News for November 3 - First Edition

   [Stage 2 : Monday, 30th October 123 km Road Stage : Paarl,
   Wellington, R44, Hermon, Riebeeck Kasteel, Malmesbury, R45,
   Wellington, Paarl]

   Bryan Grieve, "The Argus", 31/10/1995, pp 31 reprinted without
   permission, but full reference and credit given.

   The Bothma's Kloof Pass, perhaps better known as the Riebeek
   Kasteel climb, has become a graveyard of the greats in Amateur and
   Professional road cycling.

   The pass claimed further victims yesterday on the 123.8km second
   stage of the R100 000 Boland Bank international Tour.

   At the moderate start of the climb, three riders had broken away,
   Spaniard Luis Diaz de Otazu (ONCE), Sigfried Hoebel of the Swiss
   Tandem Team and South African Mervyn Dinkelman (COROMA DOORS).
   After a seemingly worthless journey through the little town of
   Riebeek West which took all of two minutes, and was probably done
   to satisfy a minor sponsor, the three tackled the climb in earnest.

   Dinkelman quickly dropped off the pace, to be followed soon by
   Hoebel leaving De Otazu to go it alone. This he did with an awesome
   display of courage and strength honed on the racing fields of

   But the wind and heat (the temperature reached 34.5 degrees
   centigrade) took its toll on the Spaniard and he was reeled in
   after 90km, having, with Dinkelman and Hoebel, forged the break on
   the second of three laps around a circuit in Paarl before they took
   to the country.

   There were minor attacks in the run-in back to the start, but the
   stage finished in a bunch sprint with victory, for the second day,
   going to former East German road and track rider Ralf Koldewitz

   Koldewitz, who says he is a sprinter and a time trialist and has
   won a number of raod stages in a variety of tours, was followed to
   the line by Hollander Michel Cornelisse (TVM/Polis Direct), who was
   later disqualified (and then reinstated) from the tour for holding
   on to a convoy vehicle. This moved Germany's Thomas Bockman
   (TVM/Polis Direct) into second place with 22 riders in	he first
   bunch all being credited with the same time of 3:08:36

   Overall Koldewitz leads by 10 seconds from Blayne Wikner
   (Village/WP) who, in turn, is a secon	 Sweden's Magnus Backst	dt
   (Lanken Team). Koldewitz's twin victories earned him time bonuses
   and allowed him to edge clear of Wikner.

   Koldewitz says his biggest fear over the next five days will be
   heat and mountains.

   Behind Wikner, next best of the SA entries, in fourth place
   overall, is Malcol Lange of the Old Mutual national team. Lange is
   first in under 23 years competition.

   The national side yesterday lost kingpin Willie Engelbrecht through
   illness. The stalwart managed only a few kilometres before
   disappointingly throwing in the towel. He will have tests today.
   The absence of such an important member as Engelbrecht saw the
   National team drop from first to second in the team competition.
   They trail Wp by 3 seconds. WP have three riders in the top 16 -
   Wikner, Pierre Henri Olivier (12th) and David George.


                          THE BOLAND BANK CYCLE TOUR

                       29TH OCTOBER to 4th NOVEMBER 1995

   Stage 3 : Tuesday, 31st October
   193 km road Stage : Moorreesburg, R311, R45, Hopefield, Vredenburg,
   Saldanha, R79, R315, Darling, Malmesbury

   Locals Rule :-) Communique 2 : 1/11/95
   1. Following consideration of further evidence concerning the
   traffic conditions behind the race, the penalties for the following
   riders is amended to a fine of sf30 and a 20 second penalty.
   Riders : 9, 19, 40, 85 : Cornelisse, Belgian Win Omloop
   (Collstrop), German Heiko Latocha (Hamelin-Kontok-7) and South
   African Richard Roselt (Team Murway).

   Penalties : Team Hameln-Kontok-7 : non reg supply of refreshments.
   fine sf50. (3.22)

       1. Blayne Wikner (SA-VILLAGE CYCLES/WP) 4:56:33
       2. Ralf Schouhammer (GER-HAMELN-KONTOK7) @ 1 sec
       3. Douglas Ryder (SA-OLD MUTUAL) @ st
       4. Michael Lafis (SWE-TELEKOM) @ st
       5. Thomas Gotze (GER-CAPE RENDEZVOUS) @ st
       6. Michael Jones (SA-TELEGAMES) @ 8 secs
       7. Arnanoia Garcia (ESP-ONCE) @ st
       8. Hendrik Redant (BEL-TVM) 27min:03 secs
       9. Danny Jonckheere (NED-TVM) @ st
      10. Andre Massard (SWI-TANDEM TEAM) @ st

       1. Blayne Wikner (SA-VILLAGE/WP TEAM) 8:10:18
       2. Ralf Schouhammer (GER-HAMELN-KONTOK7) @ 38 secs
       2. Arnanoia Garcia (ESP-ONCE grupo deportivo) @ st
       4. Douglas Ryder (SA-OLD MUTUAL) @ 39 secs
       5. Michael Lafis (SWE-TELEKOM) @ 40 secs
       6. Thomas Gotze (GER-CAPE RENDEZVOUS) @ 51 secs7. michael Jones
       8. Magnus Backstedt (SWE-TELEKOM) @ 27:17
       9. Malcolm Lange (SA-OLD MUTUAL) @ 27:19
      10. Thomas Bockman (GER-HAMELN-KONTOK7) @ 27:25

       1. Luis M Diaz de Otazu (ESP-ONCE GRUPO DEPORTIVO) 8 points
       2. Douglas Ryder (OLD MUTUAL) 6 points
       3. Johan Bruyneel (BEL-ONCE GRUPO DEPORTIVO) 5 points
       4. Brian Holm (DEN-TEAM TELEKOM) 4 point
       5. Hendrik van Dyck (BEL-TVM / polis direct) 3 points

       1. Blayne Wikner (SA-VILLAGE CYCLES/WP) 8 points
       2. Ralf Koldewitz (GER-HAMELN-KONTOK7) 5 points
       3. Luis M Diaz de Otazu (ESP-ONCE GRUPO DEPORTIVO) 3 points
       3. Thomas Bockmann (GER-HAMELN-KONTOK7) 3 points
       3. Ralf Schouhammer (GER-HAMELN-KONTOK7) 3 points

       1. Luis M Diaz de Otazu (ESP-ONCE GRUPO DEPORTIVO) 3 points
       1. Blayne Wikner (SA-VILLAGE CYCLES/WP) 3 points
       3. Siegfried Hoebel (SWI-TANDEM TEAM) 2 points
       3. Mario Nel (SA-COROMA DOORS) 2 points
       5. Michael Lafis (SWE-TELEKOM) 1

       1. VILLAGE CYCLES/WP team - 25:26:07
       2. OLD MUTUAL South Africa @ 4 secs
       3. Hameln Kontok-7 @ 16 secs
       4. ONCE GRUPO DEPORTIVO @ 22 secs=7F
       5. TELEKOM @ 30 secs
       6. CAPE RENDEZVOUS @ 1min:08
       7. TELEGAMES Team @ 1:22
       8. Lanken Team @ 27min:13
       9. TANDEM TEAM @ 27:39
      10. TVM/Polis Direct @ 27:49

At last, the commentary of the TV coverage has been taken over by Paul

        I haven't heard a "Ligget" yet eg. "tapping the rythym"

  Today stage is mainly flat with a couple of rolling hills and the
  wind will play a major role. Hendrik Redant was talking to us on
  Sunday showing off his new front teeth. his jaw underwent major
  reconstruction and his wrist and knee still hurt, so he can't go
  really hard yet :-(. his condition was from a crash in the Tour de
  France when his fork snapped and he face-planted into the tarmac
  (remember strip helmets only hold the pieces together after the
  crash). i have now realized how much weight I have to loose, to get
  a decent power to weight ratio, after meeting Olaf Ludwig. he is a
  lot smaller than i thought. speaking of which Bruyneel is tiny and
  thin and almost looks fragile. cameras do funny things.

  After 18 km there is a break by Thomas Gotts and there is a reaction
  from the World Champ Nelissen. he comes across strongly followed by
  9 riders. there are ten teams represented and this break is
  dangerous. TVM and Collstrop aren't in the break and take up the
  chase. Nelissen has a slow front puncture and gets a slow wheel
  change. he is stranded in windy no man's land. the bunch meanwhile
  is 2min:49secs at 35km.

  In Vredenberg, Blayne Wikner outpushes another rider in the break
  for the hotspot. mmmm...Blayne looks strong  to be sprinting for the
  hotspots so early.

  Meanwhile back at the bunch TVM and Collstrop have disappeared from
  the front

  Riders in the break are Michael Jones (our hero, cause he's our
  training partner), Douglas Ryder (also from Cape Town), Ralf
  Schouhammer, Blayne Wikner (StellenBosch rider), Arnanoia Garcia
  (ONCE) and Michael Lafis (SWE), Thomas Gotze and Borislav Tzenov.

  Rider no. 71 Borislav Tzenov of the PPPK QUEENS team succumbs to the
  heat and drops from the break. the gap is now an astronomical 24:10
  at 142 km nearing the finish into Malmesbury the break starts
  slowing up as riders jostle and look at each other. they are all
  over the road waiting for the first person to break. Schouhammer
  goes hard from the front, gets the gap, Blayne Wikner jumps after
  him and gets in his slip. Garcia (ONCE) takes up the chase for
  remaining riders, he cramps and the 2 riders up front are clear with
  1.5 km to go. Schouhammer is towing Wikner, who is not coming round,
  Schouhammer should think about this !. 300 m to go and he is still
  riding hard with Wikner looking behind all the time assessing the
  gap. at 250m Wikner goes left and hard for the line. Schouhammer
  can't answer and seems like he was content with second when he

  Blayne takes the stage victory, arms aloft. He now moves into the
  yellow jersey and the 7 or so riders in the break have an almost
  un-assailable lead over the rest of the field. the field came in 27
  min 3 secs down.




 Bryan Grieve, "THE CAPE TIMES", 1/11/1995, pp 22 reprinted without
                    but full reference and credit given.

  Malmsbury: "Holidaymaker" Michel Cornelisse of the Netherlands
  yesterday tainted 23-year-old WP rider Blayne Wikner's day of joy in
  the Boland Bank International Cycling Tour What should have been
  Blayne Wikner's victory party after the third stage of the Boland
  Bank Tour, ended up being gatecrashed by controversy.

  The 23-year-old Western Province rider yesterday won the tough
  193.9km stage, ahead of a group of six riders who had broken away
  after 18km of the course. but for the second consecutive day
  Dutchman Michel Cornelisse was thrown out of the race after the
  stage ended in Malmesbury. This follows his suspension and
  subsequent re-instatement on Monday.

  In blistering hot conditions that saw temperatures touch the 40
  degrees mark. Wikner and nine other riders made the only significant
  break of the long day from Mooreesburg to Malmesbury.

  In the end only seven remained, but they finished a massive 27min
  3secs ahead of the main peleton. that gave wikner the overall
  leader's jersey by 38 seconds ahead of German Ralf Schouhammer.

  Sadly, however, it was a false indication of how Wikner had
  performed as accusations of riders intimidating fellow riders in the
  main peleton began to crawl out of the woodwork. one of the main
  culprits was Cornelisse - who on Monday was disqualified but later
  reinstated for hanging on to his support vehicle.

  "He just intimidated the young SA riders because he's a big European
  Professional," one of the OLD MUTUAL National team members said.
  "When the guys wanted to chase he started swearing at them, saying
  he wasn't going to race as he was here for a holiday." with Douglas
  Ryder in the front group the national team had no reason to do any
  chasing and it was mainly left up to the smaller South African teams
  to lead the charge.

  The matter reached the ears of tour organiser Gerhard Meyer, who had
  a meeting with Cornelisse's manager to discuss the incident.
  following the meeting the Dutchman was officially disqualified and
  will have no further part in the race.

  On Monday, another rider had said that Cornelisse had deliberately
  hung onto his support vehicle in order to be disqualified.

  TVM-Polis Direct rider's antics certainly put a damper on Wikner's
  celebrations after he had described the win as one of the greatest
  moments in his cycling career. Wikner recorded his first
  international tour stage victory in a time of 4hrs 56min 33 secs.


   Stage 4 : Wednesday, 1st November
   196 km Road Stage : Worcester, Mitchell's Pass, Ceres, Theronsberg
   Pass, De Doorns, Worcester [Longest Stage]

   Stage 5 : Thursday, 2nd November
   131 km Road Stage : Strand, Sir Lowry's Pass, Botriver, Kleinmond,
   Gordon's Bay, Strand

   Stage 6 : Friday, 3rd November (am)
   76 km Road Stage : Bellville, Melkbos, Blouberg, Tiekiedraai,

   Stage 7 : Friday, 3rd November (pm) - 5.30pm
   12.2 km Time Trial : Bellville Stadium / Tygervalley Shopping

   Final Stage 8 : Saturday, 4th November - 9.30am
   172 km Road Stage : Stellenbosch, Paarl, R303, Franschoek,
   Franschoek Pass, R45, Theewaterskloof Dam, Grabouw, Somerset West,