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Tucson Bicycle Classic - NE

Arizona, USA, March 5-7, 2004

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Stage 3 - March 7: Artisan Prosthetics Circuit Race, 80km/62km

Health Net & Rona capture Classic titles

By Steve Bohn

Nearly a year after the tragic loss of Garrett Lemire on the Gates Pass Road Race, there were many heavy hearts as Garrett's parents, Art and Sally Lemire, addressed the fields before they rolled off the start of Saturday's stage 2 Gates Pass/Garret Lemire Memorial RR. Prior to the race over a six month period, the organizers worked with the local authorities to allow a six hour road closure on the busy Gates Pass Road, something thought impossible before. Garrett's spirit was present during the early morning sunrise backdrop as the mist lifted around the Tucson Mountains and a calm energy prevailed. His smile was felt in all of our hearts.


After Team Rona sensation Genevieve Jeanson was recently cleared for racing, many wondered if her dominant form would return. That question was answered after a sizzling Stage 1 prologue victory and blowing the field away by over nine minutes in a 38 km/h effort in the 63 mile Gates Pass/Garrett Lemire Memorial Stage 2 RR. The phenom from Montreal has dominated the Classic (one of her favorite races) twice in the past and looked poised once again to shatter the field with a 10'07 lead over team-mate Emilie Roy, 11'17 over third-placed Gabriela Gonzales-Ferrat (Velo Bella) and 15'19 lead over fifth- placed Jeanie Longo, training for her sixth Olympic bid. A hat-trick, third Classic title seemed inevitable until a awkward dismount from her pedal caused a knee injury and she was a DNS for the final Artisan Prosthetics Circuit Race.

"No one is more disappointed than myself," she said in the team car as the women's peloton rolled off the start for stage 3.

Strangely, the women's peloton seemed unaware of her no-show at the start, assuming she was off the front somewhere as Rona riders were mum. On lap 2, just as the sunrise appeared over the ridge, Rebecca Broeder (Well's Fargo/Ragatz) jumped as the pack hesitated and instantly built a lead. The Rona riders did not consider her an immediate threat since she was 6'25 down in GC but with two laps to go she was over 2'30 clear of the peloton. The two Rona riders Anna Milkowski and Roy put the hammer down, organizing a ferocious chase and closed the gap to 10 meters at the finish line where the Missoula, MT resident Broeder managed to hold off a surging Longo, followed by Maatje Benassi (Excel Sports).

The overall win went to the 18 year-old Roy, 1'10 ahead of Gonzales-Ferrat, who said she was not aware of Genevieve's DNS until the last lap. 3'53 back in third was Heather Woodhouse (Team Kenda Tire), followed by Longo at 5'02.


In the men's Pro/1 field, Ryan Blickem (Aida's Bail Bonds) ripped a 7'22 on the windy and hilly 3.0 mile McCain Loop Prologue, 32 seconds off Gord Frasers's blazing 2002 record time of 6'48. '08 back in second was Health Net/Maxxis speedster Michael Jones followed by Scott Blanchard (Eclipse).

Friday's cold and windy weather gave way to clear skies for the 84 mile stage 2 Gates Pass RR; shorter than the normal 105 miles (due to the road closure time frame) but a much more aggressive pace starting right of the bat. A break of Blickem, Jones and Michael Sayers (Health Net/ Maxxis) stayed away for over 65 miles but were caught about 12 miles from the finish. Nonetheless, an impressive effort by the race leader to defend his jersey in the company of two Health Net riders. 2003 defending champion William Steinbrecher (Jelly Belly/ Aramar) took the field sprint at 3'13'05 as the peloton averaged a blazing pace of 42 km/h. Andy Wilson (Viejas) took second followed by Michael Dietrich (Fiordifrutta). Blickem's KOM time bonus kept him in the yellow jersey followed by Steinbrecher ('09) and Sayers ('17).

During the Artisans Prosthetics Stage 3 50 mile circuit race, the peloton with the race leader Blickem allowed a three-man break with Blickem's team-mate Eduardo Vicencio, Nathan Mitchell (TIAA-CREF/5280) and Jones to build a nearly two minute gap over the peloton. The well-organized break managed to stay clear by 0'27 over a hard-charging pack as Vicencio took the win followed by Mitchell and Jones, once again averaging over 43 km/h. Mitchell also took the hot sprint 0'10 bonus, which would help vault him over race-leader Blickem into second overall. Jones took his first Classic GC title, followed by Mitchell (0'12) and Blickem (0'19).


Images by Jason Elhardt


1 Eduardo Vicencio (USA) Aida's Bail Bonds          1.53.21
2 Nathan Mitchell (USA) TIAA-CREF/5280                     
3 Michael Jones (USA) Health Net/Maxxis                    
4 Michael Sayer (USA) Health Net/Maxxis                0.27
5 James Webster (USA) Aida's Bail Bonds                    
6 Eric Brownell (USA) Honeywell                            
7 Andy Wilson (USA) Viejas                                 
8 Adam Bergman (USA) Jelly Belly/Aramark                   
9 Victor Ayala (USA) (Mex) Velo Club La Grange             
10 Jaime Gandara (USA) ABC-Aitos CC                        
11 Austin King (USA)                                       
12 Kevin Nicol (USA) ACA                                   
13 Jonathan Baker (USA) Pro Peleton Velo                   
14 Scott Blanchard (USA) Eclipse                           
15 Eric Ransom (USA)                                       
16 Mike Zagorski (USA) Velo Club La Grange                 
17 Daniel Rooke (USA) AzPhalt Cycling                      
18 Josh Horowitz (USA) Velo Club La Grange                 
19 Brandon Cunningham (USA)                                
20 Michael Dietrich (USA) Fiordifrutta CT                  
21 Rob Alvarez (USA) Velo Club La Grange                   
22 William Steinbrecher (USA) Jelly Belly Aramark          
23 Mitch Moreman (USA) Hassle Free Sports                  
24 Ryan Yee (USA) MONEX                                    
25 Ryan Blickem (USA) Aida's Bail Bonds                    
26 Hugh Moran (USA)                                        
27 Martin Adamczyk (USA) Long John Silvers                 
28 J. Skites Keith (USA) Lindsey Wilson                    
29 Tim Carolan (USA) Landis/Trek/VW                        
30 David Gustafon (USA) Viejas                             
31 Eric Rumps (USA) Boise CC                               
32 Daniel Doornbos (USA) Chick's HD/NMBRA                  
33 Matthew Lorenz (USA) US Armed Forces                    
34 Jacob Rublet (USA) Landis/Trek/VW                       
35 Brian Wire (USA) Tommyo Bikes                           
36 Andrew Miller (USA) Landis/Trek/VW                      
37 Erik Van der Akker (USA) Reno Wheelmen                  
38 Shane Peltonen (USA) Eclipse                            
39 Geoffrey Rapoport (USA) LeGrange Velo                   
40 Todd Bauer (USA) Chick's HD/NMBRA                       
41 Peter Fairbanks (USA) Bianchi/Grand Perf.               
42 Justin Peschka (USA) Landis/Trek/VW                 0.38
43 Paul Ellis (USA) Jelly Belly/Aramark                0.49
44 Scott Price (USA) Landis/Trek/VW                    1.43
45 Zak Coleman (USA) Aida's Bail Bonds                 1.52
46 Brian Lemke (USA) Landis/Trek/VW                    2.54
47 Ian Stuart (USA) Louis Garneau Racing               3.46
48 Isaiah Adams (USA)                                 25.02
49 David Pickavance (USA)                                  
1 Rebecca Broeder (USA) Wells Fargo/Ragatz          1.49.08
2 Jeanie Longo (Fra) France                                
3 Maatje Benassi (USA) Excel Sports                        
4 Julie Hutsebant (USA) Terry Precision                    
5 Sima Trapp (USA) Goldy's/Tamarck                         
6 Lynn Albrow (USA) Amgen                                  
7 Emilie Roy (Can) Team Rona                               
8 Deneen Brown (USA) Landis/Trek/VW                        
9 Chloe Black (USA) Terry Precision                        
10 Elizabeth Begosh (USA) Velo Bella                       
11 Rosie Garlapow (USA) Terry Precision                    
12 Gabriela Gonzales-Ferrat (Mex) Velo Bella               
13 Anna Milkowski (USA) Team Rona                          
14 Juliane Morello (USA) Landis/Trek/VW                    
15 Elizabeth Gloeckner (USA) TDS/Schwalbe                  
16 Heather Woodhouse (USA) Team KendaTire                  
17 Maggie Luciano-Williams (USA) Landis/Trek/VW            
18 Jana Repulski (USA) Goldy's/Tamarack                    
19 Rebecca Stengel (USA) Mountain Velo                     
20 Maureen Middleton (USA) Landis/Trek/VW              0.15
21 Sheba Farrin (USA)                                  6.53
22 Anne Lannan (USA) Sports Garage/Titus               7.51
General classification after stage 3
1 Michael Jones (USA) Health Net/Maxxis             5.13.46
2 Nathan Mitchell (USA) TIAA-CREF/5280                 0.12
3 Ryan Blickem (USA) Aida's Bail Bonds                 0.19
4 William Steinbrecher (USA) Jelly Belly Aramark       0.28
5 Michael Sayer (USA) Health Net/Maxxis                0.36
6 Scott Blanchard (USA) Eclipse                        0.38
7 Tim Carolan (USA) Landis/Trek/VW                     0.39
8 Adam Bergman (USA) Jelly Belly/Aramark               0.40
9 Eduardo Vicencio (USA) Aida's Bail Bonds                 
10 Andy Wilson (USA) Viejas                            0.45
11 Michael Dietrich (USA) Fiordifrutta CT              0.48
12 Jacob Rublet (USA) Landis/Trek/VW                       
13 Andrew Miller (USA) Landis/Trek/VW                  0.50
14 Brandon Cunningham (USA)                            0.53
15 Jonathan Baker (USA) Pro Peleton Velo               0.54
16 Todd Bauer (USA) Chick's HD/NMBRA                       
17 Hugh Moran (USA)                                    0.57
18 Kevin Nicol (USA) ACA                               0.58
19 Daniel Doornbos (USA) Chick's HD/NMBRA                  
20 Rob Alvarez (USA) Velo Club La Grange               1.04
21 Austin King (USA)                                   1.09
22 Eric Brownell (USA) Honeywell                       1.15
23 Daniel Rooke (USA) AzPhalt Cycling                  1.18
24 James Webster (USA) Aida's Bail Bonds               1.32
25 Mitch Moreman (USA) Hassle Free Sports              1.34
26 Josh Horowitz (USA) Velo Club La Grange             1.38
27 J. Skites Keith (USA) Lindsey Wilson                1.49
28 Geoffrey Rapoport (USA) LeGrange Velo               2.22
29 Eric Ransom (USA)                                   4.13
30 Ian Stuart (USA) Louis Garneau Racing               4.32
31 Peter Fairbanks (USA) Bianchi/Grand Perf.           4.35
32 David Gustafon (USA) Viejas                         6.29
33 Matthew Lorenz (USA) US Armed Forces                6.44
34 Paul Ellis (USA) Jelly Belly/Aramark                6.47
35 Erik Van der Akker (USA) Reno Wheelmen              6.51
36 Shane Peltonen (USA) Eclipse                        6.59
37 Jaime Gandara (USA) ABC-Aitos CC                   15.48
38 Martin Adamczyk (USA) Long John Silvers            16.40
39 Victor Ayala (USA) (Mex) Velo Club La Grange       19.15
40 Eric Rumps (USA) Boise CC                          21.02
41 Brian Wire (USA) Tommyo Bikes                      21.57
42 Scott Price (USA) Landis/Trek/VW                   22.45
43 Brian Lemke (USA) Landis/Trek/VW                   24.06
44 Mike Zagorski (USA) Velo Club La Grange            25.22
45 Zak Coleman (USA) Aida's Bail Bonds                25.29
46 Ryan Yee (USA) MONEX                               33.57
47 Justin Peschka (USA) Landis/Trek/VW                33.58
48 David Pickavance (USA)                             57.50
49 Isaiah Adams (USA)                                 57.59
1 Emilie Roy (Can) Team Rona                        4.49.36
2 Gabriela Gonzales-Ferrat (Mex) Velo Bella            1.10
3 Heather Woodhouse (USA) Team KendaTire               3.53
4 Jeanie Longo (Fra) France                            5.02
5 Anna Milkowski (USA) Team Rona                       5.24
6 Maatje Benassi (USA) Excel Sports                    5.48
7 Sima Trapp (USA) Goldy's/Tamarck                     5.56
8 Rebecca Broeder (USA) Wells Fargo/Ragatz             6.00
9 Chloe Black (USA) Terry Precision                    6.03
10 Elizabeth Begosh (USA) Velo Bella                   6.19
11 Deneen Brown (USA) Landis/Trek/VW                   6.27
12 Lynn Albrow (USA) Amgen                             6.28
13 Rosie Garlapow (USA) Terry Precision                6.57
14 Maggie Luciano-Williams (USA) Landis/Trek/VW        7.12
15 Rebecca Stengel (USA) Mountain Velo                 7.31
16 Julie Hutsebant (USA) Terry Precision               7.33
17 Elizabeth Gloeckner (USA) TDS/Schwalbe                  
18 Juliane Morello (USA) Landis/Trek/VW                8.09
19 Maureen Middleton (USA) Landis/Trek/VW              8.20
20 Jana Repulski (USA) Goldy's/Tamarack               15.25
21 Sheba Farrin (USA)                                 15.58
22 Anne Lannan (USA) Sports Garage/Titus              19.42