News for November 11, 1997

Riis Rumour

It's rumoured (unconfirmed) that Bjarne Riis receives 15,000 German marks per day for his appearence in the Munich 6 days (thats around $US10.000). No doubt he's still a very popular guy in Germany despite Jan Ullrich being considered the new leader of Team Deutsche Telekom!

The oldest debutant

29-year old Frank Ackermans from Maastricht will begin his professional career with the German team PSV Cologne. But there are other Dutch riders who started as professionals rather late in life.

From Brabant, Wim van den Meulenhof, and from Zeeuw, Casper van der Meer are taking pro contracts at the age of 30. The Belgian rider, Ludo Dierckxsens was also 29 years old when he started to concentrate on professional riding. He says that riders who start in top competition late in life can gain success. He was second in the Belgian National Championship and won a semi-classic race in France. Next year, he will ride for Lotto in the major races.

Ackermans has turned in a career as marketing manager of VVV Heuvelland to pursue his racing career. The neo-pro, married and a father of a nine month old daughter, is optimistic about the future. "I have had a good preparation. Now I am in the best shape to enter a professional racing career. Team leader, Koslar has confidence in me. He hopes that I can now grow."

Ackermans, is the third Dutchman to take a contract with the German team PSV Cologne. has raced with a Dutch licence when he was 20. Then he played football in the first 11 for the fourth division Rimburg. He was still interested in cycle racing. His brother Jos continued to race. Ackermans still had a racing bike and continued to train with other riders.

More on the Oldest Club

Jenny offers:

According to a book I have on cycling facts, the oldest club is the Pickwick Cycling Club of London which was formed on the 22nd June 1870, and so called because Charles Dickens died on the same day. It is still running today. Another interesting fact this book notes is that it is not only the oldest cycling club but also the oldest Dickensian society.

Stage #3 of 6 stages, of the Boulder Cyclo Cross races

These races are every Sunday regardless of the weather. The remaining venues are: 11/9, 16, 30 - Mountain View Motor Sports Park - Meade Exit #245, North of Boulder on I-25. 11/23 - CU-Boulder Events Center.

The races are:

10:00am - Senior Men 4-5
10:01am - Jr. Men & Women
11:00am - 35+ Men
11:01am - 45+ Men
12:00am - Senior Men 3
12:01pm - Women (Separate Cat. 4-5)
 1:15pm - Open Men

The race on November 23rd is the Colorado State Championship

Special Note: Today's race was VERY muddy and many riders were not able to finish. The results list all finishers in the top 10.

35+ Men	

 1    Pat Zeller - Schwab Cycles
 2    Bart Sheldrake - Schwab Cycles
 3    Kevin Wilson - UNATTACHED
 4    Russell Asleson - Dogs at LARGE
 5    Richard Rondeau - Schwab Cycles
 6    John Hargadon - Harg Mfg.
 7    Frank Hibbits - UNATTACHED
 8    Jon McClurg - UNATTACHED
 9    Shannon Fox - Schwab Cycles
10    Allen Hill - Trek/NOAA

45+ Men

 1    Richard Wall - UNATTACHED
 2    Michael Meyers - UNATTACHED
 3    David Firmin - Front Rangers
 4    Robert Gulley - UNATTACHED
 5    Tim Downing - UNATTACHED
 6    Clark Hanson - Boulder Velo Club
 7    Loren Hettinger - Lakewood Racing Team
 8    Pete Miller - UNATTACHED
 9    Mike Hosford - Salamander

Junior Men and Women

 1    Chris Maslanik - UNATTACHED
 2    Ang Sheldrake - Front Rangers
 3    David Waidmann - Wheat Ridge Cyclery
 4    Adam Mitchell - UNATTACHED
 5    J T Toepel - Performance

Senior Category 3

 1    Karl Haunold - Mountain Velo
 2    Branden Dwight - Dean
 3    Mike Huffman - FRCA / Oilme
 4    Jason Pink - UNATTACHED
 5    Mathew Runfola - UNATTACHED
 6    Patrick Gallegos - Dean
 7    Kirk Olson - FRCA / Oilme
 8    Scott Mares - Pikes Peak
 9    Andrew Wallace - Pro Peleton

Senior Category 4-5

 1    Rob Weiker - Speedplay
 2    Shawn Heinricks - BCT
 3    Willy Williams - Ultimate
 4    Rick Copley - UNATTACHED
 5    Jon Stlerwalt - CU Cycling
 6    Doug Agne - Colorado State University
 7    Tim Leahy - Twin Peaks
 8    Chris Lattimer - CU Cycling
 9    Stephan White - Vail Cycle Works
10    Charlie Evans - UBS

Senior Men Open

 1    Travis Brown - Trek / Volkswagon
 2    Pete Webber - Gary Fisher Bikes
 3    Chance Cooke - Boulder Chaos
 4    Whit Johnson - Pearl Izumi / Rocky Mounts
 5    Thomas Hayles - Lakewood Racing Team
 6    Dan Pate - Colorado Cyclist
 7    Michael Kloser - Moots Cycles
 8    Colby Pearce - Shaklee
 9    Joe Depaemelaere - FRCA / Oilme
10    David Weber - GS Iguana

Senior Women 1-3

 1    Alison Dunlap - Team GT
 2    Ann Trombley - UNATTACHED
 3    Lisa Goldsmith - FRCA / Oilme
 4    Alisabeth Thurston-Hicks - Rainbow
 5    Christina Beggy - UNATTACHED
 6    Carmen Richardson - Klein

Senior Women Category 4

 1    Julie Sueker - RVT / Blue Pig
 2    Anne Galleger - CU Cycling
 3    Cindi Toepel - Performance
 4    Heather McRoberts - Peak Racing Team
 5    Rachael Mirvish - CU Cycling
 6    Sara Larson - Eastern Bloc