Telekom GP - Baden-Baden, Germany

Race Desription

The world-ranked number one rider, Tony Rominger doesn't avoid any
obstacles. Together with the world champion runner up in the individual
time trial, Andrea Chiurato (It), the 34 year old Swiss won the two-up time
trial "Telekom-Grand Prix" for the third time. The winning pair needed
1:39:39 for the 82.4 km course around the picturesque hills of Baden, which
indicates an average of 49,6km/h. Olaf Ludwig/ Rolf Aldag (Gera/Ahlen) took
second place before the 40,000 spectators in bright sunshine, 38 seconds
back, in front of Claudio Chiappucci (It)/Beat Zberg (Swit), who needed

Eight pairs, among them Johan Museeuw (Bel), the current leader in the
World Cup, and the totally out of form Eugenie Berzin (Rus), who won the
Giro d'Italia in 1994, were at the start. The first two laps of 10.3 km saw
Rominger/Chiurato and Ludwig/Aldag withthe exact same time. Then the
winning pair-last year the Swiss world hour record holder won with Olympic
champion Jens Lehmann (Leipzig)-then pulled away, and the competition
stayed back.

Rominger's new victory was supposed to be the end of the world
championships preparations (put them to bed?) for this year's Giro d'Italia
winner . But the Swiss had again altered his world championship plans at
short notice and now won't travel to the 2600 meter altitude of the Duitama
course in Colombia for the individual time trial until the start. Rominger,
it is said, changed his world championship intentions as he discovered that
the five time Tour de France winner Miguel Indurain would also be
at the start in Colombia.

Race Results - Telekom 2-up (Baden-Baden), 82.4 kms

1. Tony Rominger-Andrea Chiurato, Mapei-GB 1:39.39 2. Olaf Ludwig-Rolf Aldag, Telekom +38 secs 3. Claudio Chiappucci-Beat, Zberg Carrera 47 4. Thierry Marie-Laurent Madouas, Castorama 55 5. Johan Museeuw-Andrea Tafi, Mapei-GB 4'08 6. Udo Bolts-Jens Heppner, Telekom 4'20 7. Thomas Davy-Gerard Rue, Banesto 5'26 8. Evgeni Berzin-Francesco Frattini, Gewiss 8'09