 Yves Lefebvre (Can) Cibc / Wood-Gundy                     
50 Matt Rossman (USA) Kenda / Raleigh Racing                 
51 Frédérick Francoeur (Can) Cinelume-Cycles Performance     
52 Marco Li (Can) Aquile Racing / Racer Sportif              
53 Phillippe Abbott CDA Ital Pasta / Transport Blemire             6.55
54 Yann Deville (Can) Cibc / Wood-Gundy                      
55 Robert Duguay (Can) Cinelume-Cycles Performance           
56 Shickluna (Can)                                                 6.57
57 Hugues Lapointe (Can) Espoirs Laval - Martin Swiss              7.28
58 Czeslaw Lukaszenicz (Can) Sleeman Clear Energie                 7.33
59 Alexandre Frappier (Can) Biogen Idec                            7.38
60 Carl Desroches (Can) Calyon-Litespeed Pro Cycling Te            7.43
61 Sean Wakefield (Can) Ride With Rendall                          7.45
62 John Malois (Can) Cibc / Wood-Gundy                       
63 Matt Helming (USA) Kenda / Raleigh Racing                 
64 Charly Vives (Can) Calyon-Litespeed Pro Cycling Te        
65 John Large (Can) Vélo Sommet                              
66 eter Sanowar CDA Ital Pasta / Transport Blemire           
67 an Manning (Can) Jetfuel Coffee                           
68 ason Skalski (Can) Shickluna                                    7.48
69 rich Baumhard (Can) Aquile Racing / Racer Sportif               7.51
70 ean-Sébastien Béland (Can) Volkswagen-Trek                      7.56
71 ébastien Moquin (Can) Sleeman Clear Energie                     9.34
72 hilippe Viau (Can) Sleeman Clear Energie                        9.36
73 uan Marco (Can) Périgny                                         9.45
74 obin Bolduc (Can) Vélo Sommet                                   9.56
75 hil Cortes (Can) Garneau Optik                                 10.32
76 Christian Ouellet (Can) Périgny                                10.59
77 Jean-Michel Lachance (Can) Garneau Optik                       11.21
78 Jean-François Racine (Can) Espoirs Laval - Martin Swiss        11.22
79 Christian Fillion (Can) Cinelume-Cycles Performance            14.02
80 Guillaume Maillot (Can) Espoir Laval Équibar                   15.17
81 Adam Garlapow (Can) Shickluna                                  15.56
82 Alex Charest (Can) Cibc / Wood-Gundy                           16.12
83 Unkown (Can)                                                   16.13
84 Martin Devault (Can) Premier tech                              20.34
85 James Chen (USA) Vélo Sommet                              
86 Joseph Moody (Can) Kenda / Raleigh Racing                      21.11
87 Jean-René Bélanger (Can) Volkswagen-Trek                  
88 Paolo Marwoni (Can) Marinoni-Cadence                           22.56
89 Robert Nadeau (Can) Demers Bicyclette                     
90 Philippe Leduc (Can) Espoir Laval Équibar                      24.28
91 Keith Moore (Can) Jetfuel Coffee                               25.04
DNF Stéphane Tremblay (Can) Périgny                                    
DNF Mathieu Moreau (Can) Périgny                                       
DNF Frédéric Blais (Can) Périgny                                       
DNF Jean-Sébastien Henry-Jolicoeur (Can) Périgny                       
DNF Éric Moody (Can) Périgny                                           
DNF Éric Desjardins (Can) Périgny                                      
DNF Jonathan Forcier (Can) Périgny                                     
DNF Michael Bridges (Can) Shickluna                                    
DNF Christian Garlapow (Can) Shickluna                                 
DNF Jay Joslyn (Can) Shickluna                                         
DNF Yorick Caron (Can) Cinelume-Cycles Performance                     
DNF Jean Valiquette (Can) Cinelume-Cycles Performance                  
DNF Marc Lussier (Can) Cinelume-Cycles Performance                     
DNF Sylvain Bourque (Can) Cinelume-Cycles Performance                  
DNF Bernard Desrochers (Can) Cinelume-Cycles Performance               
DNF C-F Guimont (Can) Premier Tech                                     
DNF Francis Martin (Can) Premier Tech                                  
DNF Sebastian Porten (Can) Aquile Racing / Racer Sportif               
DNF François Brunelle (Aus) Sleeman Clear Energie                      
DNF Cameron Hugghes (Can) Ital Pasta / Transport Blemire               
DNF Pierre Boilard (Can) Biogen Idec                                   
DNF René Fortin (Can) Biogen Idec                                      
DNF Luc Langevin (Can) Biogen Idec                                     
DNF Frederick Pouliot (Can) Biogen Idec                                
DNF Dave Durette (Can) Biogen Idec                                     
DNF Mathias Letendre (Can) Ste-Foy Québec Métro                        
DNF Jean-Pierre Côté (Fra) Ste-Foy Québec Métro                        
DNF Alexandre Aubiès (Can) Ste-Foy Québec Métro                        
DNF Jérôme Côté (Can) Ste-Foy Québec Métro                             
DNF Christian Bouchard (Can) Demers Bicyclette                         
DNF Louis Lapointe (Can) Demers Bicyclette                             
DNF Éric Giroux (Can) Demers Bicyclette                                
DNF Nick Rowe (Can)                                                    
DNF Maxime Charbonneau (Can) Espoirs Laval - Martin Swiss              
DNF Antoine Stundner (Can) Espoirs Laval - Martin Swiss                
DNF Gordon Ross (Can) Espoirs Laval - Martin Swiss                     
DNF Jeff Ain (Can) Espoirs Laval - Martin Swiss                        
DNF David Coursy (Can) Vcm Cycles Régis / Le Yéti                      
DNF Martin Vinet (Can) Vcm Cycles Régis / Le Yéti                      
DNF Martin Cadieux (Can) Vcm Cycles Régis / Le Yéti                    
DNF Ugo Lapierre (Can) Vcm Cycles Régis / Le Yéti                      
DNF Olivier Lalonde (Can) Vcm Cycles Régis / Le Yéti                   
DNF Benoît Lussier (Can) Vcm Cycles Régis / Le Yéti                    
DNF Jean-François Gagné (Can) Espoir Laval Équibar                     
DNF Mathieu Girard (Can) Espoir Laval Équibar                          
DNF Frédéric Gylbert (Can) Espoir Laval Équibar                        
DNF Antoine Malo (Can) Espoir Laval Équibar                            
DNF Gabriel Michaud (Can) Espoir Laval Équibar                         
DNF Martin Prud'homme (Can) Espoir Laval Équibar                       
DNF Richard Guimond (Can) Espoir Laval Équibar                         
DNF Marc Boudreau (Can) Ride With Rendall                              
DNF Warren Macdonald (Can) Ride With Rendall                           
DNF Sean Lajeunesse (Can) Cibc / Wood-Gundy                            
DNF Giancola Nicolas (Can) Cibc / Wood-Gundy                           
DNF Luc Dionne (Can) Cibc / Wood-Gundy                                 
DNF Thierry Laliberté (Can) Cibc / Wood-Gundy                          
DNF Bruce Kitchum (Can) Vélo Sommet                                    
DNF Martin Caya (Can) Marinoni-Cadence                                 
DNF Alain Nault (Can) Marinoni-Cadence                                 
DNF Ulrich Binggeli (Can) Marinoni-Cadence                             
DNF Nicolas Goeffrion (Can) Marinoni-Cadence                           
DNF Enzo Cicoria (USA) Marinoni-Cadence                                
DNF Alec Donahue (USA) Kenda / Raleigh Racing                          
DNF Ben Peters (USA) Kenda / Raleigh Racing                            
DNF Kevin Bouchard-Hall (USA) Kenda / Raleigh Racing                   
DNF Joe Fernandez (SCG) Aeg-Toshiba-Jetnetwork                         
DNF Esad Hasanovic (USA) Aeg-Toshiba-Jetnetwork                        
DNF Evan Elken (Can) Jittery Joe's                                     
DNF Éric Boily (Can) Volkswagen-Trek                                   
DNF Martin St-Laurent (Can) Volkswagen-Trek                            
DNF Mathieu Roy (Can) Garneau Optik                                    
DQ Jean-Sébastien Perron (Can) Calyon-Litespeed Pro Cycling Te         
DQ Joel Dion-Poitras (Can) Calyon-Litespeed Pro Cycling Te