World Cycling Championships, Switzerland

Men's Under 23 Road Race

Men's under-23 road race, 168 kms:

 1. Giulano Figueras (Italy) 	     4.23.50
 2. Roberto Sgambelluri (Italy) 	0.01 
 3. Luca Sironi (Italy)          	0.29
 4. Paolo Bettini (Italy)        	s.t.
 5. Rene Andrle (Czech Republic) 	0.49 
 6. Christian Charriere (Switzerland) 	s.t.
 7. Cesar Goyeneche Acuna (Colombia) 	1.02
 8. Michael Barry (Canada)        	2:13
 9. Jorg Jaksche (Germany)        	2.21
10. Salvatore Commesso (Italy)  	s.t.	
11. Oleg Timofeev (Russia)       	2:22
12. Danny Jonasson (Denmark)
13. Eladio Jimenez (Spain)            both s.t.
14. Christopher Jenner (New Zealand)
15. Samuel Plouhinec (France)    	2:23
16. Pietro Zucconi (Switzerland) 	2:38
17. Thomas Muhlbacher (Austria) 	2:40
18. Tradei Valjavec (Slovenia)   	s.t.
19. Marcel Gono (Australia)      	2:41
20. Urs Graf (Switzerland)       	s.t.


Giulano Figueras led Italy to a clean sweep of the medals in the under-23 world road race championship over 168 kms on Saturday.

The 20-year-old Neapolitan outsprinted Roberto Sgambelluri, who was second in the time trial championship on Wednesday, with time trial champion Luca Sironi snatching the bronze from Paolo Bettini.

A 50-km solo by Italian Salvatore Commesso was the launchpad for the blitz. Once he was overhauled 34 kilometres from the finish by Sgambelluri and Colombian Cesar Goyeneche, the Italians took over.

Figueras joined the leaders and then as they reached the town for the final lap Bettini moved in to the leading group.

The outnumbered Goyeneche could only watch as Sgambelluri and Bettini raced clear, and on the Canobbio climb they were joined by Figueras and Sironi.

Figueras broke clear on the final mountain, Crespera, and was joined by Sgambelluri two kilometres from the finish.