Vuelta a Guatemala, Cat 2.6

Guatemala, October 21-November 1, 1997

Stage 1

With the absence of Colombia and Cuba from this year's Vuelta a Guatemala, the local press is touting the chance that for the first time in 9 years a Guatemalan may win the national multi-stage race. However, with good semi- pro squads from the US, Germany, and Switzerland, it remains to be seen whether this will be the end of the host nation's long drought. North Carolinian John Lieswyn took the opening stage and the leader, points, and sprint jerseys.

 1. John Lieswyn (USA)               2.31.03
 2. Sergio Godoy (Gua)              	0.10
 3. Omar Ochoa (Gua)                    s.t.
 4. Fernando Escobar (Gua)
 5. Rafael Galindo (Gua)
 6. Thomas Lauerbach (Ger)
 7. Jose Robles (Swi)
 8. Paolo Manzoni (Swi)
 9. Fernin Mandez (Gua)
10. Edgar Villanueva (Gua)
Sprints: John Lieswyn (USA) KOM: Fernando Escobar (Gua) Points: John Lieswyn (USA)