News for November 19, 1997

Contracts and Transfers

- Massimo Gimondi signs for Amore e Vita Massimo Gimondi, 26, the nephew of 1965 Tour de France winner Felice Gimondi has signed a three-year contract with Amore e Vita.

- Italian rider Alberto Volpi, 34, a pro since 1984, latterly with the Batik team, has retired. He will become deputy to Emmanuele Bombini as directeur sportif of the Scotti (formerly Batik) team.

A Death

Belgian double winner of Liege--Basogne--Liege, Prosper Depredomme died on November 8 at his home in Anderlecht, aged 79. Depredomme, who won the Ardennes classic in 1946 and 1950 was at different times a team-mate of Rik Van Steenbergen and Fausto Coppi.

Greg Lemond ?

"It's time to reconcile. We want people to think of Vietnam as a country, not as a war." Steve Whisnant, race organizer.

Starting New Year's Day, you can follow a team of 73 Vietnam War veterans - both American and Vietnamese, about half of them disabled - as they pedal off on a 16-day, 1200-mile bike ride from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City. They'll be led by Greg Lemond, three-time winner of the Tour de France bike race. To trace the biker's progress, communicate with team members and learn about Vietnam, check the Asia Society website.

Cyclo Cross Results from Europe

Trier, Germany, Cat A, November 16

 1. P. Van Riet (Bel) 
 2. F-J. Nieberding (Ger)
 3. K. Aushuber (Czech R)
 4. J. Arenz (Ger)
 5. V. Metlicka (Czech R)
 9. K. Wouters (Bel)
11. J. Verstrepen (Bel) Vlaanderen 2002
17. P. Van Loon (Bel)
23. H. Wuyts (Bel)
26. E. Bollen (Bel)

Lokeren-Oudenbos, Belgium, Cat B, November 15

 1. E. Van Bouwel (Bel)
 2. G. Lauwers (Bel)
 3. J. Goris (Bel)

Heusden-Zolder, Belgium, Cat B, November 16

 1. T. Vannoppen (Bel)
 2. E. Van Bouwel (Bel)
 3. P. Schurmans (Bel)

Danish Teams for 1998 - Final Clarification

Team Home Jack and Jones (11 riders)

 Brian Holm (Den)
 Jesper Skibby (Den)
 Danny Nelissen (Ned)
 Michael Kyneb (Den)
 Arvis Piziks (Lat)
 Juris Silovs (Est)
 Christian Andersen (Den)
 RenÚ Jorgensen (Den)
 Michael Steen Nielsen (Den)
 Michael Rosborg (Den)
 Marc Strange Jakobsen (Den)

Team Acceptcard (10 riders)

 Jakob Piil (Den)
 Tayeb Braikia (Den)
 Stig Guldbaek (Den)
 Jimmi Madsen (Den)
 Jens Veggerby (Den)
 Kim Marcussen (Den)
 S°ren Petersen (Den)
 Morten Sonne (Den)
 Bj÷rnar Vest÷l (Nor)
 Martin Kryger (Den)