News for September 30, 1997

Rolf's Diary Update

Corregio (Italy), 27 September 97

And I'm not completely happy. Admittedly I rode a good race and to place ninth is good, but really when one places in the first 10, one could have just as easily won. This was probably the first time in a race where the climbs were a little too short for me. Then fewer riders would have arrived together for the last 10km. Today we were still around thirty strong, and as the only one from Casino I had to wait. So with three kilometres to go six riders slipped away and in the field sprint I took third. Now I know all too well whether I'll be selected for the Worlds. Such good form I've never had for the World Championships.

Corregio (Italy), 26 September 97

After two hours of training I can say that I'm very motivated for tomorrow. Although the race, "Il Giro dell'Emillia", is very hard, I'm hoping for a good result. With hindsight I'm not so pleased with yesterday: it would have been much more intelligent to have sat in.

Pisa (Italy), 25 September 97

Another won, namely Tafi. I abandoned. Those are the facts! But so bad it's not. I belong to the strongest riders. Unfortunately at the begining I did too much and so at the end I was missing some power. We were still 25 riders as I attacked. Alas, they reeled me in a little later right at the begining of the climb, and dropped me later on. And so I wasn't very motivated for the last lap of 20km!

Pisa (I), 24 September 97

Somehow I feel at all in form. Hopefully I'm mistaken, my good legs can't be be gone already! Tomorrow I'll give it everything I can, I should really confirm my victory. But until now I've never succeeded in having a good result at the Coppa Sabatini, but what hasn't yet been, can still be.

Zihlschlacht, 22 September 97

I'm back again to reality. My awful performance and abandonment of last Sunday can be at least understood, since I had "intestinal troubles" for two days. I had no power at all. All my power is missing. But that I arrived home after just 100km totally blown, is a puzzle to me. I'm waiting until tomorrow to be sure, but my whole form can't already be gone again!?

Zihlschlacht, 19 September 97

Tomorrow I travel to Paris for the GP Isberg. I'm very, very tense not knowing whether it'll go as well there as in Poland. Hopefully it can.

Zihlschlacht, 17 September 97

I've recovered and am looking with great confidence to my next races. It's still possible that I can raise my arms in the air again? My next race: Grand Prix Isberg on next Sunday, then Emilia, Vignola and the Tour of Poulien in Italy, and then on 12 October the World Championships (hopefully).

Translated by David Wear

Swiss selection for Worlds in San Sebastian

Road Elite: 

Niki Aebersold, Oskar Camenzind, Laurent Dufaux,
Mauro Gianetti, Rolf Jaermann, Fabian Jeker, Armin Meier,               
Roland Meier, Tony Rominger, Pascal Richard, Beat Zberg, Alex Zuelle.

Bruno Boscardin and Markus Zberg are substitutes.

Time Trial Elite:

Roland Meier, Tony Rominger, Alex Zuelle (Worldchampion)

Road U23:

Reto Bergmann, Cedric Fragnière, Yvan Haymoz, Sven Montgomery, 
Marcel Strauss.

Time Trial U23:

Marcel Strauss.

Road Juniors:

Michael Albasini, Rubens Bertogliati, Martin  Bolt, Sandro Güttinger,
Xavier Pache.

Time Trial Juniors:
Rubens Bertogliati, Sandro Güttinger. 

Road Women:

Chantal Daucourt, Marcia Eicher-Vouets, Barbara Heeb, Sandra Krauer,
Diana Rast, Yvonne Schnorf, Daniela Vogel

Time Trial Women:

Marcia Eicher-Vouets, Barbara Heeb.

Road Juniors Women :

Denise Baumann, Nicole Braendli, Tamara Cancellara, Miriam Triner

Time Trial Women Juniors:

Nicole Braendli, Miriam Triner

Lausanne rejects Velodrome

The population of Lausanne is against the building of a new velodrome. More than 63 percent voted against these plans in a referendum on Sunday.

Lausanne has a debt of $US1,000,000,000 and the velodrome's construction price was estimated to be around $US16,000,000. Lausanne would have had to pay 25 percent of the $US16 million.

In the year 2000, the World Track Championships will be in Lausanne.

Keulen. Rund um Köln, Amateurs

 1. Kemna (Ned) 90 km in 1.54.52
 2. Teutenberg (Ger)
 3. Gembalczik (Ger)
 4. Görgen (Ger)
 5. Hamminck (Ned) 0,20

Rhenen, Top Competition, MTB


 1. Djernis (Den)
 2. Van Dooren (Ned)
 3. Hoydahl (Nor)
 4. Heylen (Bel)
 5. Dekker (Ned)


 1. Van Dooren (Ned) 		206 points
 2. Dekker (Ned) 		201
 3. Van de Ven (Ned) 		194
 4. Weevers (Ned) 		154
 5. Mulders (Ned) 		147

 1. Dahle (Nor)
 2. Van Wersch (Ned)
 3. Dorland (Ned)
 4. Laroy (Bel)
 5. Van den Brand (Ned)


 1. Ravestijn (Ned) 		228 points
 2. Dorland (Ned)		206
 3. Van Wersch (Ned) 		197
 4. Van den Brand (Ned) 	185
 5. Coppoolse (Ned)		176

Dutch TTT Club Championships

1. RTV Oldenzaalse WCL      1:00.48'77"

 Peter Duineveld   Renger IJpenburg
 Maarten Nijland   Rudi Kemna
 Niels Harms       Gerben Nijmeijer

2. De IJsselstreek Wezep    +  0.42'95"

 Arjan Bruins      Godert de Leeuw
 Edward Foppen     Jan de Leeuw
 Rene Kroes        Arjen Vinke

3. RTC Buitenlust           +  0.51'05"

 Eddy Bouwmans     Leon Giesbers
 Wim v.d.Meulenhof Marc van Grinsven

4. De Zwaluwen (Almelo) 1.01.49
5. Westland Wil Vooruit (Naaldwijk) 1.01.49