World Road Cycling Championships, San Sebastian

Spain, October 7-12, 1997

Elite Women's Road Race, October 11

Starting List

Results - 108 kms

   1. CAPPELLOTTO A.         ITA       2.44.37
   2. TADICH Elisabeth       AUS  	  s.t.
   3. MARSAL Catherine       FRA 	  s.t. 
   4. POLIKEVICIUTE Jolanta  LTU 	  s.t. 
   5. PIETERS Cindy          BEL          0.02
   6. BLISS-LIVINGSTON K.    USA          0.13
   7. KUPFERNAGEL Hanka      GER          0.13
   8. MANSVELD Debby         NED          0.13
   9. OLSEN Rikke Sandhoj    DEN          0.13
  10. PARENTE Simona         ITA          0.13
  11. STAGOURSKAIA Zinaida   BLR          0.13
  12. BRUNEN Yvonne          NED          0.13
  13. CHEVANNE BRUNEL E.     FRA          0.13
  14. VAN DE VIJVER Heidi    BEL          0.13
  15. VALVIK Monica          NOR          0.13
  16. PRYDE Susy             NZL          0.13
  17. M‹LLER PAULITZ Viola   GER          0.13
  18. GIGILEVA Svetlana      UKR          0.13
  19. ILAVSKA Lenka          SVK          0.13
  20. FERNANDEZ ANZUOLA B.   ESP          0.13
  21. SCHNORF Yvonne         SUI          0.13
  22. KINNUNEN Tuija         FIN          0.13
  23. SUNDSTEDT Pia          FIN          0.13
  24. HOLJER Marie           SWE          0.13
  25. IOUGANIOUK Natalia     UKR          0.13
  26. KURRECK Karen          USA          0.13
  27. VERONESI Daniela       SMR          0.13
  28. EICHER-VOUETS Marcia   SUI          0.13
  29. HOBSON Leigh           CAN          0.13
  30. BENGOA-PEREZ Izasqun   ESP          0.13
  31. KAVERINA Tatiana       RUS          0.13
  32. CHIAPPA Imelda         ITA          0.13
  33. LJUNGSKOG Susanne      SWE          0.13
  34. GERASSIMOVA Valentina  RUS          0.13
  35. PALMER Susan           CAN          0.13
  36. STIAJKINA Tatiana      UKR          0.13
  37. POLKHANOVA Valentina   RUS          0.13
  38. RUANO SANCHON D.       ESP          0.13
  39. SOMARRIBA ARROLA J.    ESP          0.13
  40. FELDHAHN Juanita       AUS          0.13
  41. MCGREGOR Yvonne        GBR          0.13
  42. MELCHERS Mirjam        NED          0.13
  43. NIXON Lynette          AUS          0.13
  44. ERLANK Anke            RSA          0.13
  45. DAUCOURT Chantal       SUI          0.13
  46. DESBOUYS Sťverine      FRA          0.13
  47. LAWRENCE Maria         GBR          0.13
  48. BONANOMI Roberta       ITA          0.17
  49. LONGO-CIPRELLI Jeannie FRA          0.17
  50. CAPPELLOTTO Valeria    ITA          0.18
  51. LUPERINI Fabiana       ITA          0.18
  52. WHITE Charlotte        AUS          0.25
  53. POLIKEVICIUTE Rasa     LTU          0.25
  54. MATUSIAK Bogumila      POL          0.34
  55. JENKINS Louisa         USA          0.34
  56. ZABIROVA Zoulfia       RUS          0.48
  57. RIEDLE Sylvie          FRA          1.23
  58. VICHOVA Sarka          CZE          1.23
  59. HEEB Barbara           SUI          1.27
  60. KRAUER Sandra          SUI          1.30
  61. FARCY Emmanuelle       FRA          1.35
  62. VERMAST Nicole         NED          1.35
  63. WENZEL Kendra          USA          1.36
  64. VYSSOTSKAIA Evguenia   UKR          1.36
  65. WATT Kathryn           AUS          1.59
  66. SIMPER Lisbeth         DEN          2.46
  67. VONCKX Vanja           BEL          6.57
  68. KARIMOVA Natalia       RUS          7.16
  69. SVIRCHTCHOUK Olga      UKR          7.16
  70. MOURENKAIA Ioulia      UKR          7.16
  71. GUERRERO MENDEZ B.     MEX          7.16
  72. ARNDT Judith           GER          8.15
  73. HOHLFELD Vera          GER          8.15
  74. SCHEITLE Kerstin       GER          8.15
  75. KLEWITZ Natascha       GER          8.15
  76. KVALO Jorunn           NOR          8.15
  77. LEHTIMAKI Sanna        FIN          8.15
  78. JENSEN Helle           DEN          8.15
  79. MARTINEZ Ana           ESP         15.05
  80. BOLLERUD Ingunn        NOR         15.05
  81. FLASKOVA Miluse        CZE         18.08
  82. GARIEPY Annie          CAN         20.04
  83. GILL Geraldine         IRL         20.04
  84. OBRUCOVA Kristina      CZE         21.02
  85. RAST Diana             SUI         21.55


VOGEL Daniela          SUI
TRIABAITE Liuda        LTU
JACKSON Linda          CAN
LANGTON Kimberly       CAN
HOLDEN Mari            USA
DEMET Deirdre          USA
BARILLOVA Alena        SVK
KLEP Edith             NED
DE BRUIJN Meike        NED
KREBS Brigitte         AUT
FLATAS Solrun          NOR
ALEXANDER Caroline     GBR
HUNTER Angela          GBR
HUGUES Megan           GBR
BOYDON Sally           GBR
SCHOEMAN Anriette      RSA
COLYN Annelie          RSA
IVANFI Brigitta        HUN
CHALYH Elena           MLD
SCHMIDT Lotte          DEN


Alessandra Cappellotto ended a run of near misses and won the elite women's road race on Saturday for Italy's third world championship cycling title in five days.

Cappellotto got it right to beat off Australian Elisabeth Tadich and Frenchwoman Catherine Marsal, the 1990 champion, in the 108 km race.

``I have lost a lot of sprints recently,'' said Cappellotto. ``Only 15 days ago I made a mess of the finish to the Italian championship, and Imelda Chiappa won. Today I made a terrible sprint but I won.''

The race was uninterrupted by a car bomb explosion in the northern Spanish town during the event.

The 107 women passed within 150 metres of the incident some three minutes after the blast, which injured three Civil Guard officers.

Police said the attack might have been carried out by the Basque guerrilla group ETA.

Jaime Ugarte, director of the championships, said organisers had received no warning from ETA and did not believe the attack had anything to do with the championships.

Silver for Tadich was an extra 21st birthday present, but the finish left Marsal dejected.

``I will take a long time to get over this,'' she said. ``I had the title in my legs, but my gear for the sprint was too big. By the time I had got it going, Cappellotto was gone.''

The race developed decisively when the first three plus Jolanta Polikeviciute of Lithuania, Anke Erlanke of South Africa and Cindy Pieters of Belgium escaped with 23 km remaining.

Their lead stretched to more than 50 seconds, then three km from the finish, Erlanke crashed entering the city streets with three km remaining.

An American Perspective

For Immediate Release, Oct. 11, 1997
Contact: Frank Stanley, USCF Communications Manager, 011-34-943-630440; Kip Mikler, NORBA Communications Manager, (719) 578-4867

Italian Alessandra Cappellotto and Kurt-Asle Arvesen of Norway won the womenís and menís under-23 world road race titles, respectively at the UCI World Road Championships.

Cappellotto, 29, won in a three-way sprint over Australian Elisabeth Tadich and Catherine Marsal of France after the trio were part of a break-away which started with about 25km remaining in the rainy 108km race.

Karen Bliss Livingston, Gainesville, Fla.; won the field sprint for sixth place for the top American finish.

Tadich started the breakaway with two laps to go and was quickly joined by Jolanta Polikeviciute of Lithuania, Anke Erlank of South Africa and Cindy Pieters of Belgium. After the foursome cleared the one major climb in the 13.5km circuit, Marsal and Cappellotto bridged and helped push the margin to 30 seconds by the bottom of the descent.

On the final lap, the United States team tried to mount a chase, powered by Kendra Wenzel, McKenzie Bridge, Ore.; and Louisa Jenkins, Boulder, Colo., but were unable to close the gap.

"The move went and we werenít there," Wenzel said. "As soon I could get to the front, I chased as hard as I could. No one was helping, which was disappointing."

The six riders stayed away and Erlank took the lead at the bottom of the descent, but crashed on a sharp left turn. Cappellotto jumped first with about 250 meters to go, but Marsal and Tadich closed the margin to a photo finish.

Livingston easily won the sprint behind them.

"In a sense, I had an easy job," she said. "I did what I could do."

Karen Kurreck, Cupertino, Calif., was near the front on almost every climb, but was unable to go with the key break.

"When they went, I was just blown," she said.

In the menís under-23 race, Arvesen surprised the favored Italian team, winning a large field sprint. Oscar Freire Gomez of Spain and Gerrit Glomser of Austria were second and third, respectively.

The Italian squad had five riders near the front heading into the field sprint, but were unable to place higher than sixth.

The top American was Christian Vande Velde, Lemont, Ill., who finished 25th. Dave Clinger, Woodland Hills, Calif., was 33rd.

"All of us were in breaks all day long," Vande Velde said. "Dave and I were always in the split going up the hill every time."

Tomorrow, the championships conclude with the elite menís 256.5km road race. Representing the United States are Tyler Hamilton, Marblehead, Mass.; Chris Horner, Lemon Grove, Calif.; Marty Jemison, Salt Lake City, Utah; Frank McCormack, Leicester, Mass.; Chann McRae, Plano, Texas, and Jonathan Vaughters, Englewood, Colo.

Elite Women's Road Race Starting List

  1. HEEB Barbara                  SUI
  2. DAUCOURT Chantal              SUI
  3. EICHER-VOUETS Marcia          SUI
  4. KRAUER Sandra                 SUI
  5. RAST Diana                    SUI
  6. SCHNORF Yvonne                SUI
  7. VOGEL Daniela                 SUI
  8. POLIKEVICIUTE Rasa            LTU
  9. POLIKEVICIUTE Jolanta         LTU
 10. PUCINSKAITE Edita             LTU
 11. TRIABAITE Liuda               LTU
 12. JACKSON Linda                 CAN
 13. PALMER Susan                  CAN
 14. SAMPLONIUS Anne               CAN
 15. HOBSON Leigh                  CAN
 16. LANGTON Kimberly              CAN
 17. GARIEPY Annie                 CAN
 18. KURRECK Karen                 USA
 19. HOLDEN Mari                   USA
 20. DEMET Deirdre                 USA
 21. BLISS-LIVINGSTON Karen        USA
 22. WENZEL Kendra                 USA
 23. JENKINS Louisa                USA
 24. LUPERINI Fabiana              ITA
 25. CAPPELLOTTO Alessandra        ITA
 26. CAPPELLOTTO Valeria           ITA
 27. CHIAPPA Imelda                ITA
 28. BONANOMI Roberta              ITA
 29. PARENTE Simona                ITA
 30. LONGO-CIPRELLI Jeannie        FRA
 31. MARSAL Catherine              FRA
 32. CHEVANNE BRUNEL Elisabeth     FRA
 33. RIEDLE Sylvie                 FRA
 34. DESBOUYS Sťverine             FRA
 35. FARCY Emmanuelle              FRA
 36. ZABIROVA Zoulfia              RUS
 37. POLKHANOVA Valentina          RUS
 38. GERASSIMOVA Valentina         RUS
 39. KARIMOVA Natalia              RUS
 40. KAVERINA Tatiana              RUS
 41. KUPFERNAGEL Hanka             GER
 42. ARNDT Judith                  GER
 43. HOHLFELD Vera                 GER
 44. SCHEITLE Kerstin              GER
 45. KLEWITZ Natascha              GER
 46. M‹LLER PAULITZ Viola          GER
 47. VAN DE VIJVER Heidi           BEL
 48. PIETERS Cindy                 BEL
 49. VONCKX Vanja                  BEL
 50. ILAVSKA Lenka                 SVK
 51. BARILLOVA Alena               SVK
 52. BENGOA-PEREZ Izasqun          ESP
 54. RUANO SANCHON Dori            ESP
 55. SOMARRIBA ARROLA Joana        ESP
 56. MARTINEZ Ana                  ESP
 58. KLEP Edith                    NED
 59. MANSVELD Debby                NED
 60. DE BRUIJN Meike               NED
 61. BRUNEN Yvonne                 NED
 62. MELCHERS Mirjam               NED
 63. VERMAST Nicole                NED
 64. KREBS Brigitte                AUT
 65. VALVIK Monica                 NOR
 66. KVALO Jorunn                  NOR
 67. FLATAS Solrun                 NOR
 68. BOLLERUD Ingunn               NOR
 69. MCGREGOR Yvonne               GBR
 70. ALEXANDER Caroline            GBR
 71. LAWRENCE Maria                GBR
 72. HUNTER Angela                 GBR
 73. HUGUES Megan                  GBR
 74. BOYDON Sally                  GBR
 75. OBRUCOVA Kristina             CZE
 76. VICHOVA Sarka                 CZE
 77. FLASKOVA Miluse               CZE
 78. SUNDSTEDT Pia                 FIN
 79. LEHTIMAKI Sanna               FIN
 80. KINNUNEN Tuija                FIN
 81. SCHOEMAN Anriette             RSA
 82. ERLANK Anke                   RSA
 83. COLYN Annelie                 RSA
 84. MATUSIAK Bogumila             POL
 85. IVANFI Brigitta               HUN
 86. GILL Geraldine                IRL
 87. CHALYH Elena                  MLD
 88. HOLJER Marie                  SWE
 89. LJUNGSKOG Susanne             SWE
 90. GIGILEVA Svetlana             UKR
 91. IOUGANIOUK Natalia            UKR
 92. VYSSOTSKAIA Evguenia          UKR
 93. SVIRCHTCHOUK Olga             UKR
 94. MOURENKAIA Ioulia             UKR
 95. STIAJKINA Tatiana             UKR
 96. PRYDE Susy                    NZL
 97. STAGOURSKAIA Zinaida          BLR
 98. GUERRERO MENDEZ Belem         MEX
 99. NIXON Lynette                 AUS
100. TADICH Elisabeth              AUS
101. WATT Kathryn                  AUS
102. WHITE Charlotte               AUS
103. FELDHAHN Juanita              AUS
104. JENSEN Helle                  DEN
105. OLSEN Rikke Sandhoj           DEN
106. SCHMIDT Lotte                 DEN
107. SIMPER Lisbeth                DEN
108. VERONESI Daniela              SMR