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Diary of a Podium Girl Gone Bad

From time to time the Podium Girl Gone Bad brings us a unique slant on the world of cycling.

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Another CN trick on PGGB
Photo: © PGGB
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Full-body mud pack

Well, my dearies, it is zee end of zee year, and to be honest, PGGB is in zee big huff at zis moment. What, you say, what is wrong? Well, I tell you zat those bad boyz at cyclingnews tell me to go to zee Cyclocross Nationals in Yountville, California. There, they say, I can have zee wonderful mud bath that makes Napa Valley so famous tout le monde. Mon Dieu!! You saw zee photos - zee damn mud bath was at zee race! I am covered from my beautiful Podium toes to my lovely Podium nose in mud. Zee rain - Zut! It pours down and zee hair spray washes out, ruining my beautiful Podium hair. Merde! My mascara runs all over my face! And I must wear big, ugly rubber boots instead of my strappy sandals. Oh, the shame - my ensemble was baggy Gore-tex.

Mon Dieu, what we Podium Girls must endure! I tell you now zat zis is not zee first time those CN boyz have played zee trick on me. When I go to zee San Francisco Grand Prix in September, zey tell me about zee leetle hotel where I must stay. So... here is a photo for you to see. What do you think! I barely survived my stay - Cold, noisy and no privacy at all. Shame on them!

Photo: © Russell Standring
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But, before I go, I must tell you one leetle Podium secret... Zee girls whisper to me zat zey are so happy zat Sean Eadie shave off his big, scary beard. Zey were afraid to get on zee Podium with him - maybe he drag them by zee hair into a cave and do bad things. Now that he shaves, they hope he does!

Bon Année!