Second Edition News for October 28, 1997

Contracts and Transfers

- New world espoirs road race champion KURT-ATLE ARVESEN has signed a pro contract with Scrigno, as has the no 1 in the world espoirs ranking, Italian ??? PANETTA.

- DAVIDE REBELLIN (La Francaise des Jeux) is to return to Team Polti next season, taking with him from FDJ his brother SIMONE. Also signing for Polti is CRISTIAN SALVATO (Refin).

Aachen, Germany, Cyclo Cross, Cat. A, October 25

 1. Danny De Bie  (Bel) Rollini
 2. Paul Herygers (Bel) Tonnissteiner
 3. A. Daelemans (Bel) elite
 5. P. Willemsens (Bel) elite
 6. P. Van Riet (Bel) elite
 8. T. Vannoppen (Bel) elite
11 H Wuyts (Bel) elite
15 K Volckaerts (Bel) elite

Criterium Ciudad de Valladolid

Juan Carlos Domínguez was the overall winner of the VI edition of the Criterium "Ciudad de Valladolid", which was contested with the participation of 24 riders, amongst them Italian Claudio Chiapucci.

The event was divided in three races: elimination, team pursuit and points. The winner of the elimination race was Javier Pascual, followed by Melchor Mauri and Juan Carlos Domínguez. In the team pursuit the victory went to team "A" formed by the Track World Champions, Juan Llaneras & Alzamora, together with Roberto Heras, Santos González, Prudencio Induráin, Iñigo Cuesta and Félix García Casas. Finally the points race was won by Juan Carlos Domínguez, followed by Melchor Mauri, Claudio Chiapucci, Fernando Escartín, Daniel Clavero & José María Jiménez.

This will be the last time that the winner, Juan Carlos Domínguez, will wear the Kelme jersey, since next season he will ride for the new team, Vitalicio Seguros.

22nd Criterium "Ciudad de Hospitalet"

The current Spanish National Champion, Jose María Jiménez, from team Banesto won today the XXII Edition of the Criterium ciclista "Ciudad de Hospitalet". Jiménez achieved the victory thanks to his winning alone the last sprint of the road race, which gave double points after the constant struggle with Melcior Mauri, who was the leader until the last sprint. The winner of the elimination race was Eleuterio Anguita from Team Estepona Toscaf.

Breukink retires

It has been 10 years since a certain Erik Breukink surprisingly won the semi-stage at San Romolo and wore the Pink Jersey of the Giro d'Italia for 3 days. Yesterday the blond Dutchman said good-bye to cycling racing his last race in a mountain bike. The race was won by Dutchman Bart Brentjens with Breukink taking the 2nd place. Breukink, together with Tony Rominger, is one of the riders retiring from professional cycling.

Thirty three year old Erik Breukink, was for many years one of the best time trialist. Amongst his palmares there are the Prologue of the Tour de France '89, the time trial at Villard de Lans and Lac de Vassiviere at the Tour '90 and the final time trial of the World Cup at Lunel in France. Now Breukink will rest for a period of time, before starting his new job as an assistant at Rabobank, his last team>

Axel Marries

[Bill: Yep! We are now dealing in personal news on these pages. Maybe a lonely hearts column is next.}

Axel Merckx, son of the great Eddy, was married yesterday with Canadian Jodi Cross. The wedding was celebrated in Montecarlo (Principality of Monaco) where they both will live. Twenty-five year old Axel Merckx, rides for Italian Team Polti. Jodi Cross is a triathlete. They met at the DuPont Tour '95, when the Canadian worked as physiotherapist with an American team. Axel and Jodi will leave today for a vacation in the Caribbean.

More Round 1 Cyclo Cross World Cup Detail

Round 1 of the Cyclo-Cross World cup, the Grand Prix de Suisse at Eschenbach on Sunday (October 26), was won by Dutch rider Richard Groenendaal, with his 38-year-old compatriot Adri Van der Poel second.

 1. Richard Groenendaal (Ned)        1.02.17
 2. Van der Poel (Ned) 			0.20
 3. Wabel (Swi) 			0.58
 4. Simunek (Czech) 			0.59
 5. L. Bramati (Ita) 			1.00
 6. M. De Clercq (Bel)			1.01
 7. Vansantvliet (Bel) 			1.03
 8. Runkel (Swi) 			1.05
 9. Schatti (Swi) 			1.07
10. Pospisil (Czech) 			1.25

World Cup Points

 1. Groenendaal 	20
 2. Van der Poel 	15
 3. Wabel 		13
 4. Simunek		12
 5. Bramati		11

The other events in the series:

Czech GP at Prague, November 22
Italian GP at Solbiate, December 6
Belgian GP at Koksijde, December 21
French GP at Pontchateau, January 4
Dutch GP at Heerlen, January 18