News for October 25, 1997

Contracts and Transfers

- Danny Nellisen will probably sign Team Home Jack & Jones this weekend.

- A third Danish team is now a reality. Former yellow jersey holder Kim Andersen announced, that he will be sportdirector from a new Danish team. The team will be a small team with just 10 Danish riders. The sponsor of the team is still a secret.

A Challenge for Everyone

My friend, Henrik Falk (from Denmark) asks:

Bill I have a question for you. My bike club "DCR Ballerup" claims to be the oldest road racing club in the world, 108 years this December. Do you or anybody know of any older road racing clubs?

Well - does anybody know?

Herning 6 Day Race

Herning (Denmark) is the hometown of Bjarne Riis and is currently hosting the third six day race of the season.

The first day was won bye Tayeb Braikia/Jakob Piil

Among the participants in Herning are:

Bjarne Riis/Silvio Martinello
Giovanni Lombardi/Adriano Baffi
Hans Vegerby/Madsen
Bruno Risi/Beschart

Retrouvailles Race

The annual Retrouvailles ("Reunion", "Rediscovery") race organized by vineyard owner Paul Cinquin, takes place on Saturday (October 25) at Regnie-en-Beajolais in France. This year the star-studded field includes Raymond Poulidor (2nd in the Tour de France 1964, 1965, 1974), Bernard Hinault (1st in the Tour 1978, 1979, 1981, 1982, 1985), Jean Stablinski (1st in the Vuelta a Espana 1958, world road champion 1962), Roger Walkowiak (1st in the Tour 1956), Bernard Thevenet (1st in the Tour 1975), Roger Pingeon (1st in the Tour 1967, 1st in the Vuelta 1969), Lucien Aimar (1st in the Tour 1966), Henri Anglade (2nd in the Tour 1959), Herman Van Springel (2nd in the Giro d'Italia 1971, 3rd in the Vuelta 1970, 1st in Bordeaux--Paris 1970, 1974, 1975, 1977, 1978, 1980, 1981), Pino Cerami (1st in Paris--Roubaix and the Fleche Wallonne 1960), Federico Bahamontes (1st in the Tour 1959), Rudi Altig (1st in the Vuelta 1962, world road champion 1966), Julio Jimenez (2nd in the Tour 1967, Tour King of the Mountains 1965, 1966, 1967), Gilbert Duclos-Lassalle (1st in Paris--Roubaix 1992, 1993), Joop Zoetemelk (1st in the Tour 1980, world road champion 1985), Jan Janssens (1st in the Tour 1968), Gerben Karstens (1st Paris--Tours 1964).

Worth a visit if you are in the area -- for further details phone