News for November 28, 1997

Australian cyclist banned after positive drug test

A veteran cyclist Marc Brindel from New South Wales, Australia has been banned by Cycling Australia from competing for two year for taking illegal drugs.

The 35-year old rider has tested positive for the banned substance testosterone during the Tour of Noumea last September. French Federation officials notified Cycling Australia of the results.

This comes at the same time as Cycling Australia has been putting a lot of energy into refuting the suggestion that illegal drug use is rife in Australian cycling at all levels.

The President of Cycling Australia, Ray Godkin in an official Cycling Australia press release on Wednesday said that it was absolutely untrue that the elite level of the sport was taking drugs. I [Bill] was told during the National Road Championships that there would be a statement coming out soon about one of "our top riders and drugs". The rumour has been rife since then. Cycling Australia issued the press release to stop those rumours. They were unable to release Brindel's name until the UCI ban (6 months) and Cycling Australia's own penalties (a statutory 2 years) was determined.

An AAP report from Roger Vaughan quotes Godkin on Brindel's result as saying: "It was a very high level. This brings cycling into disrepute - it's a very, very bad thing. We're very jealous of our reputation in the international community with our stand on drugs and we spend a great deal of time educating our cyclists on this matter."

In the Cycling Australia Press Release Godkin says: "I can confidently assure the public that no Olympic or national squad cyclist has been found guilty of any doping infraction. It is important that we clear up this matter straight away as it is not good for the morale of our cyclists, nor for any other Australian athletes. Over recent months, Australian cyclists have been tested in world championships and major UCI races such as the Herald Sun Tour and the Commonwealth Bank Classic. In all cases, drug-taking reports have been returned with an 'all clear'."

He continued: "Cycling is very proud of its record both in Australia and internationally in the fight against drugs in sport. We work very hard to ensure our athletes are appropriately educated in such matters."

More Complete - The 6 Day Season to date - after 7 events

While there is no official 6 Day Rankings kept by the UCI, the UCI points the riders gain count for the UCI Track rankings. There have now been 7 events in the 1997-98 6 Day season. The points status is as follows:

  1. Silvio Martinello (Italy) 		250 UCI points
 =2. Bruno Risi (Switzerland)		190
 =2. Kurt Betschart (Switzerland)	190 
  4. Marco Villa (Italy)		187
  5. Jimmi Madsen (Denmark)		185
  6. Jens Veggerby (Denmark)		177 
 =7. Matthew Gilmore (Australia)	152
 =7. Etienne de Wilde (Belgium)		152
 =9. Giovani Lombardi (Italy)		125
 =9. Adriano Baffi (Italy)		125
=11. Jakob Piil  (Denmark)		 90
=11. Tayeb Braikia  (Denmark)		 90
 13. Bjarne Riis (Denmark)		 80
 14. Andrea Collinelli (Italy)		 70
 15. Carsten Wolf (Germany)		 64
=16. Lorenzo Lapage (Belgium)		 50
=16. Juan Llaneras (Spain)		 50
=18. Rolf Aldag (Germany)		 40
=18. M. Alzamora (Spain)		 40
=18. G. Curuchet (Argentina)		 40
=18. J. Curuchet (Argentina)		 40

 22. Gerd Dörich (Germany)		 39
=23. Scott McGrory (Australia)	 37
=23. Frank Corvers (Belgium)		 37
=23. M.Sandstöd (Denmark)		 37
 26. J. Neuville (France		 35
 27. Andreas Kappes (Germany)		 30 
 28. C. da Cruz (France)		 25
 29. Philipe Ermenault (France)		 22
=30. Andreas Beikirch (Germany)
=30. Frederick Magné (France)
=30. Pieter Pieters (Netherlands)	 20
=33. P. Y. Archambaud (France)
=33. Th. Grandjean (France)
=33. Lars Teutenberg (Germany)		 15
=36. Rik van Slycke (Belgium)		 12
=37. A.Flickinger (France)		 12
=40. Urs Freuler (Switzerland)		 10
=40. R. Furrer (Switzerland)		 10
=40. R. Lieher (Germany)
=40. J. M. Monin (France)
=40. Andreas Walzer (Germany)		10

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