News for October 7, 1997

Rolf's Diary Update

Marruggio, 2 Oct 97

We had time to admire the nice scenery, the blue skies, the blue ocean. We rode around the entire heel of Italy, which Italian say is practically part of Africa, but it was nice nonetheless. The race, by the way, was the same: field sprint.

Lecce, 1 Oct 97

Unlike yesterday today was ridden very fast. It ended with a field sprint, which we didn't win this time. I'm looking forward to the World Championships in a fortnight. This is the first time that I really have good form, and the circuit really suits me. I sense a good result. I have to ride a lot of kilometres at least once, so that I can digest the 250km of the Worlds.

Molfetta, 30 Sept 97

230km, flat, straight, and slow. Actually I wasn't particularly happy. And around 80km from the finish it was clear that there would be a field sprint. So, because Lauri and I were albe to launch Jaan so good in the last kilometre, all the other sprinters had no chance, which they admitted. First stage, first win and the leader's jersey! I'm still learning in my old days how to lead out sprints!

Foggia (Italy), 29 Sept 97

Unfortunately the race was relatively simple, and so one needs a little luck, to get away in the right group. I'm nonetheless pleased that in the small hills I belong to the strongest, even though my groups were always reeled in. I missed, alas, the right break on the flat. But good legs, well trained.

translated by David Wear

Merseyside Invitation ITT, Liverpool, October 5, 45.3 kms:

 1. Stuart Dangerfield	1.05.42
 2. C. Newton       	1.06.26
 3. Jon Clay      	1.06.47
 4. G. Butler     	1.07.06 
 5. R. Prebble    	1.07.47
 6. M. Belfield    	1.08.24 
 7. M. Stephens   	1.09.10
 8. Rob Hayles      	1.09.53 
 8. A. Wilkinson 	1.09.53
10. D. Cook        	1.09.54  
Thanks to Paul Curran