News for November 8

Monaco 6 Day 

  Ending tonight, the Monaco Six-Day has been led since day three by
  the Baffi-Lombardi duo, who now have 202 points. De Wilde-Zabel are
  in second place with the same points. In third place is the
  combination of Madsen-Veggerby, a lap down and with 195 points. This
  liiks as though it will be a very exciting last night.

Source: Corriere della Sera, translated by Bill Henderson
Lifeplan-Manchester Unity Challenge

   5 November 95 -- Two-time Australian world cycling champion Tim
O'Shannessey teamed with veteran Stephen Pate, the 1988 world sprint
champion, to win the Australian team challenge at the Adelaide Superdrome.
They upset favourites Gary Neiwand and Danny Day and Brad and Rod McGee to
take out the 10-team event. The Lifeplan-Manchester Unity challenge
consisted of four events -- a points race, elimination, madison time trial
and 2000m keirin.

NOTE: Australia now has 19 world champion cyclists and nine of them were
among the 20 riders competing in this event, as well as three former world

Source: AAP
   * Sylvain Anquetil, nephew of former Tour de France great Jacques
   Anquetil, and Sebastien Morelon, son of former Olympic and world
   sprint champion Daniel Morelon, were members of France's winning
   team. Holland took third place ahead of Britain.

   * Graeme Obree broke no national records, as was anticipated.
   Obree's speciality, the pursuit, was not included in the six-nation
   team competition. Obree was expected to break U.K. marks for the
   flying kilometer and standing start five kilometers.

   * Commonwealth Games silver medallist Chris Newton finished second
   to Michael Sandstod (Denmark) in a 10km points race and finished
   third behind Sandstod and France's Samuel Renaux in a scratch race
   over the same distance.

   * Jan-Dirk van Hameren (Holland) won the keirin event. He beat Lars
   Brian Nielsen (Denmark).

Source: PA

   BANESTO '97 - The Spanish bank, Banesto has decided to continue the
   sponsorship of the squad of which Indurain is the leader until the
   end of 1997.

   PINARELLO GOING TO GERMANY - As well as sponsoring Indurain's
   Banesto squad, la Cicli Pinarello will also sponsor the German
   TELEKOM squad, who incidentally, have just signed Bjarne Riis.

Source: Corriere della Sera, translated by Bill Henderson