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Dutch National Championships - CN

Rotterdam, Netherlands, June 26-27, 2004

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Day 2 - June 27: Elite Men's Road Race, 216 km

All Rabobank, all the time

Dekker takes Dutch road title in Rotterdam

Erik Dekker has completed the Rabobank party at the Dutch Championships in Rotterdam, winning the Elite Men's title in a three man sprint ahead of Koos Moerenhout (Lotto-Domo) and Arthur Farenhout (AXA). After Bas Giling's win in the U23 title yesterday and Thomas Dekker's victory in the Elite Men's time trial two weeks ago, Rabobank has claimed three Dutch men's titles this year.

Dekker's win was the result of a tactically solid race by Rabobank, which placed riders in every important break and did not waste energy chasing.

How it unfolded

In slightly wet but warm conditions, the sizeable men's peloton rolled out for 16 laps of the 13.5 km circuit. On the first lap, five riders attacked and were able to establish a small lead. The break contained strong men Karsten Kroon (Rabobank) and Bart Voskamp (Chocolade Jacques), along with Jens Mouris (AXA), Germ van der Burg (Bert Story-Piels) and Addy Engels (BankGiroLoterij). The break was able to make good time, despite a nervous stop-start chase behind them, and had 51 seconds to Maint Berkenbosch (APAC) after four laps, with the peloton at 1'47.

The five leaders reached a maximum lead of 10 minutes before BankGiroLoterij decided that Engels wasn't going to beat the others in a sprint, and started to chase. Engels dropped out of the front group as Kroon and Voskamp jumped clear, but although they still had over five minutes lead with 70 km to go, the chase was in full flight. When the gap was down to two minutes, Dekker tried to counter attack but took two Chocolade Jacques riders with him. They quickly caught Voskamp and Kroon, but with two laps (27 km) to go, they were all recaptured.

It looked like another bunch sprint was on the cards, but the attacks kept coming. Marc Lotz (Rabobank) tried first, then Sentjens, Traksel, Posthuma (Rabobank), Vierhouten, Van Dijk (Lotto-Domo), Van Velzen and Koerts (Chocolade Jacques) managed to get a gap, but with no BankGiroLoterij riders there, MatthÚ Pronk buried himself to bring them back and the peloton reformed.

Just before the Brienenoordbrug on the final lap, Erik Dekker, Koos Moerenhout and Arthur Farenhout attacked, and this proved to be the decisive move. Gerben L÷wik (Jacques) chased them and incredibly came within 10 metres of their back wheels before he exploded and sat up. That left the three leaders to contest the sprint and it was Erik Dekker easily crossing the line in front of Moerenhout and Farenhout to win his first ever Dutch road title.


1 Erik Dekker (Rabobank)                     4.58.40 (43.4 km/h)
2 Koos Moerenhout (Lotto - Domo)                    
3 Arthur Farenhout (AXA Pro-Cycling Team)       0.02
4 Rudie Kemna (Bankgiroloterij)                 0.11
5 Roy Sentjens (Rabobank)                           
6 Gerben L÷wik (Chocolade Jacques)                  
7 Stefan van Dijk (Lotto - Domo)                    
8 Steven de Jongh (Rabobank)                        
9 Bobbie Traksel (Rabobank)                         
10 Jurgen van Pelt (RenTC Trap met Lust)            
11 Piet Rooyakkers (L÷wik / Tegeltoko)              
12 Bram de Groot (Rabobank)                         
13 Bert Hiemstra (Chocolade Jacques)                
14 Rik Reinerink (Chocolade Jaques)                 
15 Aart Vierhouten (Lotto - Domo)                   
16 Robbert van der Stelt (Van Hemert-Eurogifts)     
17 Ronald Schur (Apac Cycling Team)                 
18 Paul van Schalen (AXA Pro-Cycling Team)          
19 Tristan Hoffman (Team CSC)                       
20 Arno Wallaard (AXA Pro-Cycling Team)             
21 Hans Dekkers (Rabobank)                          
22 Fulco van Gulik (Bert Story-Piels)               
23 Angelo van Melis (VVliet-EBH Advocaten)          
24 Adriaan Helmantel (Apac Cycling Team)            
25 Danny Sijen (Team Fuji Bikes-Rd4)                
26 Niels Hamers (Team Fuji Bikes-Rd4)               
27 Marvin van der Pluijm (Van Hemert-Eurogifts)     
28 Peter Woestenberg (WillebrordWilVooruit)         
29 Maarten Lenferink (L÷wik / Tegeltoko)            
30 Ivor Bruin (BRC Kennemerland)                    
31 Tjarco Cuppens (Team ComNet-Senges)              
32 Edward Farenhout (PRC Delta)                     
33 Lex Nederlof (WillebrordWilVooruit)              
34 Louis de Koning (PRC Delta)                      
35 Jos Lucassen (AXA Pro-Cycling Team)              
36 Theo Eltink (Rabobank)                           
37 Henne van Zanten (W.V. Eemland)                  
38 Pascal Hermes (AXA Pro-Cycling Team)             
39 Remco van der Ven (Bankgiroloterij)              
40 Folkert de Haan (Apac Cycling Team)              
41 Sander Lormans (BRC Kennemerland)                
42 Matthijs Delen (VVliet-EBH Advocaten)            
43 MatthÚ Pronk (Bankgiroloterij)                   
44 Niels Scheuneman (Relax - Bodysol)               
45 Paul Sneeboer (Apac Cycling Team)                
46 Francois Franse (WillebrordWilVooruit)           
47 Jelle van Groezen (Van Hemert-Eurogifts)         
48 Jeroen Straathof (LWV Swift)                     
49 Thijs Zonneveld (Amsterdam)                      
50 Harm Bronkhorst (Apac Cycling Team)              
51 Geert de Jong (R en TC Groenewoud)               
52 Gerben Nijmeijer (RTV Oldenzaalse WCL)           
53 Ronald Mutsaars (Rabobank)                       
54 Thorwald Veneberg (Rabobank)                     
55 Bas Waaijer (Team                  
56 Edwin Dunning (WRV de Peddelaars)                
57 Max van Heeswijk (US Postal-BerryFloor)          
58 Arne Kornegoor (Bert Story-Piels)                
59 Richard Groenendaal (Rabobank)                   
60 Marcel Alma (Apac Cycling Team)                  
61 Martijn Kromdijk (WV Breda-Knooppunt)            
62 Jans Koerts (Chocolade Jacques)                  
63 Wally Buurstede (WillebrordWilVooruit)           
64 Peter Schep (AXA Pro-Cycling Team)               
65 Marc Lotz (Rabobank)                             
66 Pieter Weening (Rabobank)                        
67 Jan Boven (Rabobank)                             
68 Warner de Boer (WV De IJsselstreek)              
69 Bart Voskamp (Chocolade Jacques)                 
70 Sierk-Jan de Haan (Bert Story-Piels)             
71 Joost Posthuma (Rabobank)                        
72 Karsten Kroon (Rabobank)                         
73 Maarten den Bakker (Heenvliet)                   
74 Servais Knaven (Quick-Step/Davitamon)            
75 Eelke van der Wal (Bankgiroloterij)              
76 Dennis Smit (VVliet-EBH Advocaten)               
77 Danny Stam (AXA Pro-Cycling Team)                
78 Bram Schmitz (T-Mobile Team)                     
79 Rudy Vriend (VVliet-EBH Advocaten)               
80 Wilant van Gils (WTC Woerden)                    
81 Jan van Velzen (Chocolade Jacques)               
82 Marco Bos (Bankgiroloterij)                      
83 Frank van Dulmen (Bankgiroloterij)           2.20
Elite without contract classification
1 Arthur Farenhout (AXA Pro-Cycling Team)    4.58.42
2 Jurgen van Pelt (RenTC Trap met Lust)         0.09
3 Piet Rooyakkers (L÷wik / Tegeltoko)               
4 Robbert van der Stelt (Van Hemert-Eurogifts)      
5 Ronald Schur (Apac Cycling Team)                  
6 Arno Wallaard (AXA Pro-Cycling Team)              
7 Fulco van Gulik (Bert Story-Piels)                
8 Angelo van Melis (VVliet-EBH Advocaten)           
9 Adriaan Helmantel (Apac Cycling Team)             
10 Danny Sijen (Team Fuji Bikes-Rd4)                
11 Niels Hamers (Team Fuji Bikes-Rd4)               
12 Marvin van der Pluijm (Van Hemert-Eurogifts)     
13 Peter Woestenberg (WillebrordWilVooruit)         
14 Maarten Lenferink (L÷wik / Tegeltoko)            
15 Ivor Bruin (BRC Kennemerland)                    
16 Edward Farenhout (PRC Delta)                     
17 Lex Nederlof (WillebrordWilVooruit)              
18 Louis de Koning (PRC Delta)                      
19 Theo Eltink (Rabobank)                           
20 Henne van Zanten (W.V. Eemland)                  
21 Folkert de Haan (Apac Cycling Team)              
22 Sander Lormans (BRC Kennemerland)                
23 Matthijs Delen (VVliet-EBH Advocaten)            
24 Paul Sneeboer (Apac Cycling Team)                
25 Francois Franse (WillebrordWilVooruit)           
26 Jelle van Groezen (Van Hemert-Eurogifts)         
27 Jeroen Straathof (LWV Swift)                     
28 Thijs Zonneveld (Amsterdam)                      
29 Harm Bronkhorst (Apac Cycling Team)              
30 Geert de Jong (R en TC Groenewoud)               
31 Gerben Nijmeijer (RTV Oldenzaalse WCL)           
32 Bas Waaijer (Team                  
33 Edwin Dunning (WRV de Peddelaars)                
34 Arne Kornegoor (Bert Story-Piels)                
35 Marcel Alma (Apac Cycling Team)                  
36 Martijn Kromdijk (WV Breda-Knooppunt)            
37 Wally Buurstede (WillebrordWilVooruit)           
38 Warner de Boer (WV De IJsselstreek)              
39 Sierk-Jan de Haan (Bert Story-Piels)             
40 Dennis Smit (VVliet-EBH Advocaten)               
41 Rudy Vriend (VVliet-EBH Advocaten)               
42 Wilant van Gils (WTC Woerden)