Second Edition News for November 24, 1997

Contracts and Transfers

- Hennie Kuiper is not avaiable as National KNWU Women's Coach. He is unable to combine this positions with his other work commitments. The tip is that Ingrid Haringa will become the National Coach.

- On Sunday, it was announced that Antonio Fusai (41) will succeed Alfredo Martini as the Italian National Coach.

St. Michielgestal, NL, SuperPrestige Cyclo Cross, Round 2, November 23

Richard Groenendaal won the second successive SuperPrestige Cyclo Cross race this time in his home city of Sint. Michielgestal in the middle of the Netherlands.

It was dry and the circuit was fast and a group of around 15 riders formed during the first lap. The Dutch hopeful, Gommers led the peloton with Adri van der Poel on his wheel. There were no changes for another 2 laps. Richard Groenendaal stepped up the pace rather than attacked and only 5 riders were able to maintain the speed: Belgians Mario De Clercq, Sven Nijs and Bart Wellens, van der Poel and Czech Richard Simunek.

Espoirs-World Champion Sven Nijs attacked hard on the next lap but never gained more than 10 seconds. Groenendaal made up the difference on the next lap with Wellens and De Clercq on his wheel. Adri van der Poel was not far back but was unable to resume contact with the top group.

In the last lap Groenendaal attacked and he held a small gap to the stripe with Mario de Clercq and Sven Nijs taking the minor positions.

 1. Richard Groenendaal (Ned) Rabobank
 2. Mario de Clercq (Bel) Palmans	0.11
 3. Sven Nijs (Bel)                   	0.13
 4. B. Wellens (Bel)               	0.26
 5. Adri van der Poel (Ned) Rabobank    0.35
 6. Richard Simunek (Czech Rep)         0.46
 7. A. Daelmans (Bel)               	0.47
 9. Erwin Vervecken (Bel)              	0.59
10. K. de Roose (Bel)
11. Eric Boezewinkel (Ned)
12. Luca Bramati (Ita)
13. Marc Janssens  (Bel) Palmans
14. R. Lubberman (Ned)
15. B. Berden  (Bel)

Overall standings after Round 2

 1. R. Groenendaal (Ned)        30 points
 2. A. van der Poel (Ned)       23
 3. B. Wellens                  23
 4. M. de Clercq                23
 5. E. Vervecken                21

Australian National MTB Downhill Series, Mt. Buller, Victoria, Round 2


 1. Sean McCarroll (Cairns)	3.37.10
 2. Mark McDougall 		3.39.39
 3. Andrew Mills 		3.39.42


 1. Tai-Lee Muxlow 		4.04.00
 2. Rachel Grundy		4.10.00 
 3. Shelley Webb 		4.20.00

Hittnau, Switzerland, International Cyclo Cross, Elite, 26.4 km

 1. Beat Wabel (Swi) 	               59.14
 2. Roland Schätti (Swi) 		0.09
 3. Dieter Runkel (Swi) 		1.00
 4. Thomas Frischknecht (Swi) 		1.15
 5. Thomas Steiger (Swi) 		1.32
 6. Peter Van Santvliet (Bel) 		2.05
 7. Ales Mudroch (Czech Rep) 		2.05
 8. Peter Van Den Abeele (Bel) 		2.10
 9. Stefan Bünter (Swi) 		2.21
10. Kamil Ausbuher (Czech Rep) 		2.40
11. Beat Blum (Swi) 			2.40
12. Andy Büsser (Swi) 			3.14
13. Beat Morf (Swi) 			3.28

37 started, 29 finished
Not classified (included) Paul Herijgers (Belgium)

Trofeo Fausto Coppi to Ullrich

The Trofeo Fausto Coppi for the best rider of the world has been awarded to Jan Ullrich. Cycling journalists in three continents chose Ullrich in front of Laurent Jalabert and Marco Pantani. Ullrich will get the prize before the start of Milano - San Remo on March 19.