GP Jef Scherens, Cat 1.4

Belgium, September 7, 1997

Race Report

The GP Jef Scherens in Leuven (near Brussel) was held in the new open format for the first time. Elite riders with and without contract raced together with the same ambition - to get the victory flowers.

The race was won by Stéphane Hennebert who beat the Frenchman Anthony Rokia in the final sprint. The Dutchman Hiemstra, Hans De Clercq, Vanderaerden, the Dan Hoj, the Ukraine rider Pankov, Verstrepen, the Frenchman Magnien and Moureau, the Frenchman Pillon and Rudi Verdonck and Peter Wuyts, and two IJsboerke riders, launched the attack.

In Bierbeek, the top group had a gap of almost 2 minutes. But the peloton reacted. Hoj, Verstrepen and Wuyts attempted to escape. By the time they has started the first finishing lap, Hoj and the other two leaders, Verstrepen and Wuyts were joined by Heyndrickx, Rokia, Hennebert, Feys, Rosolinski and Lamour. The Pole Rosolinski continued with the pace, as did Verstrepen, who had driven hard the whole race. From the peloton there were several lone attacks. Verdeyen tried first and led for a short time. During the last climb of Wijnpersstraat Hennebert attacked. The Walloon rider was countered by the Frenchman Rokia who tried to launch his own attack up th Keizersberg. Hennebert went again. That was the final attack. "I knew I was faster than Rokia." said Hennebert. "Last year the Frenchman and I were teammates at Cedico, and we got to know each other enough" said Hennebert who enjoyed the second win for his team on the same day with his teammate Franky De Buyst winning in Meulebeke.

Race distance - 187 kms:

 1. Stéphane Hennebert (Bel)	     4.09.00
 2. Anthony Rokia (Fra) 
 3. Frank Höj (Den) 			0.40
 4. Claude Lamour (Fra)		
 5. Wim Feys
 6. Christ Hendryckx
 7. Peter Wuyts 			0.48
 8. Grzegorz Rosolinski (Pol) 		1.28
 9. Raimundas Rumsas (Lit) 		2.03
10. Oleg Pankov (Ukr)			2.07
11. Raymond Meijs (Ned)
12. Eddy Torrekens
13. Christophe Detilloux
14. Robbie Vandaele
15. Bart Vanstockstraeten
16. Dariusz  Wojciechowski (Pol)
17. Sébastien Demarbaix			2.11
18. Erik Dekker (Ned)
19. André Korff (Ger)
20. Ronny Assez
21. Bart Everaert
22. Luc Roosen
23. Sven Nijs 				2.35
24. Grégory Schoelens
25. Johan Van Nueten
26. Chris Peers
27. Johan De Geyter
28. Wim Heselmans
29. Jan Verstraeten
30. Stig Kristiansen (Nor)