News for November 21

Subject: Adelaide Superdrome 50Km Madison Championship
South Australia
Adelaide Superdrome 18th November, 1995

Event 15        Eagle Super 50KM Madison Championship
1st Team 1      Stuart O'Grady and Tim O'Shanessey  60 points  0 laps
2nd Team 5      Stephen Pate and Scott McGrory      55 points -1 lap
3rd Team 2      Bradley McGee and Rodney McGee      45 points -1 lap

Support Events

Event 1 Under 17Yrs 1000m Wheelrace
1 K. Neilson    2 A Wishart     3 S Reichelt    Time 1:2.74

Event 2 Women's Heartstarter 3000m Scratch
1 M. Ferris  2 C. Zucker 3 M Fuss  Time  3:56.06

Event 3 Tunney Clark Memorial 1500m Wheelrace Heats 6 to final 2 heats
(see event 7)

Event 4 Eagle Blue 2000m Keirin
1 G Neiwand 2 D Hill 3 S Kelly

Event 5 West End Draught Heartstarter 15 laps (250m track)
1 S. O'Grady 2 T Lyons 3 R Mc'Gee       Time 4:11.54

Event 6
Under17 Scratch Race 3000m
1 K Selin 2 B.Coombes 3 S Reichelt      Time 3:45.02

Event 7 Tunney Clark Memorial 1500m Wheelrace Final
1 B.Lindsay 2 J.Cranage 3 N.Robinson Time 1:40.52

Event 8  Hahn Ice Derny 7500m
1 S. O'Grady    2 B Aitken  2 S. McGrory Time 8:30.66

Event 9 Womens Scratch Race 3500m
1 M Ferris      2 K Barrow      3 C Zucker      Time 4:31.20

Event 10 Eagle Super Blue Sprint Heats

Event 11 Open Div 2 Scratch Race 14 Laps
1 A Sajorajat (Indonesia) 2 .....       3.......   Time..... (sorry)

Event  12 Longbrew Elimination (Devil)
1 B Aitken      2 B McGee       3 S O'Grady

Event 13 Open Div1 Scratch Race 16 Laps
1 J Cranage     2 B Lindsay     3 B Kelly       Time 4:53.18

Event 14 Eagle Blue Sprint Final
1 G.Neiwand 2 D.Hill 3 D.Harry


De Wilde-Kappes jumped into the lead in the Gand/Ghent Six-Day after
the third evening, with Martinello-Villa down a lap and
Veggerby-Madsen in third place.

1. De Wilde-Kappes         204 punti/points
2. Martinello-Villa        217 at 1 giro/lap
3. Terzi Veggerby-Madsen   197.

Early days, yet and Martinello-Villa are riding well. They should
regain the lap they are down. ]

However, Etienne De Wilde, Belgian road champion in 1988 and Andreas
Kappes, a classy rider, are not to be underestimated.


Ruta Mexico


Michelangelo Cauz fom Treviso (Rudy Project)
won stage 12 of the RUTA MEXICO. Third was Previtali.

The leader is still the Colombian Espinoza.

Source: la Gazetta dello Sport



The 1996 Giro has no prologue as such, and the race starts in Greece.

It will be brought back home in 1997 with a prologue time trial
centred on the Lido, in Venice, if Signor Cacciari gets his way.

Massimo Cacciari, the Mayor of Venice, has spoken personally with
Candido Cannavr, manager of La Gazetta dello Sport and has set out the
proposition in a letter to Carmine Castellano, managing director of
RCS Sports Organization.

[RCS - Rizoletto "Corriere della Sera" - an Evening paper, related to
La Gazetta]

Sabato/Saturday, 18 Novembre 1995

Two Italian Technical experts went to the
United States of America today
to study the Olympic course.

Martini and Fusi left on a mission to ATLANTA (Georgia) to check out
initially the mountain-bike course as tomorrow (Sunday) there will be
a Pre-Olympic "warm-up" mountain bike race.

MILANO - Sabato, 18 Novembre 1995
To launch the 1996 "Operation Atlanta"  this morning Alfredo Martini
and Antonio Fusi left for the States.

Along with them went FCI secretary Renato Di Rocco, Italian
team-manager Virginio Rapone and secretary of the technical section of
the FCI Fausto Cartasegna.

The Italian "exploratory group" will meet in Atlanta with Edy Gregori
and Augusto Rosati, tecnical people responsible for the mountain bike
sector of the games, and they will stay in Georgia for a few days.

Martini e Fusi return to Italy on Wednesday after reconnoitering the
Olympic MTB venue, and also looking at venues for the 31 July, Open
Road Race and 3 August, the previously unscheduled time trial
competition which is rumoured to be a qualifying event, and also other

They are particularly interested in the course for the new Elite (over
23) Category.

Taking part in tomorrow's MTB Olympic warm, Squadra Azzura (Team Blue
- Italy's International racing colours) riders are:

  Paola Pezzo
  Maria Paola Tarcutto

  Daniele Bruschi
  Dario Acquaroli
  Alessandro Fontana

Source: la Gazetta dello Sport

Marco Cattaneo, president of the Italian Professional riders'
association said that Bugno and Chiappucci should soon be getting
their prize-money from the 1991 (RIGHT 1991) Tour de France.

There has been a running battle over the amount of the withholding
taxes for the last four years or so and the Franch Finance Minister
had withheld the prizes pending a disposition of the dispute.

Cattaneo said that whilst the main actors in the Melodrama had been
Bugno and Chiappucci, all professional riders are involved and that
the matter had been resolved for the 1991 year. He further opined that
what was required was workable scheme to avoid similar problems in the

For those of you who were not aware, taxation is a perennial problem
for international competitors, and the large races are not like the
Belgian Kermesse where you shove the money in your jeans pocket and
forget it when it comes time to file a tax return. Prizes in the
larger events are paid by cheque, often in the team's name and are
subject to certain "withholding" taxes.