News for November 30
Super Prestige Cyclo Cross, Gieten, Netherlands, November 26

 1. Erwin Vervecken (Bel) 1.0.25
 2. De Vos (Neth) at 5 secs
 3. Simunek (Czech)
 4. Herijgers (Bel)
 5. Groenendaal (Neth) all s.t.
 6 Janssens (Bel) +12
 7. Van Santvliet (Bel) +18
 8. Van der Poel (Neth) +31
 9. De Bie (Bel) s.t.
10. Bramati (It) +40

Overall Classification

1. De Vos 44
2. Groenendaal 36
3. Bramati 34
4. Janssens 31
5. Pospsil  (Czech) 28 
  New professional team Glacial-Selle Italia will have their first reunion
on Sunday in Tuscany, Italy.

   It will be a mixed South American-Italian team, a spin-off of the ZG
Mobili team. The big name will be Colombian Nelson "Cacaito" Rodriguez
(ex-ZG Mobili) and the European riders will be Walter Bonca (Slo ex-ZG
Mobili) and Italians Roberto Caruso (ex-ZG Mobili), Nicola Miceli
(ex-Carrera), Antonio Fanelli (ex-Amore e Vita), Fulvio Frigo (neo-pro),
Moretti and Profeti.

   The rest of the team will be made out of South Americans (mostly