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44th Manhattan Beach Grand Prix - NE

California, USA, August 14, 2005

2004 Results    Results    Past winners

Health Net rides the SoCal wave

Teutenberg continues winning streak

By Kristy Scrymgeour

Greg Henderson (Health Net)
Photo ©: Mitch Clinton
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A beautiful summer day welcomed the Manhattan Beach Grand Prix to Californian shores today, with huge fields in all categories to entertain the crowds. The Health Net team didn't disappoint their sponsor, who also sponsored the race, by securing all podium positions in the bunch sprint, with New Zealander Greg Henderson taking the win. Ina Yoko Teutenberg continued her winning streak to win the women's race, clocking her 17th win for the season.

The women were up first, and it was T-Mobile hitting the front immediately, keeping the pace hard and the attacks coming. Kristin Armstrong started the stream of attacks, getting a convincing gap and forcing local team Helen's Cycling Team to chase. T-Mobile continued the attacks with Helen's following wheels and lone Quark rider Tina Pic having to cover many of the attacks herself.

With the course not being conducive to a breakaway, the race ended in a bunch sprint as T-Mobile set things up for Teutenberg in the last couple of laps. Cheryl Roth (Helen's) took over with half a lap to go, keeping the pace fast - blast from the past Pam Schuster (SDBC) made one last attack but had Pic on her wheel. Nicole Freedman (Ford Basis) came around to take the final corner in first place with Teutenberg on her wheel. Freedman took the corner wide, allowing Teutenberg to take the inside line and open up a gap. She held the lead all the way to the line to easily take the win from Freedman and Pic, with Suzanne Sonye (Helen's) taking fourth place in front of a home crowd.

Teutenberg was happy to win her last race in the US for the year. "It was another good race for the team," she told Cyclingnews. "The team has been great this year. They've helped me win so many races and it's been fun. Hopefully we'll get the opportunity to do it all again next year."

"It was hard to be focused this weekend after the big crit in Charlotte last weekend and now having to shift the focus to prepare for Worlds," added Teutenberg. "But the crowd was good and the circuit was good and we had fun out there."

The men's race was also aggressive from the start, with the field continuously sprinting for primes throughout the race. Health had the numbers and seemed to be sitting in, waiting for the end. "We knew it was unlikely that a break would stay away," explained Tyler Farrar, "so we were trying to set it up for either Greg, Ivan or myself."

A break very nearly stayed away however, going with about ten laps to go and gaining a convincing gap. With both Gord Fraser and Doug Ollerenshaw representing Health Net in the break, it was up to other teams in the field to bring it back whilst Health Net still had three top sprinters waiting back in the bunch. The break numbered eight riders, with young Rigoberto Meza (Team DARE) and Jose Manuel Garcia (Southbay Wheelman) representing the locals as the escapees worked very well together. Caught with only half a lap remaining in the race, it was Jelly Belly rider Dave McCook leading out for Alex Candelario leading up to the final corner. They couldn't quite put it together and Health Net had their numbers lined up ready to take over. Without a challenge, the green team took first, second and third, dominating the podium with their plethora of sprinters.

"We wanted to save Hendy, Ivan and Tyler for the end and have Mike, Doug and I do the work during the race," said Gord Fraser after the race. "Doug and I got in that final break and we worked hard to get it established, but then a few guys started to sit on. We had a winnable margin if guys would work. I wasn't feeling all that good as there were a couple of strong guys in the break -I knew the other guys were feeling really good back in the bunch, so we stopped working, knowing that we could play the field sprint, and that disrupted everything."

"Hendy's going so well," Fraser added. "He's the hot hand at the moment and he pulled it off".

Farrar took second and Dominguez took third, rounding off the podium.

Henderson, who is just ramping up his season right now to represent New Zealand at World Championships at the end of September was happy with the way things worked out. "Thank you Jelly Belly," was his first comment, referring to the fact that Jelly Belly led it out and set it up perfectly for the Health Net team. "I felt good and the break came together just at the right time."

The flying Kiwi continued, "The race was too fast for a breakaway to stick, so I just saved energy in the bunch. Jelly Belly did a great job getting Alex to the last right hand corner behind teammate Dave McCook. But then Dave seemed to think there was a left hand corner immediately after it - he almost decked Alex doing it and nearly put me in the fence." But nobody went down and Henderson stayed on for the win, continuing his run of great form in 2005.


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Images by Mitch Clinton/

Images by Mitch Friedman/

Images by Steve Cohen

Images by Mark Johnson/


Men Pro/1
1 Greg Henderson (Health Net presented by Maxxis)              25 pts
2 Tyler Farrar (Health Net presented by Maxxis)                23
3 Ivan Dominguez (Health Net presented by Maxxis)              21
4 Alexander Candelario (Jelly Belly-Pool Gel)                  19
5 Hilton Clarke (Navigators Insurance)                         18
6 Marco Antonio Rios Velazquez (Kahala La Grange)              17
7 Russell Hamby (Kodak Easy Share Gallery/Sierra Nevada)       16
8 Kyle Gritters (Team Seasilver (Sea))                         15
9 Rahsaan Bahati (McGuire/Langdale)                            14
10 Michael Friedman (Northwestern Mortgage)                    13
11 Jamiel Danesh (McGuire Cycling)                             12
12 Chad Hartley (TIAA CREF)                                    11
13 Victor Ayala (Velo Club La Grange Westwood)                   
14 Jason Bausch (Team Seasilver (Sea))                           
15 Devon Vigus (McGuire/Langdale)                                
16 Anthony Morrow (Team Velocity)                                
17 Ken Hanson (Tailwind Cyclists)                                
18 Nathan Golding (Swami's Cycling Club)                         
19 Aaron Quesnell (San Diego Bicycle Club)                       
20 Claude Isambert (Team DARE)                                   
21 Jackson Stewart (Kodak Easy Share Gallery/Sierra Nevada)      
22 Nathan Mitchell (TIAA CREF)                                   
23 Jacob Erker (SYMMETRICS CYCLING)                              
24 Karl Bordine (Team Helens)                                    
25 Alexi Martinez (Excel Sports)                                 
26 Jamie Paolinetti (Team Helens)                                
27 Chris DeMarchi (                             
28 David McCook (Jelly Belly-Pool Gel)                           
29 Gilbert Correa (                             
30 Samuel Dean (San Diego Bicycle Club)                          
31 Jeremiah Wiscovitch (Team Seasilver (Sea))                    
32 Tommy Nankervis (Unattached)                                  
33 Harold Martinez (Giant Factory Team)                          
34 Gregg Medinilla (Team DARE)                                   
35 John Gabriel (Paramount Racing)                               
36 Chris Crawford (Club One/PMax Racing)                         
37 Rudolph Napolitano (Big Orange Racing)                        
38 Aaron Tuckerman (Team Rubicon)                                
39 Goeff Rapaport                                                
40 Scott Allen (Team Rubicon)                                    
41 Jason Allen                                                   
42 Perry Paolini (Cycling Center/Bioracer)                       
43 David Clinger (Webcor Builders Cycling Team (Web))            
44 Jorge Alvarado (ie Bikes Racing)                              
45 Eric Wohlberg (SYMMETRICS)                                    
46 David Wenger (Team Hotel San Jose/Mercedes-Benz Austin)       
47 Brian Buchholz (Alto Velo Racing Club)                        
48 Unknown                                                       
49 Aram Dellalian (Amgen Cycling Club)                           
50 Robert Newman (GS Lombardi Sports)                            
51 Josh Horowitz (Kahala LaGrange)                               
52 Randall Coxworth (Karl Straus/SDBC)                           
53 Victor Rustrian                                               
54 Bernard VanUlden (Webcor Builders Cycling Team (Web))         
55 Daniel Reback (Team Velocity)                                 
56 Deibler                                                       
57 Miguel Barcelo                                                
58 John Tzinberg (Unattached)                                    
59 Javier Pimentel (South Bay Wheelmen)                          
60 John Bergmann (McGuire Cycling)                               
61 Paul Penn (                                       
62 Jeremy Mucha (San Diego Bicycle Club)                         
63 Brandon Gritters (Arete` Racing)                              
64 Paul Che (Sotheby's)                                          
65 Unknown                                                       
66 David Howell (Glaceau Cycling Team)                           
67 William Frischkorn (TIAA CREF)                                
68 Unknown                                                       
69 Oswaldo Hernandez (Velocity Inc)                              
70 Chase Renick (Hot Tubes Development Cycling Team)             
71 Christopher Itaya (Unattached)                                
72 John Rondash (Veloworx Racing)                                
73 Michael Sherman (Rocky Mountain Cycling Club)                 
74 Richard Pego (Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Club)                  
75 Jose Garcia (South Bay Wheelmen)                              
Women 1/2
1 Ina Teutenberg (T-Mobile)                                    25 pts
2 Nicole Freedman (Ford Basis)                                 23
3 Tina Mayolo-Pic (Quark Cycling Team)                         21
4 Suzanne Sonye (Helens/Trek/VW)                               19
5 Rebecca Quinn (South Bay Wheelmen)                           18
6 Brenda Lyons (Touchstone Climbing)                           17
7 Susan Hedstrom (Bay Area Velo Girls)                         16
8 Pamela Schuster (Unattached)                                 15
9 Lauren Franges (Victory Cycling)                             14
10 Kara Vidaca (Bicycle Johns Serious Cycling)                 13
11 Sarah Bamberger (Touchstone Climbing)                       12
12 Anna Webb (San Diego Bicycle Club)                          11
13 Sandra Kolb (Bicycle Johns Serious Cycling)                   
14 Kristin Armstrong (UCI WPT:T-Mobile)                          
15 Melissa Sanborn (Subway)                                      
16 Lara Kroepsh (T-Mobile)                                       
17 Deborah Durand (Helens/Trek/VW)                               
18 Rachel O'Connell (Peloton)                                    
19 Courtenay Brown (McGuire Cycling)                             
20 Taitt Sato (Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Club)                    
21 Stacey Peters (Helens/Trek/VW)                                
22 Lea Adams (Amgen Cycling Club)                                
23 Laurel Green (Bay Area Velo Girls)                            
24 Carla Figueroa (Paramount Racing)                             
25 Amara Boursaw (Gregg's/Specialized/Trek Volkswagen)           
26 Jennifer Joynt (McGuire Cycling)                              
27 Claire House (NorCal Velo)                                    
28 Alexandra Tabata (Team Velocity)                              
29 Heather Albert (Ford-Basis)                                   
30 Laura Erker (Unattached)                                      
31 Dorothy Wong (Bicycles Johns Serious Cycling)                 
32 Melinda Johnson (Paramount Racing)                            
33 Kori Seehafer (UCI WPT:T-Mobile)                              
34 Nicola Cranmer (Village Peddler)                              
35 Martina Patella (Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Club)               
36 Jennifer Chapman (Velo Bella)                                 
37 Katie Mactier (T-Mobile)                                      
38 Jennifer Wilson (Amgen Cycling Club)                          
39 Jana Roberts (McGuire Cycling)                                
40 Kimberly Baldwin (UCI WPT:T-Mobile)                           
41 Jennifer Reither (Bicycle Johns Serious Cycling)              
42 Cheryl Roth (Helens/Trek/VW)                                  
43 Julia Whiteside (Paramount Racing)                            
44 Rebecca Broeder (Peloton Sports Managment INC)                
45 Dara Rogers (Helens/Trek/VW)                                  
46 Lana Atchley (Paramount Racing)                               
47 Kim Paine (Amgen Cycling Club)                                
48 Nicole Brandt (Velo Club La Grange)                           
49 Irene Thomas-Johnson (Bicycle Johns Serious Cycling)          
Men 2
1 Anthony Morrow (Team Velocity)                                 
2 Nathan Golding (Swami's Cycling Club)                          
3 Claude Isambert (Team DARE)                                    
4 Alexi Martinez (Excel Sports)                                  
5 Chris DeMarchi (                              
6 Gilbert Correa (                              
7 Samuel Dean (San Diego Bicycle Club)                           
8 Harold Martinez (Giant Factory Team)                           
9 John Gabriel (Paramount Racing)                                
10 Chris Crawford (Club One/PMax Racing)                         
11 Rudolph Napolitano (Big Orange Racing)                        
12 Tim Granshaw (GS Lombardi Sports)                             
13 Tyler Ofstad (Kahala LaGrange)                                
14 Brian Buchholz (Alto Velo Racing Club)                        
15 Sergio Hernandez (Veloworx Racing)                            
16 Aram Dellalian (Amgen Cycling Club)                           
17 Victor Rustrian                                               
18 Daniel Reback (Team Velocity)                                 
19 Nate Deibler (                               
20 John Tzinberg (Unattached)                                    
21 John Bergmann (McGuire Cycling)                               
22 Paul Penn (                                       
23 Jeremy Mucha (San Diego Bicycle Club)                         
24 Brandon Gritters (Arete` Racing)                              
25 David Howell (Glaceau Cycling Team)                           
26 Oswaldo Hernandez (Velocity Inc)                              
27 Chase Renick (Hot Tubes Development Cycling Team)             
28 Christopher Itaya (Unattached)                                
29 John Rondash (Veloworx Racing)                                
30 Michael Sherman (Rocky Mountain Cycling Club)                 
31 Richard Pego (Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Club)                  
Men 3
1 Justin Williams (Major Motion Cycling Club)                  25 pts
2 Robert Ramirez (ie Bikes Racing)                             23
3 Billy Mercier (Camarillo Ravens)                             21
4 Thomas (Tommy) Robles (Velo Allegro)                         19
5 Greg Christian (Spring City Cycling Club)                    18
6 Billy Cubillas (Zombies)                                     17
7 Frederick Bottger (Pasadena Athletic Assoc/Merrill Lynch)    16
8 Juan Saldana (Major Motion Cycling Club)                     15
9 Christopher Evertsen (Swami's Cycling Club)                  14
10 Jake Chapman (Major Motion Cycling Club)                    13
11 Christopher Jones (Big Orange Racing)                       12
12 Randall Broussard (Velo Club La Grange Westwood)            11
13 Michael Dansk (Pasadena Athletic Assoc/Merrill Lynch)         
14 Timothy Roth (Amgen Cycling Club)                             
15 Danny Sipe (California Bicycle Racing)                        
16 Timothy Strelecki (Team Edge Cyclesports)                     
17 Tony Tran (Canyon Velo)                                       
18 Karl Nielsen (UC - Santa Barbara Cycling)                     
19 Jeffrey Johnson (High Desert Cycling Club)                    
20 Theodore Saville (Camarillo Ravens)                           
21 Peter Plaisance (Island Boy Racing)                           
22 Jeffrey Pospisil (South Bay Wheelmen)                         
23 Dillon Clapp (Unattached)                                     
24 Mack Chew (Arete` Racing)                                     
25 Benjamin Miller (NMBRA (New Mexico Bicycle Racing Assoc))     
26 Roberto Vado (Budget Pro Bicycles Cycling Team)               
27 Daniel Turner (Team Spine)                                    
28 Edward Leon (Team Spine)                                      
29 Peter Codallos (Hi Tech Bikes Mens)                           
30 Benjamin Volotzky (Bicycle Johns Serious Cycling)             
31 Wieslaw Koscielewski (Echelon Santa Barbara)                  
32 Armando Requejo (Echelon Santa Barbara)                       
33 Patrick Jak (Island Boy)                                      
34 Edgar Parra (Excel Sports)                                    
35 Eric Ryba (Sun Coast Velo)                                    
36 Eleuterio Garcia (Unattached)                                 
37 L Dean Ditto (Sportsman's/Team One)                           
38 Thomas FitzGibbon (Velo Club La Grange Westwood)              
39 Jon Stark (Big Orange Racing)                                 
40 Ronald Skarin (Bicycles Johns Serious Cycling)                
41 Michael Buechler (Unattached)                                 
42 Jose Aguilar (Playa Velo Cycling Team)                        
43 Gregory Page (Lightning Velo)                                 
44 Simon Hill (Velo Club La Grange Westwood)                     
45 Anthony Waner (Unattached)                                    
46 Felix Sasso (Big Orange Racing)                               
47 Jonathan Rocque (Unattached)                                  
48 Spencer Spagnola (Karl Straus/SDBC)                           
Men 4
1 Edward Judge (Unattached)                                    25 pts
2 James Esser (Unattached)                                     23
3 Travis Wilkerson (Team Velosport)                            21
4 Brian Cook (Unattached)                                      19
5 Gianluca Caliari (Midwestern State U Cycling/HH)             18
6 Ryan Ives (Ranchos Cycling Club)                             17
7 Greg Modic (Veloworx Racing)                                 16
8 David Gonzales (Velo Allegro)                                15
9 Noel O'Malley (Sotheby's)                                    14
10 Michael Green (Bel Cal)                                     13
11 Claudio Betti (Budget Pro Bicycles Cycling Team)            12
12 Richard Vasak (Unattached)                                  11
13 Sean Berro (Amgen Cycling Club)                               
14 Michael Jefferds (Karl Straus/SDBC)                           
15 Rustin Marion (Citrus Valley Velo)                            
16 Gregory Flood (Team Velosport)                                
17 Oscar Sagalongos (South Bay Wheelmen)                         
18 Jeffrey Padgett (Citrus Valley Velo)                          
19 Curt Bouma (Southern California Velo)                         
20 Patrick Flood (South Coast Cycling Club)                      
21 Scott Miller (Citrus Valley Velo)                             
22 Ted Cohen (Big Orange Racing)                                 
23 Cyrus Behroozi (Webcor/Alto Velo)                             
24 Aaron Tuchfeld (Pasadena Athletic Assoc/Merrill Lynch)        
25 Carter East (Southern California Velo)                        
26 Nicolas Marques (Velo Club La Grange Westwood)                
27 Joseph Chappell (Veloworx Racing)                             
28 Clement Kim (Radsport Cycling Team)                           
29 Daniel Stevenson (Unattached)                                 
30 Michael Mascott (Pasadena Athletic Assoc/Merrill Lynch)       
31 Brandon Kirk (Velo Club La Grange Westwood)                   
32 Jolon Sabo (                                 
33 Ryan Yohn (Laguna Hills Bicycle Club)                         
34 Phil Landman (Rogue Element)                                  
35 Robert Rich (UNICEF - Equipe Colibri)                         
36 Edwardo Clemente (Salazar Construction)                       
37 Ricardo Aguayo                                                
38 Jason Eddy (Team Ranchos)                                     
39 Jim Miller (Big Orange Racing)                                
40 Martin Villaruel (Unattached)                                 
41 Patrick Furtaw (Amgen Cycling Club)                           
42 Robert Ferretti (Southern California Velo)                    
43 Gregory Seyranian (Big Orange Racing)                         
44 Ron McKiernan (Pasadena Athletic Assoc/Merrill Lynch)         
45 Benjamin Kelley (South Bay Wheelmen)                          
46 Daniel Hedstrom (Webcor/Alto Velo)                            
47 Danny Pickett (Pasadena Athletic Assoc/Merrill Lynch)         
48 Newman Bellis (Southern California Velo)                      
49 Eric Spencer (Big Orange Racing)                              
50 Andrew Bosco (Velo Club La Grange Westwood)                   
51 Andrew Wike (Davis Bike Club)                                 
52 Chan Huynh (Celo Pacific)                                     
53 Ethan Ede (Paramount Racing)                                  
54 Peter Cohn (Pasadena Athletic Assoc (PAA))                    
55 Miguel Ramos (Met-Rx/ Alliance)                               
Men 5
1 Jimmy Watkins (Kern Wheelmen)                                25 pts
2 Joseph Wiley (Unattached)                                    23
3 Mark Scaife (Unattached)                                     21
4 Jim Moore (Unattached)                                       19
5 Richard Pollock (San Diego Bicycle Club)                     18
6 David Berger (San Clemente Velo)                             17
7 Jan Hagenbrock (Karl Straus/SDBC)                            16
8 Jehangir Wadia (Karl Straus/SDBC)                            15
9 Van Geslani (Unattached)                                     14
10 Thad Sparrow (Celo Pacific)                                 13
11 Justin Beope (Unattached)                                   12
12 Jared Shier (U of Southern California Cycling)              11
13 Nathan Weber (Karl Straus/SDBC)                               
14 Brian DiLoreto (San Diego Bicycle Club)                       
15 Tony Smith (San Diego Bicycle Club)                           
16 Paul Bracken (Bicycle John's)                                 
17 Peter Abraham (Velo Club La Grange Westwood)                  
18 James Cross (Unattached)                                      
19 Dennis Kim (Unattached)                                       
20 Ben Wolf (San Diego Bicycle Club)                             
21 Michael Kuhne (Unattached)                                    
22 David Reilly (San Diego Bicycle Club)                         
23 Reginald Caselli (Willow Glen Bicycles)                       
24 Juan Cisneros (Unattached)                                    
25 Craig Pittman (Pasadena Athletic Assoc/Merrill Lynch)         
26 Jeffery Dingler (Karl Strauss/SDBC)                           
Women 3
1 Caroline Dahllof (Helens/Trek/VW)                            25 pts
2 Bonnie Bourque (Karl Straus/SDBC)                            23
3 Katie Behroozi (Bay Area Velo Girls)                         21
4 Susan Thompson (South Bay Wheelmen)                          19
5 Emily Zell (Village Peddler)                                 18
6 Simone Harvey (Helens/Trek/VW)                               17
7 Tracie Nelson (Velo Bella)                                   16
8 Annette Rios                                                 15
9 Sandra Villaruel (Unattached)                                14
10 Alicia Silvera (Unattached)                                 13
11 Jennifer Triplett (Unattached)                              12
12 Holly Roberts (Bay Area Velo Girls)                         11
13 Sarah Lightfoot (McGuire Cycling)                             
14 Beatrice Dormoy (Karl Straus/SDBC)                            
15 Christine Schlacter (South Bay Wheelmen)                      
16 Priscilla Calderon (Southern California Velo)                 
Women 4
1 Sandra Villaruel (Unattached)                                25 pts
2 Stacy Griffis (Unattached)                                   23
3 Dianna Del Fante (Paramount Racing)                          21
4 Coryn Rivera (Paramount Racing)                              19
5 Beth Hibbard (Unattached)                                    18
6 Jenifer Padilla (Unattached)                                 17
7 Elizabeth Gentry (Team Pro Cyclery)                          16
8 Rebecca Flaherty (Unattached)                                15
9 Paula Bergen (Unattached)                                    14
10 Janine Bognuda (Team Tailwinds)                             13
11 Ryanne Spady (Southern California Velo)                     12
12 Brenna Kiniry (Unattached)                                  11
13 Nancy Throup (South Bay Wheelmen)                             
14 Irene Tang (South Bay Wheelmen)                               
15 Jill Jones (Karl Straus/SDBC)                                 
16 Jane Shearing-Skalak (South Bay Wheelmen)                     
Masters 35+
1 Mike McMahon (Team Velocity)                                 25 pts
2 Armin Rahm (PAA/Merrill Lynch)                               23
3 Aron Gadhia (Velo Club La Grange Westwood)                   21
4 Shaun Bagley (Art's Cyclery Racing Team)                     19
5 Thurlow Rogers (Sonance/Specialized)                         18
6 Joseph Sulse (Veloworx Racing)                               17
7 Dennis King (Central Coast Masters Cycling Team)             16
8 Michael Hutchinson (Team Spine)                              15
9 Michael Dansk (Pasadena Athletic Assoc/Merrill Lynch)        14
10 John Walsh (South Bay Wheelmen)                             13
11 Dan Whitehill (Watermark Cycling)                           12
12 Steve Hamilton (ie Bikes Racing)                            11
13 Benny Parks (Unattached)                                      
14 Umberto Baca (UB Racing)                                      
15 Patrick Caro (Helens/Trek/VW)                                 
16 John Allen (Team Velocity)                                    
17 Greg Hritzo (Landis/Trek/VW)                                  
18 Jeffrey Johnson (High Desert Cycling Club)                    
19 Richard Cimadoro (Amgen Cycling Club)                         
20 Todd Parks (Big Orange Racing)                                
21 Kenneth Probst (Velo Avanti)                                  
22 Clement Kim (Radsport Cycling Team)                           
23 Cirilo Cruz (Salazar Construction)                            
24 Roberto Vado (Budget Pro Bicycles Cycling Team)               
25 Donald Denegal (Team DARE)                                    
26 Martin Wolff (Newman's Own Organics)                          
27 James Kuhn (Team One Racing)                                  
28 Thomas FitzGibbon (Velo Club La Grange Westwood)              
29 Thomas Gates (PacSun Velo)                                    
30 Frank Glasson (Unattached)                                    
31 Michael Sherman (Rocky Mountain Cycling Club)                 
32 Theodore Saville (Camarillo Ravens)                           
33 Frank Albanez (South Bay Wheelmen)                            
34 Roger Worthington (Labor Power)                               
35 David Gonzales (Velo Allegro)                                 
36 Unknown                                                       
37 Richard Doan (Team Velocity)                                  
38 Alain Giaimo (Santa Clarita Velo)                             
39 Randy Reid (Karl Straus/SDBC)                                 
40 Mike Houtz (Vegas Velo Racing Team)                           
41 Steve Hegg (Team Seasilver)                                   
42 Chris Black (Art's Cyclery Racing Team)                       
43 Mike Rogers (Wines of Washington / Rauxa Direct)              
44 Kalman Szkalak (Sun Coast Velo)                               
45 Michael Onkels (Amgen Cycling Club)                           
46 Peter Plaisance (Island Boy Racing)                           
47 George McKoy (Major Motion Cycling Club)                      
Masters 45+
1 Tim Black (Sonance/Specialized)                              25 pts
2 Gary Wall (Team Simple Green)                                23
3 Gilbert Hatton (South Bay Wheelmen)                          21
4 Thurlow Rogers (Sonance/Specialized)                         19
5 Thomas Gates (PacSun Velo)                                   18
6 Donald Denegal (Team DARE)                                   17
7 Jay Wolkoff (Sonance/Specialized)                            16
8 Jon Stark (Big Orange Racing)                                15
9 William Ralph (Amgen Cycling Club)                           14
10 Richard Pollock (San Diego Bicycle Club)                    13
11 Howard Miller (Paramount Racing)                            12
12 Fred Hoblit (Team Adelante)                                 11
13 Michael Mueller (Sonance/Specialized)                         
14 Malcolm Hill (Sonance/Specialized)                            
15 Lawrence Shannon (Excel Sports)                               
16 Michael Gourley (Acme Racing)                                 
17 McKinley Thompson (McGuire Cycling)                           
18 Kalman Szkalak (Sun Coast Velo)                               
19 David Prechtl (Team Edge Cyclesports)                         
20 Lou DeBlasio (Karl Straus/SDBC)                               
21 Ronald Skarin (Bicycles Johns Serious Cycling)                
22 Eddie Williams (Elemento Basico)                              
23 Tim Schmackpfeffer (Team DARE)                                
24 Steven Khachadoorian (Taylor Made/24 hr Fitness)              
25 Gregory Mathes (Velo Avanti)                                  
26 Martin Wolff (Newman's Own Organics)                          
27 Kevin Ryan (Amgen Cycling Club)                               
28 Hemi Volotzky (Bicycles Johns Serious Cycling)                
29 Alain Levi (South Bay Wheelmen)                               
30 Dale Luedtke (Acme Racing)                                    
31 Jim Parkhurst                                                 
32 Craig Jones (Velo Avanti)                                     
33 Ricky Shorts (Velo Allegro)                                   
34 David Arnold (Acme Racing)                                    
35 Robert Baggaley (Santa Clarita Velo)                          
36 Paul Springer (Karl Straus/SDBC)                              
37 Ben Cardenas (Carrera Promo/Monex/LBI Air)                    
38 Robert Richardson (Karl Straus/SDBC)                          
39 Kenneth (Kenny) Stewart (Team Edge Cyclesports)               
40 Bruce Hartley (Team Edge Cyclesports)                         
41 John Platero (Amgen Cycling Club)                             
42 Anthony Johnson (Canyon Velo)                                 
43 Kenny Fuller (Team Simple Green)                              
44 Unknown                                                       
45 Chris Black (Art's Cyclery Racing Team)                       
46 Steven Roy (Team Simple Green)                                
47 Brian Starr (Team Tailwinds)                                  
Masters 55+
1 John Rubcic (Sun Coast Velo)                                 25 pts
2 Cully White (Pasadena Athletic Assoc/Merrill Lynch)          23
3 Richard Lilleberg (South Bay Wheelmen)                       21
4 David Bernhardt (Bicycles of Ojai)                           19
5 Kenny Fuller (Team Simple Green)                             18
6 Michael Fleming (Team DARE)                                  17
7 Leo Pettus (Unattached)                                      16
8 P (Fritz) Tomasello (Team Simple Green)                      15
9 Gregg Stern (Team Helens)                                    14
10 Richard Stahlberg (Big Orange Racing)                       13
11 Rocco Orsini (South Bay Wheelmen)                           12
12 Ernest Gallardo (Galaxy Granola)                            11
13 John Edwards (Excel Sports Boulder)                           
14 Richard Snyder (Sportsman's/Team One)                         
15 Robert Richardson (Karl Straus/SDBC)                          
16 Raphael Gomez (Echelon Santa Barbara)                         
17 John McKee (Paramount Racing)                                 
18 Stephen Whitsitt (South Bay Wheelmen)                         
19 A Mario Seri (Velo Club La Grange Westwood)                   
20 William Carvin (Team Monex)                                   
21 James Heise (South Bay Wheelmen)                              
22 Donald Davidson (Citrus Valley Velo)                          
23 Domenick Forte (Pasadena Athletic Assoc (PAA))                
24 Richard Rodriguez (PacSun Velo)                               
25 Paul Springer (Karl Straus/SDBC)                              
26 Robert Paganini (Pasadena Athletic Assoc/Merrill Lynch)       

Past Winners

Pro Men
2004 Tyler Farrar (Health Net)
2003 Jonas Carney (USA) Prime Alliance
2002 Gordon Fraser (Can) Mercury Cycling Team
2001 Jonas Carney (USA) Prime Alliance
Pro Women
2004 Tina Pic (USA) Genesis Scuba/FFCC
2003 Becky Quinn (USA) Vaniqa/Red 5
2002 Suzanne Sonye (USA) Saturn Cycling Team
2001 Tina Mayolo (USA)