Second Edition News for November 25, 1997

El Tour de Tucson, Tucson, USA, 180 kms, November 22

The report and results were kindly sent to me by Sean Kneale who also rode the race in addition to be the on-the-spot reporter. Thanks Sean. By the way what is a "mile"? Hasn't the whole world gone metric yet!

El Tour de Tucson is the largest perimeter bike race in Arizona, if not the United States. This 111 mile charity ride was dedicated to Lance Armstrong this year. Even though the ride is for charity, the front, or Platinum, group rides the 111 miles like a race. It was no different this year. With many top American pros and amateurs, as well as top local riders, the ride was fast.

About 5 miles into the race, La Francais des Jeux rider Chris Horner flatted and was basically out of contention for an overall (there was no neutral support, on what the rider carried). The main pack stayed together for the first 20 miles, when on the first climb, a four man break containing Kent Bostick (Shaklee) got up the road. The local CDS Software team was at the front trying to bring it back in. The group was caught just after the first river crossing about 45 miles in. (For those that have not done this, as a part of tradition, the riders have to carry their bikes through two sandy washes. The second one is 8 miles from the end)

After the break was caught, a tandem with mountain biker Floyd Landis and Arnie Baker jumped away, with Bostick right on their wheel. That was it...the race was made. The tandem dropped Bostick and put almost 5 minutes on him by the finish. One minute back, there was a sprint for third with Dutchman Patrick Eyk (Shaklee) outsprinting Steve Hegg (Saturn) for third. Local rider Ryan McKean (CDS Software) got fifth, Robbie Ventura (Navigators) was sixth and Tour de France stage winner Jeff Pierce got seventh.

The top woman, Julie Hudetz of Team Saturn, finished in the main pack for a very strong win. The only other top woman was her Saturn teammate Clara Hughes.

Lance Armstrong, to whom the ride was dedicated, suffered the same fate as Chris Horner. Armstrong flatted just after the winning move broke away and was content to just ride in and finish. Other notable attendees: Fred Rodriguez (Saturn), Pro triathalete Jimmy Ricciitello, Junior National Champion Phil Zajicek, EDS track rider Sky Christopherson, and Velonews writer Maynard Herschon.

 1. Arnie Baker, Floyd Landis		4:18:25	(riding a tandem)
 2. Kent Bostick (Shaklee)		4:23:01
 3. Patrick Eyk (Shaklee)		4:24:14
 4. Steve Hegg (Saturn)			4:24:15
 5. Ryan McKean (CDS Software)		4:25:04
 6. Robbie Ventura (Navigators)		4:25:09
 7. Jeff Pierce (Bicycling)		4:25:09
 8. Richard Meeker			4:25:09
 9. Jonas Carney (Shaklee)		4:25:10
10. Michael R. Gleason			4:25:10

Giro d'Italia 1998 - Some Analysis

The 1998 Giro will start in Nice (France) with 180 riders representing 20 teams and the first 16 of the UCI team classification, plus another four which will be selected by March 25th. The race is composed of a Prologue and tewnty two stages: 4 in the high mountains (like in 1997), 7 of medium mountain or undulating (5 in 1997), 9 flat (11 in 1997) and two time trials (like in 1997). The total amount of kilometers will be 3,830 Kms, a little bit less than the previous edition, while the climbing meters will be 23,600 (24,600 in 1997 and 25,300 in 1996).

There is an increase in the kilometers reserved for time trial: An additional six at the Prologue in Nice, with 38 km at the 15th stage in Trieste and 34 km at the 21st and penultimate from Medrisio to Lugano in Swiss territory.

Here are some Giro Facts:

- The smallest advantage of a winner over the second place in the general classification was 12" by Merckx over Baronchelli in 1974. The maximum advantage was 1h57'26" by Calzolari, with Albini second in 1914. Four champions have won the Giro by dominating the race from the first to last stage: Girardengo (1919), Binda (1927), Merckx (1973) and Bugno (1990). Rominger kept it 1995 from the 2nd to the last stage.

- San Marino is the foreign country to have hosted the Giro the most times: 13 including the 1998 edition. Followed by Switzerland (10), Austria & France (4), Slovenia (3).

- The longest breakaway has been by Rik Van Steenbergen, who was away for 239 with Gismondi and Woorting and then won the Bari-Napoli stage at the Giro in '54.

- The first place symbol for the gebneral classification was instituted in 1931. The first Maglia Rosa was worn by Learco Guerra at the end of the first stage of the Giro in 1931, Milano-Mantova. Belgian Eddy Merckx (5 time winner) has won the most Maglie Rosa: 78.

- The title of the most faithful has to go to Miro Panizza, with a record 18 Giros, with 16 finished. The greatest number of participants: 298 at the 1928 edition. The smallest number: 54 at the 1912 Giro.

- The youngest winner was Fausto Coppi, who conquered the Maglia Rosa in 1940 when he was 20 years old, 8 months and 25 days of age. The oldest winner was Fiorenzo Magni, first in 1955 with 34 years and 6 months. The oldest to rave: Giovanni Gerbi who raced the Giro in 1932 when he was 47.

Olano has a successful Tonsils operation

Banesto cyclist Abraham Olano has a successful operation at the Clínica Universitaria de Navarra (CUN) to remove his tonsils. The operation was conducted yesterday morning. After the operation, Olano was hopeful that it would stop the chronic infection that took such a toll on his last season performance.

Sources from the medical center have said that the cyclist went in to surgery at 8:30 am, where the ear nose and throat specialist Secundino Fernández took out his tonsils. After a half an hour operation, under a general anesthetic, he was taken to the recovery room where he stayed until 10:15 am, at which time he seemed to be doing fine and was the translated to a room. The CUN doctors believe that he will be able to leave the hospital on Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on the discomfort, "which in adults -they explained- can be more problematic than in children".

In any case they stated that Olano will not be able to train for one week and after the operation he will have to take a liquid/cold diet, which will be progressively substituted until regaining a normal diet. They also said that Olano was "in good spirits and that he even was joking around with the doctors". About the opportunity to operate on him they stated that the state of his tonsils made it necessary to operate him in any case and even more looking at the physical efforts required by him.

Fusi new Italian Manager

On Sunday Antonio Fusi was appointed the new National Selector for the Professional (Elite) Italian National Team in an announcement by the President of the Italian Cycling Federation, Gian Carlo Ceruti.

Antonio Fusi was born on April 14, 1956 in Como and until now was responsible of the Junior, amateur and sub'23, sector of the Road Teams. He was a good amateur rider and has won with the Juniors: two golds and one silver at the 1992 Worlds, two silvers and one bronze in 1995, one gold and one bronze in 1996 and one gold in 1997. With the amateurs: two golds in the team time trials of Oslo'93 and Palermo'94 and one silver in the World Road Race at Duitama'95. Under his directtion the "sub'23" selection (new category which substitutes the amateur) conquered two golds, two silvers and a bronze in Lugano'96 and one gold at the San Sebastián'97 time trial with Fabio Malberti.

Chiapucci - his Future

Quintarelli and three or four old friends from his team may join Claudio Chiappucci at Team Mary Ros Chips-Amica. On Thursday Chiappucci has met with Marino Basso to define some of the details of his possible transfer to the Italo-Swiss team. He still has not put anything in black and white and therefore in theory Mobilvetta and Caldirola Vini are still in the race for him, but the feeling is that the Diablo has chosen.

"I am looking at my future with an eye, which is not only the eye of an athlete: the future is very important, after changing teams, after having raced for the same team for thirteen season, I must look at every point of view carefully. Looking at the future doesn't mean only in a technical role, but also as an image man for the sponsor also. And yes, I feel obliged to go still for a year" says Chiappucci.

As we have said, Chiappucci is about to sign with Ros Italy Mary-Minotti. The official announcement should be given at the end of next week and at that point, we wonder what will be the basis of il Diablo's season, who's hungry for revenge. "From a technical point of view, all the teams that have contacted me have been willing to adapt to my demands. I would aim to race the Giro and eventually la Vuelta, in any case renouncing the Tour for which I have felt betrayed", adds the Varesino who will be followed by his sport director, Sandro Quintarelli and by 3 or 4 of his old friends of the team.

Bugno - To Retire?

He returned on Wednesday night from vacation and on Sunday he was at the Lirico Teatro in Milano for the presentation of the Giro '98. Yet, Gianni Bugno doesn't know yet whether he will race that Giro again. The decision has not yet been taken whether he will race again: Bugno has another year of contract with Mapei. Bugno realizes that his career is going towards the sunset.

This, in summary, are his thoughts: "Tomorrow I will talk with doctor Squinzi. The meeting could be delayed, but I will make a decision within ten days". He then talks about the details: "I already have had an exchange of ideas with the boss: I would still race gladly, because cycling is my world. But the problem is how to race: I could not be like the rider of 5 or 6 years ago, therefore it imposes a new role for me. The problem is that while I accept this role, the same thing doesn't happen with my people, including my boss".

"I could also decide to stop: it depends on the possibilities that I have inside Mapei. Yes, my dream, as you know it, would be to pilot a helicopter, perhaps in the skies of the Giro: but this hypothesis, for now, takes into consideration that Squinzi doesn't come thru. However other proposals would suit me, provided that they are concrete. When you hear Bugno speak, the feeling is that the elderly top-notch has taken a decision already. "The enthusiasm is still there, I love my work. But the body and the head are no longer at the same level and I'll be 34 in February, also I also know that for my fans a couple of victories are not enough. I repeat, the alternative to the continue to ride must be something concrete: only in that case would I decide to stop. Otherwise I could continue still for a year, trying to choose an objective, to go out in style. And that objective would be a Classic".

Gianni Bugno was born in Brugg (Switzerland) on february 14, 1964. Became a professional on September of 1985. In his career he has ridden for Atala, Chateau d'Ax, Gatorade, Polti, MG-Technogym and Mapei-GB. His first golden year was in 1990 when he won at Sanremo, the Giro d'Italia (21 days in the pink) and the World Cup. In 1991 he won the ROad Race World Championship at Stoccarda (2nd Rooks, 3rd Indurain) and confirmed his title by winning again the year after at Benidorm (2nd Jalabert, 3rd Konyshev). Of his 71 victories, also worth mentioning are 4 Tour stages (finished 2nd in '91 and 3rd in '92) and Flanders '94. This year he won two stages at the Tour of Malasya and was part of the Italian National Team.

GP Mapeo, Cyclo Cross

A few professionals participated this weekend at the G.P. Mapei: Gianni Bugno (who has make a decision about his future and will meet with Mapei boss Squinzi this week), Andrea Tafi, Johan Museeuw & Daniele Nardello.

 1. Fabrizio Dall'Oste (Guerciotti-Selle Italia)
 2. Bilato						1.05 
 3. Fontana 						1.33
 4. Bertoni						1.55
 5. Cioni 						2.06