News for October 15, 1997

Transfers and Contracts

- Laszlo Bodrogi (last week second in WC ITT espoirs) signed with Festina. The 21-year old Hungarian will first go to VC Lyon. Vaulx-en-Velin, the Festina's amateur team and in 1999 to Festina.

- The Belgian Geert van Bondt signed for two years with TVM on Monday. Van Bondt (27) was with Vlaanderen 2002

- Danish rider Claus Michael Mřller will leave spanish team Estepona, and join Dutch TVM. The transfer takes place January 1998. Claus can not speak about this until Wednesday, but confirms that the information from Ritzaus Bureau is correct. He dreams about participating in Tour de France and Giro d' Italia, and hopes this will happen in 1998.

Bordeaux 6 Day race


 1. Martinello/Villa (Ita) 	310 points
 2. Curuchet/Curuchet (Arg) 	297
 3. Llaneras/Alzamora (Spa) 	179

Sponsor prohibits Groenendaal and Van der Poel from starting in Cyclecross World Cup

has prohitibed Richard Groenendaal and Adri van der Poel from starting in the World Cup Cycle Cross events. The UCI-rules prevent riders from starting in these events wearing the sponsor's shirt in this case, Rabobank. They have to wear their national shirts. Raas says: "These rules are not new; but all the other years the riders were wearing their sponsor's shirts. I'll wait for an explanation by the KNWU."

While the National Team is sponsored by Rabobank, Raas is discovering that other sponsors are encountering problems too. "The KNWU has to come with a good solution; otherwise my riders are not starting." The World Cup races start within two weeks in Eschenbach (Switzerland). Groenendaal hopes he can start: "I'm a cycle-crosser, so i want to join the World Cup races. But Raas is my boss. I hope the union will find a solution soon."

Alkmaar, Dutch National Track over 80 laps

Elite Men:

 1. Slippens (Opmeer)/Pronk (Warmenhuizen)
 2. Luyten (Meerkerk)/ De Koning (Zwartewaal)
 3. Van Dorst (Schaik)/ Van Ommen (Kampen).

Men Derny:

 1. Rol (Alkmaar) derny Mooy
 2. Kops (Heiloo)/Fak
 3. De Boer (Haarlem)/Jonker

Women: omnium:

 1. Leine (Alkmaar)
 2. Embsink (Neede)
 3. Kaatee (Koedijk)

Lancashire Hill Climb, "The Rake", October 12, 1 km:

 1. Jef Wright           	2.21.6
 2. J. Henderson              	2.25.6
 3. Stuart Dangerfield    	2.25.9
 4. R. Taylor               	2.30.3
 5. Mark McKay                  2.30.4 
 6. T. Anderson               	2.30.6
 7. C. Newton                 	2.31.5 

Thanks to Paul Curran

Final Night of Medellin 6 Day Race

 1. Silvio Martinello (Ita). Marco Villa (Ita)		310 pts
 2. Juan Curuchet (Arg). Gabriel Curuchet (Arg)	297
 3. Juan Llaneras (Spa). Miguel Alzamora (Spa)		179
 4. Carsten Wolf (Ger). Gerard Dorich (Ger)		204 (-1 lap).
 5. Andrea Collinelli (Ita). Giovanni Lombardi (Ita)	161 (-1)

III Criterium Cuidad de Zaragoza

 1. Fernando Escartín (Kelme-Costa Blanca)   54 points
 2. Laurent Jalabert (ONCE)                  50 points
 3. Alex Zulle (ONCE)                        50 points
 4. Claudio Chiapucci (Asics-CGA)            43 points
 5. Daniel Clavero (Estepona-Cafés Toscaf)   41 points

Cyclo Cross Grammont, Belgium, Cat A

 1. M. De Clercq (Palmans)   1.02.29
 2. E. Vervecken		0.07 
 3. Nijs		      	0.10
 4. Wellens			0.25
 5. Van Santvliet		1.06
 6. Janssens			1.20
 7. Berden  			1.34
 8. Rondelee 			1.53
 9. A. Daelemans  		2.10
10. H. De Clercq  		3.04