News for November 21, 1997

Contracts and Transfers

- Claudio Chiappucci will decide next week to what team he will go: Ros Mary-Minotti Italia, Mobilvetta and Vini Caldirola. I will race for one more year, then I will see. Everything has gone well with Asics-CGA: "but they had offered me a chance in the role of an ex-rider, while I was to continue."

- Bradley McGee is in France now to sign on with La Francaise de Jeux . He will still be part of the AIS track squad under Charlie Walsh and would have learned a lot about mixing track and road from Stuart O'Grady (Thanks to Michael Meryment)

Big News - Australian TDF riders in International Criterium in Brisbane

I received this press release from Ffast Cycling Club and Bikestyle Promotions:

The Ffast Cycling Club and Bikestyle Promotions have managed to attract Australia's most popular cyclist, Neil Stephens along with the other four '98 Tour riders Robbie McEwan, Pat Jonkers, Henk Vogels (Australian cyclist of the year) and Stuart O'Grady to the Brisbane International Criterium to be run on December 21st.

Stevo is Australia's most recent Tour de France stage winner and recently voted "Most Popular Cyclist" in's Australian Cyclist of 1997 Award.

Following the fantastic performances of our European based riders in the Tour de France this year it was decided to try to bring them to Brisbane for a criterium.

It will be the first appearance of the boys in Australia since the Tour de France. It will also be the first time Brisbane has staged an event with such a high profile field as this.

The race will be held over a distance of 80 kilometres at the Davies Park circuit in the West End just a couple of kilometres from the CBD.

In another coup, the Brisbane International Criterium has secured seasoned "amateur" Bill Mitchell for the race.

Contact Lawrie Cranley of Bikestyle for further details and entries. Telephone: +61-07-33712248

Bikestyle is one of the principal sponsors of and the event will become's special promotion for December. Watch out as the WWW Site develops!

Indurain denies wasting 1997

Miguel Indurain, five times winner of the Tour de France between 1991 & 1995, has told reporters in Valencia that 1997, the first year after his retirement from professional cycling, "has not turned out to be a year of sabattical", like he had expected when he retired at the end of 1996.

"I see cycling right now as one more fan. I'm in a stage now when I'm fulfilling commitments that I couldn't fulfill when I was a cyclist", added Indurain, trusting that the demand for him will decrease over time. The ex-cyclist also said that he didn't miss competition. "When I feel like riding, I grab the bike and ride a bit, although I never go beyond 50km".

Dr. Calabuig - On Olano

Josť Calabuig, the doctor who operated on Abraham Olano's tonsils affirmed today the important aspect about Olano in 1997, which is not often considered, is that "even though he suffered from a virus, he was able to finish fourth at the Tour de France".

The Valencian doctor explained that one of the largest problems faced by cyclists is the tendency to suffer from infections, due to the decrease in immunity brought about by the fatigue. "A virus was detected on Abraham, who later was affected a chronic bacterial infection, but even considering that he performed well", said the doctor.

Italian "Admiral" to change positions

After 22 years of reign, 23 trips to the Worlds with the Elite National Team, 6 gold medals, 7 silver and 7 bronze, Alfredo Martini will leave his position as admiral of the Italian National Team. The 77 year old man (he will turn 77 on February 18 of 1998), will be crowned 'supervisor for all cycling National Teams" on Sunday at Milano by the Fci (Italian Cycling Federation). It is thought that Davide Cassani will take over for the last month of the year and join the nominees for the position to be elected from Vittorio Adorni, Angelo Lavarda, Giuseppe Saronni, Roberto Poggiali & Moreno Argentin.

Alfredo Martini was born in Firenze on February 18, 1921 and lives in Sesto Fiorentino. He became a professional in 1941, won one Giro dell'Appennino, one Giro del Piemonte and one stage of the Giro d'Italia (then he finished 3rd in 1950, after wearing the Maglia Rosa for one day) and the Tour of Switzerland. Became sport director and guided Ferretti and Sammontana. First took commande of the National Team in 1975. He has won 6 World Championships with the team (Moser '77, Saronni '82, Argentin '86, Fondriest '88, Bugno '91 & '92). He is married to Elda and has two daughters: Silvia & Milvia.

The Record for the Squaddra since his reign began:

Year	Location		Winner 		Country 	Best Italian
1975  	YVOIR (Belgium)		KUIPER 		Netherlands 	11. MOSER 
1976 	OSTUNI (Italy) 		MAERTENS  	Belgium 	 2. MOSER 
1977 	SAN CRISTOBAL (Ven)  	MOSER  		Italy 		 1. MOSER 
1978 	NURBURGRING (Ger) 	KNETEMANN  	Netherlands 	 2. MOSER 
1979 	VALKENBURG  (Ned) 	RAAS  		Netherlands 	 6. BATTAGLIN 
1980 	SALLANCHES (Fra)  	HINAULT  	France 		 2. BARONCHELLI 
1981 	PRAGA (Czech Rep)	MAERTENS  	Belgium 	 2. SARONNI 
1982 	GOODWOOD (UK) 		SARONNI  	Italy 		 1. SARONNI 
1984 	BARCELONA (Spa)  	CRIQUIELION 	Belgium 	 2. CORTI 
1985 	MONTELLO (Ita)	 	ZOETEMELK  	Netherlands 	 3. ARGENTIN 
1987 	VILLACH (Aut)	 	ROCHE  		Ireland 	 2. ARGENTIN 
1988 	RENAIX (Bel)		FONDRIEST  	Italy 		 1. FONDRIEST 
1989 	CHAMBERY (Fra)  	LEMOND  	USA		 8. BUGNO 
1990 	UTSUNOMIYA (Jap)  	DHAENENS 	Belgium 	 3. BUGNO 
1991 	STUTTGART (Ger) 	BUGNO  		Italy 		 1. BUGNO 
1992 	BENIDORM (Spa)	 	BUGNO  		Italy 		 1. BUGNO 
1994 	AGRIGENTO (Ita)  	LEBLANC  	France 		 2. CHIAPPUCCI 
1995 	DUITAMA (Col) 		OLANO  		Spain 		 3. PANTANI 
1996 	LUGANO (Swi)  		MUSEEUW  	Belgium 	 3. BARTOLI 
1997 	SAN SEBASTIAN (Spa)	BROCHARD  	France 		10. BARTOLI 

MG and Riso Scotti

Bombini's Team Riso Scotti will retreat today at Stradella for their first meeting towards planning for 1998 and there is some important news: the joining for MG: the company of Fabrizio Furlan. With the end of the experience with Technogym, directed by Giancarlo Ferretti, MG will stay in cycling. Team Riso Scotti-MG will count with 16 riders including Minali, Bobrik, Miceli and Pistore.

Allan Gill - after 25 years

Last night, Alan Gill won the Navy Cup 2 mile wheelrace in Adelaide after 25 years of trying! The Navy Cup was the only one of the major SA track wheelrace cups that he hadn't won. Alan Gill was 1980 Australian road race champ and a National representative.

Gilly was riding off a fairly generous mark, but with a fairly thin scratch group in the final. Russel Van Hout - second - was strong all the way - strongest of the back markers. Veteran and former speedskater Bruce Wilson was 3rd. Kane Selin was Scratch.

Back in the days of Amateur Cycing, and before the Superdrome, the Navy Cup was one of the prestige events of the season. Since the Superdrome, long wheelraces are no longer practical - the longest handicap mark is 245 metres! As it is, most handicaps at the Superdrome become scratch races with 2 laps to go.

Well not for long. The Superdrome is to close and become an ice skating rink!