Second Edition News for November 3

UTSUNOMIYA (Japan) - Claudio Chiappucci won for the third time in a row
Japan Cup, which next year it will be included in the world cup. It was a
duel between two Italians, Chiappucci and Zanini (Gewiss-Ballan), where
Zanini got problems with his gears in the sprint.
Bramati in Francia al quarto successo

TERCY (France) - Luca Bramati won the international cyclo-cross of Tercy
ahead of Emmanuel Magnien of France and Radomir Simunek. It was Bramati's
fourth victory this season.

GRENOBLE SIX - 1. Silvio MARTINELLO (Ita)-Marco VILLA (Ita), 330 points; 2.
Duclos-Lassalle (Fra)-Colotti, 325; 3. Woods (Aus)-Lino (Fra), at 1
lap, 286 points; 4. Ruegg (Sch)-Hermann (Sch), at 2 laps, 224 points; 5.
Ermenault (Fra)-Stutz (Sch), at 8 laps, 110 points.