News for November 7

Six Days: Dortmund

Overall result (Team, Rounds, Points):
  1. Aldag/Clark		GER/AUS		0	418
  2. Risi/Betschart 	SUI		0	385
  3. Zabel/de Wilde 	GER/BEL		0	367
  4. Baffi/Lombardi 	ITA		1	396
  5. Madsen/Veggerby 	DEN		1	390
  6. Aitken/O`Grady 	AUS		6	506
  7. Sven Teutenberg/Corvers GER/BEL	15	214
  8. Schmidt/Pieters	GER/NL		16	239
  9. Lars Teutenberg/Doerich GER		20	236

It was the 74th victory in his 220th Six Day Race for 44 year old Danny
Clark from Australia. Rolf Aldag won the 2nd time after 1991 in Dortmund,
again with Clark as teammate.


The last night:

Before the last night began, Aldag/Clark lead with 337 points in fornt of
Zabel/de Wilde with 334 p. in the same round. 1 round back Baffi/Lombardi,
Risi/Betschart and Madsen/Veggerby in this order.

In the first "Jagd" (I think in english: hunt) over thirty minutes the
Italians, Swiss and Danish riders got one round more than the leading
teams. So there were five teams in the same round with Baffi/Lombardi in
the lead because they made the most points in the sprints. There were three
pairs in this event: 1. Italians and Swiss; 2. Aldag/Clark and Zabel/de
Wilde; 3. Danish and Australians -- the youngsters.

In the last hunt over sixty minutes this pairs broke up and Aldag/Clark +
Zabel/de lay backafter 30 minutes. Both sprint away from the field and got
one round. Zabel doesn't turn to his teammate but oversprint the whole
field and got 100 metres(half a round). Risi/Betschart sprinted after the
leading team and both got one round and lead with one round. At this moment
Zabel/de Wilde had a ten points lead and the last ratings begun. There were
only 15 minutes left. The Swiss could win the most ratings in front of
Zabel/de Wilde and leads overall. Then with a great attack Clark/Aldag lead
80 - 100 metres and Risi/Betschart increased the pace of the field. This
holded on nine (9) minutes and 8 rounds before end Aldag and Clark reached
the back of the field and because they certainly win all intermediate
sprints they got many points and lead overall. Zabel and de Wilde managed
to sprint awar from the field again but they didn't win the round they
nedded for the victory.

It was an intersesting and "spannend" night for me as I sat directly at the
course on the other side of the finish ("Gegengerade").