News for October 27, 1997

Transfers and Contracts

The Mercantone Uno team for 1998 is now finalised.

Marco Arthungi, Sergio Barbero, Simone Borgheresi, Francesc Casgrand, Stefano Checcin, Roberto Conti, Marco Fincato, Fabiano Fontanelli, Riccardo Forconi, Stefano Garzelli, Dimitri Konychev, Marco Pantani, Oscar Pellicoli, Guisvan Piovaccaro, Massimo Podenzan, Marcello Siboni, Mario Traversoni, Marco Velo and neo-pro Napolitano.

World Cup Cycle Cross, Eschenbach

 1. Richard Groenendaal (Ned) Rabobank
 2. Adri van der Poel (Ned) Rabobank		0.20
 3. Bear Wabel 					0.58

Tour de France Jury Appointment

Martin Bruin (50) has been appointed as Chairman of the jury in the Tour de France in 1998.

Brinta Beach Classic, Netherlands - Cycle Cross, 56 kms

This was the last race for Erik Breukink. After a career spanning 12.5 years Breukink became honorary member of the KNWU after the race.
 1. Jan Weevers
 2. Bart Brentjens
 3. Michael Boogerd
19. Erik Breukink

Herning after Night 2

 1. Bjarne Riis (DEN)-Silvio Martinello (ITA)		148 pts

At 1 laps:

  2. Jens Veggerby-Jimmi Madsen (DEN)           	147

At 2 laps:

  3. Jakob Piil-Tayeb Braikia (DEN)            	 	137
  4. Adriano Baffi-Giovanni Lombardi (ITA)       	 89
  5. Bruno Risi-Kurt Betschart (SCH)             	 87

At 3 laps:

 6. Marco Villa (ITA)-Michael Sandstoed (DEN)    	 82
 7. Etienne De Wilde (BEL)-Matthew Gilmore (AUS) 	 71

At 6 laps:

 8. Carsten Wolf-Andreas Walzer (GER)           	 67
 9. Gerd Doerich (GER)-Michael Kyneb (DEN)       	 52

At 8 laps:

10. Rick van Slijcke-Lorenzo Lapage (BEL)        	 34