News for September 1 1995

Tour of Thuringen, Germany, finished 29 Aug 95

Final General Classification:
  1. Laura Charameda (U.S.)
  2. Elan Ogoui, Slovakia
  3. Sandra Kratz, Germany
  4. Liz Tadich (Australia)
  5. Vera Hohlfeld, Germany
  6. Lyn Nixon (Australia)

Stage Winners:
  1. Charameda
  2. Hohlfeld
  3. Ina-Yoko Teutenberg
  4. Petra Rossner
  5. Lynette Nixon

Sprint Jersey:
  1. Teutenberg
  2. Charameda

  1. Charameda
  2. Hohlfeld

Most Aggressive:
  1. Charameda
  2. Hohlfeld

Charameda was riding as a guest racer for the German AOK Leipzig team. The
article ((Radsport, 29 August 95) was headlined "Festival of Laura
Charameda." She collected two 2nds, a 3rd and a 5th in addition to her
stage win.

Pre-World Cup selection race #1

Padova, Italy -- the first of three races

  1. Massimo Donati (Mercatone Uno)  4:49:12 (194 kms)
  2. Pistore (Polti)                     +42
  3. F. Casagrande (Mercatone)           s.t.
  4. Piepoli (Refin)                     +43
  5. Ballerini (Mapei)                 +2.07
  6. Colage (ZG)                       +4.14
  7. Lecchi (Brescialat)
  8. Elli (MG)
  9. Caruso (ZG)
 10. Forconi (Amore e Vita)          all s.t.


Indurain, the Worlds and the hour

In an interview with a Colombian radio station, Miguel Indurain has said
that he will ride both the time trial and the road race at the World
Championships in Colombia after 12 days of altitude preparation at Colorado
Springs. Since the bike collection Indurain is taking with him includes two
Espada track bikes speculation is mounting that he will make an attempt on
the hour record in the 10 days after the road race. There seem to be two
possibilities: Mexico City, which a Banesto team official is to visit soon
to check out the track, or Bogota, whch is considered faster and better


Changes to World Cup Races

The arrival of the GP de Ouest-France at Plouay, this year's edition of
which was run off on Sunday with 220,000 spectators on the circuit, looks
certain, probably in 1997. The GP de Ouest-France will probably be one of
three alternating races, the others being the GP of Frankfurt and the GP of
Japan, which will be the 1996 race of the three.


Boardman rolls on...

Chris Boardman, who began road training again last week, has a schedule to
aim for. Roger Legeay envisages his returning to competition in
Paris-Bourges (12 October) followed by Milan-Turin (18 October) and the
Tour of Piedmont the next day. "It feels as if I'm pedalling with one leg,
" Boardman said, "but I don''t have time to lose if I'm to race between now
and the end of the season."


GP Ouest-France

Still no full result, for last Sunday's race in Plouay, but the winner was
Switzerland's Rolf Jaermann (MG-Technogym).


Pre-World Cup selection race #2

Vicenza, Italy -- the second of three races (30 August 95)

  1. Rolf Jaermann (Sw, MG)    3.55.56 (165 kms)
  2. Baldato (It, MG)               +5 secs
  3. Ferrigato (It, ZG)             +8
  4. Pianegonda (It, Polti)
  5. Chiappucci (It, Carrera)
  6. Coppolillo (It, Navigare)
  7. Puttini (Sw, Refin)
  8. Casagrande (It, Mercatone Uno)
  9. Ballerini (It, Mercatone Uno)
 10. Fareson (It, Lampre)      all s.t.


Tour de l'Ain Open

A six-stage race with teams from Aubervilliers 93-Peugeot, Festina, Chazal,
Mutuelle de Seine-et-Marne, FFC-LCPF, six French amateur club teams, one
Spanish and one Russian amateur club teams and national teams from Norway,
Italy, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland.

Stage 1 (30 August 95) Bourg-en-Bresse--Trevoux, 188.7 kms:
  1. Cyril Saugrain (Aubervilliers-93 Peugueot)   4:19:10
  2. Maignan (Mutuelle de Seine-et-Marne)              +1 sec
  3. Hubert (FFC-LCPF)                                +48
  4. Agnolutto (Fr, amateur)                    same time
  5. Moreau (Fr, Festina)                             +51
  6. Halgand (Fr, Festina)
  7. Lebreton (Fr, Aubervillers)
  8. Mengin (Fr, Chazal)
  9. Pauchard (Fr, amateur)
 10. Pillon (Fr, Mutuelle de Seine-et-Marne)      all s.t.


Indurain update

Miguel Indurain, accompanied by his brother Prudencio, heads for
acclimatization in Fort Collins, Colorado, on September 4 and will stay
there until September 28 before heading for Colombia for the Worlds time
trial and road race. Indurain's hour record attempt will take place either
in Mexico City around 10 October or at Bordeaux eight to ten days after
returning from Colombia. "My choice will depend on tests carried out at
altitude," said Indurain.


Baden-Baden two-up time trial

Johan Museeuw the winner of the GP Eddy Merckx time trial, will ride the
two-up Baden-Baden time trial on 17 September in tandem with team-mate
Andrea Tafi. Other pairings for the race so far announced include
Rominger-Chiurato, Berzin-Frattini, Ludwig-Aldag, Cipollini-Lietti,
Breukink-Maassen, Bolts-Heppner and Marie-Madouas.


Another Parra

Ivan Parra, the 21-year-old younger brother of former Colobian pro star
Fabio Parra has just won the amateur Vuelta de la Juventud in Colombia. He
may turn pro in 1996.


3. 1995 Vuelta (comments/observations)

   * Neither Indurain, Rominger, nor Berzin will compete.

   * Alex Zuelle is the odds-on favorite. "Alex ought to be able to win the
Vuelta (Tour of Spain) on the basis of his record so far," said Manolo
Saiz, director of the Zuelle's ONCE team.

   * Other notable contenders: Pyotr Ugrumov, Bjarne Rijs, Marco Pantani,
Laurent Jalabert, Richard Virenque.

   * Toughest stage: The 17th which includes the 2,114 meter Col de
Tourmalet and then the 1,730 meter Luz de Ardiden.

   * Twenty teams and 180 riders start with an eight kilometer prologue in
Zaragoza on Saturday and finish on 24 September in Madrid.

   * Total race distance: 3,750 kms.