The VeloNet Campaign

This is the start of what I think might be a several messages in this matter. There is also a link to more addresses for activists to get onto.

And a day later after being pressed via the internet by bike riding protesters, VeloNews offered a backdown. Sus!

What's New: Mon Oct 30, 1995

   Greetings VeloNet Lovers,
   The legal representatives of Inside Communications, publishers of
   VELONEWS and Inside Triathlon, have written to me insisting that we
   cease to use the VeloNet trademark to describe the online services
   provided on They claim that they are unaware of any other
   "bicycling related product, publication, or company using VELO alone
   or in combination with other elements or words." Consequently, my use
   of the term VeloNet "dilutes the distinctiveness of Inside
   Communications' family of trademarks and creates the erroneous
   impression among consumers and others in the industry that there is
   some relationship between you and your VeloNet service and Inside
   Communications and/or its various publications."
   As most of you know, VeloNet is a purely volunteer operation managed
   in my spare time. No money is charged for any of the services provided
   and no sponsorship is sought or accepted. Moreover, I recently
   declined an offer from a commercial online service to buy the VeloNet
   I have nothing against the folks at VELONEWS and Inside Triathlon and
   sincerely hope that we can resolve this issue amicably. At the same
   time, given the time I have put into the VeloNet project, and the
   usefulness it has provided to tens of thousands of cyber-cyclists, I
   am reluctant to cave into their legal posturing.
   If you are a copyright lawyer, or have legal experience in the field
   of trademarks and copyrights, I would greatly appreciate your advice
   in this matter.
   Inside Communications, VELONEWS and Inside Triathlon can be contacted
   as follows:
          velonews or

          1-800-825-8793 (Inside Triathlon)
          1-800-888-6087 (VELONEWS)
          1830 North 55th Street
          Boulder, CO 80301-2703

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