News for October 3, 1997


Guipuzcoan Abraham Olano, from Team Banesto, will not participate at the Cycling Worlds disputed in San Sebastián between October 7 and 12, informed today his personal doctor, Dr. Arratibel. Olano had kept everyone in suspense about his participation at the Worlds, since his retiring from La Vuelta, affected by a "chronic infection" that doesn't allow him to physically recuperate and had caused a condition similar to over-training.

The fact that the Worlds are been celebrated at San Sebastian this year, made the Vasque cyclist postpone his decision, until he knew the results of his medical tests, that according to Dr. Arratibel, are not "good enough to allow him to ride, for any results", although they do show that the Banesto rider has "somewhat improved". Arratibel indicated that Olano "has regained some of his form" and his "doing a little better", but said that "he won't be good enough to dispute the individual time trial", which will be disputed in less than a week. "To ride a medium to bad time trial, it is better to leave the position open for somebody else in the team that can do it better". "Olano adopted the decision not to participate, but was upset about it", concluded Arratibel.

Abraham Olano has concluded his season. After failing at the Tour & Vuelta, although he finished fourth at the Tour after winning the final time trial, Olano continues to have the same symptoms that prevented him from performing at the expected level. His last chance to make up for his dissapointments after retiring from La Vuelta was the World's ITT. Olano didn't wait for the results of his medical tests. He got on the bike and rode the 42.6km time trial circuit at racing speed, in the company of a car with his doctor Iñaki Arratíbel and masseur, Moisés Leboso.

In the first 20 kms, the flat section of the circuit, his feelings were good , even though he was riding fast. But once he hit km 25, when the road gets tougher, he started feeling the same symptoms than at the Tour: a total block once he increases his pulse and gets 'stuck' when he's suffering. The rider placed his foot down from the bike convinced that the best thing right now is to rest and forget the unfortunate season. He immediately called Paco Antequera, the National Team Selector to communicate his decision. Kelme's Juan Carlos Domínguez will take Olano's place.

"There is nothing that I would like more", Olano told Antequera yesterday "I can't hit myself on my fingers again. I'm not interested in another failure and much less in the Vasque Country, letting down my own people. There is nothing that I would like more than being able to ride like a bullet. But after being second place to Miguel during all this years, now the only thing I can do is win".

A Day in the Life of the Squaddra Blue

BARONTI: Yesterday he was in Rome for the antidoping test. Today he will ride 6/7 hours at a slow pace. The Tuscan he will debut at the Worlds, is going through a good moment of form. He will dispute Paris-Tours on Sunday.

BARTOLI: The climbs of Monte Serra and the Pizzorne are part of the menu for the Tuscan, who is training with Scinto. Yesterday he rode 5 hours in flat terrain at a good rhythm. Today 4-5 hours and finishing with a couple of hours behind the Vespa (Scooter/motorbike) bfollowing the instructions of Cecchini. Tomorrow he will wound down. Saturday, two hours before leaving for Paris-Tours the World Cup Race.

BORTOLAMI: Gianluca is riding at Puglia. He will be at Paris-Tours.

BUGNO: He's riding in Puglia. Sunday he will be a host at the stand for Mapei at the Fair of Bologna. Monday he will go to Rovereto and Tuesday to Monza for his last Italian training.

CASAGRANDE: At Giro di Puglia refining his preparation. He will not participate at Paris-Tours. He feels that his form is 100 per cent.

CHIAPPUCCI: He recuperated well from La Vuelta, with good condition and good morale. He has returned to training, after getting over a bronchitis that he developed the last week at La Vuelta. Today he will ride 5 hours to feel his strength, with the climb of the Ghisallo. Sunday Paris-Tours and Tuesday four hours at medium tempo to refine himself for Spain. Yesterday he was in Rome for the control antidoping.

FARESIN: This is a recovery week for him, was in Rome yesterday for control antidoping. Today he will train for 5 hours with Ferrigato, to test his strength. Sunday he will race at Paris-Tours.

FONDRIEST: He has come out well from La Vuelta and has gone home to recover. He was in Rome yesterday for the same, antidoping. Today 5 hours, with some motorpacing work.

GUIDI: Might skip the last stage at Puglia to recover for Paris-Tours.

REBELLIN: Could leave the Giro di Puglia to concentrate in Paris-Tours.

SCINTO: He rode 5 flat hours yesterday. Today 4/5. He's feeling well, with high morale. Sunday he will race at Paris-Tours.

TAFI: Yesterday he was involved in the activity at Puglia as he proved with his surprising move in the last kilometer. Getting ready for Paris-Tours

FERRIGATO (Reserve): Today he trained with Faresin: 5 hours, including the climbs of Monte Corno & Lusiana, also 70 km behind the motorcycle driven by his father. Sunday he will be at Paris-Tours. Yesterday he was in Rome at the control antidoping.

CARUSO (Reserve): Yesterday he tried a breakaway at the Giro di Puglia. Sunday he might ride an open race at Macerata.

World's Schedule

Tuesday 7th: 

13.00, Female Junior ITT, 13.5km.
14.45, Male Junior ITT, 28km. 

Wednesday 8th: 

 9.30, Female Elite ITT, 28km.
14.00, ITT Espoir (under 23), 32km. 

Thursday 9th: 

13.30, Male Elite ITT, 42.600km. 

Friday 10th: 

 9.30, Female Junior Road Race, 67.5km.
13.00, Male Junior Road Race, 121.5km (9 laps). 

Saturday 11th: 

 9.30, Espoir Road Race (under 23), 162km (12 laps)
14.00, Female Elite Road Race, 108km (8 laps). 

Sunday 12th: 

 9.45, Male Elite Road Race, 256.5km (19 laps)