World Road Cycling Championships, San Sebastian

Spain, October 7-12, 1997

Women's ITT, October 8

Women's Individual Time Trial, 28 kms:

 1. LONGO-CIPRELLI Jeannie         FRA          39:15.21
 2. ZABIROVA Zoulfia               RUS              0.85
 3. ARNDT Judith                   GER             29.69
 4. KUPFERNAGEL Hanka              GER             39.62
 5. EMERY Elizabeth                USA             57.26
 6. MARSAL Catherine               FRA           1:08.69
 7. HOLDEN Mari                    USA           1:17.02
 8. JACKSON Linda                  CAN           1:21.94
 9. STAGOURSKAIA Zinajda           BLR           1:31.16
10. CAPPELLOTTO Alessandra         ITA           1:31.17
11. POLIKEVICIUTE Jolanda          LTU           1:40.12
12. POLKHANOVA Valentina           RUS           1:49.84
13. WATT Kathryn                   AUS           2:12.86
14. CHALYH Elena                   MLD           2:32.86
15. NIXON Lynette                  AUS           2:35.18
16. VALVIK Monica                  NOR           2:41.91
17. MCGREGOR Yvonne                GBR           2:42.74
18. TRIBAITE Liuda                 LTU           2:48.80
19. ILAVSKA Lenka                  SVK           2:49.90
20. STIAJKINA Cariane              UKR           2:57.40
21. KINNUNEN Tuija                 FIN           2:59.86
22. HEEB Barbara                   SUI           3:07.79
23. MATUSIAK Bogumila              POL           3:09.10
24. PREGNOLATO Gabriella           ITA           3:12.70
25. ERLANK Anke                    RSA           3:39.09
26. LJUNGSKOG Susanne              SWE           3:40.03
27. KVAL  Jorunn                   NOR           3:42.44
28. DE BRUIJN Meike                NED           3:45.25
29. OBRUCOVA Kristina              CZE           3:49.78
30. JOHNSON Maxine                 GBR           3:59.89
31. HiLJER Marie                   SWE           4:06.68
32. BELTMANN Chantal               NED           4:29.41
33. BENGOA PEREZ Izasqun           ESP           4:41.93
34. EICHER-VOUETS Marcia           SUI           4:55.25
35. GARIEPY Annie                  CAN           5:06.11
36. COLYN Annelie                  RSA           5:38.93
37. BUDOVITSKA Olena               UKR           5:57.14
38. KREBS Brigitte                 AUT           6:31.61
39. VILLAJOSANA Marta              ESP           6:36.43

Recent Winners

1994 - Sicily (Italy): 

 1. Karen Kurreck (USA)
 2. Anne Samplontus (Can)
 3. Jeannie Longo (Can)

1995 - Tunja (Colombia):

 1. Jeannie Longo (Fra)
 2. Clara Hughes (Can)
 3. Kathryn Watt (Australia)

1996 - Lugano (Switzerland): 

 1. Jeannie Longo (Fra) 
 2. Catherine Marsal (Fra)
 3. Alessandra Cappellotto (Ita)

Longo Fined

Jeannie Longo, France's world cycling champion, was fined 50,000 Swiss francs ($34,600) on Thursday over a small offending logo on her racing clothes.

Longo, 39, had completed a hat-trick of time-trial title victories at the world road championships on Wednesday. But 24 hours later she was punished for having worn the name of a company who make vegetarian products as she went to the podium to receive her 'rainbow' jersey as a world champion.

It is believed a small sticker, just a few centimetres square and bearing her sponsor's name, covered the logo of the Italian company who supply the official jerseys to the world championships.

In a communique issued on Thursday, the Union Cycliste International (UCI) stated: "She has worn advertising matter of her personal sponsor during the medal ceremony. The world champion's jersey awarded at that ceremony may carry no advertising matter other than that determined by the UCI.

"A world champion can have advertising material on their champion's jersey 48 hours after the official ceremony and until the eve of the next world championships."

A year ago, Belgian Johan Museeuw, who defends his world road race title on Sunday, was fined 20,000 Swiss francs ($13,800) after receiving his gold medal in Lugano.

As he stepped from the podium he had put on a racing cap advertising his Italian sponsor.


Several riders confused a white line (about 100 meters before the official finish) with the finishline and stopped. Organisation reigns supreme!!

Jeannie Longo's reign as the queen of cycling moved into a 13th year with her eighth world road crown on Wednesday.

The 39-year-old Frenchwoman, who won her first world medal with a silver 16 years ago, completed a treble of world time trial titles by beating Olympic champion Zoulfia Zabirova by 0.85 of a second.

``Everyone wants to put me out to pasture, but I have not found the right field for my future,'' Longo said, adding that she would contest Saturday's road race.

On Wednesday she averaged 42.7 kilometres an hour to cover the 28 kms circuit in 39 minutes 15 seconds.

Judith Arndt of Germany was 29 seconds further back to take the bronze after clocking the best time at 12.3 kms.

``It was not easy to control the bike in the wind, and I had trouble changing rhythm and acclerating,'' Longo said.

``In the last five kms a fan at the roadside gave me a signal, and then I knew that I could win.''

Longo's season was interrupted in July when she fractured a collarbone in a training spill at the French track championships but she came back strongly to win the Grand Prix des Nations time trial at the Madine lake course in France two weeks ago.

She won her first road race title 12 years ago and a year later she took the first of four world track golds.

The first Olympic gold came in the Atlanta road race last year but she was later beaten by Zabirova in the time trial.

Report from the USCF

For Immediate Release, Oct. 8, 1997
Contact: Frank Stanley, USCF Communications Manager, 011-34-943-630440; Kip Mikler, NORBA Communications Manager, (719) 578-4867

A new champion and a familiar champion were crowned Wednesday at the UCI World Road Championships as Jeannie Longo-Ciprelli of France won her 13th world title in the elite womenís time trial while Fabio Malberti of Italy won his first in the under-23 menís individual time trial.

Longo-Ciprelli, who will turn 39 at the end of this month, narrowly edged Olympic time trial champion Zoulfia Zabirova of Russia by 0.85 seconds. World individual pursuit champion Judith Arndt of Germany was third, 29 seconds behind Longo-Ciprelli, who won the event for the third straight year.

U.S. national champion Elizabeth Emery, 33, New York, N.Y., placed fifth in her first world championship appearance. She was 57 seconds behind Longo-Ciprelli.

"Iím very happy," said Emery, who put a maximum effort into the performance. "Iíve never come so close to blowing up in my life."

Starting sixth among 39 riders, Emery had the second-fastest time at the first split, 12.3km into the 28km race.

Mari Holden, 26, Colorado Springs, Colo., finished seventh, 1:17 behind Longo, despite misjudging the finish line and pulling up some 200 meters short of the line.

"It was a stupid mistake," Holden said. "I probably lost 20 seconds."

Holden, 11th in this event in 1996, said she misunderstood the presence of the flag bearer at the 200m mark who was signaling the follow vehicles to turn off the course. At least one other rider made the same mistake.