News for November 12, 1997

Transfers and Contracts

- Claudio Chiappucci is to ride for Ros Mary in 1998. This team is still looking for another sponsor.

- The cycling club De Jonge Renner from Oosterhout (Netherlands) has changed its name to Wielerploeg MGI Fietsen. The amateur team of Arther van Dongen signed a contract with the Belgium cycling factory MGI. De Jonge Renner was third in the Dutch top competition last season. The budget will grow with the new sponsor.

In the meantime the Belgian rider Dennis Moons (Vlaanderen 2002) has signed for MGI. Moons won a stage in last Olympia's Tour.

- First there was Jack and Jones. Then Team Acceptcard. Now as of Monday a third team has been announced and will be called... wait for it... Team Chicky World - of-course, it is sponsored by a big poultry producer. It will be racing in national Danish races (Post Cup, Tour of Denmark etc.) and some international races in the UCI categories 1.4, 1.5 and 1.6 and smaller Tours.

The team will use Principia Rex frames and Shimano groups. [Bill: pity about the Shimano gear!]

The riders listed so far are: Michael Sandst÷d, Danish ITT champion, Dennis Rasmussen, ex-PSV Cologne, Neo pro Allan Johansen, Kim Andersen and Jesper Tiki°b. They are also after a Belgian and an Italian rider.

What they get up to on the Velden

During the Cyclo Cross race on Sunday afternoon in Morkhoven Bert Vervecken from Herentals (near Antwerp) kicked his Dutch colleague Robert Regeling in the leg. Spectators heard a crack and then ultimately saw blood pouring out.

Vervecken was clearly shocked with his impulsive reaction. "I have the telephone number of Robert here." said Bert Verecken on Sunday evening. "I will ring him up and apologise."

It began with a fall", said one Cyclo Cross Commissaire. "The Dutchman smacked against the ground and Vervecken tumbled over. He kicked Regeling. Naturally these actions are not sporting."

"I have been following the sport for 15 years, but this is the first time that I have seen this." said one man. "This is more like what happens on a football field."

Juli Furtado retires

The Queen of MTB, Juli Furtado, has announced her retirement from racing. She has been the most succesful MTB racer in the 1990's, with many victories in the World Cup Events and the World Championships (1990 Cross Country and 1992 Down Hill)

She has been forced into early retirement because she is suffering from a disease affecting the cardiopulmonary and muscular systems.

Cyclo Cross, Rueti, Switzerland, Cat 2, November 9

 1. Beat Wabel (Swi)
 2. S. Nijs (Bel)
 3. B. Wellens (Bel)
 4. R. Schaetti (Swi)
 5. D. Runkel (Swi)
 6. P. Blum (Swi)
 7. B. Blum (Swi)
 8. A. Buesser (Swi)
 9. Buenter (Swi)
10. T. Steiger (Swi)