GP Berlare, National Event (No UCI Points)

Belgium, October 1, 1997

Race Report

After only a few kms into the race, 15 riders went away in an attack. At the half way mark, there were only 8 left: the Pole Mickiwiecz, the Latvian Ozols, the Dutchmen Talen and Vierhouten, Bart Heirewegh, Robbie Van Daele, Peter Spaenhoven and elite rider Eric Torfs, who was riding a good race and also taking out the premies.

The peloton was 50 seconds down with 60 kms to go, but had been down by 3 minutes earlier. In the last 20 kms there was a major move in the top group with an attack from Ozols, Van Daele and Talen. It was brought back rather quickly. By the last 5 kms, in a super finale, a new top group formed with Talen, who with his team mate, Van der Wolff was really hammering. Andy De Smet took advantage of a really good wheel and came over them to win the sprint. Aart Vierhouten was second from Frank Hoj and Van der Wolff.

Race distance - 160 kms

 1. Andy De Smet (Bel) Ipso		             3.37.00
 2. Aart Vierhouten (Ned)
 3. Frank Höj (Den) Collstrop-Lystex
 4. Michael van der Wolf (Ned)  Foreldorado-Golff
 5. Eric Torfs (Bel) elite
 6. John Talen (Ned) Foreldorado-Golff
 7. Frank McCormack (VSA) Saturn
 8. William Chann McRae (USA) Saturn
 9. Bart Heirewegh (Bel) Ipso
10. Raymond Meijs (Ned) Foreldorado-Golff 	0.15
11. Dainis Ozols (Let)
12. Jacek Mickiewicz (Pol)
13. Peter Spaenhoven (Bel) Palmans
14. Robbie Vandaele (Bel) Ipso
15. Brian Dalgaard Jensen (Den)
16. Tim Lenaers (Bel) Collstrop-Lystex
17. Harm Laitem (Bel)
18. Ronny Assez (Bel) RDM-Asfra-Sitra
19. Sammy Quinn (Bel)
20. Fredy Marinez Gonzales (Col)
21. Etienne De Wilde (Bel)
22. Martin van Steen (Ned) Continentale (s)
23. Tim De Peuter (Bel)
24. Grégory Schoelens (Bel)
25. Saulius Ruskys (Lit)
26. Miquel van Kessel (Ned)
27. Jarno Vanfrachem (Bel)
28. Tony Bracke (Bel)
29. Pedro Rubrecht (Bel) Palmans
30. Bartje Teuws (Bel)