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38th Subida al Naranco - 1.3

Spain, May 11, 2004

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Mayo makes amends

By Martin Hardie

The 38th Subida al Naranco, the opening special stage of the Vuelta a Asturias, was contested in cold but fine conditions today with Euskaltel Euskadi's Iban Mayo continuing in similar form to that which he showed over the weekend.

After expressing some disappointment at not winning Sunday afternoon's time trial in the Alconbendas Classic he left no doubt as to his current form, which he says is reaching 80%, by leaving the 21 member group that commenced the five and a half kilometre ascent to the Naranco peak above the Asturian capital of Oviedo. With two kilometres to go Mayo jumped and as he did on the Navacerrada last Saturday in not much space he again managed to create a significant advantage over his rivals. The first of the pursuers, Miguel Martin Perdiguero (Saunier Duval-Prodir) came in 24 seconds behind, with last years victor, Perdi's teammate Leonardo Piepoli, following two seconds later. But if you have an eye on later in the year it is significant to note that the gap to Roberto Heras was exactly one minute.

The break of the day belonged to a quartet who had the task of setting Euskaltel the chase in the peloton. The escapees were Pablo Lastras (Illes Balears-Banesto), Isidro Noval (Liberty Seguros), Moises Dueñas ( Relax) and Adolfo Garcia (Comunidad Valencia-Kelme). On the descent after the race's third climb, the Cat. 2 Alto del Padrun, the four had an advantage of more than two and a half minutes. The front of the chasing mini peloton, which had been thinned considerably down to no more than 30 riders by the preceding climbs of the Alto de Orle (Cat. 3 71.6 km) and the Alto de la Colladona (Cat. 2 107.6 km)was being driven by five or so orange jerseys. By the time they reached the 15 km to go banner, the Euskaltel riders were peeling off leaving Roberto Laiseka to set down the rhythm at the front, accompanied on his wheel by Mayo. Sitting a little further back was Euskaltel's local lad, Samuel Sanchez. The gap at 15 kms was 2'27.

Ahead, as the climb of the Alto de la Manzeneda (Cat. 1 152 km) was under way Nozal seemed to be doing most of the work, interrupted at times by Lastras, with the remaining pair looking fairly spent. On the Manzeneda's middle point Lastras turned on the pace through the false flat, but by the summit the gap on the Laiseka driven group, now numbering fewer than 25, was down to 1'22. From here the course descended into Oviedo and at the front remained Laiseka, shadowed by Mayo. Behind them sat a bunch of hopefuls, including S. Sanchez (Euskaltel) Buenahora, Cardenas (Cafés Baque), L. Sanchez and Heras (Liberty Seguros) and Perdi and Piepoli (Saunier Duval), amongst others.

The Naranco is 5.5 kms with grades of between 6 and 10%. As the race left Oviedo and the first kilometre started its 6% average grade the break was still, or only, depending on how you look at it, 1'11 ahead. Laiseka was still continuing his lone task which he had taken over some 10 kms and one climb previous. As the Laiseka group started to climb they spread across the road, some disposing of helmets, but the driver still going could only manage to undo his strap. Soon the first attack came with Baque's Colombian Buenahora having a go in the big ring but this soon came to naught. Ahead the quartet was a threesome and then soon a duo as Lastras and Nozal the only ones who could maintain the pace.

By the 3km banner the pair where suffering - the gap was now down to 40 seconds, not that long after Lastras had enough left to leave Nozal on the steeper ramps. Behind it was also time for Mayo to make his move. Piepoli and a Paternina rider tried to follow but Mayo was off solo creating himself more of an advantage with every pedal stroke. With 2 kms to go he had cut Lastras down to a 19 second gap.

Within a flash Mayo had caught and passed Lastras, it seemed an eternity before the chasers caught the Illes Balears rider. Under the 1 km to go banner Mayo's window back to Lastras, who had been rejoined by Nozal and joined by Piepoli et. al., was more than ten seconds. He raised himself out of the saddle through the steeper ramps but spent most of the time maintaining a steady cadence in the saddle. His cap turned backwards, his arm warmers pulled down over his gloves, eyes ahead as he passed the Samuel Sanchez fan club banner. No one was coming and he wasn't waiting. At the finish he gave himself a clap of satisfaction. Perdi and Piepoli came in 24 and 26 seconds behind, with Samuel Sanchez taking 4th.

Tomorrow, the Vuelta Asturias proper starts in Oviedo with a 174 km stage from Oviedo to Llanes including 2 Cat. 3 and 1 Cat. 2 climbs. The final Cat. 3 Alto Llano de la Cuesta falling 20 kms from the finish. The fast downhill to the line along the sea side in Llanes might favour another Euskaltel rider still trying hard for his first pro win.


1 Iban Mayo Diez (Spa) Euskaltel-Euskadi                       4.03.57
2 Miguel Martín Perdiguero (Spa) Saunier Duval-Prodir             0.24
3 Leonardo Piepoli (Ita) Saunier Duval-Prodir                     0.26
4 Samuel Sánchez González (Spa) Euskaltel-Euskadi                 0.43
5 David Arroyo Duran (Spa) LA Pecol
6 Pablo Lastras García (Spa) Illes Balears-Banesto                0.48
7 Félix Cárdenas Ravalo (Col) Cafe Baque
8 Iván Parra Pinto (Col) Comunidad Valenciana-Kelme
9 Francisco Lara Ruiz (Spa) Paternina-Costa De Almeria
10 Isidro Nozal Vega (Spa) Liberty Seguros
11 Roberto Heras Hernández (Spa) Liberty Seguros                  1.00
12 Nuno Ribeiro (Por) LA Pecol                                    1.10
13 Dimitriy Muravyev (Kaz) Credit Agricole                        1.16
14 Giampaolo Caruso (Ita) Liberty Seguros                         1.18
15 Eladio Jiménez Sánchez (Spa) Comunidad Valenciana-Kelme
16 Joaquim López Torrella (Spa) Paternina-Costa De Almeria        1.24
17 Francisco Mancebo Pérez (Spa) Illes Balears-Banesto            1.27
18 José Gómez Marchante (Spa) Paternina-Costa De Almeria          1.36
19 Hernán Buenahora Gutiérrez (Col) Cafe Baque                    1.38
20 Luis Sánchez Gil (Spa) Liberty Seguros                         1.45
21 Christophe Le Mevel (Fra) Credit Agricole                      1.55
22 Josep Jufre Pou (Spa) Relax-Bodysol                            2.12
23 Angelo Lopeboselli (Ita) LPR Piacenza                          2.23
24 Moisés Dueñas Nevado (Spa) Relax-Bodysol                       2.48
25 Roberto Laiseka Jaio (Spa) Euskaltel-Euskadi                   3.13
26 Hugo Sabido (Por) Milaneza-Maia
27 Pedro Andrade Oliveira (Por) LA Pecol
28 David Herrero Llorente (Spa) Paternina-Costa De Almeria
29 Javier González Barrera (Col) Saunier Duval-Prodir             3.23
30 Francisco Palacios (Spa) Cafe Baque
31 Xabat Otxotorena Arraras (Spa) Spanish U23 Team                3.28
32 Stéphane Goubert (Fra) Ag2r-Prevoyance                         3.34
33 Adolfo García Quesada (Spa) Comunidad Valenciana-Kelme         4.55
34 Mikel Pradera Rodríguez (Spa) Illes Balears-Banesto            5.35
35 José Elias Galindo (Spa) Relax-Bodysol                         6.06
36 Aitor Hernández Gutiérrez (Spa) LPR Piacenza                   6.36
37 Alexandre Botcharov (Rus) Credit Agricole
38 Jorge Torre (Por) LA Pecol                                     6.48
39 Alberto López De Munain (Spa) Euskaltel-Euskadi                6.54
40 Francisco Morales Pando (Spa) Spanish U23 Team                 7.37
41 Bruno Castanheira Gomes (Por) Milaneza-Maia                    8.11
42 Gonçalo Amorim Valada (Por) Milaneza-Maia
43 Javier Pérez Pereiro (Spa) Paternina-Costa De Almeria          9.28
44 Jonathan González Rios (Spa) Paternina-Costa De Almeria
45 Francisco Cabello Luque (Spa) Comunidad Valenciana-Kelme       9.50
46 Joan Horrach Rippoll (Spa) Illes Balears-Banesto
47 Pedro Cardoso (Por) Milaneza-Maia
48 Eric Leblacher (Fra) Credit Agricole
49 Fernando Torres (Spa) Cafe Baque
50 Iñigo Chaurreau Bernárdez (Spa) Ag2r-Prevoyance
51 Mads Kaggestad (Nor) Credit Agricole
52 Andrei Zintchenko (Rus) Milaneza-Maia
53 Oscar Cortes Galindo (Spa) Spanish U23 Team
54 Mikel Elgezabal Fernández (Spa) Paternina-Costa De Almeria
55 David Bernabeu Armengol (Spa) Milaneza-Maia
56 Aitor Pérez Arrieta (Spa) Cafe Baque
57 David López García (Spa) Cafe Baque
58 Mario Sánchez Fernández (Fra) Spanish U23 Team
59 Carlos Golbano García (Spa) Paternina-Costa De Almeria
60 Pedro Arreitunandia Quintero (Spa) Cafe Baque                  9.53
HD Mikel Astarloza (Spa) Ag2r-Prevoyance                         16.05
HD Óscar Laguna García (Spa) Relax-Bodysol                       16.40
HD José Rebollo Aguado (Spa) Relax-Bodysol
HD Efraín Gutiérrez Sánchez (Spa) Cafe Baque
HD José García Oblanca (Spa) Spanish U23 Team
HD Javier Cherro Molina (Spa) Comunidad Valenciana-Kelme
HD Francisco Gutiérrez (Spa) Cafe Baque
HD Julien Laidoun (Fra) Ag2r-Prevoyance
HD Christophe Oriol (Fra) Ag2r-Prevoyance
HD Iván Álvarez López (Spa) Spanish U23 Team                     17.31
DNF José García Acosta (Spa) Illes Balears-Banesto
DNF Mario De Sarraga Orviz (Spa) Spanish U23 Team
DNF Xavier Florencio Cabre (Spa) Relax-Bodysol
DNF Jon Odriozola Mugarza (Spa) Comunidad Valenciana-Kelme
DNF Candido Barbosa (Por) LA Pecol
DNF Daniele Contrini (Ita) LPR Piacenza
DNF Stéphane Auge (Fra) Credit Agricole
DNF Dimitri Konyshev (Rus) LPR Piacenza
DNF Haimar Zubeldia Agirre (Spa) Euskaltel-Euskadi
DNF David Navas Chica (Spa) Illes Balears-Banesto
DNF Antonio Tauler Llul (Spa) Illes Balears-Banesto
DNF David Latasa Lasa (Spa) Comunidad Valenciana-Kelme
DNF Manuel Martins Lizuarte (Por) Milaneza-Maia
DNF Gilberto Martins (Por) Milaneza-Maia
DNF Gorka González Larrañaga (Spa) Euskaltel-Euskadi
DNF Josu Aguirre Aseginolaza (Spa) Spanish U23 Team
DNF Jorge Ferrío Luque (Spa) Paternina-Costa De Almeria
DNF Rafael Casero Moreno (Spa) Saunier Duval-Prodir
DNF Alberto Contador Velasco (Spa) Liberty Seguros
DNF José Hernández Fernández (Spa) Spanish U23 Team
DNF René Andrle (Cze) Liberty Seguros
DNF Joseba Zubeldia Agirre (Spa) Euskaltel-Euskadi
DNF Rubén Ispizua Oarbeascoa (Spa) LA Pecol
DNF David De La Fuente (Spa) Saunier Duval-Prodir
DNF Christophe Moreau (Fra) Credit Agricole
DNF Gustavo Cesar Veloso (Spa) Relax-Bodysol
DNF Tim Johnson (USA) Saunier Duval-Prodir
DNF Angel Gómez (Spa) Saunier Duval-Prodir
DNF Markel Irizar Aramburu (Spa) Euskaltel-Euskadi
DNF Joseba Albizu Lizaso (Spa) Euskaltel-Euskadi
DNF David García Dapena (Spa) LA Pecol
DNF José López Gil (Spa) Illes Balears-Banesto
DNF Samuel Dumoulin (Fra) Ag2r-Prevoyance
DNF Carlos Barredo Llamazales (Spa) Liberty Seguros
DNF Jesús Hernández Blazquez (Spa) Liberty Seguros
DNF Christian Vandevelde (USA) Liberty Seguros
DNF Andrei Karpatchev (Rus) LPR Piacenza
DNF Luca Nardello (Ita) LPR Piacenza
DNF Luis Pérez Romero (Spa) Relax-Bodysol
DNF Hector Guerra García (Spa) Relax-Bodysol
DNF Hernani Broco (Por) LA Pecol
DNF Ivan Degasperi (Ita) LPR Piacenza
DNF Danilo Napolitano (Ita) LPR Piacenza
DNF Carlos Zárate (Spa) Comunidad Valenciana-Kelme

Past winners

2003 Leonardo Piepoli (Ita) Ibanesto.Com 
2002 Gonzalo Bayarri Esteve (Spa) Jazztel-Costa de Almeria
2001 Claus Michael Moller (Den) Milaneza-MSS
2000 José Luis Rubiera Vigil (Spa) Kelme
1999 Santiago Blanco (Spa)
1998 José Luís Rubiera (Spa)
1997 Roberto Heras (Spa)
1996 Javier Mauleón (Spa)
1995 Abraham Olano (Spa)
1994 Coque Uría (Spa)
1993 Jesús Montoya (Spa)
1992 Tony Rominger (Swi)
1991 Juan Carlos Romero (Spa)
1990 Laudelino Cubino (Spa)
1989 Peter Hilse (Spa)
1988 Marino Alonso (Spa)
1987 Peter Hilse (Ger)
1986 Marino Lejarreta (Spa)
1985 Alirio Chizabas (Spa)
1984 Vicente Belda (Spa)
1983 Vicente Belda (Spa)
1982 Alvaro Pino (Spa)
1981 Marino Lejarreta (Spa)
1966 Txomin Perurena (Spa)
1965 Joaquin Galera (Spa)
1964 Federico Martín Bahamontes (Spa)
1963 Antonio Karmany (Spa)
1962 Raúl Rey (Spa)
1961 Antón Barrutia (Spa)
1960 Antonio Karmany (Spa)
1947 Jesús Loroño (Spa)
1946 Fermín Trueba (Spa)
1945 Fermín Trueba (Spa)
1944 Dalmacio Langarica (Spa)
1943 Delio Rodriguez (Spa)
1942 Fermín Trueba (Spa)
1941 Ulpiano Menendez (Spa)

Past winners courtesy of Miguel Fernandez Rico