A Travers Lausanne, Cat 1.4


The race across Lausanne consists of an individual Time Trial of 9.1 km from the bottom of the town of Lausanne (Ouchy, at an altitude of 380 m) to the high of Lausanne (Sauvabelin, 640 m) and a handicap race on the same course. Every rider starts with the handicap of his time delay in the Time Trial.

Time Trial (9.1 km)

 1.Tony Rominger (Sui, MAPEI)		15.38 (34.920 km/h)
 2.Alex Zuelle (Sui, ONCE)		+0.07
 3.Oskar Camenzind (Sui, PANARIA)	+0.07
 4.Richard Virenque (Fra, FESTINA)	+0.11
 5.Beat Zberg (Sui, CARRERA)		+0.14
 6.Laurent Dufaux (Sui, FESTINA)	+0.26

Final Overall

 1.Tony Rominger (Sui, MAPEI)		15.27 (35.340 km/h)
 2.Oskar Camenzind (Sui, PANARIA)	 s.t.
 3.Laurent Dufaux (Sui, FESTINA)	+0.01
 4.Richard Virenque (Fra, FESTINA)	+0.02
 5.Georg Totschnig (Austria,POLTI)	+0.02
 6.Beat Zberg (Sui, CARRERA)		+0.04
 7.Alex Zuelle (Sui, ONCE)		+0.05
 8.Pierre Bourquenoud (Sui, PMU)	+0.06
 9.Chris Boardman (Gbr, GAN)		+0.06
10.Gianni Faresin (Ita, PANARIA)	+0.07