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San Dimas Stage Race - NE

California, USA, March 18-20, 2005

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Stage 3 - March 20: San Dimas Hospital Classic, 55/90 min

Webcor's new addition makes big noise in San Dimas

Erinne Willock's solo effort pays off with GC win

by Mark Zalewski

Erinne Willock (Webcor)
Photo ©: Mitch Clinton
Click for larger image

The first two people Erinne Willock called after earning her first even NRC victory -- her boyfriend and her father. And she described the win of both the road stage and the overall classification as, "It was great -- really exciting!" But other people described her win as something else, gutsy. The young former Rona rider certainly made a good impression with her new Webcor teammates this weekend, riding solo on the front of the fifty-six mile road race for more than twenty miles.

"Erinne's solo attack yesterday was a gutsy little move," said Quark team director Jim Williams. His Quark team had a lot of work to do in the second stage to get their team leader Tina Pic into position. But Willock's move meant that everyone else was fighting for second place. "We had Christine going for the time bonuses," Willock explained. "Then I was following the wheel going after the sprint, and then I ended up solo for the last three laps."

In today's final stage, the San Dimas Hospital Classic criterium, Quark shifted focus to winning the stage and keeping Laura Van Gilder in the sprint leader's jersey. "We really to secure our green jersey," explained Williams. "It was cat and mouse from there, the other time bonus was in play because the top four were separated by less than thirty."

After the time bonus game was finished, it was Quark who took control. "We set up our train with two to go, and the girls just hammered," said Williams. "To see them take charge with a true lead-out train was exciting." And the result wasn't bad either, with three Quark riders in the top five, including Pic taking the win.

Health Net puts icing on cake in San Dimas

Dominguez and Fraser go one-two in an Dimas Hospital Classic

Scott Moninger (Health net)
Photo ©: Mitch Clinton
Click for larger image

After owning the first two stages of the San Dimas Stage Race, HealthNet had high expectations to perform in the final criterium stage -- and the team delivered on the wheels of Ivan Dominguez and Gord Fraser. The Cuban Missile launched himself to the stage win in another field sprint of this year's race, while Scott Moninger claimed the overall classification on the strength of a win in the time trial.

The early part of the race had the typical break containing lower placed riders, but the presence of the plethora of bonus time for sprint wins meant that at some teams would chase -- obviously what the race organizers had in mind. Sure enough, Advantage Benefits/Endeavour stepped up to chase in an effort to put Aussie Karl Menzies higher in the overall general classification.

HealthNet director Jeff Corbett did some quick checking and realized his rider Chris Wherry was tied with Menzies on GC. "We sent Wherry up the road with five guys when we realized that he and Menzies were tied on stage placing." But Menzies managed to win a bonus, solidifying his place on the GC and turning some heads at the same time. "Endeavor is riding above everyone's expectations," said Corbett. "Menzies is one of the discoveries of the year." But Menzies' jump was one of only a few shuffles in the overall after the final stage, taking third behind HealthNet's Moninger and Fraser, and ahead of HealthNet's Wherry and Jones.

After this display of team domination, some might think this would provide a confidence boost. But Corbett is quick to discount this idea. "We're not overly confident. We had a good week, but we realize some people were not here. There are always wild-cards at races like Redlands. Jittery wasn't here and they might show up with Kabush, and he is going to be a factor with his huge NORBA results!"

HealthNet may be riding Redlands and other races this year with a bulls-eye on their backs, but if they keep riding this well, that is all their competitors will see.


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Images by Mitch Clinton/

Images by Steve Cohen


Pro Men
1 Ivan Dominquez (Health Net/Maxxis)                  58.46
2 Gord Fraser (Health Net/Maxxis)                          
3 Brice Jones (JellyBelly/Poolgel)                         
4 Charles Dionne (Webcor Builders)                         
5 Karl Menzies (Advantage Benefits Endeavour)              
6 Erik Saunders (McGuire Langdale)                         
7 Derek Wilkerson (Colavita Olive Oil/Sutter Home)         
8 Alex Candeloria (JellyBelly/Poolgel)                     
9 Mark Mccormack (Colavita Olive Oil/Sutter Home)          
10 Mike Jones (Health Net/Maxxis)                          
11 Scott Moninger (Health Net/Maxxis)                      
12 Remi Mcmanus (Subway)                                   
13 Victor Ayala (Kahala-LaGrange)                          
14 Chris Wherry (Health Net/Maxxis)                        
15 Peter Lopinto (Seasilver)                               
16 Eric Wohlberg (Symmetrics Cycling)                      
17 Bernard Van Ulden (Webcor Builders)                     
18 Jeremiah Wiscovitch (Seasilver)                         
19 Geoff Rapaport (McGuire Langdale)                       
20 Jake Erker (Symmetrics Cycling)                         
21 Garrett Peltonen (Advantage Benefits Endeavour)         
22 Frank Pipp (Advantage Benefits Endeavour)               
23 Gustavo Artacho (Colavita Olive Oil/Sutter Home)        
24 Jake Rytlewski (Advantage Benefits Endeavour)           
25 Davide Frattini (Colavita Olive Oil/Sutter Home)        
26 Lucas Euser (Webcor Builders)                           
27 Joshua Gewirtz (Fiordifrutta)                           
28 Marsh Cooper (Symmetrics Cycling)                       
29 Tyler Wren (Colavita Olive Oil/Sutter Home)             
30 Eddy Hilger (Advantage Benefits Endeavour)              
31 Ben Haldeman (Webcor Builders)                          
32 John Kelly (Webcor Builders)                            
33 Ryan Yee (Seasilver)                                    
34 Neil Shirley (Seasilver)                                
35 Todd Herriott (Colavita Olive Oil/Sutter Home)          
36 Justin England (Health Net/Maxxis)                      
37 Ryan Lane (Kahala-LaGrange)                             
38 Ben Brooks (JellyBelly/Poolgel)                         
39 Danny Pate (JellyBelly/Poolgel)                         
40 Andrew Touchstone (GS Lombardi Sports)                  
41 Michael Sayers (Health Net/Maxxis)                      
42 Josh Horowitz (Kahala LaGrange)                         
43 Nick Reistead (Advantage Benefits Endeavour)            
44 Rob Alvarez (Landis/Trex/VW)                            
45 Will Routley (Symmetrics Cycling)                       
46 Dominique Perras (Sierra Nevada)                        
47 Brain Sheedy (Advantage Benefits Endeavour)             
48 Adam Livingston (Seasilver)                             
49 Burke Swindlehurst (Seasilver)                          
50 Carlos Vargas (Monex)                                   
51 Chris Walker (Labor Power)                              
52 Kayle Leogrande (JellyBelly/Poolgel)                0.23
53 Dan Schmatz (Seasilver)                             0.38
54 Andy Brown (Team Carina)                            0.45
55 Philip Wong (Fiordifrutta)                              
56 Adam Switters (Lombardi Sports)                         
57 Peter Andersen (TEAM CARINA)                            
58 Louie Amelburu (Paul Tracy/Labor)                       
59 James Mattis (Webcor Builders)                          
60 Dan Timmerman (Fiordifrutta)                            
61 Dean Laberge (g.s. lombardi sports)                     
62 Aaron Olson (Colavita Olive Oil/Sutter Home)        0.53
63 Giancarlo Checchi (Monex)                           1.06
64 John Lieswyn (Health Net/Maxxis)                        
65 Svein Tuft (Symmetrics Cycling)                         
66 Mati Rice (JellyBelly/Poolgel)                      1.09
67 Keith Miller (Lombardi Sports)                      1.18
68 Omer Kem (Subway)                                   1.45
69 Michael Henson (Team Cobblestone/Nat)               2.10
70 Brent Bookwalter (Advantage Benefits Endeavour)     2.24
71 Lance Doherty (Team Spine)                              
72 Cameron Brenneman (Kahala-LaGrange)                     
73 Doug Ollerenshaw (Health Net/Maxxis)                    
74 Curtis Gunn (Seasilver)                             2.45
75 Jose Quintero (Ranchos)                             2.54
76 Chad Beyer (Team 5280)                                  
77 Brian Dziewa (Zero Mountain/Mercy)                  3.22
78 Brian Lemke (Landis/Trex/VW)                            
79 David Reid (Landis/Trex/VW)                         3.42
DNF Cory Lange (Symmetrics Cycling)                        
DNF Andrew Pinfold (Symmetrics Cycling)                    
DNF Dario Falquier (Webcor Builders )                      
DNF Marc Hagenlocher (Webcor Builders )                    
DNF Juan Haedo (Colavita Olive Oil/Sutter Home )           
DNF Daniel Ramsey (Seasilver)                              
DNF Ryan Blickem (Landis/Trex/VW)                          
DNF Joshua Dillon (Louis Garneau Racing )                  
DNF Luke Stockwell (Lifecycle Cycling CL )                 
DNF Randall Coxworth (Karl Strauss/SDBC)                   
DNF Chris Mcdonald (Karl Strauss/SDBC)                     
DNF Michael Dietrich (Fiordifrutta)                        
DNF Billy Innes (GS Lombardi Sports)                       
DNF Darby Thomas (Onion River Sports)                      
1 Tina Pic (Quark Cycling Team)                       54.29
2 Laura Van Gilder (Quark Cycling Team)                    
3 Magen Long (The Bicycle Store)                           
4 Gina Grain (Victory Brewing)                             
5 Grace Fleury (Quark Cycling Team)                        
6 Lara Kroepsch (T-Mobile)                                 
7 Annette Beutler (Quark Cycling Team)                     
8 Laura Yoisten (Team Diet Cheerwine)                      
9 Brenda Lyons (Velo Bella)                                
10 Erinne Willock (Webcor Builders)                        
11 Kimberly Baldwin (T-Mobile)                             
12 Amy Moore (Victory Brewing)                             
13 Michelle Beltran (Colavita/Cooking Light)               
14 Cindy Carroll (Dewars Racing Team)                      
15 Kristin Armstrong (T-Mobile)                            
16 Kelly Benjamin (ABD Cycling Team)                       
17 Lauren Franges (Victory Brewing)                        
18 Melissa Sanborn (Subway)                                
19 Christine Thorburn (Webcor Builders)                    
20 Kim Anderson (Colavita/Cooking Light)                   
21 Leigh Hobson (Diet Cheerwine)                           
22 Liza Rachetto (Subway)                                  
23 Julia Whiteside (Paramount Racing)                      
24 Katheryn Curi (Webcor Builders)                     0.11
25 Jill Mclaughlin (Velo Bella)                            
26 Elizabeth Begosh (Velo Bella)                           
27 Audrey Lemieux (Quark Cycling Team)                     
28 Betina Hold (Webcor Builders)                           
29 Chrissy Ruiter (Ford-Basis)                             
30 Jennifer Chapman (Velo Bella)                           
31 Sandra Kolb (Bicycle John's)                            
32 Lana Atchley (Paramount Racing)                         
33 Yukie Nakamura (Webcor Builders)                        
34 Lynn Gaggioli (Monex)                                   
35 Dotsie Cowden (Colavita/Cooking Light)                  
36 Crystal Yap (Subway)                                    
37 Sima Trapp (Subway)                                     
38 Megan Esmonde (Colavita/Cooking Light)                  
39 Juliane Mortello (Landis/Trek/VW)                       
40 Brooke Ourada (T-Mobile)                                
41 Kate Sherwin (Victory Brewing)                          
42 Stefanie Graeter (Webcor Builders)                      
43 Melodie Metzger (VeloBella)                             
44 Sandy Espeseth (Victory Brewing)                        
45 Kristin Danielson (Ford-Basis)                          
46 Helen Kelly (Quark Cycling Team)                        
47 Carla Figueroa (Paramount Racing)                   0.22
48 Cynthia Mommsen (The Olympic Club)                      
49 Melinda Johnson (Paramount Racing)                      
50 Betsy Bloom-Galenti (Bicycle John's)                    
51 Nichole Wangsgard (Express Racing)                      
52 Kirsten Robbins (Victory Brewing)                       
53 Jennifer Wilson (Amgen)                             3.20
54 Jennifer Gersbach (Colorado Premier)                    
55 Gabr Gonzalez-Ferrat (Velo Bella)                       
56 Dolly Ginter (radsport)                                 
57 Carolyn Donnelly (Landis/Trek/VW)                       
58 Maria Bello (BorCal Velo/Hammerge)                      
59 Ashlee Zimmer (Eastside Cycles)                         
60 Lea Adams ()                                            
61 Darcie Murphy (Ogden One)                               
62 Anna Milkowski (CRCA)                               3.35
63 Laura Perdew (Firestone/Griffen)                    3.36
64 Genevieve Jeanson (Rona-Colnago)                    6.05
DNF Sarah Tillotson (ABD Cycling Team)                     
DNF Maegan Daigler (Colorado Premier )                     
DNF Candice Blickem (Quark Cycling Team)                   
DNF Aimee Vasse (Velo Bella)                               
DNF Kele Hulser (Ford-Basis)                               
DNF Jennifer Reither (Bicycle John's )                     
DNF Kara Vidaca (Bicycle John's )                          
DNF Dorothy Wong (Bicycle John's )                         
DNF Lisa Hunt (The Olympic Club)                           
DNF Carol Neal (Paramount Racing)                          
DNF Tara Ross (Team Diet Cheerwine)                        
DNF Rhonda Stickle (Team Diet Cheerwine)                   
DNF Lauren Trull (Team Diet Cheerwine)                     
DNF Allison Carter (team kenda tire)                       
Men's final general classification
1 Scott Moninger (Health Net/Maxxis)                5.06.31
2 Gord Fraser (Health Net/Maxxis)                      0.18
3 Karl Menzies (Advantage Benefits Endeavour)          0.25
4 Chris Wherry (Health Net/Maxxis)                         
5 Mike Jones (Health Net/Maxxis)                       0.36
6 Eric Wohlberg (Symmetrics Cycling)                   0.39
7 Lucas Euser (Webcor Builders)                        0.43
8 Ben Brooks (JellyBelly/Poolgel)                      0.45
9 Jake Rytlewski (Advantage Benefits Endeavour)        0.55
10 Danny Pate (JellyBelly/Poolgel)                         
11 Neil Shirley (Seasilver)                            1.01
12 Brain Sheedy (Advantage Benefits Endeavour)         1.03
13 Bernard Van Ulden (Webcor Builders)                 1.11
14 Ben Haldeman (Webcor Builders)                      1.14
15 Todd Herriott (Colavita Olive Oil/Sutter Home)      1.15
16 John Kelly (Webcor Builders)                        1.18
17 Mark Mccormack (Colavita Olive Oil/Sutter Home)     1.24
18 Nick Reistead (Advantage Benefits Endeavour)        1.26
19 Josh Horowitz (Kahala LaGrange)                     1.30
20 Michael Sayers (Health Net/Maxxis)                  1.34
21 John Lieswyn (Health Net/Maxxis)                    1.36
22 Geoff Rapaport (McGuire Langdale)                   1.44
23 Davide Frattini (Colavita Olive Oil/Sutter Home)    1.46
24 Rob Alvarez (Landis/Trex/VW)                        1.49
25 Will Routley (Symmetrics Cycling)                   1.53
26 Charles Dionne (Webcor Builders)                    1.54
27 Tyler Wren (Colavita Olive Oil/Sutter Home)             
28 Dominique Perras (Sierra Nevada)                        
29 Garrett Peltonen (Advantage Benefits Endeavour)     1.58
30 Gustavo Artacho (Colavita Olive Oil/Sutter Home)    1.59
31 Frank Pipp (Advantage Benefits Endeavour)           2.04
32 Eddy Hilger (Advantage Benefits Endeavour)          2.07
33 James Mattis (Webcor Builders)                      2.18
33 Ryan Yee (Seasilver)                                    
35 Alex Candeloria (JellyBelly/Poolgel)                2.21
36 Philip Wong (Fiordifrutta)                          2.30
37 Mati Rice (JellyBelly/Poolgel)                      2.31
38 Giancarlo Checchi (Monex)                           2.34
39 Adam Livingston (Seasilver)                         2.45
40 Chris Walker (Labor Power)                          2.53
41 Peter Lopinto (Seasilver)                           3.03
42 Erik Saunders (McGuire Langdale)                    3.29
43 Andrew Touchstone (GS Lombardi Sports)              3.30
44 Adam Switters (Lombardi Sports)                     3.57
45 Brent Bookwalter (Advantage Benefits Endeavour)     3.58
46 Peter Andersen (TEAM CARINA)                        4.09
47 Jeremiah Wiscovitch (Seasilver)                     4.12
48 Cameron Brenneman (Kahala-LaGrange)                 4.24
49 Derek Wilkerson (Colavita Olive Oil/Sutter Home)    4.26
50 Ryan Lane (Kahala-LaGrange)                             
51 Carlos Vargas (Monex)                               4.33
52 Curtis Gunn (Seasilver)                             5.02
53 Chad Beyer (Team 5280)                              5.05
54 Michael Henson (Team Cobblestone/Nat)               5.33
55 Aaron Olson (Colavita Olive Oil/Sutter Home)        5.38
56 Doug Ollerenshaw (Health Net/Maxxis)                5.59
57 Lance Doherty (Team Spine)                              
58 Omer Kem (Subway)                                   7.07
59 Burke Swindlehurst (Seasilver)                      7.09
60 Justin England (Health Net/Maxxis)                  7.32
61 Ivan Dominquez (Health Net/Maxxis)                  7.55
62 Marsh Cooper (Symmetrics Cycling)                   8.50
63 Victor Ayala (Kahala-LaGrange)                      9.23
64 Louie Amelburu (Paul Tracy/Labor)                  10.26
65 Andy Brown (Team Carina)                           10.34
66 Brian Dziewa (Zero Mountain/Mercy)                 12.06
67 Dan Schmatz (Seasilver)                            13.02
68 Keith Miller (Lombardi Sports)                     13.03
69 Remi Mcmanus (Subway)                              13.25
70 Brice Jones (JellyBelly/Poolgel)                   18.45
71 Svein Tuft (Symmetrics Cycling)                    20.08
72 Kayle Leogrande (JellyBelly/Poolgel)               21.12
73 Jose Quintero (Ranchos)                            26.11
74 David Reid (Landis/Trex/VW)                        26.49
75 Dan Timmerman (Fiordifrutta)                       27.08
76 Joshua Gewirtz (Fiordifrutta)                      27.13
77 Brian Lemke (Landis/Trex/VW)                       27.43
78 Dean Laberge (g.s. lombardi sports)                28.44
79 Jake Erker (Symmetrics Cycling)                    48.14
Women's final general classification
1 Erinne Willock (Webcor Builders)                  3.44.41
2 Kristin Armstrong (T-Mobile)                         0.23
3 Kimberly Baldwin (T-Mobile)                          0.30
4 Christine Thorburn (Webcor Builders)                 0.31
5 Tina Pic (Quark Cycling Team)                        1.01
6 Annette Beutler (Quark Cycling Team)                 1.12
7 Stefanie Graeter (Webcor Builders)                   1.32
8 Lynn Gaggioli (Monex)                                1.35
9 Dotsie Cowden (Colavita/Cooking Light)               1.50
10 Kirsten Robbins (Victory Brewing)                   2.13
11 Katheryn Curi (Webcor Builders)                     2.17
12 Grace Fleury (Quark Cycling Team)                   2.21
13 Kristin Danielson (Ford-Basis)                      2.30
14 Amy Moore (Victory Brewing)                         2.36
15 Julia Whiteside (Paramount Racing)                  2.39
16 Sima Trapp (Subway)                                     
17 Jill Mclaughlin (Velo Bella)                        2.52
18 Lauren Franges (Victory Brewing)                    2.53
19 Kate Sherwin (Victory Brewing)                          
20 Kim Anderson (Colavita/Cooking Light)               2.57
21 Michelle Beltran (Colavita/Cooking Light)           2.58
22 Sandy Espeseth (Victory Brewing)                    3.19
23 Leigh Hobson (Diet Cheerwine)                       3.28
24 Laura Van Gilder (Quark Cycling Team)               3.33
25 Betina Hold (Webcor Builders)                       3.34
26 Megan Esmonde (Colavita/Cooking Light)              3.38
27 Cindy Carroll (Dewars Racing Team)                  3.54
28 Liza Rachetto (Subway)                              3.57
29 Helen Kelly (Quark Cycling Team)                    4.05
30 Brenda Lyons (Velo Bella)                           4.12
31 Magen Long (The Bicycle Store)                      4.16
32 Gina Grain (Victory Brewing)                        4.23
33 Laura Yoisten (Team Diet Cheerwine)                 4.30
34 Melodie Metzger (VeloBella)                         4.35
35 Nichole Wangsgard (Express Racing)                  4.37
36 Betsy Bloom-Galenti (Bicycle John's)                4.55
37 Melissa Sanborn (Subway)                            5.20
38 Elizabeth Begosh (Velo Bella)                           
39 Kelly Benjamin (ABD Cycling Team)                   5.23
40 Yukie Nakamura (Webcor Builders)                    5.34
41 Genevieve Jeanson (Rona-Colnago)                    6.50
42 Gabriel Gonzalez-Ferrat (Velo Bella)                    
43 Jennifer Chapman (Velo Bella)                       7.08
44 Chrissy Ruiter (Ford-Basis)                         8.08
45 Dolly Ginter (radsport)                             8.24
46 Lara Kroepsch (T-Mobile)                            8.51
47 Darcie Murphy (Ogden One)                          10.39
48 Sandra Kolb (Bicycle John's)                       12.42
49 Carolyn Donnelly (Landis/Trek/VW)                  13.14
50 Audrey Lemieux (Quark Cycling Team)                13.23
51 Anna Milkowski (CRCA)                              13.45
52 Jennifer Gersbach (Colorado Premier)               15.41
53 Brooke Ourada (T-Mobile)                           16.15
54 Carla Figueroa (Paramount Racing)                  16.53
55 Cynthia Mommsen (The Olympic Club)                 17.38
56 Juliane Mortello (Landis/Trek/VW)                  18.23
57 Lana Atchley (Paramount Racing)                    18.40
58 Melinda Johnson (Paramount Racing)                 19.10
59 Crystal Yap (Subway)                               19.26
60 Ashlee Zimmer (Eastside Cycles)                    20.40
61 Maria Bello (BorCal Velo/Hammerge)                 22.09
62 Jennifer Wilson (Amgen)                            24.10
63 Lea Adams ()                                       26.14
64 Laura Perdew (Firestone/Griffen)                   28.19