News for October 8, 1997

Museeuw will defend

Belgian Johan Museeuw decided on Tuesday to defend his world road race title despite a recurrence of the kidney trouble he suffered in the Tour de France.

After a 3 1/2 hour workout on Tuesday paced by a motor cycle, Museeuw said he would contest the 256.5 kms race on Sunday.

Museeuw was due to compete in last Sunday's World Cup race from Paris to Tours but instead returned to Belgium.

``Johan is not 100 percent and he still has a light fever but he is ready to race,'' his father Eddy said on Tuesday.

``He will consult with his doctor later but is already planning a full training ride tomorrow in the Ardennes.''

The route, as with most Classic specialists, suits the Belgian perfectly. This year's Worlds will again be a lottery. The 1995 edition in Colombia was out of the ordinary, never had the Worlds been disputed in such a selective route, where the group of favorites was reduced so much and many one day specialist didn't even show up. Again, the ones with less possibilities will be the climbers. It is a shame that the organization opted for a completely urban circuit, since there are important climbs surrounding San Sebastián and a more mountainous route would have favored the young Spanish riders (Jiménez, Heras, Serrano or Clavero).

The Danes at the Worlds

Brian Holm is no longer ill - he will participate in the race in San Sebastian on sunday. Michael Sandstoed will also compete on sunday (until now he was only to race 50 km thursday) as a result of Jesper Skibby scratching.

Rolf Soerensen had hand surgery yesterday on Gildhoej Sportsklinik in Denmark (surgeon Peter Angermann). The operation went well, but he will not be able to participate in more races this year.

Latest Summary UCI Rankings

 1. Laurent Jalabert (France) 	1,913 points 
 2. Jan Ullrich (Germany)     	1,610
 3. Alex Zuelle (Switzerland) 	1,512
 4. Pavel Tonkov (Russia)     	1,411
 5. Johan Museeuw (Belgium)   	1,285
 6. Michele Bartoli (Italy)   	1,259
 7. Richard Virenque (France) 	1,252
 8. Andrea Tafi (Italy)       	1,216
 9. Andrei Tchmil (Ukraine)   	1,166
10. Erik Zabel (Germany) 	1,134 

Miguel at the Worlds

Ex-cyclist Miguel Induráin commented that the Worlds at San Sebastián have all the ingredients to be an exciting one. Also that curiously the poster used as propaganda shows two riders, wich won't be riding. "This is a poster for colectors, since in it they have Olano and me as the big winner at the Atlanta Olympic Games at the individual time trial and it turns out that neither of us is riding for different reasons. In my case because I'm retired and Olano, because he's not doing well", said Induráin.

Miguel Induráin, who was present at the official presentation acts for the Worlds, also said that: "A World Championship race is always difficult, but I think that this time the riders that disputed la Vuelta a Espańa will be favored. It is risky to give any names, but I'm convinced that the riders from La Vuelta will have an advantage", clarified Induráin. In terms of Olano's absence, Indurain said: "Olano has to be going through a hard time. His morale has to be very low, since the Worlds are practically passing in front of his house and logically it was one of his objectives from a few years ago".

Miguel Induráin added that he doesn't miss cycling competition, that he follows it closely and that his intentions are to attend the different events at the Worlds with his wife Marisa and his son Miguel, who will arrive tomorrow at San Sebastián.

Spanish tactics?

Indurain has retired and Olano won't be going. Under these circumstances, Spain can only benefit from a crazy race, being very attentive of breaks and allow the teams with clear leaders like France, Switzerland or Italy to work. 'Chente' García, Marino Alonso, Melcior Mauri or Ángel Edo are the fastest Spaniards if the finish involves a small group. But considering that option there are other riders that will be favored: Tchmil, winner on Sunday at Paris-Tours, Bartoli, Fondriest, Rebellin, Tafi, Konyshev, Richard, Nelissen, Vandenbroucke, Outschakov or Sciandri, pure one day specialists. Not forgetting the strong men at this time, who are backed up by strong teams: Zülle, Jalabert, Bolts or Casagrande.

More Danish News

Next seacon will not just bring one Danish team but two. Team Home Jack & Jones was the first but now also Team Acceptcard is there, but with a very small budget.

Acceptcard will also be a official UCI team, they will look for Danish riders first of all track riders, Jens Vegerby, Jimmy Madsen, Tayeb Braykia, Jacob Piil (all track riders) and Stig Guldbćk have so far signed the team. I believe they are also looking for two norwegian riders.

Team Home Jack & Jones have signed with the espoir talent Michael Steen Nielsen. Michael`s big goal for this seacon has bin the world championship in San Sebastian, but he is ingored, and I believe he will not be competing. They are also talking with Uwe Peschel.

Peter Meinert is ill (the flu) and will not be riding the ITT. Brian Holm who was ill feels ready to help Bjarne Riis in the road race.